Only One Remains Charged With DD Murder

June 4, 2014

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Twenty-one months after a member of the Gulf Coast chapter of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club named Samuel Henry Dixson (photo above) was found dead in a ditch near the Styx River in Alabama only one person remains charged with his murder.

Late last month a grand jury declined to charge Adam “Sandman” Mayton with homicide and charged him with hindering prosecution instead. Police learned of Dixson’s murder after Mayton and Fred “Shooter” Weiss walked into the Robertsdale, Alabama Police Department and told police they “might” have been involved in a murder. After being advised of their rights both men were provided with legal counsel, stopped talking and were released.

Weiss was indicted for murder last year.


When they volunteered to talk to the local cops Mayton had two black eyes and other injuries indicative of a beating and he was treated at a local hospital.

Eventually four more people were implicated in Dixson’s murder. Mary Hockett, Ruth Boyles, Charles Ozier and Bruce Talbot have also been charged with hindering prosecution.

Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon told Thyrie Bland of, “Basically what the grand jury has said is that based on the evidence presented that his (Mayton’s) role was more of in line… with the assisting of the hiding of the crime and the efforts to avoid detection and trying to prevent the homicide from being discovered and that sort of thing,”

“The fact that he (Mayton) was beaten badly before he turned himself in, of course, called into question… whether he was in fact a participant in the actual killing or whether there was a dynamic to this motorcycle gang that was influencing or pressuring or coercing him to say what he had said,” the District Attorney said.


Dixson’s body was discovered after Mayton and Weiss tried to turn themselves in, when the Rosinton, Alabama Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire in a mobile home. The mobile home had served as the Devils Diciples clubhouse and was completely destroyed. Local Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack quickly announced that the fire had been deliberately set.

There have been conflicting reports that Dixson was a prospect with the Devils Diciples and that he had joined the club a year before he died. The club was apparently unaware that Dixson was a registered sex offender. He had been arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior on a child under 16 years of age in Orange, Florida in 2004 and registered as a sex offender in 2005. At the time of his death Dixson lived in Milton, Florida.

He disappeared five days before his body was found after he told his wife that he was going to the Devils Diciples clubhouse to attend a party.

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11 Responses to “Only One Remains Charged With DD Murder”

  1. Rooster14/88 Says:

    Good damn the pedophile I believe if you mess with my children or women you should be handled as I see fit .

  2. Ol Lady Says:

    All I would like to say is I have been a DD,s wife/ol,lady for a long time we work raise kids and ride alot. Just because my ol man and his Brothers choose to be different then what some consider Normal Plz what the hell is NORMAL? So until you ride in my BOOTS keep your speculations to your self.

  3. starshine Says:

    It’s sad what the media portrays…… and makes anyone of the motorcycle club lifestyle look to be….
    I know that these men are righteous. They sure family men. They have careers and they are involved in more charity work and helping out of they’re community than most government officials even do…. they are men with families.they are sons to a mother.probably have Daughters. They most definitely have a Brotherhood. And friends from most likely they’re militant backgrounds. Because most motorcycle clubs are men coming out of war.wanting that Brotherhood they had in the military. Now that being said.we probably have war heroes if not just soldiers…. veterans…. I think that they’re decision making skills would be far more advanced if they had wanted the man gone. Who’s to say…. whatever the story is. (Sounds super sketchy… Don’t think that would quite go down like that…) maybe the man was ashamed. Maybe he was innocent (smh) and he decided to take his life over this. Right there smack dab in the middle of a party. Yeah…… Sounds about right…. I know that whatever the situation. These men are more than likely going thru hell over this. I pray for them and they’re families and they’re club. That’s something I just see the law using against them because they are a motorcycle club. Media. None of them deserve all this….. no child predator Will ever get empathy on my end…. or from any biker. Club or not. Baca woulda made these guys look like choirboys. That’s tough one to call. I bet the man couldn’t handle it And committed suicide. Media misconstrues real story once again……

  4. Tomo Says:

    “…The club was apparently unaware that Dixson was a registered sex offender…”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand of MCs, they check you out thoroughly before they let you in.
    In England you can pay for a CRB check yourself, is it harder in the US to obtain someone’s criminal record? And surely there’d be a conversation like “Don’t take it personally, but we’re checking you’re not on the sex offenders register either.” “Yeah, no probs.”

    @ Dave – I’ve heard similar stories to that (my mums worked alongside social services most of her life, and now my wife does).

  5. Dave Says:

    I’m not defending anyone, but I know enough to know that things aren’t always like you hear.

    My “brother in law” was a good guy. He loved his kids, but hated his ex. She was a first rate whore. So much so that their first child wasn’t his. It was his brother’s. But being the stand up guy he was, he raised her as his own and never told her different. They later had a son before they finally divorced.

    Then he met my then wife’s sister and his life changed. She inspired him to be more and he did. He got out of the rut and into a good job with a good future. They bought a house, had a baby, and he was moving up in the company. I went to their house with my family and it was great. Some weekend he would go get his kids and everyone would have a great time. But the darkness of what was a lie, about his other children, loomed heavy. About 3 years later, his wife (my sister in law) died from cancer. He was left with a lot of bills and a son. We all came together to help as best would could. His old army buds did what they could to.

    He reached a point where he told his ex the time had come to tell the kids the truth. His wife had been active in the church before her passing and he got involved too. Things weighed on him. We talked about it a lot. The girl was 12 and the boy was 10. It was time for them to know why their dad was not around a lot, instead of the ex’s lies that he was a worthless dirt bag who ran off.

    She protested. Called about a dozen times and left nasty messages. Even called us and bitched at us.

    When nothing seemed that it would stop him from getting a lawyer and setting things straight, she pulled the ace. She called the police and claimed Andy had been intimate with “her” daughter.

    Here’s how they played it… They used carefully crafter words and sentences to have to girl state that she had seen her “dad” naked, that he had touched her (without saying where), and that she felt embarrassed to be naked around him (and to my knowledge, she never had been.)

    To say we were outraged was nothing compared to how he took it. If the police had not had to arrest him (he wouldn’t let them touch him), he would have gotten to his ex and settled things right then. Brutally. So they used that too.

    In the end, my bro who was nothing they claimed him to be, but through courtroom antics the lawyer got the kids to say things that sounded like they were what they weren’t. Even his friends from the Army, his brothers and the officers who knew him, could not undo the damage done when his own son said “He showed me how to pee on our porch”.

    They destroyed two families, and one hell of a guy.

    Sometimes is isn’t black and white. Sometimes there’s grey. Without knowing the details, we can only assume.

  6. 10Guage Says:

    I am sure ALL involved are INNOCENT of THESE charges…..and the fact they are down grading charges means they don’t have shit… far as the short eyed creep who made himself dead???sounds like he finally killed himself in a fit of remorse…who could blame him really.

  7. Jim666 Says:

    Congrats to Mayton and Fred “Shooter” Weiss.
    On ridding the world of another piece of shit

  8. Meh Says:

    PTSD from what pedos inflict on their victims lasts a lifetime, and to see that damage in someone you love is heartwrenching.

    Good fucking riddance.

  9. RtC Says:

    What Road Whore said! The “guilty” should be given a medal instead of jail
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  10. Road Whore Says:

    One less pedophile…the world’s a better place.

    Ride Free

  11. Numberz Says:

    Would seem that there was a serious problem (pedophile) and it was handled nothing to see here.

    The only thing worse than a cop is a rat worse than a rat pedophile.

    My Opinion

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