Biker Dies Of Road Rage

June 16, 2014

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Joshua Deford, a 23-year-old member of the DC Eagles Motorcycle Club, died as a result of a road rage incident in Chicago June 10. A 27-year-old woman named Chiquita Stevenson (photo above) is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

The incident began on the afternoon of June 7 when Stevenson cut into the middle of a pack 70 motorcycles near the intersection of the 294 Toll Road and Archer Avenue in Southwest Chicago. The DC Eagles were paying their respects at area cemeteries as part of a “Rest In Peace Ride.” The intersection is near Resurrection Cemetery, Bethania Cemetery and the Lithuanian National Cemetery.

Bikers Say

Police say that after almost hitting one of the motorcycles, Stevenson began throwing objects at the pack from inside her car. Police have not said whether the bikers made any defensive gestures at or took any defensive gestures toward the driver. But the confrontation escalated and Stevenson began chasing members of the pack up Archer. It is unclear whether she pursued members of the DC Eagles or friends of the club.

Deford pursued Stevenson and her would be victims. The chase reached 80 miles per hour and Deford crashed as he entered the suburb of Bedford Park.

The chase ended when Stevenson hit one of the bikers she was chasing as he tried to escape her by pulling into the driveway of the Bedford Park police station. She has not yet made a $500,000 bond. Stevenson pled guilty to misdemeanor battery in 2012 and was sentenced to 18 months of supervised release.

Stevenson Says

Chicago television station WMAQ reported that Stevenson claims to have been a victim of an unprovoked biker attack. Stevenson’s boyfriend, a man named Nicholas Williams, told the television station that members of the pack tried to break her windshield and that she only pursued one of the riders in order to get his license plate number. According to Williams she was surrounded by motorcyclists and, fearing for her own safety, called 911.

“She’s 120 pounds,” Williams told WMAQ.  “Who in their right mind would do that?” Williams did not offer an explanation of why Stevenson pursued and ran over one of the bikers in the police station parking lot.



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  1. Frog DCE M.C. Wisc. Says:

    Hey RtC…Just saw your posting from 2014. Ya’, I’m still alive (somehow), not sure where you met me but thanks for your support. I’ve lost over 30 Brothers over my 50 years of riding, never gets any easier, for sure. But at least this bitch is facing some kind of legal pursuit. Karma settles its own business. After two years, this still hasn’t been adjudicated…that in itself is a crime. GFED.

  2. bcnasty Says:

    @ Parish, put mommies ipad down. Real do not give idol threats because idol threats in print brings problems. Drink your nightly glass of warm milk and go back to sleep before mommie catches you.

  3. sparkles km Says:

    99% km sorry for your loss as a past ole lady.. and being part of many of these rides . sincerely sparkles

  4. Feather Says:

    I wish i would have spent more time with him

  5. John Deaux Says:

    If you can’t put a sentence together in English then shut the fuck up. This ain’t jive city and we don’t speak whatever language your dumbass is mumbling.

  6. FF Says:


    You know, after further review…

    The spelling is actually impeccable exept for what I presume are typos and the improper grammar looks a wee bit manufactured— most of the grammar is actually correct.

    This is definitely a white guy/wigger who got a decent HS education— probably a pig.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @FF – ‘parish’ isn’t even speaking jive…he’s speaking illiterate fucktard who uses the ‘race card’ like toilet paper…weeelllll maybe more like breathing air, doubtful he knows what toilet paper is for.

  8. FF Says:

    Excuse me but does anybody here speak jive?

  9. parish Says:

    Touch family chiquita every gang in this city on ur ass d.c eagles sorry for ur loss but this not tht she got real kilkers behind her fuck u racists bitches pierce st.4 ever
    General p every gang n Chicago is behind her my sis is a loving caring mother i got icer 20 gabgs wit me so orepare to start war f a steing if,hair gets touched

  10. parish Says:

    Touch family chiquita every gang in this city on ur ass d.c eagles sorry for ur loss but this not tht she got real kilkers behind her fuck u racists bitches pierce st.4 ever
    General p

  11. JoJo Says:

    Im sorry pepper for your loss i have known the DC Eagles for 24 years now and i know the rest in peace ride should have been escorted like all the rides here in Wisconsin . The Illinois pd should have been notified of the ride and escorted the dc eagles should have been protected. I Know Joshuas’ dad very well. I know a lot Of the D. C. Eagles and they have respect. We all have respect and to do that to a 23 year old who has a 2 year and was adopting a 9 year who has no respect for that man. A black crack headed woman that needs money. We need Flip back he could help us all out with all our pain and suffering. We know that some of us bikers can be disrespectful and you can’t base that on every biker or everyone who rides a bike. So Rambo was not in anyways harm. This lady looking up her record i know for a fact she was the one that started this and for her to have run three Men off their bikes for no reason at all and especially in the police parking lot!! Really you guys defending her are not seeing the whole picture You guys don’t know how he was raised to be a man not a coward or to run people off the road!!! I know that for a fact!!! Quit believing a crackhead and believe in your motorcyclists. They do runs to like this to help the fallen motorcyclists. Not harm people. I know this for a fact!!!

  12. Rusty Says:

    My late condolences to family and Brothers. So sorry for your loss.

    Respect to the deserving.

  13. Sieg Says:

    I hear tell she’s having a WONDERFUL time in CCJ.


  14. Bad 99% NFG Says:

    The 18 months was on a battery charge from before this charge. Already served it on probation. This bitch had no insurance.

  15. Bad 99% NFG Says:

    The bitch has no insurance.

  16. monster Says:

    bet this monkey had no dl,or insurance

  17. monster Says:

    bitch will not live too long.

  18. Kelly Says:

    Pepper was part of my family and only had a very short time with her spouse. Losing a spouse makes your heart hurt and with everything that has to be done between young children losing their father, losing your best friend and spouse, this horrible way, by someone else’s hand makes me want to do something that I never thought I’d ever feel.
    It is bad enough I lost my spouse and best friend because of cancer. But this was a senseless act and did not have to be.
    RIP Rambo.
    My condolences to you Pepper and all who love and support you.

  19. Demon. Says:

    Okay I’m Joshua’s/ Rambos niece. And looking at this how many people support my family is inspiring. But still the matter is this woman has torn a family apart. Took a father away from his child. I don’t care what people wanna say this woman is guilty she is ignorant and the while ” she’s only a 120 pounds ” means little to nothing I’m a small person 120 pounds 5″ 3′ and I can still kick some ass size doesn’t affect shit when your behind the wheel of a vehicle four times as heavy as a motorcycle. So it not only was stupid for him to chime in but to throw her size in is stupid.

  20. Pepper Says:

    I am Rambo’s wife. I appreciate all of the kind words, support, and well wishes from everyone. I have spoken to the detective and the State’s Attorney that will be handling the case. Court Thursday will be another quick hearing with more attorney non-sense and will be further continued. As of now there is no plea, no bargain, no sentence. I am not sure where the 18 months came from. But I can assure you the States Attorney is going for all he can. I will keep you posted if I hear anything new.

  21. SWBurbs Says:

    Right on D.C.E 99%. Most of these dumb asses don’t understand the culture, rules or respect. They get online and start popping off with their mouth. Sorry for your loss man. They also don’t understand how serious it is to break a bike formation during a ride! Things could have gotten MUCH worse, very fast!!!
    Don’t let these internet punks rub you wrong man. They’re punks!!!

  22. SWBurbs Says:

    She rode into the pack of bikes that were in a Memorial formation? Then tries to stir up more trouble??? That was stupid. With 18 mos, she should feel very lucky! All this does is keep me a VERY aggressive driver toward some people!

    I’ll have to keep this incident in mind!!!

  23. SWBurbs Says:

    She gets 18 mos? That’s a slap in the face.

  24. Pepper Says:

    Thank you for all of your condolences.

  25. D.C.E 99% Says:

    I seen the whole fucking thing she almost got me and my ol lady so josh you punk ass bitch if you wasnt there nobody wants tk here a fucking word out your mouth

  26. D.C.E 99% Says:

    let me tell you something josh you better never let me see you out you calling my BROTHER a piece of shit when he is gone and cant beat your ass is one of the biggest BITCH moves out ther him stabbing you isnt shit to the beating im gona give you remmber that BITCH

  27. RtC Says:

    To this POS “JOSH” who had to denigrate a young mans life by interjecting
    “whine” & being dealt his/it’s own hand, FUCK YOU,YOU PEDOPHILE! Come to my
    house, see how you get treated! The only DC Eagle I (used to) know, is FROG
    & he was from Wisc. Any motherfucker saying THEY ain’t STAND-UP, come to my
    house & get teeth-fixed!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  28. Bad 99% NFG Says:

    Thank to all. Any new information, please feel free to post.

  29. Sunny Says:

    To Josh who claims he got stabbed by Rambo I’m sure there’s more to the story, and it’s a coward who slanders a man’s reputation when he cannot tell his side of the story, so your words fall on deaf ears.

    Today I’m posting on this site because I want all of you to know our brother that was murdered by this low life useless piece of shit, was a soldier not just a biker, he fought for our country and the safety of the brothers and sisters on that RIP ride that day.

    So put yourself in our shoes and think about how you would feel if this happened to someone in your family. Bottom line he had his flaws, as we all do, but he died a hero and received a hero’s send off.

    As far as the suspect is concerned I bet she’s praying she goes to prison, at least there she will be protected!!! Just saying……

  30. Bad 99% NFG Says:

    Josh, you got stabbed because you fucked with the wrong person and got your ass handed to you. Apparently you need a refresher. Come see me. You know how to find me. Just so everyone knows this fucktardo is a child molester as well. He even had to get his name changed or else he couldn’t find a job. Anytime you think you are man enough josh Reinhardt or is it Kohel.

  31. dirtyfxd Says:

    @bad, pepper. My condolences to you and yours. May justice prevail, and that bitch rots in hell!

  32. Bad 99% D.C.E. Says:

    I will keep following this article for any new info.

    Rambo (Joshua DeFord) was given a truly righteous send off to Valhalla.

    Video posted on my FB.

    video settings is public.

    Thank you again for all condolences


  33. Jim666 Says:

    @ Bad 99% D.C.E.
    Sincere condolences To you your family and brothers I cannot imagine loosing one of my son`s or daughter`s

    RIP, Joshua

    Respects Jim666

  34. John Deaux Says:

    BAD 99%
    Words cannot begin to express the sorrow and pain. He died a rightous death, in defense of his brothers. Mourn his death, murder, but remember to celebrate his life, though too short he was a man who gave his all to what he believed in and loved. You did an excellent job raising him. Congrats.
    As far as this murdering cunt, she deserves the worst that the Cook County Court system can dish out and should she ever get outside, well I’ll just leave it there.

  35. Paladin Says:

    BAD 99% D.C.E.,

    Condolences to you, your family, and the Brothers left behind. May your son rest in peace.

    Long May You Ride,


  36. Sieg Says:

    Bad 99%, condolences and respect to you and yours. May your son sit in the Hall of Warriors, and may vengeance grace your hand.

    The charge this creature is being held on, according to the Shurf in Crook County, is 720 ILCS 5 9-1(a)(1). That’s straight-up first-degree murder:

    (720 ILCS 5/9-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 9-1)
    Sec. 9-1. First degree Murder
    (a) A person who kills an individual without lawful justification commits first degree murder if, in performing the acts which cause the death:
    (1) he either intends to kill or do great bodily harm to that individual or another, or knows that such acts will cause death to that individual or another.

    I only see the once count listed, but I’m not a lawyer. Gonnna be in the Chi tomorrow, and will try to talk with a friend that works there, see what I can find out.

    Any A&A I can help you with, just holler.



  37. Road Whore Says:

    @ Bad 99% D.C.E.:

    Sincere condolences. My wish is that she pays. May your hearts heal, and may your son truly now ride free.

  38. Drifter Says:

    @@ Bad 99% D.C.E…

    Godspeed to Your Son…

    Condolences to You, Your Family and those that that grieve with You…..

  39. Josh Says:

    She went to the police station because she feared for her saftey. Josh Deford, the “man” who died, also STABBED ME IN THE RIBS July 5th 2012 because he was full of road rage. He cut me off and almost caused us both to crash out bikes. I told him he was driving like an asshole, and he followed me into a parking lot and began to try to fight with me, ending with a blade in my ribs. He was a piece of shit and this lady should be home with her children.

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