Following The Iron Order Murder

June 28, 2014

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Details of the murder of Black Pistons patch holder Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton Thursday night in a parking lot outside a Jacksonville Beach, Florida restaurant named Nippers Beach Grille continue to emerge.

Tipton, above, was shot four times in the face by an Iron Order motorcycle club prospect. The prospect’s name is being withheld by police. The prospect is a former police officer who was initially held by police in protective custody. The Aging Rebel has not been able to determine if the anonymous prospect remained in protective custody Saturday morning. The shooter has told police he acted in self defense. Informed sources speaking on condition of anonymity have said they do not expect the shooter to be charged.

Jacksonville Beach police have camouflaged the investigation in a fog of details. Police have publically implied that the shooting was motiveless and that investigators continue to interview “230 witnesses.”

What Happened

The Aging Rebel has concluded that Tipton’s death was a murder. The shooting followed an altercation between two members of the Iron Order including the anonymous shooter and probably six opponents including Tipton. About 8:10 p.m. Thursday Tipton and his companions disagreed with the Iron Order members about whether it was appropriate for the Iron Order members to display their Iron Order insignia at the Nippers’ “Bike Night” co-sponsored with Adamec Harley-Davidson. The eight men all voluntarily left the bar and adjourned to the parking lot to engage in mutual combat. No one compelled the Iron Order members to leave the bar. After Tipton bloodied the ex-police officer’s nose the bloodied man pulled a gun and shot Tipton four times in the face.

Nippers bartender Lucas Duran, who is an Air Force Reserve medic, immediately administered first aid but was unable to save Tipton’s life.  Duran told the Florida Times-Union “He had a faint pulse when we got there so we kept doing CPR and he started to get some color back but with that much trauma to the head – the bullet he took was to the right side of his head – the ability to survive that is pretty slim.”

Nippers owner Rudy Theale told the Times-Union “the incident started and ended outside and neither the victim nor the gunman were paying patrons that night.”

Iron Order members routinely cooperate with police and are encouraged to do so by club leaders. Black Pistons members do not usually cooperate with police. Consequently, most officials statements about Tipton’s murder are likely to reflect the Iron Order’s version of events.


Yesterday afternoon Jacksonville Beach police spokesman Sergeant Thomas Crumley issued the following vague statement about the case: “At this time, there are a number of people alleged to be involved or have some involvement in this investigation…. Due to the large scope of this investigation, the determination of appropriate or possible charges has not been reached at this time.”

Tipton, who was 40, left behind a wife and three children. Nippers will sponsor a fundraiser today, Saturday June 28, to assist Tipron’s survivors pay his funeral expenses.


200 Responses to “Following The Iron Order Murder”

  1. fdsaed Says:

    So BP IS A 1% GANG. My question is why did the rest of the BP guys flee after their buddy got taken out (go find video)? No retaliation what so ever. And it’s pretty clear that they started the physical contact. They rolled up knowing that they were there to start some stuff. But it looks like the lucky ones realized that they weren’t going to get what they were looking for so they took off. To be honest it seems like all of the 1% clubs have ABSOLUTELY NO SAY as far as to what IO will do. They will do as they please and if something goes down, they will have the last uppper hand. But how? They claim to be the good guys of the club.

  2. Just looking for the Truth. Says:

    There is video of the attack & subsequent shooting. Go get the “Truth” the Facts are on-line.
    After interviewing all the witnesses & watching all the videos, State Attorney Angela Corey said in a press conference Friday that Kristopher Stone was man behind the trigger of the gun that killed Tipton, but Stone will not face charges because he was defending himself against an attack. Corey says the attack against Stone was pre-planned.

    Stone is an Army Combat Medic with no prior record. He is a recruit in the Iron Order motorcycle clue, according to the SAO. Tipton was a member of the Black Pistons motorcycle club.

    Corey said the law lets someone facing imminent death to protect his or her life, and said that’s what happened in this case.

    “From the video it appears this is a planned confrontation with members from the Black Pistons coming at Kristopher Stone from the front and back,” the summary states.

    The video then shows Tipton punching Stone in the back of the head from behind as Stone is talking to another Black Piston member in front of him. The other two members then join the attack and punch and kick Stone on the ground for about 10 seconds, according to the SAO.

    Stone then pulled out a gun and fired four shots at Tipton, according to witness testimony. One of the bullets struck Tipton in the head.
    Investigators say Tipton was found with two full clips of bullets, three pocket knives and a nylon gun holder. Investigators believe that one of the Black Piston members may have taken Tipton’s gun away from the scene after he was shot.

    Stone suffered a broken nose and several cuts on his face. Stone told police that as a combat medic he knows that someone can die from being kicked in the face, so he fired his to to protect his life.

    The Jacksonville Beach Police Department interviewed more than 200 people the night of the shooting.

    Come on ppl, don’t hate based on lies.
    Look for the Truth.

  3. panamaa Says:

    Paladin, if people just read up on their basic rights as to what to do if the cops pull you over or what to do if they come to your house with or without a warrant, a lot less people would wind up in jail. That information is readily available on line. Granted, it varies from state to state but all they need to do is google the state they live in and they can get a basic idea of with their rights are and about what and what not to do.

    I’m sure most of the people on this site know their rights and assert them but you would be amazed at the people that don’t know…

    The information you provide on this site is right on the money, thank you for that service…


  4. StrategyIsZen Says:


    I am just this strange anonymous person who is not rich, but for years I did social media and/or law for a living. Literally tens of thousands of hours, on the internet. Yay me.

    What I discerned is that there are basically two kinds of people.

    1) There are people who will only say things on the internet that they are comfortable saying to another person’s face, and

    2) There are people who are either crazy, or mad, or who have petty agendas, or misplaced anger, or rage, or whatever. That second class of people just tends to go all over the internet and use it as an expression of what they should really be saying to a therapist.

    @Tsadi sir, do you really say such things in real life? Would you walk up to a person you had never even met, and say such a vile insult? And if so, what has been the reaction when you have done that?

    I guess a third question is “how long do you think you can continue doing it, if it’s something you do in real life?”

    I mean “forever?”

    Please let folks know how that goes.


  5. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Thank you for suggesting that book. I am reading it.

    Yes – I now think it is fair to say that IO are neither “lawful,” nor “outlaw” – they are entirely “without laws.”

    There’s always laws, and rules, even unwritten ones. That is something I discerned in this little tiny corner I live in, here in this little tiny anonymous town.

    People who violate either set of laws, or rules, (or both) do so at their own peril. That’s just reality. It’s basically like a law of physics, at last based on the things I see in this little 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile section of reality.

    Much respect. That book is just basically awesome. IO are the opposite of awesome. I just keep digging into them on the internet (house arrest sucks) – it’s just layers and layers of shit. No matter how deep I dig, more shit appears.


  6. Phuquehed Says:

    @tsadi – It’s nothing but what a dimwitted, unable-to-think-on-his-own, moronic pig would say. Use your service weapon on yourself and quit wasting my good air.

  7. erkman69 Says:

    @ tsadi.we both know that statement is easy for trolls like you to say when your sitting there behind your computer. And we both know you wouldn’t have the courage to say that to a outlaw bikers face.or anyone for that matter.

  8. Tsadi Says:

    It’s impossible to murder an outlaw biker. It’s a matter of justice and pest extermination.

  9. erkman69 Says:

    And that goes to the iorc too.the fuckers.

  10. erkman69 Says:

    Citizen, your research sucks.if you actually did any research, you would know why their are certian unwritten rules in the biker world.I believe your “research” was watching s.o.a. and shows like gangland . Cause they tell the truth. If you had done actual research, you would know better. Marine166, you should know, by now anyway, that their are a few bad apples in every barrel. Except for cops in which their are very few good ones.and that cop. I am the one filming you. I am the one exposing you.I am the one educating others about you. I will be ready for you.Hitler was a bad person. Himmlers ss were bad people.cops nowadays act like Himmlers ss. You are the terrorists. The american people are waking up. They will be ready. Blm thought they could bully a caddle rancher in southern nevada too. They backed off, they were outgunned.I was there that saturday under that overpass. Wasn’t the only biker. With cowboys laborers , people from all walks of life. Course the media told lies about it.those that were there know the truth, we defended bundy not for grazing fees, not for cows, but because government thugs had fucking snipers aimed at an american familys home. They thought they could bully an american citizen and his family with guns.didnt work out so well for the blm. Thank god a shot wasnt fired.we had tactical advantage.we americans had more fire power.they knew it.They acted like Himmlers ss too. Americans young and old vetrans civilians, bikers, outlaw or not.will not stand for this.we will defend guys take it away. Fuck you. You will see. People are learning about you fuckers.thousands, everyday. You will see.

  11. Drifter Says:

    Thank You!

  12. Paladin Says:


    Based on what was shown in the video, you’re correct. If the individual they took into custody was in fact the subject named in an arrest warrant, then after the arrest, they’re done, especially since the arrest took place outside of the residence.

    If the arrest had occurred inside the residence, the officers would be legally allowed (for officer safety reasons) to search the immediate area where the arrest took place. If the arrest took place in the living room, the cops can search (for officer safety reasons) that area and that area only. An arrest that takes place in the living room is not a license to go on a treasure hunt throughout the entire residence.

    A parolee and his residence are subject to search at any time. However; if a parolee’e residence is a room within a residence occupied by others, the only area subject to search is the parolee’s room, because that room is his / her residence. Other areas of the residence are off limits because they’re considered “common” and occupied by others.

    The cops in the video played the woman like a violin. The cops invited themselves into the house by allowing and then escorting the woman back into the residence so she could retrieve warmer cloths for the arrested individual. By allowing the cops to enter the garage and then the house, the cops can arrest the woman or ad-charge the individual in custody, based on any contraband that’s “viewed in plain sight”.

    If the lady in question had told the cops they couldn’t enter the garage or the house, the cops wouldn’t have let the lady re-enter the house (for officer safety reasons) to retrieve the warmer clothes. Her lack of protest would be viewed as implied consent.

    Long May You Ride,


  13. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    If the story were true, he wouldn’t refer to himself as “cop” or “officer.”

    If the story were true he wouldn’t have left out critical qualifying information on his little “resume” posted here.

    If the story were true he’d know there are very limited circumstances in which he’s bringing anything to anyone’s door.

    But… I could be wrong about all that, in which case Shyster, Freeman, and Paladin said it better than I ever could.

  14. Drifter Says:

    cop said,
    “To me you are no more than domestic terrorists and your day is coming.”

    Obviously blinded by the light of the interrogation room, you know you are supposed to turn the light around?

    At about 3 minutes the fun begins, listen closely, so troll, who is the terrorist again?

    Shoe fits wear it troll;

    Doing it your way, uh troll. You know troll this kind of abuse likely happens every day?

    According to a post it was an arrest warrant and that is it, if correct, once the arrest warrant was applied and they
    had their target in custody isn’t their job done at that point and no extra curricular activities legal, they had no right to go in that garage and time to hit the road? Not that it carries any validity to these soldiers I mean cops.

    Respects to you.

  15. StrategyIsZen Says:

    @That Cop

    Sir, what is my “true nature?”

    Please let me know. I love Zen questions like this.

    I was in church this morning, and the sermon was on how God *requires* blood for sin. I never thought about it that way.


    Are you going to be the one who spills blood to redeem sin?

    And will it be your blood, or mine?

    Please let me know.


  16. Shyster Says:

    That Pig,

    May an armed angry fugitive see you coming.


  17. Base Says:

    That cop = that liar

  18. Rusty Says:

    @ That cop….yer just That Nazi.

  19. rollinnorth Says:

    That kid in the basement; more adolescent imagination.

  20. jj solari Says:

    dear That Cop: since you are a cop you actually wont do any of the things you say you are going to do, you dont actually like any of the things you say you like, you dont believe any of the things you say you believe because being a cop you are not only a pathological liar you are a sociopath: which is defined as a ruthless enemy of private property and human life all the while saying his victims had it coming to them in the interests of law and order and whose words and promises are about as worthless as the oath of office taken by Presidents. oh and dont spend that whopping pension just yet, its not just hippies and commies and bikers and drug dealers and pimps and gamblers and people who dont register their firearms and blacks who hate cops, even your semi-conscious white christian god fearing american citizen is starting to open his eyes and see all you asshole worthless piles of rampaging ignorance as marauding hordes of muslim-trainees. so go fuck yourself, asshole. oh, and when you get a set, use your real name, fuckhead. at least then you’ll get some grudging respect. at least as much respect as a useless piece of shit like yourself can count on ever having.

  21. Paladin Says:

    That Cop,

    I’m the one that knows you, the one you can’t hide your true nature from. I’m the one that stands between you and the society you claim to protect, but continually abuse. I’m the one that actively works at bringing justice to the door of law enforcement and guess what? I enjoy every second of it!!! To me; you are no more than State sponsored terrorists and your day is coming. When it does, I’ll enjoy every second of that too!!!


  22. rollinnorth Says:

    That kid in the basement; more adolescent imagination at work.

  23. Freeman Says:

    Hey at that cop crap.

    Im the one guy that’s got an eye on ya, im that one guy that keeps you in check when you abuse your privilege, im that guy that will make his rights prevail, im that guy that will throw you a bone from time to time just to watch you choke on it, im that guy that stands between you and society to keep you from abusing the power you have been given by the system and are unworthy, uneducated and unhuman to put to use the way the laws had been put down decades ago.

    I am that guy, and in case you did not notice that guy is a hell of alot of us, keep playing superman, that cape has worn pretty damn thin.

  24. popeye Says:

    That cop
    Your story makes no sense. It is without a doubt one of the stupidist posts i’ve ever read. Your dad must be kicking himself in the ass that he didnt pull out while fuckin your mom. I hope your dad reads this and finds out what you think of him. But then again its just a make believe story you tell yout IO sisters while playing dress up. Are you friends with the celebity Io member who claimed to be Sonny Bargers son? you fuckin douchebag

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @that bullshitter – Bring it, faggot. There’s *always* someone more badass than you, you fucking imbecile asshat.

    (Damn glad I wore my boots all day today, the fucking shit got deep for a while there)

  26. RVN69 Says:

    @that crap, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


  27. That Cop Says:

    1%ers, I am that cop the one who grew up with 1%ers in the family,the one who spent countless days as a boy at bike runs and playing in the back yard of patchholders while they held church and planned and plotted a few feet away. As a teen it became natural for me to party hard and to fight often and I was good at both. My father saw the path I was on becouse he walked that path before me and he wanted something better for me so he pushed me into the service. In the service I learned the meaning of honor and what it meant to be a good man and American. In the service I became an MP and now as a civilian I am an Officer serving in the Lonestar Fugitive Taskforce. I am that cop that knows you the one you cant hide your true nature from. I am that cop that will stand between you and the society you claim to be seperate from and yes I will use deadly force when needed. To me you are no more than domestic terrorists and your day is coming. When it does I will be one of the cops who brings justice to your door and guess what….Ill enjoy every second of it!!!

  28. Rusty Says:

    Apology accepted.

    Respect to the deserving.

  29. fayettenamhoe Says:

    look out child, sometimes the evil lurks whithin, its easy to smell them out, they try to hard,

  30. Marine 166 Says:

    As much of a hit to my pride this is here it goes. First off I owe the man whos son I judged as a “Criminal scumbag” an apology and you have my most humble and heartfelt apology for the comments made. After really looking at this topic and my initial comments I have reached several conclusions. 1. Thier is allot of the same rhetoric bieng thrown back and forth on both sides of this subject and I regret having thrown in so heavily for either side. 2. Thier was only ever one perfect man in this world and we crucified him. I believe that there are allot of uninformed opinions including some of mine flying around this and most other forums about this topic. I am sure…no I am positive that both 1% MC world and the world of the MC clubs like the Iron Order have men in them whos judgement and moral charector are somewhat less than honorable. That bieng said I will say a few things about myself I am not a Marine I use the designation in honor of my father who was and the 166 represents the number of days he stayed in the Bampsy Medical center in San Antonio with wounds sustained in the faluja fight, for those 166 days the doctors could not tell me or my family if my father would be able to live off of a life support system. Shortly after he came home and my sister was caring for him her Bandiddo boyfriend and two prospects were busted redhanded stealing the new Harley he had ordered while he was overseas and had yet to even ride. My anger should be contained to them alone however the prospects cooperation with the police led them to busting a motorcycle theft ring here that included the officers of our local chapter so there is no question that it was a club coordinated operation. I have been riding Harleys for all my adult life I ride with men who are true friends and are not part of any Club and we share a brotherhood that many of the clubs have lost over the years. Traditional Clubs of old had it but most if not all of the big 1% clubs have seemed to have traded the honorable aspects of that Brotherhood to become a money making operation at any cost. I know what I know becouse my grandfather and two uncles are all retired Members of the Sons of Silence MC and I grew up around 1%ers and in the MC world. So my apologies to any that my opinions and judgemental comments may have offended.

  31. rollinnorth Says:

    How juvenile the trolls seem these days. Most cops never do grow up.
    You’re right, chromedome, the true meaning of an outlaw is lost on such “law-abiding” sheeple.


  32. panamaa Says:

    Where in the FUCK do these asshats come from? This fucktard should change his name to “Moron 666″……..

  33. Glenn S. Says:

    166, et al: As a free man, I choose who to respect, who to offer my hand in friendship to, who to support, whose ideals to respect, admire and/or emulate, with whom to align myself, and with whom to decline to associate with. When I decline to associate with someone, I don’t go out and pretend to be them and then dare them not to like it. That would be being an asshole and nothing else. IMHO, anybody that dedicates a lot of their energies to just being an asshole does so because they have nothing else to offer the world. They are insignificant nobodies, making noise to get attention because nobody would even notice their birth and passing otherwise.

  34. Rusty Says:

    @chromedome I’m glad to be able to bring add a little humor to your day. Next time I’m up around Dolly’s place I’ll shout out to ya here, buy ya a beer or something.

  35. Base Says:

    M 166

    What do you mean, you ummmm people?

    Your surprised that some one has the ability to see past the hype and still have pride in their family member?

    The amount of bigotry and closed minded attitude you extrude is astonishing. And not healthy for you or others around you.

    If you are a parent and have children you have done them a disservice by practicing the “guilt by association” mindset. And open them up for many problems and conflicts. As you should well know if you have always felt this way about other people and you are say over the age of 16.

  36. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    M166: Please cite your sources. You purport to know all about the 1% lifestyle, yet you clearly stand so far outside of it that you might as well be typing from a seperate universe.

    You’re a victim of propaganda, which might earn you some compassion if you coupled your ignorance with humility. Alas, this has not been the case.

    So, if you’re gonna come in here lecturing the wide array of people who read and comment here, the least you can do is cite your sources. It is more than apparent your opinions do NOT stem from real-life experience.

    I’m a vet, too. Your arrogant assumptions offend me.

  37. chromedome Says:

    Outlaw and criminal are two different words and people like marine and citizen will never understand
    The fucking shower shoe shit cracks me up everytime.

    …support yourlocalwhiteboy…

  38. Rusty Says:

    My back is turned to the shower shoe.

    Respect to the deserving.

  39. RVN69 Says:

    @marine166 Actually you are the one bowing at the boots of misinformation and propaganda, so that actually is funny. Calling someone’s child who you know nothing about a criminal scumbag however is not. It shows you to be an uninformed judgmental dick.

    Give None, Take None.
    No better friend, no worse enemy.

  40. Marine 166 Says:

    Like I said before I am not going to bat anything back and forth with the likes you ummm people. I am however amazed that someone would admit to having a family member spend 9 years in any branch of service only to come home and join a criminal circle. And yes the 1% clubs are criminal clubs its a fact and they do not hide it. So what you have said is my beloved family member was a decent person but then he decided to become a criminal scumbag. I would be ashamed of that child and I would have to question my own ability to explain the concepts of morality, Honor, and the other concepts that are what make a man a good one or one like the ones that have all these cheerleaders here. I am out of this or any other conversation involving the people on this thread. You can all go back to bowing at the boots of criminals. It is actually funny.

  41. RVN69 Says:

    @marine166 & citizen, you two are really IO right, no one else can really swallow their bullshit and regurgitate it the way you two did. Maybe you should really do some of that research you brag about and actually find out about the Urine Odor.

    marine166 have you considered that the reason the UO is so “Brave” is because of 911 on speed dial and the ability to shoot first and get away with it later?


    Save the Patch
    Support your local Red & Black Motorcycle Club
    USMC 68-72

  42. t hell Says:

    @marine and citizen

    You both have me convinced of your bravery and courage put on your shit rags and go for a ride.

  43. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Nailed it. This goes back to what I was thinking earlier. It’s like IO contains people who have about 20 IQ points lower than average.

    Maybe IO actually stands for IQ=0?


    Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores

    “It’s long been rumored amongst law enforcement critics, but did you know that police departments officially disqualify high-scoring applicants? That’s not to say that all cops are stupid… Just that if you’re too smart, the police simply won’t hire you.”


  44. Base Says:


    Perhaps if you would have said extensive research or research at least 7 more times I would consider you some what creditable. Because an obvious tactic of io members, supporters & trolls is they believe if they say something enough say “extensive research” it’s true!

    Yeah we here on this site are that gullible. No, really we are!

    You concluded that IO members are more courageous than anyone posting on this site? So that would include you and all the other IO members and supporters that have commented here as well.

    Holly shit you through a broad net there Mr. Research! Such a closed minded statement from such an extensive researcher, really.

    It is oh so easy to conclude just from that sentence that you not only have your head inserted firmly in your 3rd point of contact, but your shoulders and arms are firmly shoved up there as well.

    Don’t you find that view of the world rather obstructed?

    Not to mention the lack of oxygen will give you elusions of grandeur!

    And after reading m 166 comment, his head may very well be shoved up there right next to yours.

  45. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Re: IO – looks like people are starting to warn others about this problem.

    Much Respect. Just my two cents.


  46. StrategyIsZen Says:

    I found this on the internet. Seems like people are working to warn others about the IO infestation.

    Much respect. Just my two cents.


  47. chromedome Says:

    I like that shower shoe line hahahaha……
    Im definitly using that one

  48. chromedome Says:

    @citizen ill bet your “research” includes watching gangland episodes on youtube you poindexter sounding asshole. You sound like doc from back to the future. “According to my calculations blah blah fucking blah. Go jerk off to high school pics of yur grandma. If you think people who provoke confrontation then hide behind the law for protection are courageous then you are as fucked in the head as they are and you should go join them.


  49. Freeman Says:

    Well shit look at this mess, someone dropped kool aid all over the place again.

    Looky here son, i hold myself up to a code a code of loyalty honor and respect, its a code most here abide and go by, not one that your government wants you to follow, using traditions and how MEN real MEN put that unwritten code up to be tight and protect each other in combat.

    What the government is doing is following its political agenda and using traditions to keep it together, what you fucks are doing is the exact same damn motherfucking thing, using tradition put up by others way before you, to enroll as many as you can and lead then through deceit.

    Look at society around you, look at police, look at what the wars around the world are fought for, im not gonna make any friends by saying this, but America and its allies fighting the good war to free the widow and the orphan from tyranny is bull shit, where the fuck was everybody when the tutsy and hutu had a genocide, that bodies got thrown in the river, so many bodies it created a damn and they rotted in it.

    Where the fuck where we? no where near, why? not a fucking dime to be made in Africa that’s why, so take your faded red white and blue thats hanging at the bottom of your cut, and leave it to folks who actually care and make those colors vibrant and wear it where it count.

    (re-reading myself here… hmmmm nope i havent said it yet) FUCK YOU FTF FTP FIO

  50. popeye Says:

    It seems these urine odor always have the same speech and talking points. Do they have a class you buy for $19.95 on a DVD . Keep on drinking izods koolaid . For such a righteous club why are there more ex members than members?

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