Amaro Found Guilty

May 10, 2014

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About 11 p.m. local time last night a Florida jury found Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro guilty of the murders of Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. Under current Florida law Amaro faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

There was never any question that Amaro killed the two men as they rode into the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida on September 30,  2012. His defense attorney, a man named Junior Barrett, told jurors that Amaro had acted in reasonable fear for his life when he retrieved two hidden pistols, held one in each hand and lit up Liddle and Jakiela.

Neither of Amaro’s victims had time to turn off their motorcycles. Liddle died first. Jakiela, an Orlando architect, was shot in the head as he tried to hide behind his motorcycle and died two days later in a hospital. Barrett argued that Amaro “was scared. He was firing (because) he believed they were coming to hurt or kill” Amaro and his codefendants, David “Tin Man” Maloney, Robert William “Willy” Eckert and Paul Wayne Smith.

Previous Trials

It was Amaro’s second trial on the same charges. His first trial ended in a mistrial after four days following a prosecutorial error that might have prejudiced his jury.

Maloney was acquitted of the three murder charges and one count of attempted murder in a trial that ended last month. The jury in that trial hung on whether Maloney was guilty of a second count of attempted murder. Prosecutors have not yet announced when or if they will retry Maloney on the unresolved count. Eckert was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter and sentenced to 27 years in prison last week by Judge Jessica Recksiedler, the same judge who will sentence Amaro. Smith will stand trial beginning May 21.

Bad Blood

The murders culminated a bizarre feud between an eight member chapter of a Philadelphia area motorcycle club and a large and widely respected Orlando based motorcycle club. Both clubs call themselves the Warlocks. Members of the Philadelphia based club wear a Harpy patch. The Florida Warlocks wear a Phoenix which is often referred two as a “Warbird.” About half the members of the small Harpy chapter were former Florida Warlocks who had been kicked out the big club. At least three of those disgruntled ex-members openly expressed bitter grudges against their former club.

Maloney, the president of the Harpy Warlocks Florida chapter is a former Warbird Warlocks chapter president who shot and wounded a member of his old club outside a bar in Sanford, Florida a year before the VFW murders.

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34 Responses to “Amaro Found Guilty”

  1. Base Says:

    Hell, the way things are going mom’s in mini vans are targets for the thugs in uniforms! Patch or no patch.

    You know some of those moms display that hate symbol of a happy stick family holding hands, especially if there is a stick dog. You know how cops like shooting dogs. Makes them feel manly!

    And then on occasion a mother may display one of those signs that gives them away as a potential threat like “BABY ON BOARD”

    Bunch of fucking hero’s!

    Head on a swivel

  2. RtC Says:

    Can’t help it, but this douche looks like”they said it was a cap-gun!”
    How lost can you be & be in THIS “club”??!! Glad I’m not a “joiner” AND
    not in Florida! “Nitemare” must be proud. Saw shit he spouted on BNN &
    had to laugh!

  3. steve Says:

    Jim666.i totally agree everybody that wears a 3 piece patch is a target for the leo.

  4. Jim666 Says:

    I know people in the Fla based Warlocks mc and I know a few that left when the tv show started.I don`t know any of the Pa. based Warlocks that I know of. I did meet 2 of the men who were killed that day a few times and they
    seemed straight up people .

    I have my speculations on what happened that day but them again I wasnt there so thats all I have is speculations. I`ll keep those to myself.

    What I will say is this whole damn mess makes everyone that wears a patch on their back a target for leo more so than before this shit happened.

  5. skinny denny Says:

    Whiskey dicks are always in attendance at Iron Order hangouts and clubhouses. R.I.P. Dresser Dave.

  6. Base Says:

    Who was that masked dumb fuck?

  7. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    Right on Done and 11C. Snugglebiker,,,was good to see you again,,,

    FF, man that’s another keyboard you helped me ruin! “whisky dick” LMMFAO

  8. Done Says:

    One of the Murdered Warlocks named Dresser and I tended bar together a few years back at a party. He was a great guy and in all the time I knew him I never detected any trace of malace or the type of man who would go out and start shit with people. He could end shit if it started and keep a lid on things but a trouble maker, no. He was one of those rare guys who could keep things real but more than that, have a great time doing it. People gravitated towards him, his vibes were positive. I really didn’t know the other murdered Warlocks very well but I knew them well enough to know they were good people, not assholes. I’ve known members of this MC since 1999, never had any trouble worth mentioning here. Point is, I don’t think they showed up that day to fight or settle a beef. Whether or not they were aware of who was holding the event God only knows. If they did know & still decided to attend I’ve yet to hear that their motive was hostile. I’ve seen other MC’s show up at events just to be there and to show they weren’t afraid of being where they wanted to be, when they wanted to be. Ususally it’s one or two members who’ve got a beef with one or two members & not a Club vs Club thing. Sometimes Clubs who don’t have good histories with each other will happen to be at the same event and usually that comes off without a hitch. When it doesn’t, that’s News cause they damned sure aren’t going to lead off the Evening Report with “RIVAL BIKE CLUBS GET ALONG”, although more often than not, that’s what usually happens. I started off this comment with that I knew Dresser and what knid of man he was. He wasn’t the kind of man you’d send in as point on a squad if you were there to start trouble. If anything, he was the kind of man you’d want there to keep things cool. This, more than any other reason is why this whole mess reeks of Cops. The shootout itself was the result of things not their beginning. Maloney & Smith (former out bad members) have a history of teflon. Teflon of this type ain’t cheap and the price is usually betrayal. Amaro and Eckert probably got mixed up in this alleged “MC” with the best of intentions and may or may not have known what they were getting into but when they were told to just followed orders from their older and more experienced “Brothers”. Trick bags are nothing new regardless of who you ride with. If memory serves, Smith started the shootout. Maloney skated on the charges. Probably Eckert & Amaro were assured they would too but when they didn’t Smith fired his Public Pretender & somehow had enough cash to hire a better mouth piece. Smith has got to be on thin ice by now which he doesn’t do too well at. If the fix is no longer in and Smith starts looking at real time that’s when Maloney will either be really hard to find or must find a way to either cooperate with or silence Smith. Maloney either has ears on the inside and knows what Smith is doing or he’s sweating buckets by now. Another outcome that nobody has mentioned is when Smith & Maloney start ratting out the Cops and in that case look for pre 4th of July fireworks in Florida. Two things are for sure, the other shoe is about to drop and there’s a hell of a lot more to this than meets the eye. As much as it pains me to say this, @chaos may actually be correct without knowing why, he obviously doesn’t know jack about the upstart MC or those who ran it, but there’s a lot more to this story and the proof will be seen as soon as Florida vs. Smith gets underway if things go further south for Smith.

  9. 11c_infantry Says:

    I’m not a spelling or grammar Nazi and I very rarely disagree with you, but I have to point out your error. It’s spelled asshat not asset.

    The only people who can’t see what happened are either idiots or provocateurs (either because they are pathetic losers and need the entertainment or because they are members of the alphabet gang). What this particular douche doesn’t know is we aren’t in California.
    L&R to those who earned it,

  10. Oldskewl Says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think anyone here misunderstands what went down that day.

  11. FF Says:

    Chaos, take your happy, fixed income, cop pension, silly ass down to the local cop bar dive. I know it’s not ladies night, but there’s always a few cop groupie, seahag drunken sots available to suck on that whiskey dick until either one of you just gives up. Your ex-wives hate you, the brood you had with them all hate you. Hell, even your mother wants to rip her uterus out just thinking about you and your father is going to stick his head in the oven any day now.

    Just wrap the plastic bag over your head and tie it tight with a rubber band and just get it over with already.

    Somebody will cry when they discover your body, but they’ll have to think of something sad.

  12. Snugglebiker Says:

    @ CHAOS……hmmm. I call bullshit also. You aren’t even entertaining, your words bore me. Partial truths known by all and tidbits of your fantasy woven together equals Bull Shit. I am beginning to resent the fact that I even see your name while reading excellent opinions and articles. Be gone CHAOS, BE GONE!

  13. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    @Chaos….would still like there hear whether you give a pass to people who shoot 3 men off their motorcycles before those murdered even park?

  14. chaos Says:

    @Austin- I wasn’t talking about Tin Mans prior incident im talking about the one after the VFW. All I’m trying to point out here is you guys are calling these fellas out but have absolutely no concept of what is going on in that area besides your keyboard conspiracy theories. Am I wrong? I’m sure Rebel researches his topics but I’m sure his sources all have starred on Gangland on this one.

    As far as stirring shit…..thats on you idiots.


  15. Casual Observer Says:

    you said “those original Warlocks aren’t going anywhere despite all you guys bashing them for staying true to tgeir values”and their values was shooting unarmed men rather than manning up and knuckling it out so yes they are going somewhere ,They are going to PRISON every hear of it?

  16. skinny denny Says:

    Please bring Budweiser back. At least somewhat entertaining(in a pathetic sort of way).

  17. Oldskewl Says:

    Rebel Says:

    Dear chaos,

    You sound just like an ATF asset.

    It’s funny how everyone thinks the internet is total anonymity but eventually their mouth gives them away.

    Chaos; the laughing Devils were a joke, nobody except for you thought they were a real club.


  18. Austin Says:

    Chaos – Oh please…. “I don’t know if you reported on the other shooting that occurred”

    ….As if any other media outlet paid attention, had sources or did research ….

    We can all see you were unable focus for 3.7 seconds, long enough to research this topic, and are in fact – just trying to stir shit up.


  19. chaos Says:

    What did your intelligent fellow internet biker post? If the shoe fits wear it. If you fake shit on tv then it doesn’t matter what you sew on your vests. All this internet speculation is hilarious though go out and get in two wheels and meet the folks you condem and then decide for yourself who is real and who ain’t. Accusing all those guys as out bad pieces of shit does infact play to warbird credibility. Don’t got much time guys we’re doing a raid on dunkin doughnuts

    Atf/fbi/cia/only guy who can see through yalls bs Chaos out

  20. Road Whore Says:

    @ chaos:

    You SERIOUSLY compare the Laffing Devils to the Warlocks??? Really???? Hey…I can hook you up with Jax if you wanna prospect for the Sons. Lawsy.

    Ride Free (to the real)

  21. jj solari Says:

    dear chaos; all i am getting out of your contributions is that you are unhappy about not living in california. that’s coming across pretty strong. you might think you are communicating something altogether different. but what i am getting is that you wish you lived in california. there are easier less complicated ways to express that than the way you are doing it so far. please try again. you can do this.

  22. Stevo Says:


    The snitch cap fits, now wear it you piece of shit cop cunt.


  23. chaos Says:

    Not trying to provoke just pointing out painfully obvious. FYI Roadnames are sometimes shared by many.

    Atf/Fbi director chaos out

  24. cwb_j0ker Says:

    Big sunrise,a re trial and everyone still goes to jail for the remainder of there life and still 3 dead riders. Why ? Should be the real discussion. Personally my opinion is Florida will not gain anything from this.those,war birds got enough on there plate with OLs on there tail and there desperate attempts to grab supporter they have trigger men from there prior ranks gunnin for them.Alot thought needs to go into how much of a future that club has.
    All honesty from a brotherhood aspect I wish yall well in your journey but I do not see it having a promising future. All else fails could be a HA club like rest damn east coast

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear chaos,

    You sound just like an ATF asset. I listen to anybody who wants to talk to me. I am not that hard to find. I think you are trying to start shit. This case is not about the outlaw cred of the Warbird Warlocks. This case is about the bodies. I think you sound just like a guy who is trying to provoke about three or four brand name clubs into doing something stupid and/or rash. If I am barking up the wrong tree send me an email. And stop using the road name of ATF snitch Steve Veltus. You sound like Steve Veltus.


  26. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    11c,,,,,,,I don’t understand how everyone doesn’t see the obvious, One of the very first pictures published of the murder/ambush scene is proof enough of what happened,,,,the why isn’t so obvious.

    @chaos,,no disrespect but do you give a pass to anyone who shoots a man off his motorcycle in a parking lot? Excuse me 3 men.

  27. chaos Says:

    Call it all you want. I’m not even referring simply to Tin mans trial either. Like I said instead of fox newsing it from California and selling a one sided story as fact might wanna get the full spectrum.I know what the reply to this I going to be. Im the director of the NSA and theres a huge consconspiracy in play. Feel free to put the tin foil hats back on and carry on because those original Warlocks aren’t going anywhere despite all you guys bashing them for staying true to tgeir values. I think its ironic that when the laffing devils go on tv they’re breaking years of tradition and protocol and bein bashed (albeit rightfully so) When the warbirds do it they’re given a pass with people saying they don’t blame them they’re making money any way they can. Both shows are perversions so why should they get a pass for the same fuckery?

    Sorry for the rant but its pretty damn one sided around here.

  28. skinny denny Says:

    Two things in life are certain(no not taxes, some people don’t pay
    taxes). 1. death and 2. Amaro will never be on the cover of GQ magazine.

  29. 11c_infantry Says:

    I gotta call bullshit too. The only witness to these other alleged attacks against Maloney is Maloney.

  30. chaos Says:

    Can’t make up facts dig for yourself

  31. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:


  32. chaos Says:

    Your information is a bit off. The Red and White original Warlocks were and are targeted by the Tv “reality” show club. I don’t know if you reported on the other shooting that occurred between the two groups recently either in which the warbirds were the aggressor. These guys have some of the tv stars even testifying on behalf of the original Warlocks. They weren’t kicked out they chose to leave because the television crap, so try to do a bit more fact checking from thr other side instead of the spoon feeding from the warbirds.

  33. 11c_infantry Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t see the blatant provocation behind starting a chapter of a club with the same name in your old club’s back yard is blind or a complete idiot. Since every-frickin-body is starting three patch clubs these days, Maloney, Amaro, et al could have picked almost any club name under the sun, but they picked the Warlocks. Men who live in this world don’t do shit like that by accident. These guys weren’t SOA fans who wanted to look tough at bike night with their clean new patches but didn’t know dick about how things work. These were guys who’d lived the life, and they knew what they were doing. I just can’t understand how whoever issued the charter for these guys didn’t see this shit coming a mile away; they had to see it. Either that, or they didn’t do their homework on who they were issuing the charter to. Either way it sucks because they took a big steaming dump on every three piece club in the southeast. They gave the cops and the alphabet gang ammunition. This shit is going to have long-term ramifications.
    L&R to those who earned it,

  34. RtC Says:

    Are the FEDS trying to cover their “operation”? Gotta RE-try to make things
    “look right”??
    Keep at it REBEL! YOU will get the truth out!
    BTW, REBEL, I will be sending you an E before long. Subject line
    will say HOWLdy & RESPECTS, so ya don’t know it’s f’n SPAM

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