Angels Indicia Banned In Berlin

June 1, 2014

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As of last Wednesday, May 28, it is a crime to wear or display the name “Hells Angels” or the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club’s death head logo in Berlin, Germany. The ban applies to vests, tee shirts, support tee shirts, motorcycles, buildings and other horizontal and vertical surfaces. Members and supporters of the motorcycle club will have a month to implement the ban.

The new crime is based on a decision by the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Hamburg on April 7. Hamburg banned its local Hells Angels charter in 1983. The April court decision banned the Angels’ indicia on the grounds that it was a violation of Germany’s law against the public display of symbols associated with banned organizations. The original intent of the German law was to ban the display of Nazi symbols like swastikas and lightening bolts.

Indicia In A Nutshell

Indicia is a widely used term in American law. The Latin word was originally used to describe prima facie evidence in disputes over ownership of tangible property: As when a brand on livestock could be offered as proof of ownership of those animals. In the last 20 years, the concept of indicia has been corrupted to mean proof of membership. In the United States, for example, the most common implementations of extra judicial punishment are “indicia searches” carried out by paramilitary police against known members of motorcycle clubs. In those searches police serve a warrant to search for proof of what they already know and then use the putatively legal search to terrorize families, execute pets and wreck homes. The “searches” are usually carried out in the darkest hour before dawn.

The Berlin ban is something new again. It represents the latest tactic in the global war on motorcycle clubs which is a corruption of the global war on terror. Australia has banned the display of indicia of 25 proscribed clubs under most circumstances. In the United States, the Department of Justice has carried out a six-year-long campaign to seize indicia associated with the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

Suits Say

German Interior Senator Frank Henkel told the Berliner Morgenpost, “This is a good and powerful decision by the Berlin public prosecutor. The prohibition falls within the zero tolerance strategy we pursue in the fight against criminal groups. Police will consistently punish violations after the deadline.”

André Schulz, head of the Federal German Police, told the Morgenpost, “The prohibitions must also be extended to other criminal groups such as the Bandidos, Outlaws and their numerous support clubs. The Federal German Police demand a Germany-wide ban.”

A Berlin police spokesman named Thomas Neuendorf said, “From July 1, the public display of (the forbidden) symbols and the lettering will be punished.” He said he expects about 400 bikers to be effected by the ban.

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48 Responses to “Angels Indicia Banned In Berlin”

  1. jj solari Says:

    the vaunted german warrior ethos is really suffering a corruption into crepe-paper daintyness these days. they forbid the existence of scientology in their realm, and scientologists and scientology itself are and is about as dangerous as a moth inside a steel room: they forbid nazis, who are about as menacing a threat as renaissance faire costume drama obsessives, and now they are forbidding the hells angels, who are about as dangerous as house dogs; if you dont fuck with them they wont bite you. but they are scared to death to do something about the muslim hordes invading their land, the most deadly monstrosity of savagery in human history. in fact they are kind of like us here in america: if it wont hurt us we will attack it; but if it fights back we will run away crying and apologizing.

  2. Brewster Says:

    I’m a supporter of the BRM. I would never pretend I’m a member or use their colors but I wonder how far this can go. Since they mention bans on the importation of these symbols, how long will it take them to issuing arrest warrants for those of us that post support pics in social media? It certainly is a slippery slope they’re on.

  3. jj solari Says:

    we shoulda nuked them krauts along with the japs.

  4. Sieg Says:

    Dave, I have no problem with you, or with agreeing to disagree, I just get a tad put out that after all these decades, people still endlessly repeat the “Nazi” routine about the Runes.

    I don’t know what an “Odin’s Cross” is, so I can’t really comment on that. IF you mean a Mjölnir, what is commonly referred to as “Odin’s Hammer”, or simply “a Hammer”, then I can’t imagine a shop not wanting to put it on for you. The only symbol I have ever heard of any tattoo shop being hesitant to put on is a Swastika, and I’ve never actually been in a shop that’s refused to do that. Only thing I can think is that there may be people that associate the Hammer or the Celtic Cross with WP orgs. The shop I have always gone to was originally owned by a gay, radical, leatherman. He had flash on the walls ranging from the Iron Cross and the Swastika to the Hammer & Sickle. If you had the money, honey, he had the time.

    I have a lot of information from people who lived in Germany during the Third Reich as well. Most of my direct family died during the war, or in the period after it. Most on the Eastern Front, many, many, more in the Soviet Gulags. The last known surviving male member of my direct family was released from the Gulag in 1957. As in any other country, there are many different political opinions there. What I wrote earlier was simply historical facts. The symbols you described, with the exception of the Othala rune and the Swastika, have never had, and were never used, by the NSDAP. THAT is precisely the kind of mis-information that is endlessly repeated.

    ATF? Oh, I’ve had some dealings with them. After they blew the doors off my house, I resolved never to have any more.

    Anyhow, happy trails to you, if our paths ever cross, I’ve got the first round.


  5. Dave Says:


    I don’t think you’re a Nazi, and I wouldn’t care either.

    The information I have is from someone that was there, in Germany, when they was going on. His view was much like my own (and I think I stated this) the Nazis perverted the meaning of a lot of things merely by associating with them. Its been tainted by their use.

    Today people see some of those symbols as evil, just like the Confederate flag or the old ‘Don’t Tread on Me’, the Holy Bible, and others.

    I don’t believe this way, Sieg. People are people. Their actions determine their “evilness”, not symbols, not even beliefs. Its how they treat others.

    As an outsider to the 1% world in Texas, I see a lot of things. I don’t think any 1%er with tats is a thug who wants to rape my or my wife. Hell I’ve asked a few if they remembered who did a tat if I liked the inking. I’m on the outside though and that’s where they let me stay. lol

    I don’t pass a 1%er on the highway if he’s broke down. I give him a ride or help him out if I can. When I had the crash that changed my life, a 1%er was there to sit next to me, hold my hand, and give me straight talk. I asked “Is it bad?” He said “Yeah, you’re fucked up pretty good.”.. I asked, “You think I’m going to be ok?” and he said “Hell yeah! You flew good, you bounced good and you landed like a pro!”. He even prayed with me. he did tell me that he thought my Harley would not be the same though, as it was about as messed up as I was. So know that I don’t dislike any of you guys for being in clubs or having tats, or anything. Many of my concerns and worries are yours.

    I don’t hate cops as much as you guys, well almost not as much. I help my father with his business and we have to deal with the ATF every 6 months of so. It’s a pain in the ass, but we have to deal with it. I suspect if you had to deal with one, you’d get through it about the same way I do – tolerate them until they leave, then have a beer and joke about how irritating they are. When something happens around here, I’ve get my gun and I deal with it if I have to, probably like you would.

    So I didn’t mean anything to you, or about you Sieg. Some of these symbols are important to others for various reasons, but the fraction of history they share with the Nazis have tainted them to most people who don’t know any better. I wanted to get an Odin’s Cross for my first tat, but finding a shop that would do it proved very daunting as they all said the same thing “That’s a gang tat, you sure you want that?” I don’t know what they are talking about, but after 3 or 4 shops I stopped looking.

    And we don’t have to agree on anything, Sieg. I am willing to agree to disagree and have a beer and talk about something else. lol Life’s too short not to enjoy it.

    Hope you understand where I was coming from with that now.


  6. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – *AND* owns a Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring! We’re all screwed now!

  7. Glenn S. Says:

    Sieg said: “Really, the so-called “Nazis”, even the really nasty ones such as the GeheimeStaatsPolizie, were pikers compared to the Oligarchs and their various enforcement-arms that are in-place in Amerika today.”

    Ain’t that the fucking truth. Every “war crime” committed by Hitler’s LEO has been replicated by American LEO with one exception. American LEO doesn’t single out Jews for persecution. They persecute everybody but the wealthy and politically connected.

    Here in my hometown, the pigs shot and killed somebody day before yesterday. Apparently, a car with a sleeping driver and passenger was parked next to a gas pump at a convenience store and deemed suspicious. A Greenville County sheriff’s deputy came to investigate. He saw that the driver had a gun in his lap and, rather than waking the driver up and asking WTF, he backed off and summoned the cop army. The cop army arrived and used their PA systems to demand that the driver and passenger exit the car. According to the cops, the driver exited the car peacefully when awakened and was “taken into custody” (don’t know what the charge might have been, they’re not saying, but my guess is that he is presently being held incommunicado and threatened with made-up charges if he does not tell a story favorable to the cops version of events). According to the cops, the passenger exited the car and advanced on them while reaching for his waistband. They shot and killed him. According to witnesses, (this was reported by only one of the several local news media outlets), the passenger couldn’t get out of the car when ordered to because the car was parked too close to the gas pump, and when the passenger opened the door to comply with the cops’ order, they shot him dead. Other cops are investigating.!UsprR

  8. Paladin Says:


    Are they related to the Hanukkah Bush’s?

    Long May You Ride,


  9. Sieg Says:

    PhuqueHead, didn’t you know Bush is actually a jew who joined the masons?!?!??!?!


  10. Paul Says:

    Paladin, thank you for the correction.

    Phuquehead, that makes me smile. You should have seen the link on another post that blamed the Masons as a Jewish Kabbalic pagan conspiracy!

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    Oh good gawd…yeah, it’s the jooooos. Just like all of the shit that’s been happening the past 6 years is all Booosh’s fault.

  12. cwb_j0ker Says:

    Think it’s bout that time Germany gets another break from this zog leo empire.Where the fuck is another Hitler. Look in history Jews do there best to constrict government and people till they are almost broke in every which way. United states has been there best example since 1946. But there show piece is Germany by landslide. Poor gentiles can’t even be proud let alone ride a motorcycle with there brothers and be proud. Sooner Germany gets a revolution the better. Or atleast a leader for gentiles.

    This Aussie / German empowerment is going to reach us in america. Not mongol style but much more. Not give a fuck to every rider who wears any kind of patch style t shirt or vest
    May luck be with you brothers

  13. Austin Says:

    Done’s got it right – “The policy here is to reserve the flying of their colors for special occasions and to not attract unwanted attention.”

    If every rider on the road has their patches on the inside – outsiders can’t pick them out.

  14. Sieg Says:

    Viking, the ban on the symbols is based on the ban on the org itself. A club, once declared a “banned org”, could fly a patch of Daffy Duck and still get nailed, as that symbol would then be “associated with a banned organization”.

    The HA, and the other clubs, can go after changing the law to drop the “banned org” title, or they can try to change enough to get around it-no political party or club that I have ever heard of has been able to do that-or they can take to the streets.

    We’re all gonna be on the barricades soon enough.


  15. Vikingtrotter Says:

    What if HA just wore blacked out 3-cut? I mean the outline of the death head is still very iconic but would just a peace of black canvas that gave the ouline of it and the familiar crescent of the top and bottom rocker with nothing written on it be enough to get past the law?

  16. Sieg Says:

    Dave, contrary to what the revisionists would have you believe, the Othala rune was not used by the NSDAP. Yes, it was used by an obscure group, the Wiking Jugend of the Hitler Jugend. Hardly a household name.

    To be sure, the NSDAP did use runes in their imagery. Does this mean that the use of runes should be outlawed for all time? And as far as “perverted by their using it”, I’d debate that, but it’s a bit far afield. Suffice it to say that they used these symbols for one portion of their meaning, and the victors declared them to be evil.

    As to the others you mentioned, The Valknut, the Mjölnir, and the so-called “Celtic-Cross”, were not symbols officially used by the NSDAP or any of the various orgs related to them. To illustrate, the Valknut is used by the Deutscher Fußball-Bund today, the Mjölnir is approved by the V.A. for use on gravestones, and both the Gaelic Athletic Association and the Northern Ireland national football team use the Celtic Cross in their logos today. The Swastika is a widely-used symbol whose origins are lost in time. It is still used all over Asia, it is still used by some Amer-Indians, and can still be seen in stonework in many cities in the USA.

    All of those symbols, and all the rest of the runes, are, today, a vital part of one of the largest belief-systems in the world. To outlaw their use is to outlaw the practice of a flourishing, peaceful, belief system, or religion, if you will, for no reason other than that sixty years ago, a political party used some of them, and lost a war.

    Before the lecture starts, whether there were six-million or ten million, or whatever number of unlawful deaths you wish to use, the Germans were amateurs at killing compared to Stalin, Pol Pot, and many other modern-day Leftists. Not that that excuses the excesses of the Third Reich, but leave us keep things in perspective.

    I am not, by any stretch, a “Nazi”. A “Nazi” was nothing more than a member of the NSDAP, a political party. Being a member of any other organization, say, the Wehrmacht or the Luftwaffe, to name several, did not automatically mean you were a “Nazi”. That is conflation, much as saying that all Americans are Chicago Democrats, since they are now running the Country.

    Really, the so-called “Nazis”, even the really nasty ones such as the GeheimeStaatsPolizie, were pikers compared to the Oligarchs and their various enforcement-arms that are in-place in Amerika today.

    I am, before any other political consideration, an American Citizen, and I defend any display of any symbol, even an Obama sticker, by another American. For the moment, we still have that right.

    Hope that answered all your questions.


  17. Dave Says:


    The Othala rune was not used by “some obscure group”. It was used by Nazi’s. It was one of many Norse runes used by Nazi’s and one of many symbols that the original meaning was perverted by their using it, just like Odin’s knot, Thor’s hammer, the swastika, and the Celtic cross.

  18. Sieg Says:

    Far as Krautland is concerned, it isn’t just the HA. If you take a look at the links I posted, you’ll see that in addition to the symbols of “proscribed orgs”, such as the HA, they list all sorts of “hate” symbols that are commonly used here, with no intent of hating on anyone.

    Consider it.

    The Othala rune, which is a powerful symbol of protection for family and health, is listed because about sixty years ago, some obscure group used it in their symbolism. Now, this symbol is important to me for religious reasons, and I have it tattooed on me, and wear it as well. Against the law. I can go to prison for displaying it.

    That’s just one symbol, Comrades, er, friends.

    This isn’t some future thing, it’s the law of the land throughout Germany, and really, in most other western Euro countries as well.

    Flew into Germany once, and brought a copy of Rockwell’s “White Power” to read on the trip. Might not have been the best choice, but I didn’t realize that just by possessing it, I was putting myself at-risk of a jail term. Now, the law does have a loophole for “research material”, but since I wasn’t a student, I didn’t qualify. The book had a Swastika on the cover, and you wouldn’t believe how hard my German friends freaked when they saw it. I tried to explain that we had this little gig called “freedom of the press” in America, but they couldn’t get their heads around that.

    Believe it. Once the Oligarchs feel they have enough slack in the reins, they will simply declare any and all symbols they don’t like to be “hate-speech”, and that’s that. ALL Patches will be proscribed organizations, and anyone owning or wearing anything relating to them will be criminals.

    Ain’t but one way out.


  19. Latigo Morgan Says:

    All HA has to do is say they are a muslim organization, and all the Western governments will bend over backwards to kiss their ass so as to not “offend” them.

  20. Freeman Says:



  21. Paladin Says:

    OC VAGO,

    I heard about Andy’s passing last Thursday at a funeral for a patch holder. I didn’t know Andy well, but I knew him well enough to have liked him. My condolences to his family and his club.

    Long May You Ride,


  22. slycechyx Says:

    Will they need to let all the murderers, rapists & other hard time criminals out of the prisons to make room for those that wear HA gear?

    bullshit, total bullshit.

  23. rookery Says:

    Rebel is only partly correct on the history of the civil act being used here. The origins actually date back to the Franco Prussian conflict some 150 years ago, The act lay dormant for several decades until the Nazis used it to great effect to help eliminate the German jewish community in the run up to the second world war. The onus of this civil law, to a cut long and complicated legal explanation short, is that the burdern of proof is reversed…you have to prove you are innocent, they do not have to prove you are guilty. They can accuse you of being a HIV positive green 3 legged dwarf and you have to prove beyond doubt otherwise. The state also has the right to confiscate all assets belonging to you, your club, your family etc etc. You can see why Himmler had so much fun with it, and why the cops (egged on by the US Feds) are using it now. However there is possibly some light in the impending darkness, This piece of shit ruling is clearly contary to current EU law and even in Germany there has been a contradictory ruling by a different judge in a seperate jurisdiction involving the same law so maybe at some point it can be overturned but for sure the lawyers are going to feed well off the MC’s in the coming months as it moves through the german courts towards the EU ones.

  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    RIP Andy Anderson, HAMC. Thank you for your respect, foresight and participation with Save the Patch.

    Andy had the intelligence and vision to see the future and what it holds if we all don’t start to work together against the tyranny of government persecution.


  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @ocmouse22 – You said “You all want to blame the government for the problem we as 1% created. Shootings , stabbings, fights, bombings. What do you expect.”

    IMHO, you’re wrong. It *IS* the government to blame. Look at all the bad things ragheads do and yet *they* are still allowed to congregate, wear what they want, and emigrate into foreign countries and cause nothing but mayhem and are *still* welcomed, and by whom? The government.

    More shootings and stabbings happen in one friggin’ day in the fuckin’ ‘hood’ or ‘barrio’ than most MC’s members do in a decade combined. Yet, illegals are overloading our cities and states and our fucking government is *helping* them get here by bussing the fucksticks to towns and dropping them off. And the shitbags in the ‘hoods’ don’t even like each other and couldn’t give a shit if they better themselves or not. Our wonderful government does token bullshit when the only thing that would work well is a nuke or two in a few select areas.

    It’s not MC’s, it’s the fact that the squares can’t stand that we stay happy doing what we want and don’t have to be rich or own lots of ‘things’ when they believe that’s the only way the world should revolve. They’re going to perpetuate that thought-type by instilling it consciously or subconciously into their offspring and those are the ones who are the little rats in school, the wormy fucks who steal and cheat and get away with it because their mommy and daddy are rich, ad nausea.

    I mean fuck, the saying ‘When we do good, no one remembers. When we do bad, no one forgets.’ is nothing but the absolute truth and that goes for the patch-holder who’s never even gotten a speeding ticket in his life. So how can that be blamed on the MC and *not* the government?

    Dig what I’m trying to say here? I’m all for save the patch, but some clubs just ain’t gonna get along well no matter the circumstances and outcome, and there’s nothing can be done about it but to keep on keepin’ on and hope that those who *DO* get together for Save the Patch will be enough.

    What I mean is, what Jack Nicholson said in the movie Easy Rider, about why the sheeple can’t stand ‘our kind’. Whoever wrote that line for him, nailed it right on the nose.

  26. Paladin Says:

    Paul & Not Surprised,

    If you re-read the story, you’ll find that this law has already been passed. There will be no “fighting back in the courts”, just as there has been no “fighting back in the courts” in any other part of Germany, where this law has been passed.

    Long May You Both Ride,


  27. Done Says:

    There is and for decades has been a major 1%’er MC who more often than not do not fly their colors and do not have fixed Club Houses but rather ride and attend events appearing as any other nonaffiliated Biker, do not arrive to an event as one group but rather break down into smaller packs of less than a hand full and have purposely kept their numbers low being extremely selective about thier membership and thus, are not as often subject to Law Enforcement harassment, infiltration, or RICO type sweeps. It is entirely possible to be standing at a vendor’s table or bellied up to a bar and have been speaking with one and never knowing his true level of affiliation or participation. And yet, they are no less authentic or considered any less deserving of respect. This MC’s policy of privatization while not fool proof does indeed work to keep down their profile to those who would seek to destroy them and all those like them. At major Club runs, Club funerals and the like they proudly fly their colors on bikes that do not lack for Club paint and their Club tatts are quite obvious. The policy here is to reserve the flying of their colors for special occasions and to not attract unwanted attention. While they do get busted from time to time and have been subject to this over the years, the numbers of such actions continue to be far less then their other, so called, “Big 4 or 5” related Clubs. They are no less proud of their colors and are just as apt to defend them at all costs but have been very selective as to when they fly them. I’m not saying that this is the solution but it does go a long way towards thwarting both Law Enforcement as well as rival Clubs and the occasional drunk found in almost all bars or taverns who seek to bait Club Members into situations that are unproductive and generate negative results. For Law Enforcement it’s common to send into a situation or event a plain clothes Policeman or ride around in unmarked cars and the like. The C.I. or worse doesn’t show up in uniform as they want to blend in and avoid detection. And, the decal that reads “THIS BIKE BELONGS TO AN XXX DON’T FUCK WITH IT” not only doesn’t work but is like a sapper setting a beacon as the owner is very likely to return to it at some point & click goes the telephoto lense. So, if the hard earned and respected colors are to be best protected, perhaps a less cavalier use of them might be a strategy worth consideration until such time as pressure can be brought to bare to gain a more premanent legal solution. After all, during the Prospecting phase a potential member should have become known to all who need to know as it is they who will be voting on his worthiness.

    It sure ain’t as much fun as flying colors 24/7/365 however as the governments get bolder about restricting free speech would it not also dawn on banned or branded organizations to adapt with the times and trends until the environment becomes less restrictive? It sure a Hell has worked before.

  28. Not Surprised Says:

    Europeans say we Americans are “arrogant.” I don’t know if it is arrogance as much as naiveté, but my American mind could not fathom going to jail over a t shirt in a supposed democracy like Germany.

    As my understanding of the ruling, the only prohibition is public display but not private ownership. If something is “bad” or “wrong”, it is so all the time in all places. If it is legal to own but not display, anyone can see what a chickens hit law this is.

    I am convinced that the Mongol’s case will fail in this country.

    As to Germany, well,this particular club is noted for its methods of fighting back in the courts. Maybe Mr Clapp will fly to Berlin……

  29. not surprised Says:

    @Paladin and Sieg:

    I stand corrected and informed.

  30. Stevo Says:

    Just looked it up, and Frankfurt did indeed ban 81 3 years ago in October 2012. Other German regions had banned them the previous June/July and Berlin City banned them a year later in May 2012. The German authorities said at the time that one in ten investigations into organised crime was leading back to an MC. As we all know, the poisoned dwarf is co-operating with the German and Aussie authorities, the squint eyed Down’s Syndrome cunt.

  31. Mike 184 Says:

    What next???? So you take off you shirt and have a full fucking set on your back! Take that shit away assholes…..

  32. ocmouse22 Says:

    Does everyone not see the problem here. You all want to blame the government for the problem we as 1% created. Shootings , stabbings, fights, bombings. What do you expect. I’m not saying banning MC’s is right but what do you want people to do.If we ddon’t want this to happen here we must all start getting along. Get involved in save the patch. Just talk to each other and solve some of these problems we have created. Stop blaming the government we are the government. Us as a culture could have so much political power if we could just get it together.

  33. OC VAGO Says:

    SAVE THE PATCH People! Get on board before we all get got.

  34. Paul Says:

    Road Whore, you got me thinking. At the risk of sounding paranoid, perhaps the ban is just a first step.

    The article mentioned about 400 bikers will be affected. A tiny population to try and fight a precedent being established. Assuming it passes, one could see justification for further police-state laws in an effort to find those members supposedly in hiding (now that they have to maintain membership in secret) ‘for the good of the public’.

  35. Sieg Says:

    Won’t set myself out as some kinda expert, but I’ve lived and worked in Germany, and gone around about this with people there for years.

    @Not Surprised, hell yes I can see people going to jail for wearing a tee-shirt. The Kraut Kops got a whole list of symbols that are banned in Germany.

    Here is the complete section of law that outlaws symbols and groups…any kinds of symbols and groups that might tend to “disturb the public order.”

    Sometimes the only place that has the stuff you’re looking for is Wiki. Hate to use em for reference, but this is a pretty accurate article.

    Funny, I can be arrested in Germany simply because I have the Othala Rune inked on my arm. The German authorities put more weight on these so-called “hate crimes” than they do real crime. What do you think will get you the most time in the joint there? Murder One? Rape? Sedition? Nope. Sorry, but you will do more actual time in Germany for “Holocaust Denial” than you will for any other crime.

    A tee-shirt with the symbol of a banned organization will get you thrown in jail right freaking now. No discussion involved. Michael Regener, the lead singer for Landser, was arrested, along with the rest of the band, for “forming a criminal gang”, and “defaming the dead”, for songs they performed. Regener got THREE YEARS for singing a song, the rest of the band “only” got paper, but they were all registered as “criminal gang members” and their work proscribed.

    It is carved in stone in Germany, the communists run the country with an iron hand. IT is pretty much there in OZ, and it’s damn sure coming here. If you think for a hot minit that the Occupiers here aren’t getting ready to ram something on the line of VLAD down our collective throat, then think again.


  36. One Eye Says:

    @ Road Whore: I would doubt this is about being covert or identifiable. To remove their patch would be to eviscerate the membership and I’m sure the governments are cognizant of that. Respects.

  37. Road Whore Says:

    An interesting thought: let’s play Devil’s Advocate and allow that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization as accused.

    By banning all Indicia you haven’t banned the Hells Angels: they will simply continue to exist, but now without the identifying insignias.

    If, as accused, they are a criminal organization wouldn’t you rather have their insignia visible so that you can easily identify your opponent, instead of having driven him underground and making him invisible? Now ANYONE could be a Hells Angel, and without any identifying Indicia…sort of like Cosa Nostra.

    Dumb and dumber, these authorities.

    Ride Free

  38. Road Whore Says:

    Haven’t I been sayin’ it:

    “Comrade, are your papers in order?”

    Ride Free, while you still can.

  39. Jim666 Says:

    This has been in the works in Germany for a few years now.
    Looks like they finally got it through .
    Hopefully this can be appealed.

  40. Stevo Says:

    I might be wrong, but a I seem to remember the German city of Frankfurt implementing a similar ban a few years back?

  41. Paladin Says:

    Not Surprised,

    Don’t kid yourself. The Australian Govt. doesn’t seem to have a problem enforcing this law (and worse), why would there be a problem with the German Govt. enforcing it in their Country? The only reason the MCs in this Country haven’t fallen victim to these types of laws is due to our Constitution’s First Amendment, all of which may change when the Mongol’s indicia case goes to trial.

    Long May You Ride,


  42. Not Surprised Says:

    I personally predict this is going to be hell to actually enforce…….Can you see going to jail over wearing a fucking t shirt?

  43. Glenn S. Says:

    Sooo, to prevent a re-occurance of the 1931-45 police state in Germany, their post-war government banned the trappings of that police state but not the powers, the style but not the substance, and in doing so guaranteed another police state. Do they not see the irony?

  44. skinny denny Says:

    Just like being in the joint.

  45. Dave Says:

    If they can implement this here, where would it stop?

    You’d get up every morning and put on the state-supplied shirt in the state-approved color and eat your state-approved breakfast before heading out to your state-assigned work detail for which in lieu of wages you received state-approved food, clothing, housing, entertainment, etc?

    Why are there so few who see this?

  46. Paladin Says:

    It seems that Australia’s laws are gaining traction and momentum elsewhere. Plan on seeing more and more of this, as other Countries adopt these tactics. Maybe even here, if the Feds. get their way.

    Long May You ride (to those that deserve to)


  47. Phuquehed Says:

    Germany…they never seem to learn and again they’re on their way to being a Nazi state – completely opposite of what they incorporated the law for in the first place – fucking dumbshits.

    And of course our government, unable to pull its mouth from socialist, communist and fascist countries’ dicks, will soon follow suit.

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