SOSMC Party Cancelled

May 30, 2014

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The “We Ain’t Playing Possum Party” scheduled to begin tomorrow and sponsored by the Eastern Iowa chapter of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club was cancelled this week, mostly because Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren and a local judge named Stuart Werling decided to push their weight around.

The party was to be held at the chapter’s clubhouse located at 2097 Highway 61. The area is south of the local airport and is not densely inhabited. The owner of the property is an SOS patch holder named Edward Zeman.

The O Word

The idea was to raise funds to help pay the clubhouse’s property taxes and other chapter expenses. In previous years the club had sponsored a fundraiser near Conesville, Iowa called “Thunder in the Sand” but authorities there put a stop to that. Club members expected the Possum Party to draw a crowd of 150 to 250 for the three day event. The chapter had hired performers, invited vendors, rented chemical toilets and was planning live music and motorcycle rodeo events.

It seems obvious that Ostergren decided to put a stop to the event because the Sons wear a three piece patch. But he sought an injunction on the grounds that the clubhouse property is zoned “as R-3 residential and C-1 commercial” and the chapter had neglected to apply for a “special use permit.” Ostergren’s objections to the party probably didn’t really have much to do with zoning which is why the local Sheriff, a man named C.J. Ryan, testified at Judge Werling’s hearing.

The club council, an attorney named Pete Leehey noted that a lot of parties are thrown in rural Muscatine County and wondered out loud “Why are we picking on these guys?” The obvious answer is because the Sons are a motorcycle club. The Davenport NBC television station, KWQC, argued that “The Sons of Silence, on the national level, has labeled itself a one percenter club – an outlaw group – setting itself apart from the 99% of motorcycle clubs that are law abiding social organizations.”

Zoning Not Civil Rights

There are a dozen or so residences in the immediate area of the clubhouse and although none of those neighbors seemed to have complained the County Attorney went ahead and complained for them. And the judge agreed. He wrote: “The County has no other sufficient remedy to protect the quiet enjoyment of the properties by the surrounding homeowners other than an injunction,”

Zeman thinks the County cancelled the party because they disapprove of his club. He told the Davenport station, “I’m not a monster. I’m not a criminal. Things have changed. Our club has realized that in order to exist we have to change with the times.” If Zeman is right, this little tempest is potentially a federal civil rights case.

But the County Attorney refused to admit to what Zeman thinks is obvious. “It’s not a question of whether or not motorcycles are good or bad, or whether the Sons of Silence are an outlaw motorcycle gang or something positive,” Ostergren said. “That’s not something the court was asked to determine. The question is you have this property in a residential area and that’s not an appropriate use for the property where it’s located.” That’s the local official’s story and he’s sticking to it. “We have a zoning enforcement issue that we’re pursuing against a bible camp in Muscatine County,” he added for emphasis.


27 Responses to “SOSMC Party Cancelled”

  1. dogbreath Says:

    @Guido –
    “Guido /ˈɡwiːdoʊ/ is a slang term, often derogatory, for a working-class urban Italian American. The guido stereotype is multi-faceted. Originally, it was used as a demeaning term for Italian Americans in general. More recently, it has come to refer to Italian Americans who conduct themselves in an overtly macho manner.”
    “…others see the working-class Italian American as a Guido or Guidette – part of a tasteless, uneducated, prejudiced group of characters with vulgar gold chains, big hair, and abrasive manners.”

    Your buddies gave you that name, huh? Unless there is a genuinely funny background story to this, I think you are being dogged and don’t even know it. They say that ignorance is bliss, you must be positively giddy all the time.

    Or, maybe you embrace it the same way that black folk do the word “nigga”. That is a totally different sort of willful ignorance. Another aspect of your ignorance is apparent by your abusive name-calling – do you truly believe that any aspect of the internet is anonymous?

  2. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    There was a comment here about the Bill of Rights being a wishlist. Truth be told, it’s on its last legs these days inasmuch as the schools no longer even teach civics. The kids coming up are pretty much ignorant of our rights and as the older of us die off they will be lost. This is what the powers that be want simply because that scenario will just increase their control over those who are left. The government is regularly restricting our rights even further through legislation thereby limiting our younger citizens introduction and awareness of those God given rights. Hell, even God is being legislated out of our society. I’m no Bible thumper, never go to church etc., but there have been times that I’ve been damn glad there has been someone out there reminding some of these Congressional and lesser official dickheads that they’re not the highest order of all-knowing beings on the planet. Maybe the first order of business should be to actually make Congress and all our other officials live among the people and have to adhere to the damn laws they make. The second order of business might then be to kick ’em in the ass and keep kicking them until we get their attention. God but that’d be fun! Oops, there goes God again…

  3. Sierra Says:

    If a MC like SOS if they want to have an event it shouldnt fucking matter if u have 5 fucking patches on. People r people the government need to back the fuck off and take 1 huge relaxing pill to cool their shit off. For the permit you should not need one. But ill definitely look into it

  4. Guido Says:

    @Whitepride; “Guido” is a biker given name you ignorant ass twat so go fuck yourself.

    If an MC wants to claim they’re not an outlaw club then take the fuckin’ 1% patch off their jacket.
    You want the attention and fear of the community for being a badass outlaw biker…great! If you’ve earned that respect and have built that reputation in your club then fuckin’ awesome! But you don’t get to play both sides of the table and think you won’t get called out on it. It’s like a teenage girl wearing a pushup bra and bitching about everyone checking out her tits? It’s pathetic.

    And once again, if you don’t like the government VOTE! Iowa has an amazingly strong Libertarian party. Join it and vote!

  5. Whitepride Says:

    @Guido, you obviously know nothing about the MC world, how things are run so shut the fuck up and go troll somewhere else. Men who are in an MC for the most part just want to be left alone. It’s obvious even to someone with a GUMP IQ that the feds lure people in committing crimes and even if they don’t bite crimes are made up to to justify their paychecks. I’m done trying to explain things so GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

  6. 7of9 Says:

    How silly. You’d think the authorities would be smart enough to let them throw their party…after all, then they would know where everyone was at least for that period of time. I think this is more about trying to stop them from being able to raise money to keep their clubhouse and club going than it is about any fears of nuisances from the party itself.

    Harassment with the intention of making it tougher to pay the bills. No wonder older bikers have tired eyes.

  7. tiger Says:

    Go fuck yourself you koolaid drinking sheep. Baaaaaaa!

  8. Guido Says:

    “I’m not a monster. I’m not a criminal. Things have changed. Our club has realized that in order to exist we have to change with the times.”

    If you ware a big sign (patch) on your back that says I’m part of a nation wide organized crime ring (club) then you’re not being “profiled” you’re admitting to being a criminal.
    So don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s rain.

    As for the “fuck the government” whining on here the national voter turnout is less than 60% The “Man” is whatever we vote it to be so if you don’t like it vote it out.
    Because bitchin’ doesn’t do shit but let air out of your face hole.

  9. ap Says:

    Oh boy and this is in that fuck steve cooks backyard!! I cant believe his name didnt pop up in here somewhere!!! Im sure it will before its all over.

  10. "Poco Loco" Says:

    Never joined a club, always been a Loner. Rode, partied, and hung with several friends/ “Bros.” from several clubs. I guess I am about a half of a 1%er, .05% I guess. I have a bit of a problem following rules, by-laws, authority, any other type of law or control over “ME”. The government sucks, people should be able to do whatever they want to do, as long as they are not doing harm to another person or his property. If they do they better stand up and defend their actions. Some people think I am an Anarchist, some people think I’m NUTS, I don’t really care. As long as nobody fucks with me or mine, we’ll get along fine. S.O.S should be able to hold any rally, party, or any other type of event. Fuck it’s your property, you pay taxes on it, and your club or your insurance co. would be responsible for damage or injuries. Fuck the government, fuck Muscatine county, fuck the county attorney, fuck ’em all. If it was legal even for just one day, I’d say “KILL THE SONS-A-BITCHES”.

  11. Meh Says:

    There is another way to organize events. As political protest they are protected speech, and if a group show up at such short notice that they cannot be interdicted beforehand they’ll be harder to stop.

    If Westboro Baptist Church can have THEIR political speech protected by the system but fraternal groups get fucked with, then it’s time to get overtly political.

    If attendees choose to donate to a political cause and the food and libation are gratis there should be no problem on that score (it’s common in some jurisdictions).

  12. Paladin Says:


    If events had been held in the zoned area in the past, without the need or requirement for a permit, then the complaint would be a civil rights discrimination issue, under the the First Amendment’s right to assembly. Government entities are not shielded against civil rights violations. The Bill of Rights shields the citizens from Government overreach.

    I realize that due to the malaise of this Country’s citizens, the Government has most all convinced that the Bill of Rights is a wish list of rights that only exist in theory and should never be construed as anything more. As I’ve said in the past, people will always get the kind and type of Government they deserve.

    Long May You Ride,


  13. cwb_j0ker Says:

    Good idea looking up prior events in area. Think there is laws protecting the pigs from getting sued. Tryed in Georgia. Takes a good ass lawyer and a very small loophole to actually file.

  14. Straight Shooter Says:

    It should be clear by now to everyone who reads this web site that there is a true nation (and now world given Berlin Germanys ban of HA’s & Aussie’s TOTAL ban) conspiracy to incarcerate/eliminate the true M/C’s. The best you can do is take the above advice of having your ‘papers’ in order at all times. The biggest most lethal gang in the land has been doing the same treatment to most 3rd world nations minorities & ultra poor white tribes for over 200 years. After the M/C’s it will truly be open season upon the general population at a much higher rate. Far too much propaganda aka cable news/reality/bios/hyped ‘gang land’ styled series has helped instill fear to which draconian laws become the normal reaction. You must learn to protect yourselves from giving ‘them’ anything easy, anything at all is giving them ammunition. Remember the Black Panthers early ’70’s demise? They shot ’em while sleeping. Just like Tulsa.

  15. DesertH-D Says:

    The number of actual patches in a club’s “patch” doesn’t really mean anything, and it never really has. Yes, several 1% clubs have “traditional” 3-piece layouts. But there are non 1% clubs that wear three pieces (the Boozefighters comes to mind), and there are 1% clubs that have 2 or even 1 piece patches. The Vagos and SoS being prime examples.

    The standard might be 1-piece = family club, 2-piece = serious or traditional club, 3-piece = 1%, but the only thing for sure that a club’s patch(es) mean, is what the CLUB says it means.

    That being said, “3-piece” is often used as shorthand or categorization for a 1% outlaw type club, regardless of their actual patch layout. In that case, it’s not a literal expression.

  16. Tooj Says:

    Not a matter of number of patches. SOS are 1%.

  17. skinny denny Says:

    If the top rocker and logo are on the same round patch like in the picture, does this make a 2 piece or three. Since I’m not affiliated wit S.O.S. I don’t want to show any disrespect by being wrong about this. Maybe you could clarify this.

  18. skinny denny Says:

    Definitely a 3 patch club!

  19. skinny denny Says:

    Steve Cook’s tiny dick got hard when he found out the S.O.S. bash got canceled. R.I.P. P.K.(Paul Klein) Colorado Springs chapter S.O.S.

  20. Samurai Says:

    This whole thing is fucking bullshit. SOS should watch out for any public rally held to raise money for the police or fire dept and make sure they have all their permits. Then use that as a basis for a lawsuit when they can show discrimination
    On a side note I do have a question. I know that SOS is an outlaw Club but Rebel has them listed as a 3 piece Patch Club but I thought they were a 2 piece Patch?

  21. Road Whore Says:

    Sons Of Silence: sue the fuck out of the authorities!

    Ride Free

  22. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Wouldn’t this be the same as a business holding a ‘party’ such as for Christmas, or the like? Places that are certainly ‘zoned’ as commercial, or whatever, do this sort of thing regularly, don’t they?
    Sure sounds like a case to me, but that takes $$$

  23. jj solari Says:

    re: “if you play by the rules you can fuck ’em every time.” ummmm…..first of all they dont play by the rules. which they invent. and then they disregard or change them if it suits them. if you play by the rules that means you are one of them. because it’s their their rules. i have never heard of defeating an enemy by playing by the enemy’s rules.

  24. Paladin Says:

    Someone needs to do some research regarding prior events held in the zoned area in question, and whether or not permits were required or issued.

    At this point, in the history of MCs vs. the Govt., it should be abundantly clear that the Govt. will never pass up an opportunity to harass any and all MCs.

    The only way to beat the Govt. is to have your ducks in a row. There is an old saying; “If you play by the rules, you can fuck ’em every time.”

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  25. Dave Says:

    “Anyone wanna bet that these shit-stains won’t do anything near as drastic to the supposed ‘bible camp’?”

    I don’t know, man. These days its worse if you hold a bible than if you hold a gun.

  26. jj solari Says:

    i aint never heard of a fuckin gathering violating zoning laws. did the mother fucking city fathers and the mother fucking city cross dressers put up a “first amendment zone” for the party gatherers like they did for the bundy incident? or couldnt they find a bureaucrat there who could fucking spell.

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    Two sorry, useless mother fuckers wasting my good air, bitching about a party that no one else has *ever* bitched about, which means they’re also lying fucktards and deserve nothing but to catch some kind of deadly disease that will kill them slowly and painfully so their families get to watch.

    Anyone wanna bet that these shit-stains won’t do anything near as drastic to the supposed ‘bible camp’?

    Fuck you Attorney Alan Ostergren and fuck you judge Stuart Werling. May ragheads piss on both of you.

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