Myrtle Beach Rally Rebounding

May 12, 2014

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Myrtle Beach Bike Week, which for years was one of the six major biker rallies of the summer, began today. Realistic local businessmen expect the event may attract as many as 125,000 bikers.

The event is the nation’s fourth oldest biker rally. The annual rally in Laconia began in 1916 and became a stop on the official Gypsy Tour recognized by the forerunner of the American Motorcyclist Association in 1923. The rally in Daytona dates to 1937. The Black Hills Rally in Sturgis began in 1938. Myrtle Beach dates to 1940.

The Myrtle Beach Rally was basically finished after the city of Myrtle Beach passed a series of draconian laws in 2008 that were intended to discriminate against bikers and drive them away. Those laws included ordinances that declared motorcycle rallies to be nuisances and authorized the police to sue to recover any costs they might incur as a result of those nuisances. Other ordinances held rally sponsors liable for the costs of arresting and jailing attendees; a law that made it illegal to loiter in a city park; a Myrtle Beach only helmet law that required those helmets to be provably DOT certified; a law that required Harley exhausts to be quiet as sleeping babies; a law that effectively made local cops judges; and another law that required all convenience stores to hire security guards. The most annoying of those was the helmet law. The South Carolina Supreme Court overturned all these laws after the 2010 rally that basically wasn’t.

Business Prepare

Local television station WBTW ran a story last week that hoped “this may be the largest bike week since 2008.”

The station quoted Mike Foster, owner of the Crooked Floor Tavern, who said he was “really excited about the spring rally. We’ve got vendors coming in. We’ve got like seven or eight different vendors. We’ve also got entertainment.”

Several South Carolina news outlets have quoted Bill Barber who is the manager of a biker bar and barbeque joint called Suck Bang Blow. Barber’s bar needs the rally business and he is optimistic. He told WBTW he was “anticipating this to be the best rally we’ve had since the early 2000s.”

He told the Sun News he thinks as many as 300,000 bikers may come to town for this year’s event. The rally had 400,000 visitors in 2008. “Our phones have been ringing off the wall,” he told the local paper. “Our Facebook went nuts.”

The rally officially ends next Sunday.


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  1. MARK TRAINA Says:


    5 shot, 3 killed on first night of “Black Bike Week” _



    4) Black Bike Week 2014 Myrtle Beach+crime and violence — Negro bike weeks ends today 5/26/14


    Posted By: Mark Traina


    [email protected]


    mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/civil rights activist – 504-231-3056

  2. SkinnyBill Says:

    So.. No big news out of bike week last week, and most major east coast clubs were represented.
    However, here’s the news from black bike week this week:

  3. 11c_infantry Says:

    I hadn’t been to MB bike week since the early 90’s, so I got a wild hair and rode down Friday to see if things had changed. They haven’t. We’d been there all of 10 or 15 minutes before we were threatened with arrest because we had solo cups of beer in front of the hotel on Ocean Boulevard. Some of my friends, who aren’t club guys, had asked a cop a few minutes earlier if they could drink in front of the hotel. The cop said, “Sure, as long as you have it in a cup.” When the patches showed up that changed. A couple cops on a golf cart pulled over after I’d had one or two good swallows and said if we were still drinking when they came back they’d take us to jail. I drained my cup in a single gulp and said “Yes, officer.” The next day, a bike cop started circling us in a bar parking lot because someone cracked their throttle a little. We pulled back into the parking space, switched off our bikes, and just stared at him. He was waiting for us to leave the parking lot so he could ticket us for a noise ordinance violation and maybe get lucky and pop one of us for DUI. He was pissed and finally left when he saw we weren’t budging. The rest of the weekend, we got eyeballed by every cop we passed. In short, it sucked. The next time I get a wild hair, I’m just going to mail the city of Myrtle Beach a check for a few hundred dollars – since that’s all they’re really interested in – and save my freaking time.
    L&R to those who earned it,

  4. Tooj Says:

    Rallies? meh. Talk of Hollister, etc when they haven’t been what they were for 30+ years. What’s the point, other than to provide an “experience”? And if you go for the “rally experience”, isn’t that RUB-by?

    The hardcore have rallies form around THEM, not the other way around. Word to your mother.

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    Thanks, Rebel.

    Not that I change my pipes back and forth depending on where I go, just that I bought new pipes right about the time I went down there last time. The OL likes to go in the city limits so I waited until we got back to change them. I’ve had enough headaches with Myrtle Beach’s particular brand of army of occupation to last a lifetime.

    Shit, think I’ll just go to Florida this year.

  6. skinny denny Says:

    Anyone that trailers a scoot to a rally ought to be castrated! Although if you trailer a scoot to a rally you don’t have any balls to begin with. Fuck big wheel baggers on trailers!

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Glenn S.,

    The loud pipe ordinance was repealed on a technicality by the SC Supreme Court at the same time the helmet law was overturned. Two ordinances regarding trailer parking and accomadations were not. The Court wrote:

    “As noted, the City of Myrtle Beach enacted a number of ordinances and amendments to ordinances in response to the motorcycle rallies. Among the ordinances were ordinances 2008-61 through 67, which the City passed with the designation that any violation constituted an “administrative infraction.” The City also enacted Ordinance 2008-71, establishing an administrative hearing system which, as the City explained on its website, established a process “to handle infractions as specified in Ordinances 2008-61, 2008-62, 2008-63, 2008-64, 2008-65, 2008-66, and 2008-67.” Ordinance 2008-71 set forth in detail the rules, powers, and procedures of the administrative hearing system.

    “We find that the above-cited ordinances were enacted with the specific condition that they be enforced in the specially-crafted administrative hearing system. The ordinances therefore cannot be reconciled with a later ordinance abolishing the system. Consequently, the Motorcycle Ordinances continuing to reference “administrative infractions” were impliedly repealed.

    “We note, however, that in the same ordinance which repealed the administrative hearing system, the City amended Ordinances 2008-61 (accommodations restrictions) and 2008-65 (parking of trailers on public streets or unlicensed private lots) to designate those violations as “misdemeanors” rather than “administrative infractions.” Consequently, these ordinances are not impliedly repealed and remain in effect.”

    Okay? You don’t have to change pipes before you ride through Myrtle Beach.


  8. Magoo Says:

    I just came back from spending a couple days up there. Lots of time in North MB and Murrell’s Inlet. Dropped by a couple of places in the City of MB but, apparently, vendors couldn’t even set up until Monday morning. (The rally officially started on Friday). After two trips into town with nothing set up, I decided I would not make a third.

    I talked to one vendor who said the permanent businesses where he was set up paid $100/yr for their licenses. He had to pay $800 for 10 days. (I bought something from him just to help him out.) Yeah, the City is still screwing with the rally. He said the City said it was to pay for all the extra law and fire but it was for extra law and fire that would be required for Atlantic Bike Week. He explained, “I’m paying for that rally”. Although.. there seemed to be a LOT of LEO inside the City limits.

    I know it’s not the fault of the vendors and I’d like to still support them but I’m not spending money inside the city limits. Hopefully, the vendors will clue in and move north or south.

    I can tell you the first part of the rally was pretty tame in every direction that I could see. I still had fun. Met some people. Saw some cool bikes. Etc. I didn’t see a lot of LEO presence except in the City of Myrtle Beach. They were around. But not so much that they looked like an occupying force. I wish the MB Rally had something like the hill climbs in Laconia. Or some more scheduled rides and such. A man can only shop (or drink) for so long, especially when the shopping is pretty much the same as the other rally. But Laconia doesn’t have a beach. Well, not like that anyway. It looked like The Rat Hole might be the closest thing but.. oh yeah.. there’s that pesky City of MB thing. It was pretty much empty bleachers both times I checked.

    I still had fun but I don’t have anything to compare it to. Everyone was decent to me. Beer prices were a little outrageous but that’s my own fault for staying there and paying it. I can’t complain. It might be different for me if it wasn’t reasonably close.

    I don’t know what it was like “back in the day” but it must’ve been something. Wish I could have been there. If I can enjoy this rally, I’m sure I would’ve had a blast.

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    Does anybody know what happened to the Myrtle Beach noise ordnance? I specifically remember the helmet law being overturned by the SC Supreme Court, but I don’t remember what happened with the one about loud pipes. I traded the stock pipes with Rush slip-ons for Vance and Hines big shots the day after the last time I got back from Myrtle Beach.

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    Done, that’s exactly the way I see it, but I’ll add that Myrtle Beach has always been a jail trap for anybody going there to party, biker or otherwise, bike week or not. In my younger days, a trip to Myrtle Beach always meant a 4 hour stay in their jail, a bond posted, a court date set a few weeks down the road, and bond forfeited, all for some minor misbehavior that wouldn’t get anybody arrested anywhere else, even by the hometown pig that hated me personally. The pigs would lay outside of the bars and arrest patrons as we left. And there was a joint called The Little House where there were yellow lines painted, beyond which beer was not allowed. The pigs would see someone with a beer in hand and call, from across the yellow line: “Hey, come here for a minute”, and then arrest for public consumption if the beer drinker kept the beer in his hand when he crossed the line.

    I remember a series of articles, in the local newspaper, about the Myrtle Beach po-lice after the 17-year-old son of some bigwig with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce got arrested for disorderly conduct after he whistled at a girl.

  11. Phonebooth Bob Says:

    @Done, GREAT writeup. I am from SC as well and can attest to the facts you laid out. I went to the bike week several years before the clampdown, and had a fantastic time.

    The restaurant owners claim that during Atlantic Beach bike week, “customers” will dine and dash at a very high rate. Grocery stores are the latest to close.

    The NAACP is boycotting. Maybe Atlantic Beach bike week should be cancelled out of respect to that fine group.

  12. Stevo Says:

    OC Vago-

    RE Steve ‘Little Nicky’ Cook, I won’t be surprised if he’s there with his pathetic T-shirts on the Iron Order booth. The fucking QUEER.


  13. OC VAGO 1%er Says:


    and so the real hypocrisy is outed.

  14. Not Surprised Says:


    Well written post. Thanks for giving an inside perspective.

    When I called Black Bike Week a cultural phenomenon what I meant was how for years, voluntary segregation at MB has always worked. I am unaware of any racial incidents during either of the bike weeks but was there not a riot of some sort during BBW. Black on black stuff?

  15. skinny denny Says:

    Very articulate and informative post. Much appreciated.

  16. Brian Says:

    spot on…everything you stated is true…didn’t they also for a couple years switch to only having one bike week per year because of the extra presence of cops during week 2 and the NAACP threatening lawsuits against the city? Regardless, I tend to stay away from Myrtle and OC, MD “bike weeks”, if you can call them that…more like start drinking at 10am ride two blocks, drink, ride two more blocks, drink repeat all day. Too many weekend warriors down there sporting their harley gear and getting all fucked up and annoying. Personally, even though it is a lot more low key, I like OBX bike week. But unfortunately, that one is pretty much history due to low participation.

  17. Done Says:

    In the beginning there was Bike Week at Myrtle Beach comprised mainly of White Bikers on Harleys and Trumps. Over time a second event held the week after Bike week evolved comprised mainly of Black Bikers riding rice burners called Atlantic Beach Bike Week (Atlantic Beach is north of Myrtle Beach and is a predominately Black area as it has been since post Civil War Reconstruction). Locals came to call there two events “Harley or White Bike Week & Black Biker Week” respectivly. Locals would keep their shops, restaurants, what have you, open for business during Harley Bike Week but would be “closed for renovations” during Black Bike Week. As I reside about 70 miles inland from the beach I’ve been to both and they were and are very different sorts of events. Truth be told, what the Town Fathers tried to do was rid themselves of Black Biker Week and to do so they had to kill Harley Bike Week so as not to appear racist. The NAACP is already boycotting the entire State over the continued display of the Confederate Battle Flag which while removed from on top of the Capitol Dome (1961-1999) in Columbia (actually the Naval Jack) was moved to a flag pole next to the Confederate Soldiers Memorial (1999-Present). In the great debate in the SC Legislature which relocated the Confederate Naval Jack and replaced it with the Confederate Battle Flag (you could barely see the Naval Jack on the dome but you can’t miss the Battle Flag on the grounds) also came the recognition of MLK Day as an official State Holiday which begat Confederate Memorial Day, both paid State Holidays (2 more days the DMV is closed). The NAACP is still officially boycotting South Carolina as a whole which has translated into the NCAA never holding things like College Basketball tournaments here but little else. Tourism has grown steadily without regard to the NAACP Boycott attracting both black & white national conventions and the like. The Brain Drain at Myrtle Beach concocted the demise of both Bike Weeks enacting draconian motorcycle only traffic laws which were later struck down by the SC Supreme Courtbut by then the damage was done and the official explaination in the propaganda media was that they were trying to rid Myrtle Beach of the event to make the beach more “family friendly” which was horse shit. They were just trying to kill Black Biker Week and had to throw out the baby with the bath water to do it. That’s the historic side of it. There’s an equally interesting/boring curtural side which is not for the faint of heart so if you are easily offended, READ NO FURTHER:

    While “Harley/White Biker Week” was profitable for local merchants and largely uneventfull for local law enforcement, “Black Biker Week/ Atlantic Beach Bike Week” was not. Waitresses & Strippers refused to work it because they weren’t getting any tips. Shop owners and vendors either packed up and left or shuttered their businesses due to a very real up tick in “shrinkage”. Law Enforcement was back logged with reports of people making sweet love on the hoods of parked cars on Ocean Blvd as well as other high traffic areas. And, when the attendees left, the amount of litter and garbage took a week to clean up. “Harley Bike Week” kept it’s more interesting activities sequestered at Biker Night Clubs like the Suck, Bang & Blow or The Rat Hole while “Black Biker Week” tended to spill out into just about every venue brave enough to stay open. One more or less policed itself while the other generated more calls to the Police than the MBPD could reasonably handle even with all you can eat OT. If that weren’t enough of a drain on the Town Treasurer, the State Police & SLED were more than happy to join the party for an equal slice of the funds already exhausted. In short, “Black Biker / Atlantic Beach Bike Week” cost far more to tolerate than it generated in revenue to the local economy (& scared the town folk shitless).

    Although I live about an hour inland from Myrtle Beach I rarely go there (if you’re ever here check out Charleston or Savannah, trust me you’ll have a much better time). I most definately don’t go there during Bike Week or Atlantic Beach Bike Week anymore not because I’m too cool to associate with RUBS or too white to tolerate Black Bikers. The reality of it is that both are a cluster fucks of the first order and not the casual laid back things they once were. I understand why other riders do attend and I hope they stay safe, enjoy themselves and don’t get busted. I also wish no ill will on those who will show up next week for Atlantic Beach Bike Week (which truth be told, never really went away regardless of hospitality issues). And above all, I truly hope the Clubs are on point because there’s been a very real up tick in Law Enforcement check points and surveillance this year which never ends well. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they instigate some form of mischief which results in a version of what went down at the Laughlin River Run and although they’ve already poisoned enough watering holes, they aren’t satisified and never will be.

    I honestly apologize if anyone has found my comment disrespectful however, it’s the truth and nobody else had told it. Peace.

  18. slycechyx Says:

    Have to give a shout out to Cave Creek, AZ. They want AZ bike week business, they pull out all stops for the invasion of bikers in their little town. Blocked off roads, provided traffic control, merchants were more then happy to open their doors & bring in extra people.

  19. Not Surprised Says:


    Seriously. Long time ago though and during a period when MB would hire about 2-300 “temp” cops. Justice Dept. actually came down on the city really hard for all kinds of shit.

    Biggest single criminal charge was sleeping on the beach. Straight to jail

    I bonded out and never went back. In retrospect I feel the incident had more to do with my big mouth than anything else..

  20. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er:

    ROTFLMFAO! I think Steve Cook is a frustrated wannabe prospect who realized he couldn’t cut it in the real world and therefore tried to ingratiate himself to the Man in order to achieve some sort of sense of acceptance and power, and for some “protection” from that of which he is simultaneously afraid and enamored.

    @ Not Surprised:

    My condolences, but…that birthday cake was probably underage, and I’m sure you were wielding a vicious blade with a length of at least two inches, probably waving it wildly while you made terroristic threats against the helpless underage cake, causing even patch holders to flee in terror.

    Seriously?? Damn…I think I may never even ride through Myrtle Beach now. Can a person be arrested these days for inhaling and exhaling the wrong way?

    @ Rahlow and skinny denny:

    I rode my bike to a trailer show. I’m with ya.

    Ride Free

  21. Not Surprised Says:

    Bike Week for its endurance, makes Myrtle Beach the biggest city in SC/NC. But this being the South and a republican stronghold, a recent administration believed that making MB more “family oriented” was the key to the future. It was never the businesses or the citizens who oppose Bike Week.

    Then there is the most peculiar cultural phenomenon of all: Black Bike Week. There has always been an “understanding” that families book around these two events and each of the events does not over populate the other.

    There has been surprisingly little conflict over the years. All major 1% clubs in the region attend. I have my own reasons for not wanting to go back to MB that have to do with being arrested for illegal possession of a deadly weapon for cutting a birthday cake with a butcher knife in plain sight.

    You haven’t experienced incarceration until you’ve been in a MB jail cell with the outside temp over 95 with 21 other sweating assholes in a cell meant for 6 during Bike Week.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    @OC VAGO 1%er – MWAHAHA! That made me laugh too! Good one!

  23. Mike 184 Says:

    I have been a bunch of times and it used to be a good time until the city pulled their bullshit. You can actually see what the loss of revenue has done to that town. Stores and restaurants closing, less people returning at all because of the BS. Hell, a stock softail right off the showroom floor would not pass the decibel level that they set for ticketing. There is a bunch of rich bitch posh assholes that live down there and I believe that they were the driving force in most of that stuff.

    I went last year and got tailed around by the cops, and I am going this year and am sure that it will be worse. Still, I am going to get to meet and see members and friends and get a few days out of work. I’m looking forward to it.

    Yeah I hate the big wheel bullshit too…. This too shall pass. I figure that it is already “not cool”, but the next big thing has not happened yet for everyone to jump on.

  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Is Steve Cook going to have a vendor booth? The mental image of that makes me laugh myself silly.

  25. Rahlow Says:

    @ skinny Denny….yea I dont like the new trends…big wheels…and I actually saw a guy trailering HD Trike to MB.

  26. skinny denny Says:

    Any more the big rallies are little more than poser/rub circle jerks. Half those clowns trailer their “baggers”. Anyone else out there hate big wheel baggers as much as I do? The next fad will probably be seats with built in operational dildos. The Iron Order would really get off on that!

  27. John Deaux Says:

    I agree with ocmouse22.
    Fuck Myrtle Beach and all the places like em. I’ll take my money and spend my time elsewhere.

  28. Base Says:

    Anymore with they way the world is, the best runs is the one tossed together by locals, clubs and private individual’s. Big runs like this one really are nothing more than a mass check point or speed trap.

    If that analogy applies with any sense.

  29. JAFO Says:

    This is exactly what happened in Hollister and we came out in droves. Its just hard to ignore an event of this caliber. But I doubt if the numbers will be as great this year. I know my little herd won’t be there. Fuck them! The only interest they have in us is the depth of our pockets


  30. Paladin Says:

    “He told the Sun News he thinks as many as 300,000 bikers may come to town for this year’s event. The rally had 400,000 visitors in 2008. “Our phones have been ringing off the wall,” he told the local paper. “Our Facebook went nuts.”

    The above quote is enough to keep me away. I don’t want to be around that many people, period.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  31. L-Frame S&W Says:

    I’ve been to Mrytle Beach, for work, not for any bike events. The place sucked, too much hypocrisy for my taste, every street corner had a titty bar on one side, and a church on the other. All the locals talked about the bicycle cops, looking for out of towners drinking while stuck in traffic. Fuck Mrytle Beach, they had a good money making thing, and they blew it.

  32. cwb_j0ker Says:

    I would have to say I agree, this city gots the balls to give bikers the cold shoulder fuck them and there city that has there hands deep in the market taxation .let there payrolls dry out till there back to 5 Fuckin bicycle cops and a tin badgebadge sheriff then well re our scooters back in that bullshit town.bikers made them then they turned there back on us.fuck that shit.i agree bro

  33. ocmouse22 Says:

    No one should go to this rally. Let the city see what happens when you mess with bikers. Let them waste money not us on over priced food, rooms, fuel. Let them spend their money on cops they don’t really need. SAVE THE PATCH. Stick together. This last weekend was NCOM in Texas it was great no issues and a lot was done to educate everyone about our rights.

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