The Thunderguards Flap

May 19, 2014

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In a world where reality is an ever more elusive concept, image is everything. What is happening to the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club in Wilmington, Delaware exemplifies our brave, new world of lies and flickering shadows.

The Thunderguards are a black motorcycle club founded during the Vietnam war which maintains cordial relations with the Pagans Motorcycle Club and whose members recognize and live by a masculine code shared by every man who wears a three piece patch. They are hardly antisocial. Mostly they are old fashioned.

But they are a motorcycle club and because what happens in motorcycle clubs is largely secret they are easily portrayed as stock villains. It doesn’t help that individual members of these clubs often adhere to attitudes about recreational drugs, about the relationship between citizens and police and about individual liberties and responsibilities that date to the Johnson Administration and that are increasingly at odds with current attitudes about who men should be.


The Thunderguards were founded in a city that was never particularly appealing and that has grown much worse since Vietnam as America as a whole has declined.

All categories of Wilmington, Delaware’s crime rate are multiples of the national average. Nationwide, there are about 4,500 major crimes in any year for every 100,000 people. Wilmington has about 10,500 crimes per 100,000 residents. The murder rate is triple the national average and the robbery and assault rates are more than six times the national average. There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests that much of this misery is connected to youth gangs and particularly to young men who have never been mentored by older men.

Crime in Wilmington can be appallingly sensational and sordid. For example, last September two women aged 24 and 32 were gang raped in a city park by a dozen black teenagers aged 12 to 16. “The new criminal we’re seeing, they’re bold, they’re brazen, and they have a total disregard for life,”  a city councilwoman remarked to CBS about the attack. Of course, that crime has never been solved.

Wilmington police are not very good at solving crimes in general. Crime clearance rates lag behind the national averages in every category. Rape is one of the crimes local police are comparatively good at solving. Police make an arrest in about a quarter of all sexual assaults. The overall clearance rate for all major crimes is 18 percent.

Obviously, Wilmingtonians are afraid and looking for someone to rescue them. And that’s where a couple of politicians named Beau Biden and Dennis P. Williams enter the story.


Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III was born a couple of years after the Thunderguards and he is now Delaware’s Attorney General. His father is the Vice President of the United States and he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He went to an exclusive school called Archmere Academy. He graduated from an Ivy League University and he followed his father’s footsteps to Syracuse University College of Law. Then he became a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia.

It is unthinkable that he doesn’t have national political aspirations so, in cooperation with his father, he has carefully cultivated his public image. Unlike the Vice President who successfully avoided service in Vietnam when his contemporaries who would join the Pagans and the Thunderguards could not, the younger Biden has frequently been portrayed as a “warrior” and a “hero.”

The younger Biden does serve as a lawyer in the Delaware National Guard so he has been frequently photographed in camouflaged fatigues with the sides of his head shaved in the manner of airborne rangers. He was deployed to Iraq as an Army lawyer in a signal brigade where he was visited by his Dad. The elder Biden spoke as if his son might actually be making a sacrifice that at some point could put him in danger rather than simply adding a few lines to his political resume. “I don’t want him going” the Vice President said as if Beau was about to jump out of an airplane over Normandy. “But I tell you what, I don’t want my grandson or my granddaughters going back in 15 years, and so how we leave makes a big difference.”

Beau Biden initiated the current campaign to vilify the Thunderguards and while it might be theoretically possible that he is acting in what he sees as the public’s interest his life so far suggests that he is acting on behalf of himself.


Biden’s ally in the campaign to vilify the Thunderguards is Dennis P. Williams, a former state representative who for the last year and a half has served as Wilmington’s mayor.

Williams’ path to politics couldn’t have been more different from Beau Biden’s. He graduated with a degree in criminal justice from Delaware Technical Community College and then became a Wilmington cop. Eventually he worked in homicide. His clearance rate is unknown.

After leaving the police force he ran for the state legislature as a Democrat and defeated his  Republican opponent by the astounding vote of  1757 to 897.

When he ran for mayor in 2012 he promised to reduce crime in the city and he boasted about his police background. He was endorsed by the Police and the Firefighters’ unions, won the Democratic primary and was unopposed in the general election.

The Thunderguards

Motorcycle outlaws make dandy scapegoats. Critics of the club culture never see these clubs as a traditional way of being a man. Politicians and police usually portray this culture as pathological rather than honorable and tenets of this lifestyle – like a stubborn refusal to cooperate with police or to back down from a physical confrontation, like sexism and a shared contempt for drug laws and the Panopticon state – are increasingly at odds with contemporary social orthodoxy.

As Williams was being elected mayor the Delaware State Police carried out a public relations stunt called Operation Thunder Clap. Five members and associates of the club along with one woman and two white men were arrested for having in their joint possession two kilos of cocaine, five ounces of marijuana and $42,000 in cash. This law enforcement coup culminated an inherently shady, three-month-long undercover investigation.

Operation Thunder Clap did not make Delaware a place in which women might sit in a park without fear but it did generate a lot of headlines that were intended to make it appear that the police were accomplishing something.

Citizens do fear motorcycle clubs because their members rarely back down from physical confrontations and when they fight they often fight dirty. And once the Thunderguards were identified as public enemies no one with a public voice rose to their defense. Little by little, the Thunderguards mother chapter clubhouse in a decaying and crime infested neighborhood began to be seen as the reason the neighborhood was decaying. The truth was the opposite of that. The neighborhood around the clubhouse had changed for the worse in the last 45 years. And it is likely that the mere presence of the Thunderguards made that piece of Wilmington safer – as clubhouses throughout the world always make neighborhoods safer. It was a place that belonged to the Thunderguards so to prey on the club’s neighbors was to attempt to prey on the motorcycle club itself.

Politicians Spring Into Action

About five weeks ago, on April 11, the impeccably public spirited Biden and Williams filed a civil suit to close the Thunderguards clubhouse and a couple of neighboring locations under Delaware’s Criminal Nuisance Abatement Act. The suit argued that the clubhouse was the scene of “ongoing and violent criminal activity.”

“No resident of Wilmington or visitor to our city should be at risk from the ongoing pattern of violence that has been occurring on this property,” Biden said.  “Today’s action accomplishes our first goal of immediately closing the property to protect the safety of the public. Over the next several weeks we will closely monitor this property in order to hold the defendants accountable to their obligations and we’ll continue to prepare for a hearing later this year to determine the permanent status of the site.”

`“For years, violent crimes, including multiple shootings and homicides, have been committed at the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club clubhouse, The closure of the clubhouse is not only good for the City, it is also good for the citizens living in or near the neighborhood,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams. “We are pleased this property is now closed, and the City’s Law Department will continue to support the Attorney General’s Office in the Nuisance Abatement Complaint court proceedings.”

The Nuisance Abatement Suit

The lawsuit complained:

“The Property is generally known in the surrounding community as the main clubhouse and social gathering area for the Thunderguards, a motorcycle gang. This activity has been ongoing and continuous since at least 2006.”

“The Defendants use the Property as a site for illegal drug transactions. On October 22, 2006, following a shooting on the Property, law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at the property. During their search, they observed illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia in the Clubhouse (in addition to locating nine firearms).”

“On October 27,2007, an individual was shot in the parking lot adjacent to the property. The victim was in the parking lot attempting to purchase drugs.”

“In 2012, Delaware State Police officers conducted an investigation into the illegal activities of the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club…. On October 11, 2012, police officers intercepted a telephone communication between two Thunderguards members for the purchase of five ounces of cocaine…. Police officers conducted surveillance and followed the seller to the buyer’s residence. After the drug transaction took place, police officers followed the buyer to the Thunderguard’s clubhouse.”

“On December 27, 2008, a Thunderguards member physically assaulted his girlfriend at the property.”

“On March 10, 2012 an individual attending an event at the property attempted to enter the clubhouse while unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm.”

“On November 4, 2012, the Wilmington Police Department received a complaint that an individual was displaying a firearm in the clubhouse. When officers arrived, they discovered two individuals with gunshot wounds. One individual died from his wounds.”

“On February 2, 2007 a 17-year-old male with mental disabilities filed a report with the Wilmington Police Department alleging his foster father paid a woman to engage in sexual intercourse with him at the Thunderguards’ clubhouse. The case was closed due to lack of evidence.”

“On August 11, 2007, an individual was standing in the parking lot of the Property when gunfire broke out. As he attempted to flee he was struck in the knee by a round. No suspects were identified.”

“On October 27, 2007, an individual shot and killed a person in the parking lot used by individuals frequenting the Thunderguards’ clubhouse. He also wounded two other people. The three individuals were in the area to ‘meet females.’ One of the victims wounded by the gunshot was in the parking lot attempting to purchase illegal drugs.”

“On May 10, 2008, an individual visiting the Thunderguards’ clubhouse was shot at when he exited his vehicle in front of the property. The victim stated an unknown person approached him, and shot at him from a distance of five feet. As the victim ran away from the suspect, he heard additional gunshots. A member of the Thunderguards flagged down a police officer who had also heard the gunshots. No suspects were identified.”

There are 24 pages of that.

Fighting The Suit

The Thunderguards tried to fight back publically. Hoping to attract sympathy from local news media, the club and a few of its supporters held a rally outside Wilmington City Hall on May 10.

Spokesmen for the club complained that it was unfair to blame the Thunderguards for their neighborhoods deepening woes. They told the cameras that the club was being made a scapegoat for problems that were beyond the Thunderguards control and spoke about “safe” parties given for neighborhood children, turkey giveaways at Christmas and Thanksgiving, toy drives and other donations the club made to enrich the neighborhood.

National club Vice President Edwin O. Mitchell complained, “The area that we’re in is full of violence…. Control the city, Mayor. Control it…. You keep looking at the messenger because we ride bikes…and because there are mothers of the neighborhood that think we don’t know what we are talking about. Stop looking at the messenger and listen to the message.”

Several speakers called Wilmington the “the most dangerous small city in America.” But the most insightful comment may have been made by a minister named Derrick Johnson. “We believe the city of Wilmington has missed and is trashing an opportunity” Reverend Johnson said. “The Nation of Islam has been received and respected all over the country because of their ability to go into the war zone and be effective. Well in Wilmington the Thunderguards are the ones who have that kind of credibility and ability and they do have a history of helping the community.

The politician’s were unmoved. A spokesman for Biden named Jason Miller told the Wilmington News Journal, “There can be no question that persistent and sustained violent criminal activity has taken place over a period of several years on this property, and that activity triggers our ability to use this law by asking a court to order the property shuttered in order to protect public safety.”

The Club Gives Up

Without the resources to fight the nuisance law suit, the Thunderguards gave up last Wednesday. The club agreed to voluntarily vacate the clubhouse they have occupied since 1968 by this Thursday. Of course it didn’t end there.

Biden resent his original press release to the papers and let them quote from that. “No resident of Wilmington or visitor to our city should be at risk from the ongoing pattern of violence that has been occurring on this property. Today’s action accomplishes our first goal of immediately closing the property to protect the safety of the public.”

Having learned a little about how the game is played, the Thunderguards attorney, a man named George Evans, spun reality back at the Attorney General and the Mayor. “They (the Thunderguards) want to take this timeout to make renovations on their property and at the same time they want to follow through with a dream that they’ve had for some time…to establish a boys’ aftercare arena,” the lawyer said, “which would consist of tutoring for young males, table games and also hopefully to open up the avenue of some community policing relationships with the neighborhood.”

Despite all this political theater, Wilmington remains horrifyingly dangerous.

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33 Responses to “The Thunderguards Flap”

  1. Garry Wimer Says:

    hello I’m looking for your past president back in the 70’s his name is Dyke ask him to get a hold of me it’s very important.

    Garry Wimer

  2. MarkC Says:

    Here’s an interesting connection. Biden’s son Hunter was just discharged from the Navy for failing a drug test for cocaine. I wonder if Biden will be seeking to close the investment firm Hunter “another hero” Biden works for. Biden and his family should be investigated for their corruption. Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians out there and gets away with making his family and close friends wealthy from his government connections.

  3. Vern Says:

    I know this post is way late, but would like to share my experience.
    I was born only blocks away from the thunder guards club house, own a business right by them and have NEVER had a problem with any of their members. I have had tremendous amount of problems, theft, and violence from the surrounding area though. Since I was just a kid I have always enjoyed looking at their bikes and hearing them run. It is now the end f September and do not believe anything has changed within the city by the harassment of these guys. I would also like to point out I see the members daily am a white dude and have seen nothing but men inducting themselves in a respectful manner.

  4. jj solari Says:

    VP Biden is so fulla shit he makes flushing sounds when he snores.

  5. av ultra Says:

    Oh alan is this you?

  6. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    See Colin Flaherty ” White girl bleed a lot ” re black crime

  7. Flash Says:

    Great journalism here rebel

  8. Meh Says:

    Here’s a typical bullshit media hit piece with all agenda and zero analysis:

    I met some Thunderguards recently and they had their shit tight and squared away. (I ain’t affiliated and am very White.) They carried themselves as bikers, and IMO it’s too bad more Blacks don’t follow their example.

    There’s a pattern to the erosion of freedom in the past several decades. Governments play portions of the masses against each other, often facilitating local social decay by legislative action, then demand increased power and more money to fail to fight the “problems” they helped create in the first place.

    The affected groups don’t need to swap spit in the shower during the wee hours of the morning, but they can wake up to the mutual threat.

  9. charles plyler Says:

    Sunday,June 1,Aljazeera net work will air” The System”,a program to show how our justice system is being misused and abused by law enforcement and our courts.A must watch. Check local show times but is 9:00 PM eastern.

  10. FF Says:

    The Biden’s are a bunch of skells. Fuck them.

  11. Rusty Says:

    Another example of how much the movement, Save the Patch is really needed world wide.
    What Club is next????

  12. NJBikerTrash Says:

    I grew up in Delaware, so here’s a little fact that Biden and Williams didn’t mention. The Thunderguard clubhouse is located w/in spitting distance of the projects and several seedy bars, so shutting it down is nothing more than political posturing. There will be 0% decrease in shootings, drug sales, or any other crimes.
    The main club in DE is the Pagans, and these two idiots don’t have the balls or the brains to fuck w/ them, and everyone knows it. The Thunderguards were a small broke ass club that was an easy target. So being a son of a POS, Biden used them to try and further his career, and prove that he’s just as much of a POS as his old man ever was.

  13. Meh Says:

    This is revealing:

    “The Nation of Islam has been received and respected all over the country because of their ability to go into the war zone and be effective. Well in Wilmington the Thunderguards are the ones who have that kind of credibility and ability and they do have a history of helping the community.”

    Both groups are composed of people the alphabet agencies have hated longer and even more than White bikers, not least because they are in direct defiance of left-of-center White political patronage. The Feds can’t touch the NOI (so far) but self-identified “bikers” aren’t a religion and look like easy pickings for careerists wanting some show trials.

    I don’t think of the Hoover era as an isolated set of events, but as part of continuous expansion of a domestic empire. Part of infringing on the liberties of us all is to target the few and build precedents such that everyone is “guilty of something” and oppressors need only pick from a menu. (They could even automate that bit with a “”Guiltfinder” metadata search app.)

  14. Paul Says:

    That link Bill posted about the Masons was amusing. I guess if you believe it, they’re really some Jewish Kabbalic pagan conspiracy. Funny shit.

    Pretty much all I know about clubs I’m learning here at this website, so if I am out of line please inform me, but regarding clubs and the whole black and white thing…

    As I understand it, some clubs got started by vets during a time when desegregation of the military was new. Its stupid to force people to get along; things like that have to evolve over time. But in the military, we do what we’re told, like it or not. Once out, we can start exercising choices again, and maybe (at that time) it was a way of saying ‘you can’t tell us who we will or will not hang out with’.

    And regarding the Thunderheads and their persecution, I learned what seems like common sense now but at the time profound from a good friend who happened to be a cop to be careful of anyone selling themselves as problem solvers, to include lawyers, judges, and cops. They don’t really want the problem to go away, because they’ll be out of a job.

  15. Glenn S. Says:

    I don’t think anyone was criticizing the Masons so much as criticizing the government for persecuting certain organizations differently than others because persecuting one gets headlines and persecuting the other costs political capitol. The obvious conclusion is that persecution of this type is wholly political.

  16. Done Says:

    Not sure how The Thunderguards MC legal problems got spun into a Masonic discussion. Probably because unless you’re an African American Biker you really aren’t that familiar with The Thunderguards MC and well, some folks like to hear the sound of their voices or have to interject something into the comments section of a blog even if it has nothing to do with the subject matter. I’ve found that most of the people out there who aren’t part of an organization be it a Motorcycle Club or a Masonic Lodge, are opposed to it simply because they do not belong to it or have somehow tried to become involved and been rejected for various reasons. It is certainly more difficult to become a Member of a 1%’er MC than it is to become a Member of a Masonic Lodge. I feel qualified to make that statement because I’ve done both. Every male member of my immeadiate family has been at least a 3rd Degree Master Mason. And, I have an Uncle who was a Federal Government Bureaucrat for 41 years who was/is a 33rd Degree Master Mason. He was not a Titan of the Illuminati, he just attended a different sort of meeting than say any 3rd Degree Master Mason would on a semi annual basis as well as his regular Blue Lodge Meeting once a month. If there is an International New World Order Illuminati Masonic Conspiracy where we are ruling the world, that’s been kept a secret from me too. The local Blue Lodge which I attended and subsequently lost interest in so no longer attend meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and has a dinner where anyone is invited to sit down and get to know the membership and if he is interested could voice this interest at which time he is given an application and told to complete and return it along with a nominal fee to perfrom a back ground check to verify the information on the application and that there was nothing in his background that would prohibit his becoming a Member of the Masonic Order. Conversely, when I first was asked to be a Prospect for a Motorcycle Club I was told to fill out an application and pay a nominal fee to conduct a background check to verify that the information on the application was true and that there was nothing in my background that would prohibit my becoming a Member of the Club. Much like the Masonic Order, Motorcycle Clubs suffer from a bad rep because these organizations are private (not secret), and anytime the general public cannot have access to their inner membership meetings they are criticized, insulted and disrespected, again, usually by those who for whatever reason are not members. The Thunderguards MC fits this mold in that they are not only an International MC but also a primarily Black MC (however, unlike their white skinned counterparts they have been known to allow white men to attain membership). MC’s like the Thunderguards, Wheels of Soul & Outcasts are less in the public eye because the media is fixated on the white MC’s because Law Enforcement is fixated on the white Clubs and this then is as good an example as any of the hand in hand relationship between the media & law enforcement which is, truth be told, the real conspiracy of control which we would do well to be about the business of discussing and holding their feet to the fire. As I stated in my last comment on this thread, I’ve known and still have a good relationship with local Members of the Thunderguards and am proud of that. I urge anyone reading this to support them if they have a local Chapter in their area by attending their public events and for those of you who have a hang up with riding with or being around a black Motorcycle Club, ignorance is usually the result of a conclusion prior to investigation. As with all things there is an old saying that applies and this is no exception, that being: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. Peace.

  17. Glenn S. Says:

    Uesque said: “I hate to disappoint JJ but it’s the banks, corporations and big money donors that run DC, not the Masons.”

    Its my understanding that a lot of corporate executives, big bankers, and big money donors are high ranking Masons. And so are a lot of high government officials, elected and otherwise, including law enforcement. I know firsthand that some professional criminals are Masons. I have no doubt that, at some times at some places, when a Mason has gotten busted, something like this gets said: “In any organization you’re going to have some bad apples”, and that’s the end of it as far as the Masons as a whole, or an individual chapter of Masons is concerned. The drunk driver or the drug dealer or the baby raper or the bank robber’s case is treated as what it is, an individual crime where the individual and his proven accomplices are prosecuted and his fellow Masons are left alone. They don’t seize the money from the Shriners’ circus and make the Masons hire a lawyer to maybe get it back, don’t send the army of occupation to sack all of the Masons’ homes, don’t make it a point to pull over or follow every vehicle with a Masonic decal on it. And, generally, minimal force is used to take the suspected Mason into custody. No cop is going to put a Mason’s kid on his hands and knees with a gun to its head, or arrest the wife for the hell of it and send the kid to foster care at a group home in the hood. Bail will be reasonable. If fellow Masons post bail, they won’t be considered accomplices for doing so. No politician would dare treat the Masons as a criminal organization under the exact same circumstances that they do treat motorcycle clubs as such.

    Maybe that’s not the Masons’ fault, but the comparison is glaring and accurate. Perhaps the Masons should give support to the motorcycle clubs, since the only thing that keeps the government from treating them just like the motorcycle clubs is the whim of government. Gods help ’em if some politician thinks he can get votes by going after their organization. Just ask the German Masons from the Nazi era in Germany, if they’re any left.

  18. whitefxrp Says:

    @ BMW..Spot on Post

  19. Paladin Says:

    “About five weeks ago, on April 11, the impeccably public spirited Biden and Williams filed a civil suit to close the Thunderguards clubhouse and a couple of neighboring locations under Delaware’s Criminal Nuisance Abatement Act. The suit argued that the clubhouse was the scene of “ongoing and violent criminal activity.” Based on Rebel’s story, it would seem that the entire State of Delaware is the scene of “ongoing and violent criminal activity.”

    The (24) twenty-four pages, listing the crimes committed on the Thunderguards MC’s property show how meticulous and thorough Mr. Williams and Biden are. It might be of benefit to the Thunderguards to do their own thorough research to determine the number and type of crimes committed on the property of other “nuisance” establishments (liquor stores, massage parlors, adult book stores, strip clubs, bars, etc.), and whether or not those establishments too have been “abated”.

    If the above mentioned establishments show the same number, or a higher number of crime stats, why haven’t they too been shuttered? Is there a race card that needs to be checked? Where’s Al Charlatan when you need him?

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  20. Bill Says:

    I’m guessing the masons at the neighborhood lodge level get just enough of the secret koolaid to believe they’re part of something beneficial to humanity, and since they’re all the public usually encounters, that’s what most people tend to think.

    According to “the Googles”, this is more like it:

    “For those who believe that Freemasonry is a harmless, benevolent organization, it’s homework time. The lower degree Masons have no idea of the power at the top. My father was one of the most honest, respectable and admirable men I’ve know in my life. He became a “Mason” late in his life at the invitation of other gullible men who held their meetings in the restaurant Dad and Mom owned.
    It’s those tens of thousands of naive men (and women who join the Eastern Star) who are an unwitting cover for the powerful and evil machinations of those at the 33rd degree and beyond. The benevolent facade of the Masons hides the real truth of the Luciferian designs of the secretive order.

  21. FF Says:

    Really hate the running
    Really hate the game
    Looking at them all
    I wanna be unborn again
    Their suit is getting tighter
    Although they’re getting thin
    The flies are crawling on their face
    And trying to get in
    People say that we’re to blame I say
    No no no, it’s just the game
    Must we let them fool us? No no no
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    Tell them how it is and they say
    No no no, we know it all, we know it all
    Must we let them fool us? No no no
    Have we got our freedom? No no no
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    Do we love each other? No no no, no
    Must we wait forever? No no no, no no
    Washing’s getting dirty
    Air is getting thin
    It’s all in such a mess
    That no one knows where to begin
    They talk about creating
    But all they do is kill
    They say, “We’re gonna mend it”
    But they never will
    Poison in the rain but they say
    No no no, we ain’t to blame, it ain’t us
    Must we let them fool us? No no no
    Have we got our freedom? No no no
    Is it getting better? No no no
    Do we love each other? No no no
    Must we wait forever? No no no, no

  22. Uesque Says:

    I hate to disappoint JJ but it’s the banks, corporations and big money donors that run DC, not the Masons. There’s nothing that happens in a lodge that isn’t posted out there in the internet somewhere if you just use the Googles. And if we were in charge I certainly wouldn’t be rolling pennies to try to keep a 25 year old FXR running.

  23. Paul Says:

    BMW said, “Al Gore decided his cause would be censoring “offensive” rock music lyrics.”

    That was the PMRC, right? I was thinking about that not too long ago, and thinking how funny, because today a cause like that would not be attributed to the Democrats.

    Goes to show they’re all the same.

  24. PhilB Says:

    Just about 20 years ago, I met some of the Thunderguards. Back then, the Harley dealer was on the same street, just a few blocks away (definitely not a great part of time). I was a 19 year old kid working in said dealer for the summer.

    I was fresh from one of the most diverse parts of Canada, and working there was my first exposure to some of the racism in that area. The guys would come to the dealer, and get treated like shit. The parts guy used to mumble “get your nigger ass out of here” under his breath whenever one of them walked in. I remember that blowing my mind. I, on the other hand, treated them like humans, and shot the shit with them all the time. One of the guys I talked to (wish I could remember his name) was short, and rode a nice red FXR.

    I remember walking past their clubhouse once, running an errand for work when the gentleman in question called me over from the front door. “Phil, anytime you want to come have a beer, you come over here and have a beer”. I was too young and clueless to understand the implications of that, and I never did it. I’m of North African origin, so I have a fairly swarthy complexion, specially in the middle of summer.

    The few members I met seemed genuine and nice. Like most club members (and people in general), you get back the attitude you project. If I was around those parts today, I’d go have a beer and raise my glass to them.

  25. Stevo Says:

    What kind of cunt calls his son Robinette?

  26. John Deaux Says:

    This Biden like his father is a turd that stinks up a shithouse.
    I live a good stone throw away from the most crime infested city in this country, the police are actively involved in atleast 40% of those crimes. Rape, robbery, murder, witness intimation you name it, their involved and I don’t mean involved by trying to solve the crimes but in the commission of, then they get to investigate themselves. What a system they have, talk about organized crime, they are the poster children for it.
    I think we should shut down those damn police stations, their a magnet for criminal activity.

  27. BMW Says:

    Poor little Bow wow Biden, scion of Delaware nobility, a spoiled son, raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, given a secondary education that cost more than most colleges, any “youthful indiscretions” buried by family influence, handed a political commission as a military non-combatant, has never shown any sign of personal integrity or a willingness to examine circumstances. Instead, he reads the teleprompter with aplomb, justifying whatever the flavor of the day might be. He is a fake, a pretty face whose visage serves as a shield to protect the government evil and political corruption so rampant in his home state.

    Like all such spokesmen for corrupt governments everywhere, his attention and his eyes are not on the present; instead he is looking forward to inheriting his father’s Senate seat and his father’s ambitions to be president of the United States. He reminds me of Al Gore.

    You remember Al Gore, who claimed to be the inventor of the Internet and inspiration for Erich Segal’s “Love Story” book, don’t you? As I remember little Al was given a non-combatant role in a previous war, long before he inherited his father’s Senate seat and his father’s presidential ambitions.

    For up-and-coming aristocrats of America’s political upper class, it is important to find a cause that can later be deliberately spun and mus-characterized as courageous action. For such a politically ambitious patrician it is crucial that he create a cause which he could fight without much opposition, an “enemy” with few champions, an opponent that seemed disreputable. Al Gore decided his cause would be censoring “offensive” rock music lyrics. Gore claimed that offensive rock lyrics were destroying American family values. Al Gore and his wife made quite a splash on talk shows, and eventually gained enough national name recognition (as supporters of “family values”) to join the presidential ticket of Bill Clinton.

    It seems that little Bow wow Biden thinks that he has found such a cause in blaming the Thunderguard for the decline of inner city neighborhoods. Let’s ignore the well-known history of urban destruction, such as local and state governments refusing to take action for half-a-century; heroin sales, declining incomes, manufacturing jobs gone to China, crack-use, failing schools and the mass-imprisonment of inner-city adult males. Those were the observations of an older generation.

    The new urban America can now be made safe. Little Bow wow Biden knows that the secret cause of urban destruction is a small group of Black motorcyclists, some of whom party, drink a lot, chase women and sometimes do a little dope. Of course, to a cynic like me, that could also be an accurate description of the United States Senate, to which Biden’s father was a long-term member…

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  28. jj solari Says:

    joe biden would crawl over his dead mother to fuck his dying sister. i am sure his son would be right there taking pictures.

  29. Jim666 Says:

    RVN 69 Derek was from my home town met him at a couple partys he seemed very likable and a good man. at that time I dont think he was a full patch but none the less a good man.
    R.I.P. Derek Hale.

    That whole ordeal was complete murder on behalf on the Wilmington police dept.
    and all pigs involved should be tried for 1st degree murder just like any one of us would be had we donr the same thing.


    Respects Jim 666 “Virginia Jim” aka Joker

  30. Road Whore Says:

    @ jj:

    Truth well said.

    I was going to say, “In this day and age,” but that’s not true…it’s always been this way: all it takes is an allegation. People are always willing to believe the worst, and somehow it never seems to make the news when the allegations are disproved.

    What always gets my goat about these “raids” is that the cops will “find” a ridiculously small amount of recreational drugs and play it up as if they had hit the motherlode of drug running for the entire world, and that by confiscating that joint or two or a few ounces of something else their rooster crow announcements proclaim that they have all but ended crime in the city…next scene: out of view of the citizens? Good, fire up that joint and let’s celebrate.

    I’ve always wondered how cops sleep at night; seriously. Every single cop I’ve known that drinks, drinks and drives. Every single one. Most drive waaaay drunk. I know several cops that smoke dope. Yet that same cop will pull you over and on his discretionary whim may issue you a DUI or DWI ticket or arrest you even if you’re not over the limit, and god forbid that he finds a joint or a few pills on you even though he smoked a joint or popped some pills himself the night before.

    Same with our “higher ups,” those assholes in politics reaching all the way to Congress. Alcoholics, drunkards, heavy drinkers, and recreational drug users, passing laws to condemn the average citizen for their own actions.

    Again, how do these fucks sleep at night? At what point are you able to kill your conscience and keep it from hammering at you because of the lies and double life you yourself lead? Must be the mix of pills and booze that enables you to finally nod off next to that high-priced hooker, Mr. Congressman.

    I think the cops are further enraged against Clubs because a Club can help keep a neighborhood safe and isn’t afraid to fight against those who would wreck a neighborhood…things that cops have become afraid to do unless they have on their full military gear and have all of their buddies and their tanks behind them…to take on the little old ladies at the local bingo hall.

    Everyone in “power” and “authority” has been taught that any “citizen” (while overlooking the fact that they themselves are citizens) is to be distrusted, disbelieved, feared, and bullied…witness the “command voice” that cops are taught to talk to people with.

    Growing up in West Texas with a bunch of rowdy and rough old boys cops that were cowards didn’t make it onto the force much then. And there was no thought of tasers, mace, etc…if an old boy was drunk and busting up a bar the cops, usually two at the most, would storm in and fly into the melee themselves, fists flying. Maybe occasionally one might use his nightstick, but mostly the cops were adept at using their fists and weren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the neighborhood ruffian.

    Interstingly enough most of the time the guy either didn’t go to jail, or if he did he was out the next day and if he saw the cop that he had fought with the night before he’d shake his hand and they’d engage in friendly conversation…unless the cop was a true asshole, or the guy was a psychotic antisocial type.

    Nowadays if a guys getting too rowdy in a bar the SWAT team arrives! And you can bet SOMEBODY is going to be tased! And beaten. And maybe shot for good measure. And there may even be a helicopter hovering overhead.

    When did the cops become such cowards?

    Enough of my rant…time to ride and blow this world’s bullshit out of my head.

    Ride Free

  31. jj solari Says:

    regarding the “secrecy” of some clubs: the fucking Masons, who are the writhing tentacled spirit inhabiting and pulling the strings in DC, are not only SECRET… they BOAST of their secrecy. They proclaim their fucking mysteriousness from the rooftops! They hold their secrecy in high, almost adorational, esteem! But no one ever has a bad thing to say about it. its like “Oh, ok, the Masons get cut some slack because they’re the Masons, you see. Who the FUCK knows what they’re up to with their fucking secrets and rites and rituals and potions, but it’s ok, cause it’s the Masons.” Well fuck you, Masons, and fuck your secrecy. What, you’re so goddamn majestic as individuals your secrets are beyond inquiry or judgemental disapproval and examination? How come I never see the fucking cops busting into a fucking Masonic temple at 4 in the morning and rooting around behind the walls and under the floors? They’re secretive! Arrest them! Take their cars! Fuck up their lives! They have secrets! Fucking cops. They’re all worthless assholes. “Oh, well, no one told us to arrest Masons. Yeah, we heard they have secrets. But they ain’t on our list of secret things and stuff. Just motorcyclists, you see. You see it’s like this, if you’re a motorcyclist and you have secrets, you see, then we have to put a stop to….i dont know, we have to put a stop to them having secrets. But if our Congressmen and Senators and, God bless him, my police chief, is a Mason, well, those secrets are secrets of the UNIVERSE, you see. Not motorcycle secrets which are secrets of things that are not noble and divine. You see.” Yeah, I see, officer: you’re a fuckhead. That’s what I see.

  32. Done Says:

    We have a local Chapter of the Thunderguards in these parts. Ive been to their Club House on several occasions to support their Club & it’s efforts which are ALWAYS towards the betterment of the neighborhood and community at large. To be sure this Club House is in an urban innner city area where you don’t have to go looking for trouble, it usually comes looking for you. The safest Street in this neighborhood is the one where the Thunderguards Club House is and on days when events are theld there, there is never a crime problem, their security is second to none and their pack dicipline on the road is as good as any I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine how their having a Club House in any City could be anything but a positive for that municipality. Law Enforcement claims to the contrary are absolute propaganda aimed at creating a scape goat for the lack of courage to do their jobs at the Police Department. Since these Thunderguards have been at their present location since 1968 there will be no comparative crime statistics to argue this case. However, after a year has passed there should be ample proof to show the Mayor and his brave Police are either correct or as I believe, will have created a more dangerous environment for all concerned but by then the media will have moved on like a snake oil salesman in the Old West. Too bad tar and feathering has gone out of style. Best of luck to these Thunderguards, their National Brotherhood and those who love and support them. Hopefully a good case of instant karma will find it’s mark on the Bidens of this world and their lackies who crawfish anybody within reach.

  33. RVN69 Says:

    Beau Biden is also the slimy piece of shit that ruled that shooting an unarmed man who had already been Tased 3 times in the chest justified. He said the man presented a danger to the police because he had his hands in his pockets and coiuldn’t remove them while being continuesly tased.
    FUCK Beau Biden
    FUCK the Police
    FUCK the Feds
    ALL Cops are Bastards

    Never Forget Derek Hale, RIP Road Runner GBNF

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