Berkshire Murder Case Lurches On

May 15, 2014

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In the way of American justice, the cases against the three men associated in the public mind with the Berkshire County charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club simply will not end.

In August 2011 three men named Adam Lee Hall, David Chalue and Caius Veiovis allegedly murdered three other men named David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell. It became a Hells Angels case because at the time of the murders Hall was the Sergeant at Arms for the Berkshire County charter. The case became sensational because Veiovis, who was born Roy Gutfinski, had a unique appearance accentuated by facial tattoos, an interesting nose piercing and implants in his forehead that were intended to resemble a demon’s horns. Both Chalue and Veiovis were said to have aspired to membership in the Angels.


Glasser, Frampton and Chadwell were murdered because Glasser was about to testify in a case that could have put Hall in prison. Frampton and Chadwell were murdered because they were in Glasser’s apartment when Hall showed up. Chalue and Veiovis were there because Hall allegedly portrayed the murders as being connected to Hells Angels business and they wanted to ingratiate themselves to the club.

Hall was hardly a model Angel. In 2010, Hall tried to talk the FBI into letting him “take down” multiple East Coast charters of the Angels and the Feds turned him down because they thought he was a flake. He was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery, witness intimidation and three counts of murder last February.

It was not an easy verdict for Hall’s jury to reach. The jurors were deadlocked for days. When they finally asked the judge, a man named Jeffrey Kinder, if they could give up and go home the judge told them to keep trying until they arrived at a verdict and then they could go home. So they found Hall guilty an hour later.


Chalue’s trial has followed that course. He is also being tried by Judge Kinder. His defense ended on Monday and today the jury returned guilty verdicts on similar charges as Hall. But in this case, nothing is ever simple.

Through his attorney, Chalue asked that the individual jurors be polled. One female juror told Kinder that the verdicts were not unanimous. The defender asked for a mistrial. Kinder took a five minute recess and told the jury to get back to their room and try to agree some more.

Kinder will also preside over Veiovis’ trial beginning September 2. There is a motion hearing in that case scheduled for August 21, about three years after the dismembered bodies of Glasser, Frampton and Chadwell were discovered buried in a trench.

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9 Responses to “Berkshire Murder Case Lurches On”

  1. FF Says:

    Much of Friday was spent on questioning of prosecution witnesses Alexandra Ely, Hall’s girlfriend at the time of the killings, and Rose Dawson, a friend of both Hall and Ely.

    Defense lawyer Alan J. Black had fought in pretrial motions to keep the two from testifying about what they said Chalue and Hall did on the night of Aug. 29 at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Lee.

    Both testified Friday they went with Chalue and Hall to the clubhouse, which was empty except for the four of them.

    Dawson and Ely said the two men got quite drunk.

    Dawson said Hall was pretending to run away and saying “help me, help me.” She said Chalue was pointing his hand at Hall with his fingers forward and thumb up.

    Hall said something about “you should have seen the look on his face,” but didn’t say whose face, Dawson said. Hall also said, “You should have seen him run and try to get away,” she said.

    Ely testified she saw the same scene, she just didn’t remember which one the two men was pretending to run.


    Yeah right, like that really happened.

  2. jj solari Says:

    if the gay cop patrols want to find shit that can fuck people up they should be raiding mosques, not fucking motorcycle clubhouses. they’d find enough drugs and guns and explosives and mayhem-making mischief paraphernalia to conquer the entire western hemisphere. but ya know, cops being as fucked up as they are they very likely have a soft spot for islam since it mandates every form of degenerate behavior possible to a so called human being. which is, like, a total adrenaline rush to a cop, all the things the koran encourages you to do. if only they could read they would find in the koran a treasure house of aberrant behavior that would give them all boners even when they WERENT in the bath houses and leather bars. but the fact is they are afraid of muslims for some reason, even though muslims and cops have more in common than cancer and radiation poisoning.

  3. FF Says:

    Geez, what an absolute train wreck.

    From a previous AR entry on this case:

    A year ago, according to public documents, Hall had two meetings with FBI agents during which he claimed he could “take down” several East Coast charters of the Hells Angels including Berkshire County. At the time, Hall was free to chat with the FBI because the Berkshire County Charter had mortgaged its clubhouse to make his $250,000 bail. Hall volunteered to wear a wire and demanded that the pending charges against him be reduced.

    It sounds to me like Hall is a rat—or at least offered his services to be one. His criminal history with Glasser, his propensity for getting caught, and his hair brained schemes to frame Glasser and what not leads me to conclude he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, either.

    Which sadly tends to be the case with most criminals. They tend to be stupid, and that’s why they end up getting caught. On top of that, they lack self awareness, and don’t realize that they are stupid. So they blame everybody around them; somebody had to have “ratted” them out.

    This is pretty much what I fathom happened and why Hall had such a hard-on for Glasser. Glasser looked about as sharp as a marble, so the two of them together doubled their stupidity and propensity to get caught.

    So Hall tries to set the guy up, fails, then he tries to cut a deal with the feds, fails, and then Glasser and two hapless associates wind up dead and buried in a ditch.

    I can see why Hall was the primary suspect, and if he did in fact murder these guys, well… like I already said, he’s got an IQ hovering around 68. But—

    Where is the physical evidence? There is none. They can’t even place him at the scene of the crime. As for the other two dildos, Chalue and Vavoom, once again, the common denominator is stupidity.

    But being stupid isn’t a crime. Where is the evidence that these guys murdered anyone? Buried bodies in a ditch? There is none.

    Right now I’m thinking about Casey Anthony, the bitch who killed her baby and was acquitted. I know damn well she did it, you know damn well she did it, but the jury felt there just wasn’t a strong enough case to convict her.

    The only other thing I’d like to point out is it’s obvious Hall acted on his own (if he did do this, and I think he did, that’s just my opinion) and certainly didn’t have any endorsement or approval of his club, based on the fact that he went outside the club and found two amateur turds to carry out the hit on Glasser.

    Trying to get inside the mind of an idiot criminal, the only way Hall could have possibly thought he’d get away with this is if they never found the bodies.

    Stupidity. Criminal activity. Bad combination. Always ends bad.

  4. Done Says:

    So, the Jury told the Judge, “We just don’t know. Can we please go home”? He sent them back and an hour later the found him guilty? Seriously? So, if a mistrial is a mistrial but the Judge doesn’t like mistrials then it’s not a mistrial? I’m confused.

  5. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Whatta looker! He should do well on J-Date!
    But, he needs to use Proactive. I see he has some monster pimples on his forehead.

  6. Whitepride Says:

    Iv’e seen some freaky looking people in my life but that boy ain’t right! I don’t know a lot about the law but wouldn’t that be grounds for appeal forcing a jury to make a decision under threat of continued sequestration by the judge?

  7. Paladin Says:

    While giving instruction to the juries, the good Judge Kinder obviously failed to impress upon his jurors that unless they came to a consensus that pleased him, they would continue to be held hostage indefinitely.

    Apparently: A jury’s agreeing to disagree isn’t an option, and a mistrial in Judge Kinder’s court equates to a missed opportunity to send someone to prison.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  8. Done Says:

    How did my daughters miss bringing this one over to the house?

  9. Not Surprised Says:

    Everything I’ve read and heard about this leads me to suspend any “benefit of the doubt” normally reserved. Apparently, Hall led the other two fucks into believing they would get patched in for their parts.

    His offer to “roll” was rejected in part because no one wanted the liability of trying to control him as a CI. Man, you gotta be a fuck up when that happens.

    My own opinion and nothing more.

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