Australian VLAD Laws Backfiring

June 17, 2014

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This week the Sydney Morning Herald described Queensland’s Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act as “backfiring.” The act, which denies civil liberties in the Australian state to members of 26 named motorcycle clubs was enacted last year to curb what politicians there described as “criminal networks.”

Earlier this month, Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie (above) claimed the VLAD law was responsible for “the sharpest decline in crime reduction across the state in recorded history.” Bleijie claimed that crime is down between 20 percent and 50 percent since the laws were introduced. The journalistic consensus in Australia is that Bleijie is lying.

In an interview with ABC Radio, Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey attributed a 54 per cent reduction in robberies to the new laws. But in a review of publically available data the Brisbane Times found that overall crime had been reduced slightly, by about 3.5 percent, when comparing the month the new law went into effect and last month.

A police spokesman replied “Whilst a generalized figure cannot be given we provide the following regarding various crime classes for the state; robbery – down by 23 per cent, unlawful entry of dwellings – down by 22 per cent, assault – down by 5 per cent, unlawful use of motor vehicles – down by 23 per cent and offences against property – down by 14 per cent.”

Terry Goldsworthy

A Bond University criminologist named Terry Goldsworthy disagreed. He told the Times the statement was an example of how statistics “can be used to say whatever you want them to.”

“I am curious about how they draw this massive leap of faith that bikies are responsible for armed robberies, break and enters and things like that,” Goldsworthy told the Times. “My experience as a police officer for 28 years was that they really seldom committed break and enters and seldom committed armed robberies. Some of the data that we have managed to obtain from the Queensland Police themselves – on the Gold Coast over a five month period of 2012-13 – they committed about two break and enters. So to me, these crimes that they are trying to link to those bikie groups are just not substantial crimes that they commit. I don’t see any relevance in claiming that the bikie laws have decreased break and enters.”

Goldsworthy told the Morning Herald that crimes committed by bikers are “disorganized, stupid crime” comprising mostly low-level drug, assault and driving offences. “The real problem police have,” Goldsworthy said, “is that they’re not charging anyone for (being involved in) criminal enterprises within the gangs, which would indicate that bikies operate as individuals, and not as gangs with a common criminal purpose.”

The Times has taken to calling Bleijie “Boy Blunder” and the High Court of Australia will hear a challenge to the new law next September. Zeke Bentley, one of the lawyers who will argue against the anti-biker laws, recently called them “the most extraordinary and embarrassing set of laws that I’m aware of in Australia’s history.”

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20 Responses to “Australian VLAD Laws Backfiring”

  1. Tooj Says:

    Dear Calvin,

    Would you please stop playing Attorney General and return to the comic strip.



  2. whitefxrp Says:

    Roadwhore @ 3.43,Immense comment,spot on..
    Oz..Good job some REAL people are taking notice of gubbermint agenda
    Eurooope,its happening too,but kept quiet..
    US n Oop north…It’s with you too and getting worse..
    Asia seems a nice the end

  3. Jim666 Says:



  4. Road Whore Says:

    @ RtC:

    ROFL :)

    Ride Free

  5. Road Whore Says:

    @ skinny denny:


    Ride Free

  6. RtC Says:

    97.5% of all statistics are made up.

  7. skinny denny Says:

    Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics. An old saying, more true now than ever.

  8. L-Frame S&W Says:

    I like how the deputy commish just mumbles and changed the subject when asked how he KNEW the bikie community were criminals.
    The guy displaying statistics at least was trying to show something, but it would have been much better to show statistics of criminal activity per capita of bikies vs citizens. A stat of 2.3 armed robberies per 1000 citizens, vs 2.4 armed robberies per 1000 bikies would be claimed as a major difference, when it is statistically insignificant.
    The entire thing is complete bullshit, and I hope our gubmint isn’t looking at it eagerly as a way to harass and intimidate the MC community here in the US.


  9. 10GAUGE Says:

    I wondered when the backlash would start…..even the street pigs don’t like chasing down myths and spreading lies…when they can clearly see that while they are tying up their resources crime…organized or otherwise is actually going up!.

    These numbers are so grossly twisted there is no way they can sustain them….JUST A CASE OF THE BIG BRASS GETTING GREEDY……I guess it is the same the world over. Fuck Em

    Rebel…the clips with the stories have been right on the money…WELL DONE

  10. Grumbler Says:

    Came across a couple of posts submitted by someone in Queensland on another forum that talks about how the VLAD laws have caused a downward spiral on HD prices. It’s an unsubstantiated claim from my perspective, but have copied/pasted those posts below:

    Our new anti-bikie laws have put an enormous amount of used HDs on our market, & prices are tumbling accordingly. They’re falling from an enormous height, compared to US bike prices, so it’s probably not worth returning them to the states, yet. But if the govt continues to scare the public away from HDs it can’t be long before they are.

    Your gov is legislating against HD?

    They might as well have done. They’ve outlawed a number of MC gangs, all of which ride HDs. Just wearing club colours & being in groups of 3 or more is an illegal act, & many have been arrested for having a beer with mates. The Cops are starting to settle down a bit now, but when the laws were first passed, last year, they were hassling anyone on a Harley. They even harassed our local MP, which was when they started to pull their heads in. But it’s freaked out every corporate yuppie with a Hog, who only had the bike as a badass fashion statement anyway. & they’re ditching their Milwaukee Iron faster than shares in the Fukushima Power Co.


  11. WheresMyBoots Says:

    It is no secret that those who run local law enforcement agencies change what constitutes definition of specific crimes, thereby altering statistics to pacify the public. The entire ten years I was a civilian dispatcher for a police department I got one call on the phone regarding outlaw bikers (my supervisor advised me, as I advised the citizen, that two men wearing famous colors, sitting on bikes talking, did not meet the definition of something requiring a police response, nor did them leaving behind an SUV with out of state plates). On the radio: no calls, no traffic stops, no nothing. I have not in my over 50 years heard of a ‘biker’ of any stripe who purse-snatched, robbed someone, or any number of other crimes that are commonplace today. None. Zero. Just on national television. The Big Four club in that city did not bother anyone, ever, that I know of, including the numerous bartenders and servers who waited on them in all types of establishments. I have seen them, been in the same place with them, and never saw them do anything but talk to each other and ride motorcycles. Period. Hence the support stickers all over my coffee cup at work back then. No one said a word about it either.

  12. Paul Says:


    A good friend of mine (who happened to be a cop) told me when he tried to bring up dealing with growing drug/violence problems, he was basically told to shut the fuck up and stay in his lane.

    Same guy that warned me to be careful of anyone selling themselves as a problem solver (and he included lawyers, judges, cops), because they’ll be out of a job once the problem is fixed.

    Being in the military and working in DC now, it seems to me the govt spends more time justifying most of its made up jobs and looking for ways to expand, all while putting band aids on hemorrhages. For example, at a 4 way intersection complete with stop lights, they post security guards in the afternoon to direct traffic (the lights work). Our tax dollars.

  13. Road Whore Says:

    Oh…and did you see what the cop said? Bike Clubs are NOT organized “gangs” and NOT organized crime.

    Ride Free

  14. Road Whore Says:

    Fuck all of these ignernt goddamn fucking fucks!

    I’m outraged that most politicians, cops, feds, and even those in the media manipulate “statistics” for their own damn evil ends. Packs of lies multiplied by packs of lies, told by the greedy and the cowardly so that they can tuck themselves into their fearful little beds at night knowing that they’ve saved their bloated and unnecessary yearly salaries once again.

    And cowardly, lying, manipulative classifications of petty shit: if an old boy pisses me off in a bar and I punch him out and we go at it, that’s not assault; assault is something that occurs on a far-flung beach with landing parties and massive weaponry. Back in the old days if things were getting out of hand the cops, who were seemingly not as cowardly as they are today, would jump into the fray themselves, fists flying. Many times the old boys involved wouldn’t even go to jail. (That’s one thing I miss about the old days, pre everybody and their dog carrying a gun, Taser, mace, etc; and then there’s the citizenry.)

    Low level drug offenses. Just like every single cop I’ve ever known who drank, drank to excess and drove (massive DWI) many of the cops I’ve known also do drugs, especially pot. If that ain’t the pot callin’ the kettle black…

    Driving offenses. You mean like when I blast the throttle to get by some fucktard cager who seems determined to cause a massive pileup with his totally incompetent driving skills and I briefly exceed the speed limit and weave traffic to get myself out of harm’s way? Or when there’s a totally clear stretch of road and I think my metal maiden needs to stretch her legs a little bit?

    Since when did normal blowing off steam become federal fucking crimes?!

    Oh…yeah: when we began the feminization of the fuckin’ world, cowards and fucktards took over power, and decided we needed Big Brother is Watching You to become a reality.

    We must continue to rebel against such creeping sludge so that it doesn’t infest the mind of the world at large.


    And as always,

    Ride Free

  15. Dave Says:

    About 15 years ago a bunch of liberal idiots were arguing about how gun control laws worked in Australia. Their only real evidence was that after the new gun laws went into effect, gun related crime had significantly dropped. REAL significantly.

    When I see a number drop from 15,000 to less than 1,000, I know there’s more to the story than the news that suddenly the entire population of Australia began holding hands and singing ‘kumbaya’.

    Luckily for me, I also know how to find answers. Real answers.

    As it turns out – they’re right! Gun crime is way down! Problem is that “gun” crimes were re-catagorized across all fields in order to show that the new laws were effective, in order to quell public unrest.

    Let me give you actual examples from their laws;

    If a man shoots his wife, this is Domestic violence.
    If someone shoots a burglar, this is a Violation/Theft of Domestic Property.
    If someone shoots someone in the heat of an argument, this is now called “an act of civil violence”.

    A friend who lives in Brisbane still laughs about this stuff, because he knows gun crime is up. Not down.

    Politicians lie about everything. Gun control in Australia is no different.

  16. Paladin Says:

    For Goldsworthy’s sake, I hope he’s retired. Otherwise; speaking out against the absurd claims made by the head of the QG (Queensland Gestapo) will have him counting Crocodiles somewhere in the Outback. And yeah, I do know how that shit works.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  17. BB Says:

    Yeah, I had to laugh at the statistics they quote. As if clubs are organized for robberies and B&Es. Good on the Aussie press for calling bullshit. Sure, guys get in trouble from time to time. Mostly fighting and driving offenses, I suspect with low level drug stuff in a distant 3rd. Those statistics are beyond rediculous.

    Let’s hope the public wakes up to this shit and uses their power at the polls to change things. Media attention to government lies is a good start. Anyway, sounds like the kids in charge down under are starting to overreach a bit, and hopefully that’ll but ’em in the ass! Thanks for the update Reb, keep ’em coming.



  18. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    What a refuckingdiculous claim. The man is incredibly stupid.

  19. jj solari Says:

    ya cant really expect someone named Jarrod Blowjob to have his shit together, so……

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