Did The Iron Order Do It Again

June 18, 2014

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Each and every member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, a kind of anti-motorcycle club, should regularly pray a prayer of thanks that this is no longer, oh say, 1979. You know. Back in the day. Before CSI and DNA.

The club seems to delight in provoking the members of other motorcycle clubs that wear a three-piece patch. It may simply be that the club attracts men who are flamboyantly neurotic, as Richard Simmons and Perez Hilton are flamboyantly gay. It is also possible that the Iron Order is a club of agents provocateur acting on behalf of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and that the club exists largely to create some future RICO case. Maybe these guys have just gotten a bad rep.

This page mostly ignores the Iron Order because they are not really members of the motorcycle club world and they don’t make much news. But sometimes the club does something, or appears to have done something, that The Aging Rebel can’t ignore

This week, club president Ray “Izod” Lubesky may have, in anticipation of this week’s Laconia motorcycle rally, sent Laconia, New Hampshire Police Chief Christopher Adams the following email. The email has been slightly edited to eliminate the most annoying syntax and grammatical errors.


Dear Chief Adams Laconia PD

I represent a law-abiding motorcycle club called the Iron Order MC. I would like to inform you that we will be attending Bike Week in your city this week. We do not support any outlaw motorcycle clubs (1%ers) or abide by their protocol which has caused many problems for our club. We just ask, as free Americans, to be able to ride and be left alone. This is why I am contacting you. I am requesting your assistance. While there, if we encounter any problems with other clubs, can you assist us when we call upon you? Just keep an eye out for the protection of our members. We do our best in security but 1%ers are lowlife, dirty scum who will do anything to harm us. We will cooperate with all law enforcement. Unlike traditional clubs, we will testify when called upon. We will stay only in populated areas where there are witnesses.

If you would like we can have our legal department contact you. The person in charge of our legal department is John Whitfield. Our local person in charge is Craig Carbal. His road name while in Laconia will be Playboy. Once again, we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Izod – International President of the Iron Order MC


The email seems to have first appeared publically on a Facebook page titled IOMC SUCKS WORLD WIDE II.

Copies of the email have been sent to this page by members of brand name motorcycle clubs who seem to take the letter seriously and are alarmed by it. That makes the email newsworthy whether Izod Lubesky wrote it or not. Some widely respected people think he did.

The Aging Rebel thinks the email is probably a hoax. But, it is a plausible hoax. This page has seen other documents verifiably written by Lubesky including a memorandum written to members in 2011 following a dustup between the Iron Order and the Bandidos in which the Iron Order President stated “We will cooperate with LE and we will prosecute. We will take all steps necessary to protect ourselves and go on down the road.”

Whoever wrote the email to Chief Adams seems to have seen that memo, too.

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128 Responses to “Did The Iron Order Do It Again”

  1. Midwest Says:

    Those IO dudes are totally uncool

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    If you’re “not sure why the hate” then you’re not ready to join a Brotherhood and no Real Club would have you.

    Since you don’t seem to know yet, IO is not a Brotherhood. It’s a money making scam using the mystique of Outlaw Bikers to get stupid kids convinced they’re the real life Sons of Anarchy.

    No real motorcycle club on the planet has any respect for IO. If you want fake Brotherhood, then by all means, join IO.
    By the way, IO doesn’t leave other Clubs alone…that’s the problem!

  3. Tuaca Says:

    Not sure why the hate. If they leave you all alone, leave them alone. I’d love to join an
    MC but really get turned off by discussions like this. I’m out of high school so I don’t want to play these games. I just want to join a brotherhood.

  4. Dino Says:

    I just attended an event where there were more than 12 clubs in attendance, big and small. Not one fucking problem. Why? Because everyone knows their place and everyone, EVERYONE shows respect.
    Every once in a while you newly indoctrinated IO douchebags search the internet to find out information on the organization whose patches you just ironed on their cut and link to these articles. Then you start talking shit. Do your fucking homework first and spare us all the fucking anonymity inspired courage.
    P.S. Keep the music down in the basement. Your mom can’t sleep.

  5. Shovelhead Says:


    You’re right, I for one do not have the balls to fuck another dude up the ass….The IO has definitely mastered that act!

  6. Sieg Says:

    Billy stretched-ass, get off that dick

    Fuck the urine odor and every other lame-ass, cbeese-eating, dick-breath, take it up the ass, wannabe a man, faggot punk collection of retards like them.

  7. billybadass Says:

    Stop yalls bitchin just cus they r doing wat y’all don’t have the balls to do

  8. alan B'stard MP Says:

    correct big man

  9. Scooter Rick Says:

    Myself, I THINK THAT I.O. and I.L. are starting a slide into obscurity. I know there is a local branch around here somewhere, but we very rarely see them, if we ever see them at all. More like the Iron Order Social Club. Everyone, don’t get your knickers in an uproar. Sure enough, they are cracking under the combined burden of their own crap, and the fact that everybody knows. From what I read, it’s starting to happen just about everywhere.

  10. swampy Says:

    Bag Man, there’s no honor in joining a fake bunch of posers that use the term “law abiding” while cooperating with LE as leverage to start shit. You said it: “….gangster shit.” You sound like a good fit for the urine odor. They’re not even an image of a motorcycle club. A t-shirt at best – on polyester.


  11. Sieg Says:

    Bag Man, the only bag you’re gonna be seeing after you join the urine odor is the one swinging past your chin while you eat dinner.


  12. Phuquehed Says:

    @Bag man – You don’t have to lie to the world (now that you’ve let the world know, it’s on the ‘net you fucktard and there forever) about the real reason you want to be a fag urine odor pussy…we know it’s because you want in on their parties –>


  13. Bag Man Says:

    It sounds like the IO is on some next level gangster shit.

    1%er’s are worried about the IO because they don’t play by their rules and don’t back down when confronted. A couple of “hardcore” bikers tried intimidating the IO and ended up eating lead.

    Now the 1% MCs are crying foul. That’s some funny shit.

    Anyone who wanted to start an MC was supposed to get approval from the local dominant. IO said fuck them we do what we want. 1%er’s are losing control. And that is what worries them the most.

    You don’t have to be a criminal to be tough. You can have a job, a family, be a law abiding citizen and still not be a pussy. After reading this article, I think I want to join them.

  14. Parsifal Says:

    @ the butt crack of “DAWN,” the horizon was brown and smelly
    Dawn didn’t know farce from the really
    Dawn the mouth for the u.o. snout
    she loves pork! no doubt
    loves it so much it makes her shout
    that’s right! that is what dawn is all about.

    run your mouth O’dawn the u.o. hag
    everything you say is just a drag.
    dawn blows out all her holes
    has nothing to say don’t you know?

    Go away dawn, go far away
    never come back we say
    we’ve heard it all before
    don’t come knocking at Rebels door
    if you come back, you’ll be served some more.


  15. Philo_bedo Says:


    They stood up to….a bunch of unarmed guys in a gun free zone, selling t-shirts? That is pretty hardcore, I have to admit. Pro-tip: Put down the crackpipe, and get some help.


  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, Urine Odor faggots…don’t you fucktards have one of those urine odor iron cunts that are actually literate to come here and bitch for you? Dawn is epic fail, which makes you asstards epic fail and speaks volumes.

  17. dawn Says:

    All u tuff biker guys Sound like a bunch of fucken cry babies. the iron order stood up and said we make our own rules. And now all the outlaw clubs are crying. Cuz they cant bully the io like they bully every one else. The bandidos try to bully every one but I know they have cop callers in there club. Shit they have know cop lovers in there club. Finally someone stood up to clubs now the clubs are wimpering like bitches. I always heard the mongols would hard ass people in denver. scary mean looking dudes intimating every one they can.i guess this shows what happend when people stand up for them self.s and tell the outlaw clubs to fuck off. Its sad that some one lost their life to a chicken shit gun man, though. Live by the sword die by the sword.

  18. Hellion Says:

    It seems you think you can keep on killing one percenters and nothing ever happens to you cop ass motherfukrs U wanted be in our world U wanted the thunder now u gif it. Remember you asked for it

  19. Hellion Says:

    Iron cop order. U want so bad be in our world now u got it Remember you wanted the Thunder

  20. Lone Rider Says:

    @ Swampy – Wolfenlover, I bet if we was to look up, crampy and Buttdogs family tree it would be a stump. Yeah, that’s how inbred they are. Fuggin Idjuts.

  21. Wolfenlover Says:

    swampy, makes me wonder where “cramped” plagiarized this story from to make it
    his sob story for sympathy? boo hoo hoo. Should have his own site shouldn’t he?

    And then there’s BUTTDOG. No f’n excuse at all. Just another Urine Odor wannabe.

  22. swampy Says:

    Cramped, yeah, you sound like the typical I.O. “pledge.” I’m thinking a RC(riding club) may be what you’re looking for. It reads as if you don’t want the commitment, and responsibility, of any Club, let alone one percent. Yeah, you know, you want a patch that you can buy; complete with State rocker to wear to steak night at your local RUB bar. You’ve swallowed that urine order bit – hook, line and sinker. Or your’re just here to try and start some shit. I guess you may even get away with wearing your C.O. uniform under your cut!

    Buttdog, I’d suggest a frontal lobotomy for you. Although, since the inbreeding is obviously there, never mind.

  23. Tommy Says:

    Iron Order? Might want to check out their track record for your own good. They are anything but law abiding, Just a bunch of cops with a wild fantasy to play outlaw biker after work and on the weekends. (they even dress the part) But when it comes time to actually play the part they run to their law enforcement buddies and flash their badges and literally get away with MURDER. They are far from a respected MC and that will never change.

  24. Lone Rider Says:


    cramped guy and bitch dog = SHIT FOR BRAINS.

  25. FF Says:


    Who gives a fuck.

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    WOW! Four fucktards in a row, spewing ignorance like a cow spewing shit after being let onto an wheat field for two hours. The same old tired, whiny shit, every single one of the bitches too! Well, except for the ‘I’m a pig, but not a pig’ dumbfuck who simply contradicts himself every other sentence.

    Gotta be pigs or pig-wannabe’s (don’t cry, OL’ Fuck!), as the stupidity glowing off of them is like a night in Chernobyl and of course as every pig will do they call them ‘gangs’…except for the Urine Odor, since that group of faggots and murderers might actually take them in as just a few more to make the man-pile at the clubhouse all that more fun.

  27. Dino Says:

    I really find this topic interesting and I think, Cramped, you are missing the point and the point is their (apparent) hypocrisy. I have never had experience with these guys but I have read a lot. They present as a “law-abiding” club, yet break the law. They say they are a “traditional” club, yet don’t follow established protocols. They start trouble, but call the cops when they get in over their heads. They don’t seem to have a method by which members are scrutinized other than payment for their patches. I am sure that I am not getting a balanced perspective on the IO, so do some research of the club yourself. Go hang around. If you find you are well suited for that club, go for it!

  28. BULLDOG Says:

    Except for that CRAMPED guy … nicely put

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