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June 19, 2014

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Harley-Davidson, the hip, happening, multicultural, multinational, outlaw dream machine manufacturer, announced a new concept motorcycle this morning. Harley calls the thing Project LiveWire, spelled just like that, in the manner of advertising agencies. The big news is that it runs on electricity not gasoline. The lesser but more telling news is that the public relations campaign for the new bike is also called Project LiveWire.

Harley has been teasing this concept bike for months. Earlier this spring, a newspaper in London ran a photo of Scarlett Johansson’s stunt-double in the next Avengers movie riding an electric Harley. The Motor Company released a video of the new bike on YouTube this week and issued an accompanying statement that read: “There are milestones that change history – those pivotal moments where the future is defined. This is one of them. Just like this country, Harley-Davidson has reinvented itself many times in our 111 years. This is the next chapter of our journey. Whether you’re a rider or not, we’re inviting you to take part in the experience, and be there for this historic ride forward.”

Say What

This morning’s press release explains, “While not for sale, Project LiveWire is specifically designed for the purpose of getting insight into rider expectations of an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle.” Also according to the release, “In keeping with the company’s customer-led product development approach, starting next week select consumers across the country will be able to ride and provide feedback on the bike, helping to shape the future of Harley-Davidson’s first-ever electric motorcycle.”

According to an amalgam of sources, the LiveWire electric motor delivers 74 horsepower, 52 foot-pounds of torque and a top speed of 92 mph. The bike can accelerate to 60 mph from a standing start in four seconds and it will go about 130 miles between charges. It takes an hour to charge the motorcycle’s 250 pound battery. Because the battery is so heavy, the motor company has shaved down the weight of numerous other components. The wheel spokes, for example, are hollow.

If you are a traditional and plain spoken Harley guy, like if you’re one of those guys who has a Harley tattoo on the inside of your forearm, you should understand that the LiveWire concept bike is not for you.

Fatten The Tails

John Olin, Chief  Financial Officer explains, “The development of Project LiveWire supports our Fatten The Tails Strategy…. The Fatten The Tails Strategy is our balanced approach to investing in products across the customer spectrum of core riders, outreach and international.”

In case you are lost already, “Fatten the Tails” has nothing to do with swingarms or rear tires or fenders. It is the insincere and sanctimonious story the Harley suits have made up about how their motorcycle company is going to outlive the guys who are stuck with Harley tattoos. “Fatten the Tails” describes a perfectly symmetrical Bell Curve with the Harley tattoo guys at its apex. They are labeled as Harley’s “core” customers. The two tails of the Bell Curve comprise the “outreach” and “international” markets. In case you are still lost, “Outreach means “young adults,” “women,” “Hispanics,” and “African-Americans.”

Really. We aren’t making that up to make Harley look stupid. The “tails” of Harley’s corporate marketing strategy refer to the theoretical tails of a Bell Curve. “Tails” does not refer to anything tangible or real. The term refers entirely to a statistical abstraction.

Hello Everybody!

What the press release and the exclusive news accounts written at Harley’s behest by legitimate motorcycle journalists neglect to say about Project LiveWire can be found in an investor relations video that is currently viewable only on Harley’s website. You can watch it by clicking here.

The video is a song and dance by John Olin, Harley’s Chief  Financial Officer and Matt Levatich, President and Chief Operating Officer. John and Matt do not appear to be the kind of men with whom most Harley tattoo guys would want to sit at a bar and talk bikes. The video begins with Olin exclaiming, “Hi everyone. Thanks for joining Matt and me today,” and goes downhill from there.

Most of what the men have to say is so blatantly contrived by cynical image makers that it is difficult to imagine trusting anything any Harley executive might ever have to say again. In fact their words and speech patterns are so generic it is impossible to tell the two apart. They come across as Hollow Men. “Leaning together,” to borrow a few words from T. S. Eliot, “heads filled with straw,” their “dried voice, when” they talk as “as quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass or rats’ feet over broken glass.”

John/Matt Speak

“I want to reiterate that the Project LiveWire motorcycles are not in production” John/Matt says. “At this time we do not have plans or a timetable to bring this bike to market.”

“We have more to learn about customer desires in the electric motorcycle space.”

“We believe an electric motorcycle might be of greatest interest to outreach groups in the U.S. and to international customers.”

“Efforts like Project LiveWire and our Street motorcycles reflect our commitment to provide products that meet the lifestyle and riding needs of the growing generation of urban young adults.”

Public Relations Campaign

The Project LiveWire public relations minstrel show will tour 30 cities in the United States this year starting next Monday and additional cities in the U.S., Canada and Europe next year. Some visitors to this show will get to ride one of these concept bikes but John/Matt explain, “Even those who don’t yet ride can try out Project LiveWire on ‘jump start,’ a simulated riding experience.”

The part of John/Matt also known as Levatich enthuses, “Like all Harley-Davidson motorcycles, LiveWire is an expression of individuality and iconic style. It just happens to be electric. We’ve been saying Project LiveWire is more like an electric guitar, not an electric car.” So, because John/Matt has uttered the magic words “individuality” and “iconic” everybody should swallow that electric guitar analogy whole.

John/Matt also claims “the motor makes a muscular statement.” This new thing molded around a 250 pound battery will “evoke styles and feelings from many historical Harleys.” It features a clutchless, single speed transmission, a “colorful touch screen display” and doggone it, it is just “a great motorcycle for city riding” even though Harley has no plans to put it into production because John/Matt and their army of propaganda elves haven’t yet decided who might yet be convinced to really want it.

“We believe an electric motorcycle might be of greatest interest to outreach groups in the U.S. and to international customers,” the executives who are apparently part of alien intelligence, like the Borg, proclaim.

“Project LiveWire expands the boundaries of Harley-Davidson’s iconic look, sound and feel and elevates technology into art in a way that only Harley-Davidson can deliver.”

Stay tuned to see what ridiculous thing some Harley-Davidson executive might say next.

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54 Responses to “The Harley LiveWire”

  1. fayettenamhoe Says:

    linkert, S&S we don’t need your stinkin new garbage or your money, fuel injected, if you don’t have a kick start its not even a moped, fake HARLEY? they forgot, corporate scumbags, douchsebags, i would rather ride my garbage can, Harley sold out long times ago, greed and fake attitudes,, eat my curb

  2. One Eye Says:

    I mean no offence to anyone who rides a TC, but for me personally HD ended with the Evo and a carb.

  3. Mike 184 Says:

    So I am gonna go against most of you opinions, and congratulate Harley for actually jumping out in front of the industry on something for a change. So I am an Engineer by trade and can tell you that I have always looked in to an electric bike. THe potential for power (Seat of the pant feel is actually torque) in an electrically driven bike will blow a gas bike out of the water. Most mods would be a program change away. You can set up anything you want.

    Braking actually would be mostly done by the motor because it will act as a generator (Dynamic braking) and put some charge back on the buss. You would also have slip monitoring and things like that so a skid from braking would be damned near impossible.

    The only thing that all of these need is battery technology that is likely 20 years away.

    Now, before I get hated on, my favorite bike is a panhead. Close second would be a vincent. I build my own stuff and have owned, built and loved a shovelhead. I love classic Iron, but I don’t see where HD is going with a lot of their current stuff.

    The breakout came out about 10 years too late, those bikes are a dime a dozen. THere are fleets of baggers everywhere I go. I am a big fan of the current trend with Dyna’s…. Which is another Frisco kind of style, but damn if it isnt catching on the east coast….. Anyway, just my 2 cents on it.

  4. Uesque Says:

    Heck, I’d ride it back and forth to work. Especially if I could charge it with my employer’s electricity. It would save me money. I’d still keep the FXR for long trips, rides and fun.

  5. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Like it or not every bike maker will have to have a line of electric bikes to stay alive. Eventually loud Harley’s and other cruisers will be banned from inner city areas based on noise pollution restrictions alone. Get used to it.

  6. rick3ree Says:

    NOPE! I don’t believe it. If this abomination is the future of Harley, I’m gonna trade in my leathers for a silk scarf and a Bonneville.

  7. fayettenamhoe Says:

    a harley? you said what? my apologies, you thought a motorcycle could save your soul

  8. stroker Says:

    FYI… “electroglide”……..actually pretty close to an existing Harley Model, the Electra Glide.
    1st introduced in 1965, 1st year electric start, last year panhead.

  9. fayettenamhoe Says:

    The Pussification of Harley Davidson i eat pussey, i ate harley for breakfast and a whole lot of midnight meals, i still eat harley’s for lunch, if you can’t work on them they ai’nt worth shit—- no stinking T-shirt involved my last meal will be a linkert

  10. dirtyfxd Says:

    Im praying tonight pics of izods butt lovers show up on the web riding one of these!

  11. I.J Says:

    Shoulda called it the “Electroglide”……..

  12. PassingThrough Says:

    It’s fine that Harley wants to spend some money on R&D, but it’s going in the wrong place.

    They need to buy a few Indians and take a long hard look.

  13. Ricky Redneck Says:

    It seems as if “The LAPD just got a Military-Grade Electric Bike for Stealth Missions”:

    Perhaps H-D is lusting after this market also. One can imagine the valiant men in blue using electric bikes to sneak up on those evil 1%’ers.

    Best regards,

  14. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed and RVN69:


    Ride Free

  15. RVN69 Says:

    These people don’t think the way a normal person thinks. They are fanatics who will not let the facts get in the way of their beliefs. It is more like a cult and Obama and Gore are the new Jim Jones. Gore is already a BILLIONARE from his climate change scams, and I’m sure that Obama will start to cash in as soon as he leaves office if not already.

    Support your local Red & Black and all true Outlaw and 1% clubs

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    And still the ‘electric vehicles will save the world’ crowd, again, don’t think or like normal think with the wrong organ…

    They never stop to wonder what it takes to make all those huge-ass batteries for these abortions.

    If they were to actually learn the devastation on the land to get the properties to make these batteries, they’d shit all over themselves and scratch their eyes out bawling for what *THEY* are doing to this planet.

    These vehicles will go through a buttload of batteries too if one takes into account all the fucktards that drive them are those who already don’t pay any attention to the road because their cellphones are stuck to the sides of their asses…I mean heads, so, this means all those wrecks will more than likely destroy a lot of batteries meaning *more* strip mining to make up for those losses, and the reasons for more and more strip mining for the necessities to make enough batteries to keep up with the fucktards will leave us with nothing above ground but dirt and ugliness far, far faster than drilling for oil.

  17. Jim666 Says:

    @ Trickey Tramp the video you posted is the best part of this thread.


  18. jj solari Says:

    Regarding the Mattel Hasbro Milton Bradley Wham-O Brand electric bike that the Harley upper-management team of golfing aficionados is creating – in soundbites, if not in actual fact ….. these executive juggernauts of industry are clearly convinced that something other than the deteriorating “Harley Mystique” is what is keeping their company in the black. Assuming that it actually is in the black. However, they are wrong in thinking that something other than the fading “Harley Mystique” is keeping them afloat. In fact it is only the deteriorating Harley Mystique, and not their actual products, that is keeping them from joining GM in Bailout Wonderland. Not that the Feds would grant Harley bailout- money, because Obama probably hates bikers as much as apparently Harley does, and for-sure as much the ATF and the cops do. Speaking of Harley executives: the internet announcement began with the important and deeply meaningful message, “Riders today. Define tomorrow.” Apparently Pigeon English being used as the language-of-choice to announce this bike is a way of announcing to the Third World “Harley is for you, Joe. You like. You have good time on me!” As the drooling knuckledraggers that created the internet announcement that cries out in boardroom brilliance “Riders Today. Define tomorrow.” are going to find out in short order, it is only the Harley Mystique that is keeping the executive washroom staffers in offshore gambling invitations. Not the bikes themselves. In fact “short order” might be the two words they should think about adding to “Riders today. Define tomorrow.” making it “Riders today. Define tomorrow. Short order.” Because they might all be doing short orders at McDonald’s pretty soon, based on the evidence presented via the electric bike announcement.
    For the information of the Harley Executive Squadroom Brainstormers – Harley Corp did not create the Harley Mystique. The Harley Mystique was not created by an ad campaign. The Harley Mystique was not created by a motorcycle. The Harley Mystique was not created by an overpaid buffoon executive in an untied tie walking around the office with coffee in a paper cup and a suit jacket across his arm looking as though he was just too anxious to get to work on time to worry about getting fully dressed. No: the Harley Mystique is something that exists only because of the existence of the 1950’s-circa individuals in groups who had actual, genuine mystiques. And not Harley Mystiques either. Just mystiques. Just real actual mystiques. And who themselves CREATED the Harley Mystique. Groups like the Hells Angels, the Gypsy Jokers, the Galloping Gooses, the Satans Slaves, the Pissed Off Bastards, the Devils Disciples, the Boozefighters, the Mad Hatters; the uniquely American outcasts with the mind set that valued the individual and adventure and exploration over the government mandated lifestyle of school, neighborhood, two kids, a cocker spaniel, What’s My Line, the Saturday Evening Post, the licensing of everything from your guns and your cars and your dynamite collection to the licensing of the jizz in your balls, of time clocks, and working for someone else. No. If there were mystiques that accompanied these men that were genuine American individuals it was the mystiques of beer, strip joints, dope, and riding alone through the western deserts. Those were the actual mystiques. Harleys were the Hitchiking Aftermarket Mystiques that these individuals decided to adopt and bring along with them just because these bikes retained some semblance of devotion to the principles of liberty that allegedly this country was created on. Which i assume they assumed was more or less American. Which of course, regarding Harleys, has turned out to be another Hitchiking Hangaround Mystique. Not a real one. No, the men on the bikes are the original mystique. Not the brand of motorcycle they decided to adopt for one reason or another. And those men who are the real mystique are now looking at the skin of their once bulging biceps and watching them wrinkle and fall against the bones of their arms like curtains closing on a grand performance. And when they go so will be gone the mystique. And Harley-Davidson will return to the ash pit of buffoonery it was when it was being nestled like a helpless baby in the arms of a pin-spotting-machine maker. And that’s where it would have stayed were it not for an upstart heralder of the dirty filthy riders of Harleys that focused on the men on the Harleys, not the Harleys themselves: rather the men who lived on their Harleys; Easyriders magazine. Say what you want to about it now, at the time it glorified the last of the Americans who bought up this magazine like starving exhausted warriors lapping up water. Men like Joe Teresi, Lou Kimzey, Mil Blair, Keith Ball, Madman Kelly, Billy Thornbury, Izzy Petty, Rip-aroo from San Berdoo, Wino Joe, Miraculous Muthuh, Spider, Hal Robinson, David Mann, and, by the grace and mercies of a gentle and loving Jesus, even myself; all dedicated with enthusiasm toward proclaiming the feral, renegade riders of the Harleys, not the Harleys themselves, as the Last Americans. “This is not a nuts and bolts magazine,” Lou said.” This is an entertainment rag for adult bikers.” The largess for Harley Corp from that relentless temporary burst of creative fire is all that Harley has left to hang on to and those men and those readers are fading fast, and when they are gone no one will be giving Harley Davidsons a second look except, especially in the case of the Livewire, to say “what in the name of Fucking Fuck is THAT.” All good things may or may not come to an end. But all stupid things certainly do. And Harley Davidson is one of those stupid things. And the end they have chosen for themselves – in typical fashion for the stupid – is by buffoonery. And a fitting headstone, assuming they can even, or want to, find the body, would be a Livewire with a grinning Chinaman in a Mao jacket sitting on it shouting ” Hi, Yankee swine! You tink me pditty???”

  19. troyez Says:

    You’re completely right. I hadn’t thought that this might be a reaction to the EPA (Obama) and their war on dinosaur fuels, pushing the country back toward the stone-age. I should add the acronym, FTEPA! FBO too, impeach his ass!

    I still love the new Triumph triples, they’re all balls.

  20. blacksmith Says:

    Please, please put Jax and the Anarchy bunch on these things….oh wait, they never ride anyway

  21. RVN69 Says:

    This probably won’t be the most popular comment, but WTF. Harley is doing what it can to survive in the current market. What goes on behind the scenes when producing the quantity of motorcycles that HD does. One of the biggest, if not the biggest problem is the EPA. If you recall what the EPA has done concerning Coal and restrictions on water, declaring that even temporary water on your property comes under the jurisdiction of the EPA you’ll understand. To qualify their bikes for sale, the Motor company has to meet the EPA standard on emissions and noise, wwith the noise standard being the most difficult to meet. Also they have to meet any particular state standards that may be more restrictive than the Federal Standards, an example would be California. The difficulty in producing an internal combustion, external pushrod motor to meet these standards is daunting, doing it with an administration and EPA that are determined to stamp out gas powered vehicles is nearly impossible.


  22. Cap'n Bill Says:

    They, the advertising squad, have completely lost touch…amazing…

  23. SickJay Says:

    Why not just put that R&D into things people already ride harleys ask for, I dont currently own one, but would never buy a new one, especially from a company that forgot who literally kept it in business to become the corperate mercenaries they now have become. Why not spend the R&D money on building a better Vtwin. Something with 4 valves per cylinder, some better brakes, build it right the first time instead of charging a left nut, and taking the right one on the harley tax many people pay to actually make a new motorcycle perform as it should, that could be the reason only RUBs are buying their bikes. Sad thing is, once all these people are on to the next fad, HD will come crawling back to its core group. Maybe Victory and Indian should give a few bikes to the Ps and VPs of a few 1%er clubs in major market states and watch the money roll in as people think, I can be a bad ass if I get me one of those. Sorry for the rant, I just hate that this is a company based on tradition and has sold its soul for a quick buck.

  24. Tooj Says:

    Get ready with a clothespin and a baseball card for those hollow spokes.

    “I didn’t see him and I sure as fuck didn’t hear him, officer.”

  25. Ol'Goat Says:

    I mean really, who gives a fuck about Harley Davidson anymore? much less battery powered Harley Davidson. why the story rebel?

  26. Done Says:

    A while back I expounded on the H-D Stealerships & their Eagle Bank scam counterparts and was roundly criticized, mocked, basically told to “fuck off”, etc. As I’ve grown older I’ve adopted a policy of not agruing with idiots & assholes. I state my case as clearly as I am able in accoordance with the truth as I am given to understand it mainly through experience, trial and error. And, I’m not into saying “I told you so” because I have no need to have anyone agree with what’s obvious. Plainly put, Harley-Davidson has absolutely no interest in those of us who have kept their Corporation afloat. We, the “unwashed masses” of full time Bikers who actually Live to Ride & Ride to Live, many of whom are proudly Members of Motorcycle CLUBS, are in no way even the slightest concern of what has morphed into the joke that now bares the name Harley Davidson. I remember, like it was yesterday, that if you wanted a Harley your best bet was to find a basket case and some friends (Brothers) to help you rebuild it. If you wanted a new one and had the scratch to buy it, it had to be ordered as there were NONE on the showroom floor. Sometimes you’d get a phone call after you’d put your down payment down the toilet at the Stealership about an ordered bike that the guy before you either no longer wanted or could’nt afford and you raced to the Stealership to buy it before they called the next fish on the hook. It didn’t really matter if it was the model or color or anywhere near what you ordered, it was a new Harley and if you didn’t scoop it up right the fuck now, they’d call their list of fish and it would be sold before sundown. Didn’t matter if you were working on some assembly line (remember those?) or wrenching the tranny on a Mercury at an Mobil Station, you dropped whatever the fuck you were doing and hauled ass! You hauled ass because the Stealership didn’t give a rat’s ass about you or your job or anything other than their own greed. To this day I’m still drawn to basket cases or very elderly models that will make it from whatever barn or garage they reside to mine. I have absoutely no use for the Stealerships other than finding parts in an emergency should somebody have a bike go down and need it back up as soon as possible. I’ve taken to sending them to the Stealership with the part number and cautioning them not to mention my name to anybody at the Stealership, or call me while they are there to see if some other part will do (they up sell the shit out fo customers), just go there, hold your nose and fork over the cash (always use cash, never a debit card that accesses your bank account). Assume that every employee there is good friends with at least 30 Cops so leave your rags in your bags same goes for Support gear. Once in a while you’ll run across a wrench at a Stealership whose been there for 20 years but that’s becoming rare. Best policy is to treat the Stealership visit like you would a Courtroom visit (everything you say and some things you never said can and will be used against you).
    The new Harley Wizzer we are seeing here should benefit the continued eradication of Biker Culture if for no other reason than you have to charge the useless techno bike so it’s dead in the water due to down time and if it truly goes an amazing 95 mph forget out running that Charger with the pretty blue lights on the Interstate. Australia & Germany have sought to make us hide who and what we are, America is in that race too, but Harley has the solution, just stop making motorcycles! Harley is systematically watering down the whiskey one model at a time. I lamented (when I turned 50) that I was on borrowed time given the choices I made in my teens-40’s. I now am grateful I’m a grey beard and won’t live to see much more of this pussification of freedom and my bikes will outlive me ridden by friends & Brothers but will never be traded in at a Stealership so that they can wholesale them at auction for half of what they are truly worth. Waitresses at Taverns & Road Houses used to pour rice around jap crap parked in their lots, that’s probably a hate crime by now but then, real Taverns and Road Houses, try to find one. Screw any battery operated so called motorcycle and any company that makes them. After the weight of the battery, the weight of the GPS tracking device that is connected to the Cops is likely the next component they all come with. If your scoot still marks it’s spot (leaks oil kiddies), keep it forever. I’d urge everybody to do whatever they can to disrespect this techno bike but just watch the comments that come next, you’ll likely see glowing stories about the wonderful Stealerships & how we must get with the times or die like the dinosaurs, Eagle Scam Loan Sharks Bank and the cool botique “Official Harley Clothing” at their sheeple only Stealership. Screw Harley.

  27. Glenn S. Says:

    I suppose there might be a market in childlike computer geeks that want to refer to “my Harley” in conversation. The ultimate yuppie-bar-bike, the Shaverglide, so named for its brainchild, the electric razor, and marketed to those androgynous man-children that shave the hair off from around their dicks because their girlfriends told them to.

    But my 96″ Dyna will remain what it is, they’ve taken nothing from me, just created a niche market to complement their clothing line. They’ll always need people like us because what self-respecting half-woman would shell out their money for such a toy if there are no tattooed outlaw bikers for them to pretend a kinship with. Be nice if they would recognize the advantage and cut the prices on their real motorcycles.

    So how ’bout it, Harley (and I know you’re reading), how about FREE REBUILDS for all white trash like me, to keep your mobile billboards on the road a few more years? Some kid in a Prius is bound to see us and think: Hmmm, they make a little electric one now! And while I’m helping with your marketing strategy, you should put some fake pipes with a big amp and speakers in them that go potato-potato-potato.

  28. Oldskewl Says:

    Some things are better left alone and I think the consideration to move in this direction is a big mistake and a total misread of the people who ride and live by these machines.

    As the owner of a business I get the fact that HD is trying to get in front of the next big thing but I have a feeling the backlash will be greater than expected.


  29. Brammofan Says:

    The bike, according to the specs, only has ~53 mile range. The 130-mile figure in your article comes from an article (on Mashable, I think), in which the reporter was talking about the existing electric bikes on the market.

    This is one of the best news/opinion pieces I’ve read on the LiveWire so far.

  30. Paul Says:

    I don’t know, if you converted some solar panels you could extend its ride beyond 130, or 70, miles.

    Wait, I guess that would mean you couldn’t ride it in the rain, or cloudy winter days, or…

    Come to think of it, I can’t operate my electric mower in the rain, so even without a solar conversion, maybe you can only ride this bike in pristine conditions.

    Then again, they said city goers. Most folks that live in cities don’t want to tour the country.

  31. Road Whore Says:

    Kinda proud of my Honda now…

    Ride Free

  32. Pete Says:

    Be fun to watch them flat track……especially when all their extension cords get tangled up!

  33. Celunni Says:

    Maybe they are heading for the demographic that trailers their Harleys? So in that case in the future you’ll see it towed by this:

    Potato car, with trailered electric Harley…

  34. troyez Says:

    I believe the acronym “FTF” fits here. I think the Brits make a nice triple cylinder bike that’s really big and fast –

  35. dirtyfxd Says:

    That polaris Indian is looking better every day. Fuck the moco, they know where there bread is buttered! What happened the last time they tryed appealing to a square bear crowd? A bowling ball company bought them out!

  36. willienelso3 Says:

    damn. I may have to remove that little Harley-Davidson sticker from the back window of my pick-up truck.

  37. uberdahmer Says:

    Congratulations Boomers, the last bastion of your relevance is now gone.

    Harley has figured out that you’re all going to die, and is prepping for the next few gens.

    The Sportsters are absurdly popular with Echo Boomers, the Street 500 & 750 are pointed straight at them, and now the Elon Musk worshippers have something to fawn over.

    At least until Google cars or whatever self-driving abominations come to fruition. I can’t believe that I may live to see the day that human drivers are effectively banned from the road.

    No point in getting angry, it’s just business. And Harley intends to perpetuate itself as long as it can. The Davidsons will wring every last goddamn drop out of the economy that they can.

    Can’t blame them. Were I in their positions, I’d do the same.

  38. Tricky Tramp Says:

    rebel. didn’t mean “don’t post”. just that i am getting used to being a com-put wizard. play that motorhead track. it says it all. x

  39. Paladin Says:

    Harley Davidson has finally reached the apex of the bullshit bell curve. Harley Davidson has become as phony, shallow and make believe as the io. The word embarrassing doesn’t even come close to describing these two charlatans or the company they represent.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  40. Tricky Tramp Says:

    sorry rebel had couple beers fucked up x

  41. L-Frame S&W Says:

    “Even those who don’t yet ride can try out Project LiveWire on ‘jump start,’ a simulated riding experience.”

    Would that resemble internet porn, a “simulated sexual experience”?

  42. Phuquehed Says:

    It’ll be just like electric cars…load 10+pounds more than it’s desisgned for and watch the mileage go downhill exponentially.

    Got a girlfriend/OL you want to take somewhere? Goo luck with that as there’s no place for her to sit and her 90 pounds (yeah, I know, wishful thinking!) just got you a whole 70 miles mileage.

    Want to go on a trip? Where the fuck do you pack anything? How much load? Where are ya gonna ‘plug in’ after 70 miles? How comfortable can it be riding something in the 1/3-way-to-push-up-position for very long?

    This thing is meant for just around town you say? You can’t do any grocery (or whatever) shopping on it so now you’re forced to also have a car or truck. Well shit, we all make more than enough to have two vehicles and afford the insurance too because we walked across the southern border speaking spanish and shook our heads with a dumb look whenever a gringo spoke to us and now we have anything we demand.

    What’s that you say? You no longer are able to get the ladies to glance your way? Maybe it’s because when you rode by them all they heard was some faggy little ‘swish’ instead of something badass with a bit of roar and style. Now, on your lean, mean electric sled, all the gals do is giggle at you *if* they notice you at all.

    Buck Rogers…fuck off and die.

  43. Brewster Says:

    I ride a Heritage and I love it. I drive a Ford and buy as much as I can of products made right here in the USA. HD makes bikes everywhere now and beyond their marketing they don’t seem to have any allegiance to anything American, if they ever did. If I buy a new bike, you can be sure I’ll give Victory and even Indians a good look.

  44. jj solari Says:

    when anyone uses the expression “my journey” or in the case of this so called business enterprise “our journey” you know the committee-room bullshit machine is the sole operating engine of the organization. so this Load that they are trying to magically transmogrify via vocabulary from shit into stellar starshine is not something you are supposed to look at and say what the fuck. you are supposed to look at it and say “buck rogers, eat my dust.” and you are supposed to mean it.

  45. Dave Says:

    Can someone at HD hire me to clean house? You really need to get rid of the morons and get back to what made HD great – making an American motorcycle.

  46. BrianF Says:

    This wouldn’t be HDs first electric bike. My son had one years ago

  47. Road Whore Says:

    Jesus, lord.

    Ride Free

  48. swampy Says:

    Is the Screaming Eagle extension cord optional?

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