Coones And Sincox Rousted In Laughlin

April 26, 2014

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Nevada police continue to consider motorcycle club members fair game.

Last night at the annual Laughlin River Run approximately 40 police including a Swat team shut down adjoining vendor booths operated by a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Vagos Motorcycle Club.

According to a usually informed and reliable source the Lucky 7 Motorsports booth owned by Vago Michael Raymond Sincox and the So Cal Clothing Line Booth run by well known Hells Angel Rusty Coones were closed and the operators were compelled to pack up and leave. Both booths were on property owned by the Pioneer Hotel. Police called the booths “potential threats,” presumably because the two operators belong to different motorcycle clubs and members of those clubs have confronted one another in the past.

No Problems

The source said, “There was no sign of any conflict or tension of any kind. In fact, they were extremely friendly with each other, exchanged clothing between the booths, helped each other with vendor supplies, and Sincox and Coones embraced each other multiple times in the last few days. The two booths helped each other pack up.”

Coones may be best known as a member of the band Attika 7 and for television appearances on the television series Sons of Anarchy and The Devils Ride.

Lucky 7 Motorsports is a family owned business operated by Sincox and his extended family. His parents, grandparents, sister and brother-in-law were working in the booth when it was shut down. The shut down left that business with about $20,000 of unsold merchandise and three unsold motorcycles valued at $50,000.

Lieutenant John Healy

The massive police action was initiated by Lieutenant John Healy of the Laughlin Station of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the source, Pioneer Hotel security told Sincox and Coones “Lieutenant Healy is making this call,” “it is out of our control,” “law enforcement is pushing this” and that if hotel security did not cooperate the Pioneer would “suffer the consequences.”

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54 Responses to “Coones And Sincox Rousted In Laughlin”

  1. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ InlandCali

    I posted this 2/5/14, 8:49 pm; “Explain to me again why I want to go to a place of angry lynch mob residents, overpriced food & beers & hotel rooms, over aggressive cops, dickhead drunk strangers and their stupid fat ass ol ladies, asshole posers, Laffing Devils dildos, idiots that cant ride, Sons of Anarchy lookalikes & Sin Mobber fags that I don’t want to know?

    p.s Did I leave anyone out? Well fuck them too.”

    I meant it then. I still mean it now.

  2. ghostrider22 Says:

    …………..ATTENTION..ATTENTION..ATTENTION..ATTENTION…………..if there is anyone who was at the show//or in Laughlin that saw or had had trouble with the police /pioneer hotel..HOGS&HEIFERS and can and would write a statement ..of what they saw..PLEASE CONTACT MIKE SINCOX @ LUCKY 7 MOTORSPORTS,,,909 948-2332.REGUARDING LUCKY 7 MOTORSPORTS &/OR SO CAL CLOTHING..PLEASE ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET IS NEEDED ..we need to take a stand for our rights as American citizens..DO NOT LET SMALL MINDED POLICE OFFICERS WITH BADGES BE UNFAIR AND PUSH THE PEOPLE AROUND ~~~ LETS MAKE THEM ANSWER FOR THERE ACTIONS,,,THANK YOU….FROM THE LUCKY 7 MOTORCYCLE FAMILY

  3. Slick Says:

    seems like Healy is trying to stoke a fire between the clubs to justify his heavy handed actions. The two men were there as businessmen and there was not going to be a problem. Business comes first. I wonder if Healy would have issue with Coca Cola and Pepsi being close together. Hell they are in a war!

    This was police creating an issue where nine existed. last time I checked police couldn’t act unless a crime has been committed.

  4. Oldskewl Says:

    The large rallies anymore are nothing more than RUB’s chance to show off his 2014 model bike, get some stupid patch with some cheesy saying sew on his vest and jacket and act like something they are not.

    It’s good to see the clubs and members working side by side in an effort to sell merchandise and support their families.
    I almost made the laughlin run this year but after making a couple bigger events last year I stayed home.

    The runs of yesterday are far and few between… The Redwood run has been considered the last of the old school biker runs in my area and even that is going south.


  5. Mike 184 Says:

    @ OCmouse22, Yeah, the same guys who buy support shirts and once they are out or around the corner with no one PH’s around… well you know what I mean…

  6. Mike 184 Says:

    @JFAO, I hear you there. Every asshole that get a buzz and is rolling down ocean Boulevard or Kings highway during the Beach rally over here wants to tell you how they have a Dad/Uncle/Brother/Stepsister… Who is in Club XXXX…. They are all over the place and I have seen that shit screeching into an intersection a bunch of times…. You can see it coming before they even do it….

    Funny, no one wants to even look your way until they start getting a buzz and then they know so and so…. and name drop this that and everyone… And dealing with drunk asses sucks especially of you aren’t…..

  7. ocmouse22 Says:

    Inlandcali I think that the majority of PH understand what I’m saying. There are always those few people that dress like us, ride the same style bikes we ride. They always seem to be just close enough to hear and see what we do. I’m not saying all rally attendies are like that. I hope that answers you question.

  8. JAFO Says:


    I don’t wear a patch and I know exactly what ocmouse22 means.

    I quit going to runs yrs ago because of the profilers and wanna-bes.

    Its come to the point when big run weekends come around, me and the ol’ lady pack our shit and hit the road for where ever “they” aint.

    Nothing more ridiculous than being rear ended by some clown checking his self out in the grocery store window.


  9. anxious 28 Says:

    Ive said for years now brothers. we who believe , stand by our lifestyle, show respect to whom deserves it, and stand for our place in society. Why shouldn’t we join together? We pretty much all have and live by the same creed…RESPECT .HONOR.LOYALTY……WE COULD TAKE ON THE WORLD… HENCE..NEW WORLD ORDER. JUST SAYIN ..

  10. InlandCali Says:

    “The wanna bes go to these things to act like us any way”. OCmouse22, that is clearly the stupidest thing I have read since I have been checking out this page. I will give you the opportunity to explain what you mean by “wanna bes”. What happened to give respect get respect? Is this what your club thinks of non PH’s?

  11. Mike 184 Says:

    Although this is a pile of bullshit and I hope that the lawyers can get after this one, I think that is good shit that Rusty and Mr. Sincox were cool like that.

    It isn’t always that way, but damn if there aren’t more and more walls coming down all over the place. You will see it more, I guarantee it. Some things that have happened in the past are not going to be forgotten, but things are changing.

    FTP, you guys are cunts and really fucked over some people for no reason here. I hope you feel good about what you did and end up having ot pay for it. Time to start shutting down police fundraisers and such it looks like….

  12. ocmouse22 Says:

    Well weak that makes me want to throw up is the fact if we do t all start getting along none of us will be able to wear a patch and we will be reduced to running around like street gangs in an alley! SAVE THE PATCH!

  13. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er:

    Amen…and SAVE THE PATCH!

    Ride Free

  14. Weak Says:

    The picture on Tmz makes me want to throw up!

  15. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Now that my ire has subsided for the time being anyway and my blood pressure has dropped fifty points let me say this little foray of police harassment and intimidation proved two things.
    1) there can be harmony.
    2) the police clearly do not want harmony.

    Lets face it LT. John Healy your budget, your salary, your dear overtime pay only exists if you can continue to sell public alarm and fear.

    People, do you see who the enemy really is? Support SAVE THE PATCH!

  16. slow-n-low Says:

    The piggies needed this show of force in Laughlin…been way too quiet over the past few years, and LE has become used to all that overtime pay, so why not invite a local news crew, round up the SWAT Team and give television viewers proof that the police are doing their jobs, because God forbid two individuals have the audacity to try and support their families by selling biker products at a rally where bikers are present.


  17. Meh Says:

    “So, the Hells Angels scare the pigs, and the Vagos scare the pigs, but just look how much they scare the pigs WHEN THEY’RE TOGETHER!!!

    Kinda give ya an idea, doesn’t it?”

    One might infer peaceful co-existence scares the living shit out of the Porcine Exploiters of Rivalry.

    What could possibly irk them more deliberate denial of leverage? What if that denial systematically spread? It could negate both planted provocateurs and accumulated external rivalries.

  18. Gusto Says:

    On a lighter note. .lol my ol’lady and i are having a great time out here and even staying one more night. No harassment, no sets, no trippin’.
    how’d you like the run Rebel?

  19. BigV Says:

    PS: As for throwing out there about an XXXXXX becoming a cop…

    The person you’re referring to was reportedly one of those fair and decent cops that you hear tell of in legends and days of old. He had two kids and a wife with MS.

    He needed state insurance and his pension to cover care for his wife.

    He tiptoed pretty fucking carefully as a cop, by all I’ve heard, but when it was convenient- his own cops accused him of something he never did and he took a walk. He lost his insurance for his wife.

    He’s a pretty fucking strong person to have gone through the things he went through.

    I don’t hazard any guesses of what he thinks about cops, that’s up to him.

  20. BigV Says:

    I think JJ plays the loutish asshole schtick way too much- but I am in agreement with him on the issue of cops.

    If you’ve ever been locked up and don’t realize that the sonofabitch who’s the real friendly and polite bastard, is the same as the one who’s just an honestly rude and vicious prick- then you’re severely deluded.

    Cop’s got one agenda, when it comes down to making it to the end of the month, and then end of 20 years: putting people in prison. Justice is a party line of bullshit that deluded people put a lot of store into.

    The name of the game is fill those cells so we can fill some more, build some more so we can hire some more cops to fill some more cells so…

    The closest town to me is maybe 2000 people in summer, and 800 in winter, and 10,000 people in the whole county during summer. I went to school with a couple in my town.

    I walked into an auto parts store one day, and one that went to school with me(he had my mom as a teacher too) was discussing that he’d heard all about me- I was an enforcer with XXXXXXXX and I was a meth cook and blah blah blah blah blah.

    I’ve had exactly 3 criminal charges levied against me in 30 some odd years of existence. I’ve never had any dealings with the club he mentioned- I’ve met a bunch of patches over the years but I dunno nobody in that club, never had anything to do with that club. Period.

    While he ran his mouth, all while on taxpayer dime, he finished. I looked at him, and having not seen him in 15+ years, I asked him if he knows who I am. When the answer was no, should I, I explained that he knew all about me, he ought to at least know me by face.

    I’ve never had a goddamn thing to do with crank. Period. The only crank I was ever interested in, was one being sold off Craigslist and it was actually a set of S&S flywheels being sold by a yuppie without the ability to know an automotive crank differs from a set of motorcycle flywheels and pins, but neither the cops nor the newsbitch cared about that.

    I’ve never been heavy with anyone. I’ve never enforced anything. I’ve never threaten anyone. I can say all those things honestly.

    I can tell you that when we were freshman in high school, I was a good sized boy, and I stopped a couple of inbred assholes from beating that cop’s ass when he was also a freshman.

    I can honestly say I’ve never done anything to anyone in my home county, and any trouble that’s come my way came a hundred fifty miles south and I wasn’t asking for it then. I don’t shit where I eat, and I’ve still be treated like Al Capone in my home county.

    So I can say I know 4 or 5 cops too, and I harbor no illusions over which ones are “nice” guys or which ones are pricks. They’re all fucking cops, and they’re all out to fuck you over.

    That goes for those who fall under the auspices of once a cop, always a cop.

  21. jj solari Says:

    Dear Done; you spent a lot of time on my remarks and so i will respond. my railing against law enforcement is from a philosophical and psychological perspective; any man who decides he needs to order strangers around not bothering him personally…he’s a sociopath. as such i do not lecture cops one-on-one. anymore than i would lecture a leopard i encountered on the veldt why he should not act like a leopard towards me. my interactions with law enforcement are cordial and measured. i know what i am dealing with and i know how to deal with it. when i must address a law enforcer i ignore the badge and the uniform and the gun and all the peripherals and address the critter inside his skull. its not hard to do. a law enforcer is is the same the world over because people are the same the world over. i only look and write stupid. in person i am as charming and delightful as Peter Pan. i do not challenge law enforcement in person, there’s too damn many of them. i am not trying to deter cops from being cops. i am trying to eliminate the JOB of cop. you cant untrain an asshole.but there is certainly no reason to pay them salaries and pensions to act with asshole impunity against you. unless youre a masochist. which americans apparently are. i am merely trying to deter americans from thinking they need law enforcement. and so far i am failing at it in a whopping manner.

  22. RtC Says:

    The folks (O.C.I.B.) that run the Pawhuska, Ok., Party in the Osage informed the city council, years ago, that if they didn’t shut the cops down with their BS during the 2 parties each year, THEY would shut the money off(over a million every 6 months) Cops are pretty scarce for the 4 days of each party.AND the f’n cop-shop is right across the road from Biker
    Park! hehehe
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  23. RtC Says:

    @ Done ass. Is that you, vinnie 1″er?

  24. jj solari Says:

    Harry Reid is getting even for the trouncing he got in the Bundy fracas. he probly threatened the Pioneer with the Vengeance of Allah if they didnt cooperate with the Magnificos Of SWAT…………. @ Ol’ Lady Rider: good letter. “I see a need for hospitality personnel training.” hahahahaha no shit.

  25. N P Says:

    @ Done: your voice of reason is borne of real life experience. I am definitely an FTP guy, as I’m sure you are too, but your words are right. Btw, I believe the song went, “….cop’s face is full of hate, heavens above he’s on a street called love, when will they ever learn……” The funny twist of words was that the street called love is named Haight Street in S.F. That same song gives a nod to the big Club by name, as well as the big American mc factory.

  26. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I sincerely hope lawsuits are forthcoming.

    I see a need for hospitality personnel training. There was no reason for hotel staff to allow police access to the vendors in the first place, much less allow vendor booths to be shut down. The easy statement would be, “No one called you, why are you here?”

    This reminds me of an incident in San Diego last year, in which the hotel that was booked full due to a club’s national event provided a guest roster to the local jurisdiction. The kid on night duty just handed over the roster when asked. This same night clerk allowed the police to access the parking garage and take photos of motorcycles/license plates.

    Obviously hotel staff aren’t generally provided training regarding guest privacy and the rights afforded private property. What possible repercussions could there be for a hotel (private entity protected the same as an individual according to the Constitution, at least the way I understand it) to invoke its rights the same as any private citizen?

    Cops love ignorance and will exploit it at any opportunity. As part of any unity movement, it seems smart to insure that any establishment we trust with our personal information, temporary housing, or revenue should be on the same page with regard to protecting those interests.

  27. Yard IOMC Says:

    That is straight up bullshit. Fucking cops should be sued. Under what statutory authority can they deny the right to make a legal living? I hope their lawyers kick some cop ass.

  28. @Done ass Says:

    @Done..You are a 100% wrong!!!Give respect and you will get respect that does not work everywere especially with cops..As long as they keep saying all 1%ers are criminals then I will to continue teaching my kids all cops are scum..Were are the so called good cops on these documentaries..not one has the balls to comment on tv that they know most 1%ers are law abiding and a very small portion just like in any group or oganization may be doing things there club dont approve of…Even the so called cool ones wont tell on the assholes so that makes them just as responsible..YOUR COMMENT IS INSCIDIOUS,THOUGHTLESS,IGNORANT,NARROW MINDED,AND STUPID!!!!

  29. Jake Randall Says:

    It is obvious the cops want the clubs to fail fight it doesn’t matter to them. This stupid cop doesn’t realize he is going to be sued!?!? I for one am glad to see the Green & Red getting along and thanks for helping each other put stuff away. Sue the cops brothers. Jake from the Rocky Mountains

  30. Mike Says:

    Maybe they should have thought of that before they took the money for the booth spaces and maybe they shouldn’t have given them adjoining spaces in the first place.

    Kudos to both men and their help for getting along and showing the world who the bigger people are.

  31. Done Says:

    @jj solari: Of course you’re always right as usual. Any & all Cops, former Cops, anyone who has taken the test to be a Cop, knows a few Cops in their town, has a relative who’s a Cop and doesn’t spit on them isn’t worth a shit. Problem is, I don’t know any Bikers worth the title who’ve been around for a few decades who don’t know at least 5 Cops by their first names. Some of us old timers have been busted & pulled over so many times by the same local Cops that you can’t help but become at least familiar with which ones are assholes & which ones aren’t. If I get pulled over around here I can think of two in particular who I’d rather it be than the half dozen or so I’d rather it wasn’t. Small town America is like that. I suppose if you’re a drifter who roams from town to town like Caine in Kung Fu never running across the same population twice then my statements don’t work. But in my home town of a whopping 820 if you live the life you get to know pretty much the whole damned local Sheriff’s Dept sooner or later and are especially on point for that new 22 year old rookie just out of the academy who only a few years before , you watched play High School Football with your Son and now he’s got a lot to learn about how to treat people. I’m not talking about the Nazi ATF or FBI here, just the average Town or County Sheriff’s Department whom I’m not defending just being realistic about. I’ve had my fair share of over night stays after bar fights or raids on parties, DWI’s in the County Lock Up as I’m sure most of us old timers have and No it ain’t anything like the one in Mayberry on TV but you end up there sooner or later and the Sheriff’s Deputy on duty that night can either be a prick or be half way decent about it all depending on how he’s treated mostly, granted some are just plain dick heads but not all (kinda’ like how some Bikers are tweekers but not all). Once inside courtesy goes a long way especially with your “fellow detainees” and of course that poor bastard working the night shift who in most cases just wants to go home as much as I do. Of course there are sadistic pricks in these places but to say that they all are just shows that you haven’t really ever been locked up. The food if there is any sucks, it’s either cold or hot as Hell and you seldom get a shower before first appearances and those can take days if you get busted on a Friday night because most of the small town Courts don’t hold sessions until Monday morning provided it’s not a long holiday weekend which makes it longer. Besides the sadistic dick headed guards there’s also the lazy ones who don”t do cell checks, ignore everybody and sit on the phone or fall asleep for their whole shift but every once in a while you’ll get a half way human one who does the best they can to treat you like a human being so long as you haven’t been a complete asshole and regardless of which kind you get, chances are you’ll be seeing all of them again when you return which if you’re doing this thing at all like it’s susposed to be done you most likely will. If you act like a man instead of a whiney little bitch in a small town County Lock Up, when your Brothers or Ol’ Lady come to bail you out the whole ordeal goes a lot smoother for your Brothers or whoever than it does if you were the “problem child” that weekend or over night. I’m not defending this Asshole Lt. Healy here, what I’m taking exception to is the blanket statement jjsolari made & jj I mean no disrespect just disagree that in ALL cases ALL Cops are complete and total assholes. Ride around with the right people long enough and sooner or later you WILL get locked up on some BS charge, go to Court, pay a fine or do some time. I know you don’t believe in the Court system or the US Constitution, I’ve read that from you ad nausium but when you go to Court you’ll be working both to your advantage if you can. I seriously doubt you’re gonna’ stand up and address the Court by saying in a loud commanding voice “Fuck you & fuck all y’all”. Mind you, I’ve actually seen that done too and I’ve never seen it end well. Whatever Public Pretender you draw (if any depending on the charge) will probably advise you to keep your mouth shut at First Appearances and tell you when it’s time to say “Yes your Honor” or “No your Honor” and that’s about it. By this time, if you stand a chance to bond or bail out your first priority is to GET OUT. All you really want to do is hit the streets, get a shower, something to eat, a few hours asleep and if you’re coming down off anything either a quick hit or a beer, definately a smoke these days because there ain’t no smoking anymore. Anybody whose actually been in these shoes knows exactly what I’m talking about. However, if you’re a cyber commando who spends more time on the computer than on a bike and has never seen the inside of a cage it’s easy to make statements here that let anyone who has real experience know that you’re full of shit. Also while we’re on the topic, it may surprise you to know that there ARE former Cops in some of the so called “Big 5 1%’er MC’s”. I once heard the Founder of one of them say “I’d rather see a Cop become a XXX, than see an XXX become a Cop”. Again, I’m not defending Cops here, just being realistic. Around here (obviously I don’t live in LA or NYC), when those blue lights are flashing behind my scoot and I see that Crown Vic or lately Charger door open in my rear view mirror I pretty much know what’s going to happen next by who gets out of the door. Regardless, I’m keeping my hands on the grips & am trying to get on down the road with either a warning ticket or some sort of piece of paper. Last thing I want is a ride in the back seat while some goober puts my scoot in a sling on the back of his tow truck. So, yeah I’m going to keep my cool, keep my yap shut & try to appear respectful. On the door of the Club House I frequent is a sign that reads “GIVE RESPECT, GET RESPECT. ACT LIKE AN ASSHOLE, GET TREATED LIKE AN ASSHOLE. That sage advice works everywhere. I completely get it when I see FTF, FTP, FTATF here, I agree. But, if I’m pulled over and you DRIVE by and see me talking to the Cop, or I’m at an event and you see me talking to a Cop or I walk into a coffee shop and say something to the Cop and you get in my face about it your ass is going down right in front of the Cop, respectfully of course. We are then both going to lock up where you need to find Jesus quick because if they put us in the same holding cell it’s round 2. I may have a Brother or friend who’s locked up at the time and needs something or maybe I know that the Cop’s kid has cancer and I’m not too much of a tuff guy not to ask how she is. Here’s a thought, try Prospecting for an MC and everytime you come in contact with a Cop just spit on his boot and say to him face to face what you say to us here! Good luck with that.

    I don’t do the major events like the River Run, Bike Week, Sturgis or what have you anymore. Way too much BS happening there. Don’t think having to be on point 24/7 is much fun. I know this Lt. Healy should be sued by the vendors and made an example of. I know there’s a life & death struggle between the Feds & the Clubs and have firends doing serious time because of it. I also know that not every Cop is a dick anymore than every Biker is. Nobody is ever going to take us seriously if we all fall in line behind that banner. We don’t have to be their friends or trust them but like it or not, we do have to deal with them ever single fucking day. A lot of what gets said here is good old venting or ranting, no harm done. Some of it however, is just plain show boating and a crock of shit. A group called the Animals had a song I liked and still do called San Francisco and the lyrics talked about Cops, “Cop’s face is filled with hate. Heavens above they got a thing called love. When will they ever learn. Old Cop young Cop feel alright on a warm San Francisco night”. Eric wasn’t paying em’ any compliments, just telling it like it is. More recently a Hip-Hop group came out with a “tune” called “Fuck The Police”, somehow I think Eric did it better. jj I ain’t got no fan club here or friends or followers so I’m sure some of your fans are going to have a good ol’ time tearing my words to pieces, fine. But, given that people DO listen to you, you might want to consider that some day one of them might act out on what you write and end up with their ass in a sling or worse. Peace.

  32. One Eye Says:

    I will echo some sentiments and hope that this incident will leave them recourse for a law suit due to a potential loss of sales and, more importantly, underscore the fact that law enforcement does not want clubs to set aside differences and co-exist.

  33. Phuquehed Says:

    Lt. Healy is sure one gutless, cowardly, yellow-stained pussy. I bet his OL has to sneak out behind his back to be with a real man.

    Fuck you Healy, you stinking cup of anal leakage, and fuck your bunch of faggot swat motherfuckers who follow your anti-American orders.

  34. Road Whore Says:

    Band together, Brothers! SAVE THE PATCH! Damn the man.

    Ride Free

  35. Austin Says:

    Hopefully there is a show promoter or an economically challenged town somewhere seeing the potential in a new venue and looking at the benefits of putting on an event. Maybe expand on that Save The Patch idea? I’m thinking like, a Fall Colors Run, where all the colors are welcome?

    Just a thought…

  36. Stevo Says:

    The pigs can’t have the public seeing clubs getting along now, can they. It reveals their big bad wolf bullshit/public enemy number one bullshit for what it is. If the clubs aren’t at war the mongoloid Ciccone will be out of business.



  37. sohn Says:

    I say it all the time. A big part of organized crime law is interfering with commerce. I’ve been charged with such offences and not one person lost a single dime to any of my actions. Yet, the police continually interfere with our more then legal means of income by forceful coercion, extortion and by threatening employers and property owners. Literally forcing members of clubs out of legal commerce and then berating the ones that may have turned to the black market to support their families.

  38. sohn Says:

    I’ve said it before and say it all the time. A big part of organized crime law is interfering with commerce. I’ve been charged with such offences and not one person lost a single dime to any of my actions. Yet, the police continually interfere with our more then legal means of income by forceful coercion, extortion and by threatening employers and property owners. Literally forcing members of clubs out of legal commerce and then berating the ones that may have turned to the black market to support their families.

  39. Durruti Says:

    I’ve been here all week, and the “no colors” signs are everywhere, except Oatman. Lots of colors there. Fucking gang task force was out there too…

  40. jj solari Says:

    there is not a cop or former cop or part time cop or cop afficionado or cop supporter or cop booster or cop trainee or cop devotee or cop wannabe or cop anything who is not a complete and total useless pile of empty mucus asshole. and this is the short version.

  41. ocmouse22 Says:

    Another thought. No MC should go to any of these runs like this if the property owners can’t stand there ground against the cops. Law suits should be filed. This runs like our money in fact they count on it. Let these towns find out what its like when the MC’s stop going to runs. These runs will dry up and die. The wanna bes go to these things to act like us any way if we stop going so will they. That will cut into the towns money!!! Then see what happens.

  42. Sydney Says:

    Metro has been really difficult to deal with since river run 2002. I am not sure if Coones or Sincox were wearing their colors when the booths were shut down however, last year the casinos had signs up everywhere stating that colors were NOT allowed in their establishments. Last year was also the very first year that they were advertising heavily that they still had rooms available and this year it seemed that even more rooms were up for grabs.

    The event has definitely become less fun with all of the police that show up every year. Metro was even pulling bikes over because they were “making too much noise” or they were “too loud”. Laughlin and the surrounding cities/towns have always relied on the income this event has provided but, now it seems like there isn’t any money to be made because nobody wants to go through the trouble of dealing with Metro.

    I agree that there is most definitely a lawsuit here especially since the 2 men were noticeably getting along. I can’t believe that Metro actually had the nerve to essentially threaten the Pioneer into making them close their booths. Vendor fees are ridiculous so they undoubtedly lost some money because of this crap.
    Just my observations/opinions…



  43. ocmouse22 Says:

    I said this was going to happen. The more we get along the more the cops and feds are going to push. They are afraid of us when we get along its always their rats and under covers that put us at odds with each other. Good for my brothers and the HA for getting along. Just shows the need for getting along to save each other. Hoping to share these thoughts at NCOM with the other clubs nation wide.

  44. Base Says:

    Anyone know if they displayed club affiliation or colors? Not that it makes a difference. I am just curious. Either way it is 10 kinds of wrong

    Punishing people and their lively hood because of associations they may or may not have. Just like those fucks down under.

    Yeah the shit is getting deeper.

    It should give a bunch of people idea’s Sieg, more so if Coones and Sincox filed and pursued a very public law suits using the same attorney and really put the screws to these ass hats.

  45. Done Says:

    If Lt. Healy & friends were so fucking convinced of “the potential” of a “dangerous” situation why didn’t they just park a few porkers bikes complete with porker right the fuck next to the booths? Jesus Christ! Are they that chicken shit that they can’t just be there too? Are they so powerless to deter with presence (which is the first level of use of force) that they have to bully private property owners with some sort of threat? Was the Hotel/Casio/Whatever so threatened by the consequence of Lt. Hayes & Company that they automatically bend over for this tuff guy? Fucking Westboro Baptist Church Ass Wipes can protest a Veteran’s Funeral and get porker protection but a peaceful vendor can’t? None of this makes any sense on any level. What was the blotter report for that City during this event? How much of it was Biker related? What was the responce times for the pork during the event as opposed to the rest of the year? What was the OT paid out? Was any of it for deterant value & if so why wasn’t that used to cover this? Sue the pants of Lt. Hayes if he hasn’t shit them already. This is a deam Civil Complaint.

  46. Paladin Says:

    This proves beyond any doubt that law enforcement doesn’t want MCs or its members getting along with each other, especially when this behavior can be viewed at an event that’s patronized by so many in the biker community and the general public as well.

    Based on the facts presented in Rebel’s story, the law suite filed against the casino (breach of contract / loss of revenue) and the Las Vegas PD (abuse under color of authority) should go a long way in exposing law enforcement’s true agenda, with respect to bikers and MCs. I think OL’ Lt. Healy just stepped on his crank.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  47. Sieg Says:

    So, the Hells Angels scare the pigs, and the Vagos scare the pigs, but just look how much they scare the pigs WHEN THEY’RE TOGETHER!!!

    Kinda give ya an idea, doesn’t it?


  48. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Sue the fuck outta the pigs! Fuck you Lieutenant John Healy.

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