Biker Dies Of Road Rage

June 16, 2014

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Joshua Deford, a 23-year-old member of the DC Eagles Motorcycle Club, died as a result of a road rage incident in Chicago June 10. A 27-year-old woman named Chiquita Stevenson (photo above) is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

The incident began on the afternoon of June 7 when Stevenson cut into the middle of a pack 70 motorcycles near the intersection of the 294 Toll Road and Archer Avenue in Southwest Chicago. The DC Eagles were paying their respects at area cemeteries as part of a “Rest In Peace Ride.” The intersection is near Resurrection Cemetery, Bethania Cemetery and the Lithuanian National Cemetery.

Bikers Say

Police say that after almost hitting one of the motorcycles, Stevenson began throwing objects at the pack from inside her car. Police have not said whether the bikers made any defensive gestures at or took any defensive gestures toward the driver. But the confrontation escalated and Stevenson began chasing members of the pack up Archer. It is unclear whether she pursued members of the DC Eagles or friends of the club.

Deford pursued Stevenson and her would be victims. The chase reached 80 miles per hour and Deford crashed as he entered the suburb of Bedford Park.

The chase ended when Stevenson hit one of the bikers she was chasing as he tried to escape her by pulling into the driveway of the Bedford Park police station. She has not yet made a $500,000 bond. Stevenson pled guilty to misdemeanor battery in 2012 and was sentenced to 18 months of supervised release.

Stevenson Says

Chicago television station WMAQ reported that Stevenson claims to have been a victim of an unprovoked biker attack. Stevenson’s boyfriend, a man named Nicholas Williams, told the television station that members of the pack tried to break her windshield and that she only pursued one of the riders in order to get his license plate number. According to Williams she was surrounded by motorcyclists and, fearing for her own safety, called 911.

“She’s 120 pounds,” Williams told WMAQ.  “Who in their right mind would do that?” Williams did not offer an explanation of why Stevenson pursued and ran over one of the bikers in the police station parking lot.



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  1. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Bad 99% D.C.E.,
    Condolences to your family
    RIP, Joshua

  2. Pepper Says:

    Joshua is my husband. What this person did caused a hole in my family that will never be repaired. My children are without their father and this person cant even stand up and tell the truth. My husband would never attack someone unless in self defense. I appreciate all of the kind words and support for my family.

  3. chromedome Says: a dollar for the jukebox……@bad condolences I recently lost a good friend and brother I feel your pain…may he ride through the gates wide open at 100mph one hand on the throttle the other making a fist


  4. WARTHOG Says:

    @ Bad 99% D.C.E.,

    My sincere condolences for the loss of your son. Sounded like a righteous young man cut down in the prime of his life. There is no greater love than one laying down his life for another.




  5. Bad 99% D.C.E. Says:

    Joshua is my Son. I assure you this was clear murder and intentional. There are witnesses to that statement. Best of my knowledge she has not been charged for my Sons death yet. Two attempted charges are for the clear cut proof of intentionally running down the bike in the parking lot. That would be a Brother and his Lady.

    Thank you for all the righteous condolences. One way or the other this bitch will pay for her actions. Enuff Said.

  6. Dave Says:


    That’s awesome news. Seldom is their any real satisfaction when a motorcycle is involved with a car. Most of the time it’s our word versus theirs, and unless you get a road-wise cop you’re pretty much screwed. I got lucky. I could have been killed, but wasn’t and the cop that showed up was himself a rider so he knew the signs to look for in a collision.

    I have to agree with some of the others that wonder how her boyfriend, someone who wasn’t present, has any credibility. Why allow him to lip off when he doesn’t know jack shit?

  7. Jim666 Says:

    @ Nags I din not know that I would show up as a supporter either I just wanted people to read some opinions of bikers about the cunt I did notice another bikers comment on the page a member of the DC EAGLES I guess he showed up as a supporter too but if you read the post you1ll see neither of us are supporting the cunt, as of my post she had raised no funds ,
    No worries no disrespect taken.
    Thank you my friend,

  8. Sieg Says:

    Right now, it looks like she’s getting the 1st-degree charge behind causing Mr. Deford to lose control as he was attempting to get her to slow down and back-off the riders she was chasing. She had 2 counts of Attempt-Murder, but they aren’t showing on her booking ticket.

  9. Chode Says:

    is she charged with the murder of Deford or the guy she ran over. She is definitely at fault her but sounds like Deford was chasing her and lost control?

  10. swampy Says:

    “She’s 120 pounds. Williams told WMAQ” It probably doesn’t have the brain to properly operate its 120 lb. body(I could take that comment a lot farther but I won’t). Take a creature with the brain size of a pecan and place it in a 3000lb. automobile….now, think “Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

    Condolences to the family, brothers and friends of Joshua Deford

  11. John Deaux Says:

    Much condolances to the Deford family, the DC Eagles and any one associated, may he fly forevever with those gone before.
    As far as this bitch, a tall tree and short rope sounds appropriate.
    Support Your Local……….

  12. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Sieg

    “It won’t do a day. If it does get convicted, it’ll get some type of probation or community service. No way in hell a court in Crook County is gonna risk getting the indigenes fired-up at the start of riot-season, er, summer”

    Exactly right!

  13. sherides Says:

    May she never see another day of freedom.


  14. Sieg Says:

    this creature is charged with First-Degree Murder now:

    Booking # 2014-0612167
    Inmate Full Name STEVENSON, CHIQUITA
    Date of Birth 04/30/1987
    Race BLACK
    Gender F
    Height 5’04
    Weight 125
    Booked Date 06/12/2014
    Housing Location 04-M-1-6-1
    Visiting Day Saturday
    Time 3:30p – 8:30p
    Bail Amount 500,000

    720 ILCS 5 9-1(a)(1) [735000] MURDER/INTENT TO KILL/INJURE

    Next Court Date 06/30/2014 Court House Location:
    Bridgeview, Room:103
    10220 South 76th Avenue Room: 103
    Bridgeview, IL 60455

  15. Sieg Says:

    Chicago, what can I say?

    First and foremost, Chicago is a preserve for several species, and the one that this Chiquita thing is a member of is the most important.

    Bottom line? It won’t do a day. If it does get convicted, it’ll get some type of probation or community service. No way in hell a court in Crook County is gonna risk getting the indigenes fired-up at the start of riot-season, er, summer.

    Condolences to the family, and the Brothers, of D.C. Eagle Joshua Deford. Hope you’re riding with Danny about now, and you know what goes around comes around.


  16. Paul Says:

    Condolences to those left behind, both Joshua Deford’s and the grandson’s Phuquehed mentioned.

  17. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed:

    Good on ya for showin’ this poor old man some compassion. Likely yours is all that he’s seen.

    And yes, bring back the firing squads; lockin’ and loadin’ as we speak.

    Ride Free

  18. Base Says:

    It’s the knife vs. gun mentality.

    People in cars are embolden in traffic because they feel they have the edge over bike’s. 2000lb. car (GUN) vs. 700lb bike (KNIFE).

    It is possible and plausible that the bikers played a part as far as some shit talking. There are ass holes in all walks of life. But regardless it does not justify this women’s actions, in that video linked to the article she ran those people down on that bike.

    I also noticed in the news article about this incident with in the head lines they were quick to call the bikers a gang. They always have to use that sensationalism brush when they paint a picture. Fucking shit stain journalism!

    Now the boyfriend spouting off that she Steveson is a 120 lb. women and “who in their right mind would do that?”

    Well hell, perhaps she’s a “Beasty”.

    Plenty of those types running around today. And there is nothing right about their minds

    Sad part in all this is it could have all been avoided if someone from either side would have just calmed the fuck down and took one step back.

    One step! Doesn’t make you a pussy, or a lesser of a person. And in this incident it might have saved a mans life.

    Sincere condolences to the family & friends of Joshua Deford for your loss.

    Respects and always head on a swivel out there, stay frosty.

  19. Wretched Man Says:

    Crazed cage-pilots seem to be a worldwide problem.
    Being on the receiving end of a pick-up truck’s bull bar left me permanently disabled, and almost dead, it was close.
    I am not a newbie by anyone’s standards, but managed to survive almost 23years before being belligerently mowed down. I have learnt to expect cagers to try kill me and I am pleasantly surprised when they don’t.
    In South Africa a few years back a cager forced his way into a very large pack (about 350 bikes) during a Toy Run and mowed a guy down and left his kid (pillion) paralyzed. Mob justice ensued, the cager got his butt handed to him before the popo could rescue him.
    Our local Motorcycle Federation (similar to C.O.C) has large runs and they have road captains to take care intersections and block traffic, which often causes a bit of ruckus, but working as a tight unit the road captains (from several clubs) manage to dissuade cagers from bullying their way into our pack.
    My thought is that surely the local C.O.C’s would be aware of such runs and be able to assist in the capacity of road captains to prevent such BS from being repeated?
    Not too long ago there was that fracas in New York (notwithstanding the fact that the bikers acted like asshole’s), now this. how many more bikers need to suffer at the hands of cagers?

    @ Glenn S, your comment on Danger Will Robinson: “The ones that concern me are the stay-at-home moms in high dollar SUVs or minivans, applying makeup, supervising five or six children, talking on the cell phone, and changing lanes every twenty five yards until she swerves across busy lanes to catch that sale at Chicos.”
    I would have to agree with that. Here in South Africa we also have the young kid with lotsa money in a flash new car, lowered suspension, blacked out windows, and a point to prove. He will tail gate you to try and entice you to “race” him so he can prove some or other BS to his mates, they’re just as dangerous cause they’re reckless as hell.
    My condolences and respects to Joshua Deford’s family, and the DC Eagles Motorcycle Club.

  20. Loser Says:

    Cutting into the middle of a pack…there is no way that isn’t a hostile gesture towards the riders. I have been nearly hit many occasions and it makes my blood boil, because I believe nearly all incidents like this which occur are people in their cages on a power trip. Which is clearly shown by this story. I understand at times we are not the most visible machines on the road, but for fucks sake when it’s a pack like that there is no excuse. I don’t trust the justice system enough to believe it will be served.

    And I agree with @Phuquehed, can we bring the firing squads back?

  21. WARTHOG Says:


    Joshua Deford die chasing Stevenson for throwing shit at the pack and for cutting into the middle and crashing his bike in the process. The attempted murder is running a couple guys down in the pig sty.




  22. Nags Says:

    Jim, In no way was I thinking you were offering support that’s why I said I was hopeful there was a mistake. Didnt know that if you commented it would automatically list you as supporter. No disrespect intended to be aimed in your direction whatsoever.

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    I had to go to town yesterday in the p/u truck to get the tranny looked at (it was leaking severely).

    The place I went wasn’t open yet, so I went a couple blocks away to a little convenience store and sat inside and drank a cold coke.

    Got to talking with this 80+ year old man. He had just lost his grandson 5 weeks earlier to some dumb cunt in a car that pulled out in front of the grandson and his friend.

    His friend was riding behind a little and got lucky and unhurt.

    This old man started crying while telling me about this because the newspapers didn’t mention anything about the wreck or what the pigs did or may have done later or anything. All because the stupid cunt is ‘connected’ a little bit somewhere.

    I told him to cry and that there was nothing wrong with it as he’d not had anyone to really talk to about it. He did get to shake the hands of all the dead biker’s friends who showed up to the funeral and that was a nice thing to him, he said.

    He told me he used to be the kind of person who didn’t like ‘long hairs’ but many of his grandson’s friends were ‘long haired’ and that changed the way he thunk about them, plus that and me sitting there not judging him or saying anything or laughing at him openly crying in a public place while telling a complete stranger about his loss (of course it was seeing my bike and me in my vest that got him talking).

    Anyway, the later comments reminded me of this and what seems to be going on with the cunt in the story here on Rebel’s site. Both bitches in both stories deserve nothing but a firing squad.

  24. Sin cal Says:


    That is a real fund raising page just a quick google of her name and it came up.

  25. Bonbonblue Says:

    As a daughter and a sister to someone that rides motercycles,I learned at a very young age to repect cars when riding on a moter cycle you never know when some nut case will try to run you down. I hope they put this person under the jail. The men she ran down was someone’s father, brother and son. What do you tell there family’s why a stupid bitch ran them down. Signed a proud daughter and sister to a biker. and Ps so you you know a biker would be one of the first to help someone in need.

  26. Jim666 Says:

    @ Nags the support your local 1% is me,
    and I in no way support this bitch,
    I had to sign in to post what I posted.
    If you had read what I posted. I said she should hang along w/ anyone that supports her ! Or something to that order.
    Don’t jump to conclusions.
    Thank you.

  27. slycechyx Says:

    My condolences to Joshua Deford’s family & friends.

    & many hugs & condolences to sherides.

  28. jj solari Says:

    so Done, whatta you sayin’, there was a moolie drivin’?

  29. sherides Says:

    Condolences to the friends and loved ones of Joshua Deford.

    The link below is to a news article regarding an accident that happened not too far from where I live on June 2. I worked with this woman for 16 years from 1986 to 2002.

    Last Sunday we wound up driving through this intersection. Tears welled up when I realised where I was at. What really struck me was when the car that was at the intersection to pull out onto the main road, backed up even further away from the intersection.

    No word yet on what charges, if any, the driver will be facing.

    I need to start collecting used spark plugs….

    ride safe everyone


  30. Dave Says:

    Damn Done! You ought to be writing a column. Seriously. I know it’s not “PC”, but you’re usually writing what everyone is thinking.

  31. Done Says:

    The Nubian Princess “drives” her multitasking cage as most of them do (rear view pointed at her Royal queenly “face”, cell phone permanently attached to her Royal queenly head, with her Royal queenly head stuck so far up her ass all else is for naught). A mind set always preceeds an action and this mind set has been firmly anti male, anti anything that isn’t at that exact monent and every other to come catering to her self appointed Royalty. She is the type who will believe she can apply a tax credit on her long form (always assisted by her Pastor) for reparations from slavery. So, when she cuts into a pack and 86’s as many as she can before calling that annoying car crash TV attorney for her neck brace and big payday, then the cops who are terrified to deal with her guilt thus siding with her at least until the entire shift shows up complete with a camera crew to catch the moment she melts down from every possible angle, remember she’s no isolated case for freak of nature, she is in point of fact an extreemly ignorant belligerent borderline insane trained Nubian Princess who not only owns the road but believes we shouldn’t be allowed to use it unless she is out of town and leaves us a permission slip. See, in her little insane world she’s the be all & end all to everything and that includes the roads. The hand full of ball bearings mentioned earlier wouldnt phase her in the least, she’s got a new 2015 Camry already picked out before she leaves the crib. She watches Sons of Anarchy too! She knows all to well that we are all multi million dollar gun runners and drug dealers, hey, She’s seen Gangland! That pack of Bikers who most will give a wide birth she sees as the winning lottery numbers and “ain’t no Judge gonna’ give two sheets bout no caveman Bikers who is alway ryin roun up to no good muthafuckas sleep wiff day sista” (you get the mind set now right)? Once you grasp this mind set you grasp that it’s a straight up murder charge, planned and executed for the dual purpose of financial gain and racial superiority, it’s after all a hate crime although nobody dare call it that only we committ hate crimes everybody know that. End game: She gets a light or ultralite sentence if any at all. Then her TV Attorney gets her a settlement from your insurance company (now your former insurance company) The judicial system is set up for her Royal Nubian crap not some caveman who rides a motorcycle (wiff day sista’).

  32. Dave Says:


    Let me explain something to you. I’ve been wrecked by drivers before. I’ve posted enough on it that I don’t need to educate you on what’s happened to me. I also have replace mirrors thanks to weaving bikers. Please don’t piss on me and try to tell me it’s raining. I’m not stupid. Everyone knows what really goes on and to try to pretend otherwise is no better than the DEA framing bikers in order to get some prosecutions and then pretend there was no frame.


  33. RtC Says:

    Ride In Peace DC EAGLE Joshua Deford. CONDOLENCES to Brothers, Friends &
    Hope this nigger cunt gets fried! BUT, due to the fact this involves
    a BIKER’s death, I’m not going to hold my breath!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  34. Nags Says:

    The dirty cunt is up to 3 supporters with no donations. However 1 supporter has a support your 1% M.C. icon so I’m hopeful that there was an error in there somehow.

  35. Wingman Says:

    If someone died, how can it be two counts of “attempted” murder? I mean, if someone dies because of the intentional actions of another, isn’t that the definition of murder? Or at least negligent homicide?

    On the other hand, I don’t know that the penalties for attempted murder vs. negligent homicide are, so maybe attempted gets you more gray-bar hotel time? Either way, I’m pretty sure straight our murder is the more appropriate charge here.

  36. UpEast Says:

    @ Sin cal
    Hollyshit that`s funny – is that fund site for real or did you create it? 2 supporters but no donations -LOL

    Can we donate to having her weave ripped up in someones spokes with her head attached?

  37. Big Bry Says:

    I hope this bitch gets what is coming to her for killing a biker for nothing. The fact that there is a defense fund set up for her is disgusting. That money should go to the family of Joshua Deford.

    Big Bry

  38. Glenn S. Says:

    I rode on a cemetery run last Saturday. No cars tried to get in the middle of the pack. There is no way that such a thing could be done by accident, it would have to be with obvious malice or incredible stupidity combined with total negligence. So if some bitch just flashed her turn signal (or not) and moved over, she was either trying to hit bikers or just didn’t care if she did.

  39. bigdave Says:

    Looks like the Moulignons are piece of Shit liars.

  40. Sin cal Says:

    Looks like she won’t be get the best defense money can buy with only two supporters.

  41. Nags Says:

    Had an incident similar this weekend while on the Sandy Corley Memorial run. Some tool bag in aDodge truck hauled ass as far up next to our pack as possible then forced his way into the middle of the pack as the highway narrowed down to 1 lane. This is the exact reason I carry a pocket full of ball bearings in my leather. Had we not been in the middle of a charity run my pocketful of window erasers would have been deployed.

    Dave, as a biker who puts on plenty of miles I’ve seen how people drive around bikes as well and there is no good excuse for the shit I’ve seen so much you need to take that fence sitting opinion of yours to a place not frequented by a ton of people who have all been nearly killed by ignorant cage dwellers.

  42. rollinnorth Says:

    Kill a Biker, go to jail.


  43. Phuquehed Says:

    Hell, everyone knows us bikers and our gangs have chains wrapped around our handlebars so that we can easily unwrap it and hold it to ride one-handed and try to smash windshields on cars, all while weaving in and around traffic at 80 mph.

    Now that the fucking sarcasm is done…who the fuck is her ‘boyfriend’ to say anything since he wasn’t there? Why the fuck is anyone, especially the pigs, listening to a third-hand report of what happened by someone who wasn’t there?

    Best thing for all this, put ‘Chiquita’ in front of a firing squad.

  44. steve Says:

    And that’s why I carry a brinkman flashlight and a ball ping hammer.

  45. Road Whore Says:

    Yep, that’s what we bikers do: launch unprovoked attacks on cars and their drivers just for the hell of it.

    Think I’ll go out and attack somebody today just for grins.

    Fuck this ignernt bitch.

    Ride Free

  46. jj solari Says:

    obama will release her and send 100 muslim prisoners in guantanamo back to persia and call it even.

  47. 10Guage Says:

    …if you google her name you find out she is controversial to say the least….and seems to not have the best reputation for telling the truth!

  48. Dave Says:

    I don’t know what went down. Both sides ring with some truth, by my own experiences.

    When I am riding, I know how people act in their cars. I can see this woman behaving this way.

    When I am in my car, I know how bikers act on their motorcycles. I can see them instigating her assault.

  49. Paladin Says:

    “She has not yet made a $500,000 bond.” I’m betting Stevenson’s not all that anxious to be back on the street.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  50. WARTHOG Says:

    “Williams did not offer an explanation of why Stevenson pursued and ran over one of the bikers in the police station parking lot.”

    Because it’s much easier to hand the license plate to the pigs inside than risk getting the wrong number.




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