And Now The Devil Dolls

April 28, 2014

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And now the tyrants of social orthodoxy are going after the Devil Dolls.

The women’s club has a slight edge. It started as a Harley only club but now admits women who ride Trumpets, Beezers, Beemers and Nortons. It has “no interest in snitches or plead outs.”  It refuses to judge a prospect’s “checkered legal past as long as your offense was not against children, the elderly or animals.” It describes its members as “punks, rednecks, old school bikers, rockabilly rebels, rockers, moms and professionals.” The Dolls also sponsor numerous fund raising events for numerous charities

“We are a family,” the club says on its website, “and for some of us the only real family we have ever known. The main thing we have in common is that we love to ride and we have each others’ backs in a hot minute.”

The club also proclaims “We are a three piece Outlaw MC” and “We are bikers and we live by the code.”

Apparently San Francisco has a problem with that. The club also maintains cordial relations with several Bay Area Hells Angels charters and the theme park by the bay probably has a problem with that, too.

No Right To Party

The Devil Dolls Motorcycle Club was founded on Valentine’s Day, 1999 and yesterday the club’s women held their 15th anniversary party. The Dolls booked the Pacific Rod and Gun Club for the affair last December.  The Rod and Gun Club is located on land owned by the City of San Francisco and last week the Gun Club cancelled the Dolls’ reservation.

Dolls president Theresa Foglio described the gun club manager as “apologetic. He was pressured by the city and county. They just freaked him out.”

“I have grandmothers, mothers, daughters,” she told the Bay City News. “I have veterans in the club. None of us have criminal records. It’s really odd.”


According to published reports, the San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission wanted the event curtailed because it involved “bikers.” Foglio was quoted as saying that the real problem is television programs like Gangland and Sons of Anarchy. “It isn’t fair to take what’s on TV and say that is reality,” she said. “Motorcycle clubs are not street gangs. The bigger issue is profiling.”

The Dolls partied anyway. They moved their event to the Bay Riders Motorcycle Club clubhouse. And for two hours yesterday morning a half dozen of the women picketed outside the Rod and Gun Club. The protest was observed by San Francisco Police. The observers greatly outnumbered the protesters.


37 Responses to “And Now The Devil Dolls”

  1. Wolfman Says:

    when the terrorists get nuclear weapons God will sort us all out

  2. Paul Says:

    Thank you, OC VAGO 1%er.

  3. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Some years ago I saw The Devil Dolls featured on a national news show; the gist was that they were the first female outlaw club, and had affiliation with a well-known Big Four club. The show said The Dolls raised club cash by shining shoes and selling t-shirts: an honest-to-gods dollar by anybody’s standards anywhere – bought a bunch of the t’s myself to help out. I do remember the president was an accomplished, classically-trained piano player. None of the above suggests any reason for anyone to ‘ban’ The Devil Dolls from anything or any place, nor does the above club event.
    I can’t, at this stage, -nor would- claim to have any inside or expert knowledge on real club life at all. I have seen how 1%ers handle their machines, which is why I come here for advice learning how to handle one of these beasts; I get the advice, and am treated -even as, at this stage, an outsider- with more courtesy and effort than I would anywhere else. I can say this with absolute conviction.
    Anyone who rides a big bike, at any age, looks up to you guys -whether admitted or not- to see how to look, to act, and to try to be. Harley didn’t start selling parts with skulls on them on a whim. It isn’t hard for anyone with any sense to see who The Real Deal are, and people of all stripes get all amped up just being around you – whether they admit it or not.
    Forgive me for mentioning, but there obviously has been bad blood between some clubs for a long time. Events happened, hearts broken, men loved by brothers and family down or gone because of this bad blood. I can only guess at the heartbreak and rage these things can summon.
    If, somehow, all can turn the page, start new, and support each other it will be extremely difficult -and at some point impossible- to take those patches away. Nobody will look weak: the die was cast long ago: everybody knows The Real are hard, wild men (and women), who by the very lives you lead on two wheels stand tall. They don’t have to like you, but they respect that about you and everybody knows it.
    Someday I’d really like to buy a support t-shirt that says, simply: Support The Wild and Free, Support The 1%ers, The Last Frontiersmen. I’m sure someone can come up with a better one. Maybe it will have the insignia of all the outlaw clubs, and a guy, a slickback, a fan, whatever, can wear it to any rally, any party, and the whole thing fuses together and is just too big, too tightly knit to pull apart.
    When that day comes it will be hard to monkey around with bikers the way they do now. Then *everybody* Rides Free,
    …and we can honor those who shed blood, who fell, or who repaired a drive chain at the side of some empty road in nowhere too many times all by his lonesome, and never got credit for being the true creators of everything from Stingray bicycles to some 50-something’s shiny new CVO Breakout and the cool gear he’s wearing – with Steppenwolf on the MP3.
    Just my 2 cents. H&R.

  4. John Deaux Says:

    I believe the action was an effort at attacking what they perceived as the weakest link. The police forces are attacking from all sides; cellphone carriers, internet subscribers, real reporters, clubs, hell even ranchers grazing a few cows in the desert.
    It’s all about control, when your every move is monitored and your thoughts politically correct then they’ll be happy, not a second sooner.
    Fuck em all….

  5. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Hated and Proud

    I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. But if we need to discuss it. Call me.

  6. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Paul @ SingSing

    You can reach out for information here.

    Thank you for your support. SAVE THE PATCH

  7. SingSing Says:

    Excellent query, Paul…. Reb ? there ANYTHING connected to the Save The Patch movement on the East Coast…can you dig into your bag of tricks and maybe give us on the east coast ( im in NYC ) a right direction to go diggin for the right answer or point organization so that i can share the info. This shit is gettin too close for comfort……Thanks.

  8. Paul Says:

    Is there anything like Save the Patch on the East Coast? I don’t have many friends, and after I leave work I don’t hang around anyone but my wife and kids right now, so I could just be ignorant of goings on.

  9. jj solari Says:

    @ meh: ah, yes, the nra. the organization whose representative recently asked at a congressional hearing “why are you writing new anti gun laws when youre not even enforcing the ones you already have on the books?” the congressmen immediately went into a huddle and said to each other “he’s right: we need to start enforcing the laws we have.” i’m surprised they didnt form a line to shake the guy’s hand for straightening them out.

  10. Meh Says:

    The battle for public “hearts and minds” (ya don’t need to win them all, just a critical mass when it counts) isn’t going to be won by standard Alpha male tactics alone.

    It will take legal engagement and effective framing of biker rights as what they are, CIVIL RIGHTS.

    Women who present themselves effectively get attention, and they get attention from other women. It’s no accident the National Rifle Association (compared to whom every other civil rights group in US history is a joke) integrated women into leadership ranks a long time ago.

    Cops went after those biker women because they perceive them as a weak link.
    They aren’t the last women who will be leaned on.

  11. Base Says:


    No I don’t believe you have the capability to see into the future. .

    I do however believe you are wise and share that wisdom regularly & freely and you & others here have the ability to analyze the facts and come close to a prediction.

    If everyone would step back and ask your self what is so significant about pushing back now?

    Technology. Something happens in OZ we in the states know about it with in moments of it happening. The internet and social media, love it or hate it, no one can deny it’s ability to make things happen. Why do you think there is such a push to control it? Among other things.

    Along the vein of save the patch. Well maybe a little bit larger, you decide.

    American Spring 2014

    Some say this is a trap by government
    Some say this will be the turning point in our nations history.

    People have to decide for them selves.

    Google that shit folks

    Now I am out the door for a ride, was a long afternoon and I need the wind.

    Stay frosty

  12. sherides Says:

    Hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned ??

    I’d hate to live in a town where LE is afraid of girls who ride motorcycles.

    Base, Road Whore, and OC Vago have some very good points.

    Save the Patch – Pull the Badge!!!!

    Ride Safe Everyone !

  13. jj solari Says:

    it does not matter who does not want to get aboard this train. if they dont want to get aboard that’s fine, they would likely just get in the way. and getting in the way would actually be a problem. if you have to talk someone into joining you you are dissipating your own energy converting them. better to find someone already energized and in tune with you so you can both keep moving forward. stopping to tutor trainees is still stopping. and stopping is not moving forward. it is stopping. stopping to recruit means stopping. let the befuddled learn on their own and then run to catch up. if they can.

  14. Road Whore Says:

    At all the Regulars: Amen!

    And to everyone: if you think this is just about bikers, patch holders in particular, it’s not; this is the tip of the iceberg, a “test case” if you will, to begin to make inroads against any group or organization that falls into disfavor with the powers that be.

    Ride Free

  15. Slick Says:

    Road Whore, your first post was spot on. this is an organized effort to get rid of 3 piece patch 1% clubs. Why? I think the main reason is because the government wants everyone to conform to their standard which is dumb downed mind numbed robots who do what they are told. 1% clubs are representative of true freedom. as long as that beacon of freedom is there a good number of people will resist government forced conformity. I agree patch holders at this stage need to unite You are the test bed for the Feds. they get away with taking patches from bikers, then they have a precedent to go after any organization they don’t like. it would be fall in line or else. no one should kid themself that this would not happen. it is already happening. this Devil Dolls incident seems minor but it is government enforced discrimination based on nothing but what they government chooses to believe about them. same is true for the male clubs. You could be squeaky clean as a club and the Feds will still come after because you do not conform. be aware patch holders. it is going to get worse unless you do band together

    Respects to all. Live free or die.

  16. Hated and Proud Says:

    @OC VAGO 1%er

    bold statement but inaccurate about who I am, as some of your brothers know me

  17. Road Whore Says:

    @ Jim666:

    Thanks for that link…CHILLING!

    Ride Free

  18. Paladin Says:


    I’ve been posting about all you’ve said as long as I’ve been a member of this forum. Do I have the ability to see into the future? Not really. You don’t need to be a scryer to predict the future of MCs, if left in the hands of the Government.

    It’s good to see that some are awakening to the fact that this ship is sinking. There are really only three choices to be made. 1) Work together to S.O.S. 2) Abandon ship. Or 3) go down with the ship.

    It’s going to take the collective effort of ALL, to right this ship and keep it afloat. If some of the clubs attempt to do all the work, while others remain aloof and on the sidelines, the only possible accomplishment will be to slow the rate of descent. But make no mistake, without the collective effort of ALL this ship’s going to the bottom.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  19. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I could care less if your women or not. Bikers are bikers. Cops fucking with bikers is fucked up.

    But, I do have to add. Welcome to the big time.

    all the more reason, SAVE THE PATCH.

  20. rollinnorth Says:

    Well, jj, I have to admit, I agree about Allred and about Lisa Bloom.

  21. jj solari Says:

    there is as much likelihood of Gloria Allred taking this case as there is of me walking around the Kaaba three times in Mecca praising Allah. the defendants are not sad and hurt and woeful and pathetic enough to make allred look like a noble, avenging angel. her daughter lisa bloom by the way is fucking hot.

  22. Hated and Proud Says:


  23. Base Says:

    Appears the DD have a good shot for legal action. I know we as a saloon society choose not to use courts against one another
    (well some of us do anyway),,,,,,,,

    But when a municipal pulls a stunt like this. You need to get one of those oh fuck attorney’s. You know the attorney when they walk into the court room with you the other side goes “Oh Fuck!”

    The perception has to change.

    The only way that will happen is PR campaigns. Yep, a serious effort to to persuade the public or populace to maintain a certain point of view. A more positive point of view or perception of Clubs and the bike population as a whole.

    It will take activities such as speaking at conferences and not just bike events, set up a forum at your local town hall sort of thing. Working with, not for the media, communicating with anyone and everyone. Involving people outside the biker world so on and so forth.

    Yeah kissing babies,helping old ladies cross the street, holding doors for women and the elderly. And defiantly a serious clean up of the shitheads with in or own ranks.

    And do not video tape it and put it online!

    If you look at what these corny ass reality shows such as the Devils Ride, Warlocks Rising pretty much making bikers, specifically patches out to be a bunch of fools on bikes showing more of a hooligan-ish attitude instead of a more honorable attributes. Well ya get what ya get. I know, I know it’s the editing.

    Seems so many have excuses and scream it’s not my fault way to often.

    There are ways to control the outcome as long as your not overwhelmed with greed or ego. Common sense will go a long way if you stay focused. I am specifically referring to the reality show thing here.

    My apologizes if I am off topic. Just some random thoughts rolling around in my head. Have some more about hero cops but it will have to be later I am out of time have to get out the door and go deal with some of those shitheads I was talking about.

    Stay frosty out there.


  24. Jim666 Says:

    @ Road Whore

    the latest from down under

  25. skinny denny Says:

    Gloria Allred or Tony Serra would probably take this case pro-bono. Tony has represented Red and White before. Amy is very entertaining! Nothing less attractive than fat dykes with bad haircuts. Maybe they were singing Macho Man or Y.M.C.A.

  26. Done Says:

    If you’re gonna’ take a stand (wear red & white supporter patches) then you’re gonna’ draw some heat. Is it right, no. Is it reality, yes. However, given that these are ALL the facts of the situation it appears that they could initiate a fairly successful Civil Action against both the venue and municipality with a higher likelyhood of victory than perhaps a male group might enjoy. Given their gender they can expect lawyers lining up to share the spot light pro bono where these same lawyers wouldn’t be seen anywhere near their male counterparts. Playing the race, gender, anything but liberty & justice for ALL card works which is the undercurrent here or so it would seem. Where were these protest demonstrations the last time a white male 1%’re was last being rail roaded into the belly of the beast?

  27. Road Whore Says:

    Fuck me…if we all don’t unite together, all patch holders and non patch holders alike, for the common good of bikers everywhere, and fight back this shit will keep rolling downhill on us.

    If we don’t fight this crap, and I mean seriously fight this crap, then we won’t have to worry about whether you ride “American” or whether you’re gay or black or white or patched or AMA or whatever…pretty soon it’ll be rolling through checkpoints and hearing, “Are your papers in order, Comrade?”

    Think it can’t happen in Amerika? It is happening in Amerika.

    Got a friend, born and lives in Ukraine…he keeps me informed of all the shit that’s really going on that most news doesn’t report. Ukraine was a sleepy little burg (relatively speaking) until Putin decided that he’d try and begin to put the USSR back together, and now the shit is hitting the fan constantly somewhere in that country.

    All it takes is for the powers that be to keep pushing…a little here, a little there, and before long it’ll be like fucking Australia where they want bikers of any stripe to file flight plans before a ride.

    There’s lots of ways to fight back…let’s keep doing it.

    But allowing anyone to bear bait bikers, or other bikers to bear bait other bikers (clubs) has got to stop. It’s obvious from the previous story that clubs can get along.

    Hell, we can all get along and come together for a common cause, and that’s our right of free association and our right to enjoy our rides without harassment. I don’t give a shit if you’re black, gay, and ride a pink motorcycle…as long as you’re not an asshole you’re my brother in arms. (Yes, I picked those examples on purpose, as they have been, and continue to be, inflammatory issues for certain bikers.)

    If we were to get serious about this shit, and really band together, and develop political clout such as the AMA has (or even better: the NRA!) think what we could get done!

    How about a national run with all of the major clubs represented, as well as associates, run of the mill bikers, etc? IMAGINE! Now take all of those people and get them involved in the politics of manipulating things for the good of bikers for a change and we’d have some real results.

    Yes, typically bikers have avoided joining, avoided politics, avoided all such bullshit because we desire to escape from it, not participate in it, but we may have to wade into the shit swamps for awhile in order for a cherished lifestyle to not evaporate into thin air. Or to be portrayed as realistic by the likes of Sons of Anarchy. Seriously…unless you’re a pathological homicidal maniac, would you prospect for Sons? Or even be a hangaround??

    More and more all clubs need to be interacting in a friendly manner with citizens; watching their sixes; getting all the high profile publicity they can for charity runs, etc.; and weeding out the undesirables.

    It won’t happen overnight, but it can start now.

    Attitude won’t help when it comes to interacting with others who don’t understand or actively oppose our lifestyle. Having the show of force of numbers and good political clout will, as well as winning over the hearts and minds of those who are uncertain about bikers in general and patch holders in particular.

    Yes, people are a pain in the ass, and dealing with non-bikers is certainly cause for consternation…but look at them as mildly retarded but curable children, naive and in need of education. I know, I know…not easy…if I hear, one more time, “I had an uncle who knew a friend who knew somebody who rode and he was dragged twenty miles under an eighteen-wheeler before the driver realized he was there. Don’t you know riding them things is dangerous?” I’m gonna barf; again. But smile, and explain the things that a person can do to make motorcycling safer. Point out the dangers inherent in other activities, such as sports, where kids get hit in the chest by a baseball and fall dead on the field.

    It’s hard to reign in attitude, I know. People can be real assholes, and it’s hard to deal with them, much less interact with them. But the more patient among us have to begin to make that effort.

    I went into a store the other day and while waiting in line there were four or five other people milling around waiting at the counter too. As soon as I completed my purchase I turned to walk out and every single person jumped, that jump that prey does when there’s a lion who’s just finished drinking at the watering hole and has turned and begins to meander. It’s funny; yes. Those people are lily-livered jerks; yes. But, this is the perception people have now, and it’s not going to get any better unless we learn to put people at ease. Even when it would be much more fun to scare the bejesus out of them.

    You’ve got to understand that these folks have had the wool pulled over their eyes by teachers, churches, law enforcement, etc., and it’s the job of some of us to be the enlighteners.

    You folks with the stomach for it, now’s your time to shine.

    And let’s ease the squares gently into our realm, the dark corners of which can be slightly, well, off-putting, shall we say? :)

    Ride Free

  28. Big Jim Whittier Says:

    I saw the Devil Dolls last year they had something going at Cooks. Very different! They were trying very hard to act like a hard core club. Very loud and pounding there beers. Come on there a Chick Club and they cover members back in minute with my guys my back is covered now. Anyway I robbed the Girl Scout’s money, Took food from the old and kicked the family dog. Ride um if ya got um Big Jim

  29. Girth Says:

    They have a presence in San Diego. I laid a hump into a wild one when I was out there a few years back.

  30. Drifter Says:

    Always respected these chicks, like Solari said, they have a Tiger by the tail.

    Now the bigger question, how much was the fed bribe for this action (s) regarding this MC to the fuzz?

  31. Paladin Says:

    Pickin’ on women. Well… it doesn’t get any more manly than that, now does it?

    I think I’ll buy me a hundred acres or so, build a house, and surround the property with razor wire. It’s getting to the point that I really despise, detest, and want nothing to do with most people.

    A number of years ago, to keep from having a shitty outlook on life, I had an assholectomy performed. That’s where they disconnect the nerve that runs from your asshole to you eyes. If you doubt there’s a nerve that connects the two, just pull one of those hairs, then go ahead and tell me it didn’t make your eyes water. Obviously; the operation wasn’t a success.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  32. Jim666 Says:

    I have a couple friends in this club. they could take on the IO by themselves and come out on top easy. Give em Hell Ladies.

  33. jj solari Says:

    stupidity for cops is like hot and spicy cheezits for the rest of us: once you start you cant stop.

  34. jj solari Says:

    cops never cease to amaze me with the new levels of stupidity they can navigate with comfort.

  35. jj solari Says:

    the constabulary has some tigers by the tails this time HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  36. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Ladies, sue the bastards!

  37. skinny denny Says:

    They look a lot tougher than the Iron Order! Get a good attorney and sue the shit out of the city and county.

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