Chalue Gone Forever

May 20, 2014

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A judge in Springfield, Massachusetts threw the book at David Chalue yesterday.

After deliberating for almost a week and flirting with a mistrial, an exhausted jury convicted Chalue of the murders of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell last Friday. Judge Jeffrey Kinder told Chalue his “victims were tortured, murdered and mutilated in a way that is depraved,” then sentenced the convicted man to three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. Kinder also sentenced Chalue to serve additional concurrent sentences for witness intimidation and kidnapping.

It is the same sentence Kinder gave Chalue’s co-defendant and apparent mentor Adam Lee Hall last February. At that sentencing, Kinder described the men’s crimes as depraved “beyond my experience.”

In Massachusetts a life sentence without possibility of parole is mandatory for a first degree murder conviction. Massachusetts repealed its death penalty in 1982. The last execution in the state was in 1947.

The Back Story

Chalue, Hall and a third man named Caius Veiovis were accused of murdering Glasser, Frampton and Chadwell in August 2011. The murders were Hall’s idea. Hall was a member of the Berkshire County charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and he was desperate to avoid prison. Glasser was about to testify that Hall had beaten him with a baseball bat in 2009. Hall faced charges of kidnapping, extortion, assault with a dangerous weapon, witness intimidation, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

Hall already had an unglamorous Offender Jacket. He had been accused of pimping three women after he forced them to become prostitutes. In order to prevent Glasser from testifying against him, Hall had ineptly tried to frame Glasser for a robbery in New York. When he was arrested for Glasser’s murder he was in jail on charges of possession of child pornography.

Hall volunteered to inform on his club brothers for the FBI to stay free. When the FBI turned him down, he decided to kill Glasser. He recruited two assistants who were infatuated by Hall’s status as an Angel and who appear to have thought that assisting Hall would provide a fast track to membership in the club.

The Crime

When Hall, Chalue and Veiovis arrived at Glasser’s apartment they discovered that Frampton and Chadwell were there, too, riding out Hurricane Irene. Frampton and Chadwell were killed because they could connect the three men to Hall.  Their dismembered bodies were found in a slit trench a week later. Traces of the victim’s blood was found in Veiovis’ and Chalue’s automobiles.

After the sentencing yesterday Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless said, “Obviously it is not going to bring back David Glasser, Ed Frampton or Robert Chadwell. It won’t even bring closure to their families, something they longed for, but it is justice and it is the most we can ask for.”

Veiovis is scheduled for trial before Judge Kinder next September.


6 Responses to “Chalue Gone Forever”

  1. Viking 1%er Says:

    Rebel I followed this case VERY closely and can assure you none of the victims blood was ever found ANYWHERE. Also Chalue never had a vehicle the only vehicles were Leo’s and the other clowns.

  2. skinny denny Says:

    Good riddance to three shitstains. Personally, I’d rather be dead than do life without parole in that “correctional facility”. The Massachusetts equivalent of Pelican Bay. Enjoy your time!

  3. CWB_joker Says:

    I vote for the shank at this point. Considered been a CI nah that fucking piece of shit strait blew a Fuckin parachute rite up the feds ass and they didn’t take it cause they prob didn’t want another multi time murder as there only hope or close to that shit they Tryed or did do down in FL while back. It is pretty odd they let the public and the club know what he was trying to do. Think it has alot to do with him trying to frame the rival snitch and the fact they prob knew he took the three people out. That POS Tryed everything he could. Fucking sick minded people out there ,exactly why probation period for clubs is so important but it seems like angels like the whole many men theory . Well said not surprised. There is true honor out there but you won’t find it around the masses

  4. Not Surprised Says:

    There are guys who know they will never rat.There are guys who believe they will never rat but end up doing it. There are guys who know in fucking advance they will rat in a heart beat. Hall is in the last category. There is also a lesson in this.

    It should never have been made public Hall was considering being a CI.

  5. CWB_joker Says:

    What the fuck , fuck that life sentence shit put that Fuckin snitch in the chair , guess it goes to show to the hang around or prospects that are in that area Fuckin shady shit. Don’t get why you always hear bout angels trying to save there own hide?

  6. Whitepride Says:

    If Hall did go to the feds then fuck him for wanting to rat on his brothers. I am curious of the relevance for the feds to put that out in public. Now Hall is either going to get shanked or be in PC the rest of his life. SBCC supermax is not a fun place.

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