Steve Cook Strikes Again

May 5, 2014

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Summer is coming so tens of thousands of West Coast motorcycle enthusiasts will be passing through Wyoming in the next five months.

It is a pretty and sparsely populated state. Most of the left coast passes through some part of Wyoming to get to Sturgis every August. This summer, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club will hold its National Run in Cody. And, this year the police in Rock Springs, Wyoming will be better prepared than ever to make life miserable for all those tourists on two wheels. A week ago Steve Cook came to town to offer his “expertise” on the frequently discussed, mostly invisible motorcycle gang menace.


Cook describes himself as a “public figure” and as an “outlaw motorcycle gang expert and  documentary television personality.” That is Steve in the photo above, jauntily leaning on a Hells Angels mailbox as if he owned it.

Cook is both the Executive Director and President of a racket called the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association.  According to one of his many official biographies, “Detective Cook has extensive knowledge and experience in investigating and prosecuting Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. He has prosecuted members of the Fairbanks, Alaska Hell’s (sic) Angel’s (sic) Motorcycle Gang and Colorado Springs, Colorado Sons of Silence Motorcycle Gang for methamphetamine and firearms charges. He has also participated in surveillance operations of ‘church meetings,’ bike shows, and swap meets of several well known
outlaw gangs.” And “Steve has also been featured in the History Channel’s Gang Land (sic) programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and Galloping Goose, on Biographies (sic) Gangsters Americas Most Evil twice, History Channels (sic) Americas Book of Secrets and Biographies (sic) Gangworld (sic) One Percenters.”

Cook mostly provides training “for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, corrections personnel and criminal analysts addressing the problems and pitfalls of investigations of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.” His assertions are often fatuous and imaginative. He gets paid with public money but most of what he has to say about the motorcycle gang menace must remain secret “Due to the sensitive nature” of his training programs. Generally, “the exact locations” of his training programs can only “be revealed to those who register.” “Special security” is maintained. And his “training programs” are “only open to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, prosecutors, probation/parole officers and other criminal justice professionals. You must show proper agency credentials or identification to be allowed entrance into the training program.”

Rock Springs

Cook also does business as the Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute and that’s the patch he wore when he rolled into Rock Springs, a city of about 23,000 that is pretty unavoidable on an east-west ride because the city squats astride Interstate 80. The local police chief, a fellow named Mike Lowell, told the Rock Springs Rocket-Miner, that because “Motorcycle gangs, also referred to as motorcycle clubs, have driven through Rock Springs and Sweetwater County,” on the Interstate on their way to someplace else, they have “caught the attention of police.”

“Lowell said they (local police) have stopped motorcycle gangs inside the city limits including the Bandidos, Sons of Silence and Hells Angels.”

“No community in Wyoming is safe from an outlaw motorcycle gang because they are so mobile, Lowell said.”

Lowell asked Cook to help him with the problem that is mostly between Lowell’s ears because, “There is enough of a concern with these groups to me to hold this class. To us, motorcycle gangs are identified by criminal action. We refer to them as OMGs.” The chief also told the Rocket-Miner “he wants outlaw motorcycle gangs to know he is willing to spend money to better understand them and their actions.”

Training Conference

Cook called his Rock Springs performance the “Patrol Response to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Training Conference.”

It covered: the “Origin and History of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs; Organizational Structure and Recruiting Process; Tattoo and Patch Identification; Intelligence Gathering; Study of the “Big 4” Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs; Weapons Identification; Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and the Drug Trade; Motorcycle Gang Related Violence; Combating Lawsuits and Legal Actions; Unique Investigative Techniques;” and “Safe Methods of Conducting Vehicle Stops on OMG Members.”

Trainees paid $200 each to attend this thing and afterward, according to the Rocket-Miner, Chief Lowell had learned “when OMGs come to Rock Springs, they should realize police are going to stop them. If everything is on the up and up with no warrants, possession of illegal drugs or any other criminal activity, it will just be a little bit of an inconvenience.”

He told the paper “OMG members also claim they are being misunderstood.”

“They are saying they are just working guys who drink pop and like to work on their motorcycles,” he said. “We refer to them as motorcycle gangs.”

In the future Rock Springs will always conduct traffic stops on motorcyclists with multiple officers because “It’s nice to be able to meet them with force.” Drug sniffing dogs will always be dispatched to those stops whether a reasonable, articulable suspicion exists to conduct a canine search or not. And the Chief “wants the community to be vigilant and call law enforcement if they spot a group of motorcycle riders who they suspect may be a part of a motorcycle gang.”

Incidentally, one can also get to Sturgis from the West Coast by way of Interstates 70 and 90.

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  1. John Says:


  2. ME Says:


  3. Gottabejustright Says:

    I found this after googling Steve Cook. I have learned a lot. So some clubs are at war with some other clubs. Apparently, sometimes they can be violent and are known to get pissed when they are disrespected or abused by the police. Also, if someone in the club is fucked with, then the club will come to their aide. You seriously have gotta be f’ing kidding me.

    If this guy is training law enforcement then it is safe to say there ain’t much to worry about except for some bullshit stops for loud pipes and handlebar violations. God bless, ride safe and Lord, please provide Steve a way to make an honest living.

  4. Kelly Smith Says:

    I live in Kansas City and Steve Cook is nothing more than a business man out to make money by stoking fears in the police about motorcyclists.

    He makes his money by exaggerating the fears over motorcyclists and is nothing more than a conman, and a good one too as he is conning the police. Pointing out an imaginary enemy to the police that can easily be spotted.

    I recently purchased a motorcycle, and as a 49 year old former Marine who has never broken the law nor has a criminal record, or even a traffic ticket in fact.

    I can tell you I am treated like a criminal everywhere I go on my motorcycle. The closest thing I could equate my experiences so far too would be; being Black While Driving. I know now somewhat what that means, or feels like for an actual black person now. (Apologies to any person of color for the comparisons, but I don’t know how else to explain it).

    The total disregard for a person’s rights or freedoms based on what type of clothing they wear or vehicle they drive, or even what social group they belong to. This is totally wrong- if not totally Un-American. As a former Marine I am totally disgusted by all of this.

    Police follow me everywhere I go. They turn around and follow me if I pass by them while they are going the other way, or they race ahead and pull over waiting for me to go by up ahead. Local sheriff has tailgated me though town inches away in a 20mph dangerous construction zone where the road was actually hazardous and it should have been 10mph or just shut down- with my wife on the back of my bike. I have had the police make a left turn right in front of me at a four way stop while I had the green light like he was purposely trying to get me to hit the police car, or even get me killed. Then getting verbal warring for making a left turn on a green light, not to mention I was instantly searched for weapons and drugs.

    All of this and I don’t even belong to a club or group, or have any type of patches on either. I don’t use drugs, heck I barley even have a drink maybe two to three times a year and never when I am driving, and I don’t own any firearms either.

    I am most likely going to be getting some traffic tickets this year if not a lot of them and only because I am riding a motorcycle and am constantly watched and monitored by the police while I drive. I am also sure I will be getting some traffic tickets even if I didn’t break any laws or violate any motor laws too. I will get them… just because, because I ride a motorcycle have a leather vest and boots I am now considered to be Black While Driving by the police.

    Worst case I’m going to end up dead by hitting a police car that pulled out in front of me as it has happened twice now in under two months. Both times while I had a green light and the police officer was making a left hand turn ON A RED LIGHT.

    I served my country to come back to this nonsense, it’s unbelievable. As far as I can see so far the only people committing criminal activities are the police, both state and local. The only people I see rounding around acting like gangs are the police. Police stoked by the fears of Steve Cook that everyone who rides a bike is some meth head, cold blooded killer out to get the cops and rape and pillage local towns like days of old Vikings.

    Where did my America go, because this isn’t it. No one should be treated this way except maybe a terrorist. Am I considered a terrorist now because I ride a bike and have a leather vest and boots?

    Steve Cook- flimflam artist and conman.

  5. Vincent cinelli Says:

    Stupid cops are everywhere know your rights. Like the right to remain silent. Don’t say shit, and they and they have nothing. Remember they have the burden of proof,the more you talk the easier you make they’re case. FTP,FTG and to Steve Cook and his douchebag brother and they’re corrupt Mickey Mouse cop dept I say a monstrous Fuck You !!!!!!!!!! As always. OMERTA !!!

  6. JJ Says:

    It is good that here in Cook’s home town it is now becoming known how just a crock of crap this jerk off is. In the last two years Cook has talked some other KC jurisdictions of some of the smaller counties in the sounding KC area in too doing these stops that profile bikers of any kind in the KC area. One of the counties last year spent well over one million dollars in one day to focus just on this. I don’t remember the exact numbers but it was something like 300+ people pulled over with only one arrest that was not even related and I believe old traffic related. Then this year they hyped up a party on yet again on the out skirts of KC to the point where the entire town shut down except for one business. It was later pointed in the board meeting in that city that the town missed out on an estimated 85,000 yes that was 85,000 just in tax revenue on the three day weekend party. But one business owner sitting in her business in one hour counted 175 yes that was 175 law enforcement officers in cars in ONE HOUR….. some one needs to make the public aware of how much PUBLIC tax dollars this crook is wasting and just how much money he makes as is own company as well…. It’s out of control….

  7. Slim FMC Says:

    That fucktard Cook has watched to many biker exploitation films, and probably jerking off to them. Listening to his trumpet up bullshit makes me want to throw up on his penny loafers. I can’t believe people pay this ignorant fuck for his information that sounds like he stole it from some 50 year old police propaganda that was being past around. He wouldn’t know a true 1% if he was being fisted by one. When I say fisted, I’m referring to a fist hopefully knocking his dick suckers loose. Monopolizing on a life style he knows nothing about. I’ve was raised since I was born around it, and have been stayed true to it my whole life. These people are my “Family” and would do anything for me, and visa versa. They are true brothers and some of the finest, loyal people you would ever meet. Just because they don’t conform and look like what so called society says they should doesn’t change the man on the inside. The majority of them are combat veterans and yeahtthey don’t trust our government. That’s because they risked their lives for this country they love, only to be lied to and shit on by our wonderful asshole leaders. I love this site Rebel, and this is my first post, you are true to the lifestyle and the facts. I commend you on that. It felt good to finally speak out on here. There are a lot of like minded people on here I enjoy reading their comments, but that fucking Steve cook asshole made it so I couldn’t just hear his name anymore without saying something. Respect to the ones who deserve it. You know who you are.

  8. Slim FMC Says:

    That fucktard Cook has watched to many biker exploitation films, and probably jerking off to them. Listening to his trumpet up bullshit makes me want to throw up on his penny loafers. I can’t believe people pay this ignorant fuck for his information that sounds like he stole it from some 50 year old police profaganda that was being past around. He wouldn’t know a true 1% if he was being fisted by one. When I say fisted, I’m referring to a fist hopefully knocking his dick suckers loose. Monopolizing on a life style he knows nothing about. I’ve was raised since I was born around it, and have been stayed true to it my whole life. These people are my “Family” and would do anything for me, and visa versa. They are true brothers and some of the finest, loyal people you would ever meet. Just because they don’t conform and look like what so called society says they should doesn’t change the man on the inside. The majority of them are combat veterans and yeahthey ddon’t trust our government

  9. RtC Says:

    @ Paul: I’m not sure my damn blood pressure could take it! Damn near had to
    take double-doses to finish OUT BAD. Sure wish the Ameri-conned sheeple
    would take up the chant TOSIAR!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  10. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @Rebel: speaking of which, anything new in the works book-wise boss? H&R. Would you consider fiction as well? I’m sure everybody would be up for it. Thanks.

  11. Paul Says:


    If you haven’t, get his book about Dave Burgess. Another eye-opener. I plan on having my kids read these books.

  12. RtC Says:

    I got Rebel’s OUT BAD & started reading it a couple nites ago. Had to
    FORCE myself to put it down so’s I could get some shut-eye. It should be
    required reading in all high-schools to educate that next generation to
    the facts & truth of the despicable actions of our gov. Start them out in
    freshman year & require it re-read each year until graduation.
    THANK YOU, for being you, REBEL, a true one of a kind man.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  13. Big V Says:

    I’d love to see the DC Eagles sue the shit out of him. I’m pretty sure they registered the 99% diamond, as it’s part of their 99% NFG diamond they wear.

  14. Road Whore Says:

    Saw Cook on a show the other day…(not exact quotes, but accurate as far as getting his sentiments across) he said, “Who wouldn’t love the [biker] lifestyle? Party, drink, ride bikes, pretty women around all the time…who wouldn’t enjoy that and want to do that? Everybody would!”

    He also stated, “These guys are very likeable people, fun to be around. They’re not committing crimes all of the time, and when they’re not they can be very nice people to be around.”

    So Mr. Crook…uh, Cook…admits that it’s an enjoyable, enviable lifestyle that virtually everyone would enjoy


    he admits that even though he and others paint every Club and every member in it with the broad stroke of the OMG paint brush and label, wholesale, every club as a criminal organization and therefore every member in those organizations as criminals that nonetheless in his convoluted ways of thinking that even the full-time criminals…aren’t…and are nice guys to be around.

    Well, Steve, which way is it? And if it’s such an enviable and fun lifestyle (“Who wouldn’t enjoy it?”) and if these guys are such nice people to be around then why in hell are Clubs worldwide undergoing such persecution?

    Oh, yeah: it’s just another cog in the Man’s machine…

    Ride Free

  15. Paladin Says:

    So let’s review. According to the all knowing, self proclaimed OMG “expert”, Albuquerque, New Mexico was supposed to be engulfed in OMG warfare, based on a shooting incident that involved two MCs. When that didn’t pan out, the man behind the green curtain started promoting the idea that the streets of Kansas City, Kansas were going to run red with blood, due to the various OMGs fighting for control of the drug trade in that city. Now; the little wizard is predicting a prairie fire in Wyoming.

    Steve Cook has the insight and credibility of Chicken Little. This guy’s sky is always falling. When Cook isn’t suffering a chronic bout of HPD (Histrionic Personality Disorder) he’s carnival barking his OMG information side show. The only thing more ludicrous than the man himself, are the ducks that drink his kool-Aid.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  16. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Paladin: I’m certain I would thoroughly enjoy working for you. Thanks for what you do, and for the solid info you post here.

    OC Vago: I’m sure by attempting to “stir shit” with SAVE THE PATCH, Mr. Cook got more than he bargained for. I’m just as sure that choice will backfire horribly for him at some point. Thank you, too, for the work you are doing.

    Wyoming used to be a gracious and very biker-friendly state. This info, like so much that I read here, is infuriating. Thanks for having everyone’s back, Rebel. There certainly are other routes and other towns who will welcome money from happy, harmless travelers.

  17. FF Says:


    A loving dedication to Steve Crook:

    Frequent Flyer

  18. skinny denny Says:

    Hooker to Steve Cook at Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch, “Sorry little guy, we don’t have rubbers that small. Maybe check the local Iron Order clubhouse. They get the little ones custom made with their logo.”

  19. ocvago Says:

    Like all psychotic, suppressive personalities Steve Cook will self destruct. His “expertness” will be destroyed due to his self admitted overwhelming bias and prejudice. Shortly thereafter his empire will crumble as his associates begin to distance themselves. The offers will dry up and the only attendees to his super secret seminars will be the Barney Fife’s of the world. Soon he will no longer be flavor of the month just like so many of his predecessors.

    BYE BYE Stevie, your 15 minutes is over.

  20. Tooj Says:


    And his bias is staying current with his 99% Australia logo.

  21. Paladin Says:


    It is a fact (even to someone with the IQ of a lawn dart) that only a few in the MC/OMC world have ever been convicted of a crime. Cook’s symbol is a gift horse to even a blind defense attorney. It says to the world that he and his members are prejudice toward MCs, especially clubs or members of clubs that display the 1%er diamond.

    As an expert witness, your opinions have to be based on facts. To maintain credibility, an expert witness has to be free from prejudice or bias, especially when testifying in his/her area of expertise. Cook’s “patch” coupled with the statement that he and his members testify only for the prosecution, speaks otherwise. I would love to be working a case where the prosecution was foolish enough to hire Cook, or one of his members as an expert.

    Long May You Ride,


  22. Phuquehed Says:

    @Freeman – What fucking scumbags!! They even show what hypocrites they are by making a little badass-looking biker symbol with a skull on it! They will be expert witnesses…for prosecution *only*! How the fuck does that work? They see a PH get fucked by a pig and they *WON’T* testify?! Fuck these types of shit-stains! Fuck you, Cook and your wannabe pussy buddies at that website. You all need to stick to what you’re all best at – a circle jerk and you all take turns as pivot man!

  23. Freeman Says:

    Look at this joke would ya…

  24. jj solari Says:

    @road whore – you are correct. during the rodney king riot all of LAPD disappeared for three days. only the koreans fought back against the rioters. and the koreans won of course. cause koreans are, well, bad ass, basically. you want a safe neighborhood?….pitch in and let a korean family live in a house for free. you’ll have a safe neighborhood.

  25. RtC Says:

    @ Road Whore, THAT is straight up fact.The real street GANGS have proven
    they aren’t afraid of blowing away cops,on more than 1 occasion.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  26. Road Whore Says:

    @ skinny denny:

    The cops don’t tackle street gangs because they’re afraid of them. They know MCs use restraint, whereas street gangs and cartels wake up wanting to wreak mayhem. I’ve always wondered why ordinary citizens get jacked up by the Man when serial killers, etc., run amuck. Go after those doing the real damage, that’s what the cops should be doing, instead of seeing if your front wheel is 1″ over some imaginary line so that they can tow your bike.

    Ride Free

  27. skinny denny Says:

    If all the L.E.O.’s(federal, state, county, city,etc.) would put the resources they use and abuse on M.C.’s and apply them towards street gangs crime would definitely go down in this country. Obviously, they don’t want that to happen because then their huge over bloated budgets would shrink.

  28. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Thank you for the input. At the time there was a much larger picture to be considered. A lot of folks had come out for the party. Great band, great food and an all around great time. Rather have the PEE DEE react in their usual cowardly manner by calling in an overwhelming contingent of back up, air support and SWAT it was best for the greater number that a few be inconvenienced by moving their bikes and ignoring the jack booted pricks.

    It was US that showed constraint that day by not taking the bait and allowing the cocksuckers to ruin it.

  29. swampy Says:

    Is it just me or does everyone find Steve Cook PARTICULARLY annoying – if not just outright disturbed. Maybe it’s the fact that he makes himself so “visual”(Rebel has noted that Cook refers to himself as a “public figure.”) and vocal.

    FF said: “It’s a pathology certain people have that they give themselves self appointed titles…”
    (I believe it was FF that pointed out the fact, some time ago, that Steve Cook’s mouth and lips look as if they belong on some type of parasitic intestinal worm viewed under a microscope – LOL! – Correct me if I’m wrong, FF, but I’m still laughing about that one.)

    Perhaps there is a much bigger delusional picture to Steve Cook than I had originally thought(Yes, “delusional” applied to Cook’s brain). A couple of days ago I had made a comment, concerning Cook, on Rebel’s story involving the individual PH from a Club in K.C. I stated how Cook would certainly use this to his advantage, both publicly and monetarily, if not taking complete credit in his mind. Then it occurs to me that old “Tapeworm” Cook may actually have a Wyatt Earp/Bat Masterson type of complex. Maybe he does see himself as a candidate for a spot in history text books for future high school students. Something like “The man who single-handed put an end to America’s 70-year highway menace.” I’m sure when his buddies, J-turd Dobyns, Billy Queer and the midget, don their super-hero outfits they’ll still let “Tapeworm” Cook dress like Cat Woman.

    Everyone have a safe and fun weekend, swampy

  30. gary Says:

    He is a punk doesn’t have what it takes to be anything.

  31. Tooj Says:

    It goes to show if you think a turd is special, then you keep it in your front pocket. This is what’s in Steve’s.

  32. Paladin Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er,

    After posting the sign, did the cop in question start immediately writing tickets to all the cars (if any) that were parked there prior to the sign being posted? Did you happen to notice if there were any dates or times posted with the sign?

    In your original post, you stated that all the party goer’s vehicles were parked at the curb, on a street (I assume legally) that was not subject to some sort of restricted parking ordnance. Then; you state that the cops didn’t like “that”, so after all the vehicles were legally parked, the cops put up No Parking signs, then started ticketing and towing vehicles.

    If you haven’t left something out of your story or I’ve missed something, I’m telling you that what the cops did was illegal and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

    Part of Saving the Patch is (or should be) not letting the cops get away with their “business as usual” bullshit. Like I said in my prior post, It’s an exercise in mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

    Long May You Ride,


  33. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    FYI, I watched a uniformed Elay Pee Dee Orificer open his trunk, take out a sign, secure it to a light pole with wire and set an orange cone under it.

  34. Tricky Tramp Says:

    That old Gem springs to mind. ” If You Ain’t part of the solution, then
    you’re part of the problem” (Save The Patch) If you wanna keep something,
    then work for it. Otherwise give it up and watch television. Gangland anybody?

    Kick Out The Jams Motherfuckers!!

  35. The Great One Says:

    Riders can bypass Rock Springs handily by turning north on hwy 272 then east on hwy 28 .. these are good well maintained 2 lane roads.. however there are no services until you reach Farson and then only gas until Lander for Motels.. fuel up at Little America or Lyman. Be aware the Wyo. Highway patrol have become total assholes about handlebar height and speed… expect the same amount of malevolence as you would from the Rock Springs police.. you will be detained until backup arrives and scrutinized heavily.. any discrepancy .. such as color not matching the color stated on registration will result in motor numbers being run and more delay.. same with insurance papers,, If riding in a pack and a trooper picks up on you they WILL force their way into your pack and pull over the lead bikes.
    there are several clubs in the Rock Springs area that deal with this menace daily and will come to the aid of anyone that gets stranded or hooked..
    Dead Men mc

  36. Mike 184 Says:

    You know, I am prety sure that we covered the figures for arrests from Cody’s last USA run. It was like 1.4 out of every 300 people. And it was nonvoilent. With all that was spent and wasted why are they pushing harder this time around??? To ensure that they all get their expense paid vacation to Wyoming? This shit just soooo damned old.

  37. ocmouse22 Says:

    L-Frame your club is missing the point. Save the patch is not about the 1% clubs its about the government trying to take a trademarked patch. If your club wears a patch and its trademarked it could be taken. The Mongol Mc case is just the first club the feds are trying to get.if they lose your club or any club or corporation or mom and pop company could be next if the feds feel you are a threat.

  38. Sieg Says:

    Cook has been around a long, long time. Somewhere I got a copy of a flyer for the MGIA from back in the early 80’s, and if anything, his price has gone down. Guess when a whore gets older she can’t charge as much.

    Far as “legal”, “illegal”, all that shit, what’s legal is whatever the pig says is legal at the moment. There is no more “due process”, there is just whatever you can plead out to. There is no “Constitutional Law”, just some parchment in a museum.

    And the train rides RtC spoke of have already started happening. Only thing is, they don’t usually use trains anymore.

    Funny thing, the population in the Feds is now TEN TIMES what it was in the seventies. Ten times. Sure are a lotta bad people out there. How many of the quarter-million people locked away in the Feds alone are there for the convenience of the regime?
    How do you spell David Lane, boys n girls?!

    Any way you slice it, we’re in the lead-up to the shooting war. If that bothers you to the point that you feel it necessary to tell me what a pain I am for saying it, well, tough shit.


  39. Jim666 Says:

    Ok so after I posted here yesterday I leave for awhile come back and my computer in infected w/ some kind of spyware virus,
    Not sure But I have an idea. the only way I can get online is through fire fox. google and explorer are infected, also cant get on face book or yahoo.
    Cant help but wonder if this fuck aint got something to do with it.

  40. Base Says:

    I like slow-n-low’s idea. Make them spend that cash needlessly.

    It really is amazing how many people are duped by charlatans like this ass hole. He’s nothing more than a snake oil salesmen and people line up.

    Bunch of weak minded fools!

    Head on a swivel

  41. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Oh,and before I forget: Steve’s a ventriloquist. No really – saw it my damned self. On a program that I believe was on National Geographic Steve and a sheriff or something were following around some 81 guys. The sheriff pulled them over for a u-turn, and Steve walks up after they got out of the car and asked them politely if he could take their pictures; one of the guys calmly and firmly told him no, that he had his database and all that and didn’t need to take any pictures. Steve said okay. Then a few minutes later Steve could clearly be heard saying in a very authoritative voice, “Alright guys, we’re going to take some pictures now” – his lips weren’t moving. Nobody appeared to have a still camera either, and none of the men’s faces appeared on the program.

  42. Stevo Says:

    Thanks Warthog,

    Please folks, have a look at Warthogs link. It will make you feel better to see what Cook is, a pathetic nobody who hangs on the coat tails of those he despises-and despises because he so clearly and obviously has a hard on for. This crusade he is on proves the old adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.


  43. Whitepride Says:

    If things don’t change soon we are going to be in the same boat as our fellow bikers in Australia. I’m noticing certain parallels and I’m afraid we aren’t too far behind the boys down under. Douchebags like Cook are out there creating fiction and telling war stories to make money and become famous causing an obscene amount of taxpayer money being wasted to keep tabs and harass groups that aren’t bothering anyone. I guess they don’t care that they are hurting their own communities when bikers will find alternate routes and spend their money elsewhere. Fuck you Cook and all of your kind!

  44. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @jj solari: thanks, I couldn’t sleep, got up and was quietly reading this then got to your post and nearly strangled laughing, woke the dog up then the pregnant wife. They hate me now. I said it was Steve Cook’s fault.

    Guys on motorcycles are just SO mobile. Glad Andy and Barney are really on top of things like that – motorcycles being mobile and all. As opposed to…stationary.
    All due respect to those involved: I’d have to agree with those who suggest riding around the damned place. Spend your gas money, etc. elsewhere. Fuck ’em. H&R.

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