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May 1, 2014

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The Last American Outlaw, Nick Mead’s documentary about George Christie’s ordeal by federal justice, will have it’s British debut in the cinema tent of the Glastonbury Festival of the Performing Arts in the evening of June 29. The film will close this year’s festival and will be followed by a question and answer session with Christie and Mead via Skype.

Christie was the long standing president of the Ventura, California charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He was indicted in July 2011 of conspiring to firebomb two tattoo shop competitors out of business in July 2007. His prosecution was unreasonable even by the skewed standards of federal justice. Christie finally negotiated a plea deal in January 2013 and was sentenced last August to serve a year in prison. He will be released to a halfway house in Los Angeles later this month.

Mead had already begun a documentary featuring Christie that was intended to be an homage to Easy Rider. After Christie’s arrest, the film’s focus changed and Mead (photo above) began to document Christie’s legal ordeal. The United States Attorney for the Central District of California tried to stop production of the film which, among other subjects, examines the methods used to obtain convictions against motorcycle club members in federal court. Both former Mongol Al Cavazos and former Bandido President George Wegers are interviewed in the movie.

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is an annual five day music festival in Pilton, England. You can learn more about this year’s festival here.

Mead And Christie Say

Mead calls Glastonbury “the perfect venue for this film. We shot it in harsh black and white so it can be projected against a brick wall or on a canvas hung between trees, a renegade festival like Glastonbury is the perfect home for it. I don’t want it ever to be shown in a movie theater…a campground, a bike dealership, a rock concert, it’s got that edge to it, and we need to maintain that edge.”

The festival is a major event in the British summer and attracts extensive news coverage in Europe. “It’s so cool that George will be getting out of jail in time to see his film in it’s rightful home, a rock festival of all places, and the most credible festival in the world.”

Christie said showing the film “at Glastonbury is very personal for me. During my two year term on house arrest waiting for my case to resolve I watched many Glastonbury concerts via satellite. I never imaged Nick and I would become part of such a great festival. My only regret is because of my felony conviction my travel is restricted and will prevent me from attending in person.”

About the film, the former Hells Angel said, “The outlaw biker is to motorcycles what jazz is to music. It started in America and has spread around the world. Law enforcement has declared war on the outlaw bike culture and become so obsessed with its pursuit that in many instances federal police have compromised their own oath to uphold the law. The United States Government is now trying to deny freedom of expression by taking away the right to wear club trademarks. If this is allowed to happen this will tear the very fabric the United States Constitution was written on.”

Mead added, “It’s good to get my friend back.”

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25 Responses to “Christie Film At Glastonbury”

  1. Sasha Says:

    It wasn’t shown at bulldog because it’s crap. I would not buy or support this has been! or believe anything out of his lying mouth. If you want to see a good film buy Dead in 5 heart beats made by some one with Integrity and respect!!!

  2. Austin Says:

    …and for what it’s worth – being crushed by the machine does sometimes strip away the extraneous happy happy Disneyland BS in life and refine you down to understanding what is real and important. I am not advocating Prison or Fines – but when you experience the very best our Federal System has to offer, when they strip away all your material assets and cut your ties with friends & family, whether you are the one who is in – or the one left outside trying to keep your family together… Well – it made me an Army of One. I know who my small forward unit is too.

  3. Austin Says:

    @Road Whore: Glad you liked it. Somewhere here or on fb I read that DVD sales were Mr. Christie’s only income while he is down – which, by now, should be about done.
    I believe in the message of the film – and agree… “It’s both enjoyable and disturbing.” When I buy mine – it will be to watch over and over and over again those opening shots where he is Eastbound on I-10. I’ve had some stellar commutes in my day – a couple of them were filmed for this movie – and when I watch it – I feel grateful as hell for my life and those times-even though they were F*n hard back then.
    In fact, I will buy two – and send a copy to my favorite co-conspirator, the ex-pat.

  4. Road Whore Says:

    Received my Limited Edition Gift Set: the DVD; poster signed by Nick Mead and George Christie; and a smaller artwork signed by Christie. Nice!

    The film is an art film.

    It’s in black and white; I hate black and white (the world is in glorious color) but it worked for this film.

    It’s both enjoyable and disturbing, for it cogently and sometimes subtly conveys many truths: our losses of freedoms; the sacrifice of nature and humanity to the almighty dollar; how one individual such as Mr. Christie can be singled out to be bullied by an increasingly powerful government; the inhumane tortures handed out as punishments in prison—which are grossly out of proportion in relation to the rule infraction.

    There are cameos by other notables in the MC world, including our own Rebel, who also wrote the narration.

    For bikers it’s essential to watch; it provides us all with a sign of our times, and for that same reason it’s necessary to get this, and other such future documentaries, before a much wider viewing audience.

    This should be the speartip of a continuing and much larger effort to educate the public at large about our evaporating freedoms, and the true tortures that are committed to those in prisons.

    The frightening takeaway from the film is that if you don’t want to be a cog in the machine, the machine will come after you to crush and destroy you.

    Ride Free

  5. Tomo Says:

    @ Stevo – no disrespect intended to you whatsoever and I probably didn’t get that first sentence right; sorry if I came across as an arrogant/patronising [email protected] I was just thinking along the lines of how they might be trying to market it to the ‘non-biker’ (whether rightly or wrongly). That said, and without meaning to sound argumentative, I’m going to have to defend a *minority* of those glasto attendees: I worked at HMV for 7 years, and I’ve talked to many 18 – 30yr olds who’ve saved up money from their supermarket jobs (or HMV jobs) and attended glasto. I know what you mean about the others though, and I appreciate your disgust; I live near Hebden Bridge – and I’m surrounded by ‘hippies’ that can somehow afford a £200k+ house and then walk around in top-of-the-range hiking gear or ‘hippy’ clothes that cost more in total than I’d earn in a week.

  6. Latigo Morgan Says:

    I got the DVD. It was pretty interesting.

    I hope Mr. Christie can do the cross country documentary when he gets out, without there being a bunch of parole crap thrown on him that keeps him from traveling.

  7. Bruka Says:

    @ Stevo – “a fella called Big Gerry, a gentleman and that’s coming from someone who plays for the other team.”

    A lot of respect to you for that – speaks volumes of the type of bloke you are.
    Also, Fuck Glasto – should play it at the Bulldog and maybe at Sonisphere too. Not sure Kate Moss and Jude Law will appreciate the film, too busy trying not to get mud on their 2 grand wellies.

  8. Tidesfalls Says:

    @JJ – enjoyed the comment. There are others that truly see what you describe unfolding before our eyes, even some of us capitalist pigs. The difference is, in true Randian fashion, we are more likely to pick up our marbles, close the doors and go play somewhere else.

  9. Road Whore Says:

    @ Austin…you beat me to it…was gonna post that link, and yes, I did order the DVD Limited Edition Gift Set. Now Glenn S. and I (and anyone else who’s seen the DVD) can post our reviews here. :)

    On an upbeat note…got in close to 120 miles today…blue skies and sunshine and heat and the old iron beastie running better than the day she was brand new! That’s what it’s all about!

    Ride Free

  10. FF Says:

    JJ, that kicked ass.

    Peace and Respect

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    So when will the rest of us get to see this movie? How will it be available? DVD? Cable TV? Select venues attended by, as Stevo so succinctly put it, “wannabe hippies who send their kids to exclusive schools and tut-tut at the news, who worry about hormones in milk and then drop acid they bought off a stranger in a muddy field.”? (I personally liked the way Dead in 5 Heartbeats was distributed–by word of mouth and social media, easily ordered at a reasonable price and promptly delivered, as well as at support events.)

  12. skinny denny Says:

    Thanks for the info. You’re a stand up guy and one of the guys that I really respect on this site. No offense to anybody else intended.

  13. Stevo Says:


    No connection, it’s a music festival the 81 have been putting on for decades. One of their number was shot riding home from there a few years ago, a fella called Big Gerry, a gentleman and that’s coming from someone who plays for the other team.



  14. skinny denny Says:

    The Bulldog Bash sounds like a much better scene than Sturgis, Daytona, Laughlin, Laconia, etc. Any connection to the Bulldog coffeeshop chain?

  15. Stevo Says:


    The Bulldog is a music festival attended mainly by bikers who support the red and white. Of all types, not just 1%ers or aspiring 1%ers. Glastonbury is a music festival attended by millionaires in Birkenstocks. I know the Glastonbury type, wannabe hippies who send their kids to exclusive schools and tut-tut at the news, who worry about hormones in milk and then drop acid they bought off a stranger in a muddy field. I just can’t see them having any sympathy for us or Mr Christies movie, whereas the Bulldog crowd most certainly would.



  16. NSYA Says:

    @jj That is a most cogent, well thought out explanation of Amerika today and the true plight of the American ideal, and how the biker culture threatens the oligarchy.

  17. Tomo Says:

    @ Stevo – The Bulldog Bash is full of bikers.
    Nick Mead et al need to get this out to people who are only aware of bikers and rely on the media/movies/documentaries to give them the facts of life.
    At Glastonbury, you’ll get a captive audience of people who’re too stoned/chemically-neutralised to move properly and have sought a nice place to chill out until their bodies are ready for the next bout of chemical/herbal enhancement. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most of them will probably appreciate the film. Whether they’ll remember it a week later is another matter, but some might, and hopefully those ‘some’ will spread the word.
    I worked at HMV for many years; it’s amazing how something becomes popular just by word of mouth and before you know it, what you were selling one or two copies of a quarter, the band/film is suddenly in the top 20.

  18. Jim666 Says:

    jj ,
    that was very well written,
    and sadly true.

  19. Stevo Says:

    Glastonbury is attended by rich wannabe hippies in their $100,000 SUVs. I’d have thought the Bulldog Bash would have been more suitable. What a strange decision.

  20. jj solari Says:

    re: the quote – “the outlaw biker is to motorcycles what jazz is to music.” actually this is if anything understated. the outlaw biker is actually the last obstacle to total tyranny in america. a tyranny that really picked up momentum when the railroads were taken away from their owners and declared government property. then the steel mills. then all the other tycoons who transformed the world via the american revolution of the individual set loose from governmental control – they were all branded outlaws. robber barons. renegade industrialists. evil monsters of capitalism. everyone bought into it of course because the “average man” is not a noble spirit, he is a chittering jealous avaricious greedy macaque. unfortunately, while these revolutionary explorations into the potential of the american spirit were blossoming there was still a government in place; until now at this point everything is strangled lifeless and blue with suffocation EXCEPT the outlaw biker. he is the last individual still – the government would say tainted – with the – the government would say infection – of individual sovereignty. outlaw bikers are the Last Americans. Even the – ptui – Democrat ones! Actually the religious, political and social and sock-preference beliefs of the outlaw bikers are of no consequence to the government. what is of consequence is the spirit of the outlaw biker. it must be crushed and smothered and suffocated and strangulated and asphyxiated into rigor mortis. then there will be no one left carrying the tattered flag of – the government would call it the myth of – liberty. It will be over in america except for the loading of people into boxcars and taking them to the furnaces. because the government wont actually be able to care for them even though everyone thinks the “government will take care of me”. the government cant take care of you. the government cant do anything other than kill you and loot you. so the government will have to burn you. so you will have to be incinerated before you wake up and do something unpleasant: like fight for your life which you long ago abandoned to various bureaucratic entities and men in badges and uniforms you are convinced are your protectors. yes, granma, the government will take care of you alright. right down to your last grey and powdery ash flake. and you too my little children in government classrooms where your molestations – physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional – can take place so that you will never succumb to the infection of individual sovereignty; you will be so racked with lies and abuse and with a dedication to others – humans, animal, plant, and geologic formations alike – everything but yourself – that you will have no will but to tie a bomb onto your stomach and kill as many people as possible so that they can have a real life in the happy clouds after death. you will in crazed confusion and anxiousness to release your fellow suffering brethren from the crushing suffocation of government and into the soaring, sailing liberty of death in the grave and the putrefaction of former flesh that brings eternal happiness that you will consider suicide and mass murder a virtue. this is what the outlaw biker is the last bulwark against; he is all that stands against the relentless glacier of The End of Everything. and the war against him mounts and builds and rises more and more to caustic, toxic finality every single moment the second-hand makes a jerk in its tireless, clockwise, marking of monotonous eternal time. every second the blanket of darkness and extinction falls fuller and fuller and more and more completely over the american outlaw biker.

  21. Gordo-uk Says:

    ‘a renegade festival like Glastonbury’ that’s a joke right?

  22. newjack Says:

    Been looking forward to this, ever since Rebel posted about it.

    Thanks for the update!

  23. John Deaux Says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Christie on his upcoming release and to both him and Nick Mead on the showing of the film.

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