Ongoing Gypsy Joker Investigation

May 16, 2014

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There appears to be an ongoing ATF investigation of the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club in Oregon and it appears to be coming apart at the seams. There are indications that the operation remains active but multiple incidents in the last week indicate it is nearing a conclusion.

A policeman gunned down a woman named Jacklynn Rashaun Ford a week ago as she tried to avoid being bitten by a police dog in Salem one week ago. After she was dead, police accused Ford of associating with the Gypsy Jokers.

Yesterday, a strip club and two homes In Portland were raided because police believed the locations were “associated” with the Gypsy Jokers.


Salem police have refused to say why Jacklynn Ford, 25, was pulled over by multiple police cruisers last week. They have announced that she is connected in some way to the Gypsy Jokers and that she had been convicted of burglary, menacing, theft and gun possession.

According to eyewitnesses, Ford ran from a traffic stop near the intersection of Watson Avenue Northeast and Alameda Street. A pursuing officer caught her near Eastgate Basin Park on Alameda Street and a struggle ensued. She was then attacked by the dog, During that attack she yelled, “Stop! It Hurts! Ouch!” After police called off the dog Ford stood up and was shot. She was pronounced dead at Salem Hospital.

An eyewitness said Ford was unarmed when she was shot. Police have said a gun was found at the scene.

Thursday Raids

Thursday morning at 5 a.m. police assigned to the Portland Police Bureau Gang Enforcement Team, Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Multnomah County Parole and Probation raided the Front Avenue Strip Club and two private residences on Southeast 90th Street and Northeast Holladay Street. The Aging Rebel has sought, but has been unable to obtain, the search warrant affidavits that authorized those raids. Police said they were looking for guns and drugs. Police also said the three locations were “associated” with the Gypsy Jokers.

A resident of the Northeast Holladay Street address named Brian Steven Graham was arrested on suspicion of “delivery and possession” of three ounces of methamphetamine and violation of parole.

Unnamed sources also told Portland news outlets that evidence gathered during the raids would be “forwarded” to the United States Attorney for the District of Oregon.

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  2. Ty Says:

    Like every family some fall short or completely ruined. I grew up in a 1% Gypsy/ HA good time. Things where good families great no problems really. Then the Man brings in outsiders to cast judgement. Families work out their own issues. Freedom is the right to judge the law. Victimless crime is government’s way to charge people for bad behavior. I say let’s talk live and let live free of charge. Oregon refugee in Alaska when we can come together I’ll fight, till then my children are taught my way not brainwashed. Common minds and morals builds communities and family.

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