Georgia Outlaws Case Inches Along

April 22, 2014

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The law is an ass. It moves slower than most glaciers. It is a racket for the glorification and enrichment of bad men. And, today’s exhibit in support of these immoderate statements is the never ending Georgia Outlaws case.

The “case” is really seven, separate, federal cases dispersed over Georgia and Florida that are the fruit of a two-year-long undercover investigation by the Atlanta Division of the FBI. The “investigation “ was basically a fishing expedition by an “FBI certified Undercover Employee with 10 years of undercover experience, having attended and completed FBI Undercover School,” and two slightly less official agents provocateur officially named Confidential Informant One and Confidential Informant Two. The prosecutions are divided in order to frustrate public scrutiny.


The idea of the “investigation” was to create crimes that could then be prosecuted. A press release issued on August 16, 2012 bragged:

“‘All but two of the defendants charged in this investigation have direct ties to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club or other motorcycle clubs that are affiliated with and controlled by the Outlaws,’ said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates (photo above). ‘The charges unsealed today allege that these motorcycle club members engaged in substantial drug trafficking and weapons offenses. This case is a big step forward in making sure that these groups don’t threaten the safety of our North Georgia communities.’”

“Brian D. Lamkin, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Atlanta Field Office, stated, ‘Today’s arrests of the numerous members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club and those of several of its affiliate clubs represents the unified efforts of our region’s law enforcement in addressing a serious and very structured crime problem. The Outlaw Motorcycle Club, its affiliate clubs, and its membership are not above nor beyond the law and today’s arrests, the culmination of a two-year intensive investigation, should serve as clear evidence of that.’”

The best known defendant is a member of the American Outlaws Association named Larry McDaniel who has held a leadership position in that social organization. Among the crimes with which McDaniel was charged was “impeding a federal proceeding” because McDaniel recommended that a chapter of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club that had been infiltrated by federal agents and snitches be shut down.


After almost two years, men are still being sentenced for crimes that were instigated by the FBI. Last week, a man named Phillip Honeycutt learned his punishment for “use of a communications facility in the distribution of a controlled substance.”

A federal judge named Richard Story told Honeycutt, “The public out there wants me to do something. ‘Lock them up as long as you can.’ That’s what the public thinks. This is not one of those things where we can just turn our heads.”

Honeycutt had sort of participated in an FBI orchestrated drug sting. As is usually the case in these things, men who needed money were offered easy cash for working “security” at a drug transaction. Frequently, the victims of these stings don’t even know they are participating in a drug deal until the drugs come out for the hidden cameras. This drug “sting” was shady and Honeycutt hadn’t even been there.

“The government offered him $200 to sit on the street and look for police,” Honeycutt’s lawyer, Michael H. Saul, told Judge Story. “He’s not a leader. He’s not a manager. He’s just some unemployed person being paid to yell ‘police,’ There’s nothing to suggest he’s a bad person.”

Honeycutt was contrite with the judge and admitted he had “done wrong.”

“You have made a mistake and I think you have learned from that,” the judge replied. “There’s no such thing as an easy $200.” Then the heartless son of a bitch sentenced Phillip Honeycutt to 18 months in prison.

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27 Responses to “Georgia Outlaws Case Inches Along”

  1. rollinnorth Says:

    “May 23. 2014 12:19PM

    Christopher L. Legere v. NHDOC: Legere asserts a due process challenge to being identified in state prison records as a gang member. Legere also asserts First Amendment claims challenging the prison’s rejection of Christmas cards sent to him by the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (“Outlaws”), a group of which he has been a member, on the basis that the group is not a prison gang, and equal protection claims on the grounds that other inmates are allowed to receive Christmas cards from their friends and loved ones.”

  2. BMW Says:

    Good points. Black militants Malcolm X and Frantz Fanon wrote about how the oppressed tend to internalize the control-methods of the oppressor. I’m certainly not a black militant, but I think they were both correct in the observations of how oppression works on the minds of the oppressed.

    The “War on Certain Drugs” is definitely a war to preserve corporate profits but it is also a method to control exactly who profits from the sales of the drugs currently deemed “illegal”. By the techniques that the DEA/CIA/ATF uses to “fight” the “war”, the federal alphabet-soup agencies actually control who is permitted to sell the drugs and make the profits. In any case, the sales continue to go on and the profits continue to be made. The only thing that the LEO community does is change WHO is making the money!~


  3. Meh Says:

    Deconstruction of ruler strategies can show ways to negate them.

    What I get from the story is that this

    “The government offered him $200 to sit on the street and look for police,” Honeycutt’s lawyer, Michael H. Saul, told Judge Story. “He’s not a leader. He’s not a manager. He’s just some unemployed person being paid to yell ‘police,’ There’s nothing to suggest he’s a bad person.”

    can be easily negated by rules/order/doctrines forbidding such activities because they are “gateways to entrapment”. The question of legal rights to do (any action) is tactically separate.

    Government cases illuminate how their enticement and entrapment systems work and they do it in detail.

    When you see a strategy or tactic used by an opponent the first reaction should be how to negate it, even before getting pissed off. Part of disrupting an opponent is to keep them from focusing clearly on their proper objective.

    The following may be controversial, but I think that the LEO empire model relies on bait.

    The War On Some Drugs is in my opinion more a war for social control beyond recreational chemicals not produced by Big Booze/Big Pharma. It relies on those who are “baited” by the very profit margins CREATED BY THE PROHIBITION. They are expected to be lured by both money and their concept of freedom from law (justice or injustice of said law being a side issue). Since chemical recreation (while being fun) frequently fucks with decisionmaking, it’s an ideal vector for social control ops.

    Your enemies want to rule you both by indirect manipulation and direct coercion. If their manipulations deceive you into internalizing the defense of the very activities they use for leverage against you, you fuck yourself for them!

    We see the failures of the stupid OpFor. That doesn’t mean the OpFor are stupid or unsophisticated.

    Comments? Brickbats?

  4. Paul Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er,

    Your articles make me very grateful my wife and I just finished paying off that college loan. WTF…

  5. Done Says:

    For anyone with an interest in some very good black & white photography of the Black & White, two books are now available which I found on Portriats of American Bikers, The Flash Collection, Life in the 1960s Collector’s Edition by Beverly V. Roberts is available for shipment. A real treasure trove of rare black & white photography of the A.O.A., Dedicated respectfully to Jack “Milwaukee Jack 1%er” Rosga this coffee table type book has a very well written narative and will transport the reader back to days that are gone but that should never be forgotten. It included the following poem:

    Outlaws We Are…RICO We’re Not
    by Moldy 1%er

    I am an Outlaw 1%er,
    I ride with the best.
    Diehard scooter tramps,
    one step ahead of the rest.

    We get drunk and rowdy,
    throw a few hands when we’re hot,
    bona fide scooter trash we are,
    but RICO we are not.

    I’ve loved some shady ladies,
    been known to take a toke.
    When my money was right,
    I’ve done a line or two of coke.

    Known to be a PPDSPEMFOBBT,
    not a member of of organized crime.
    I don’t contribute to no criminal enterprise,
    the money I beg, borrow or steal…is mine.

    Ain’t never had to ask nobody,
    what I was allowed to do
    other than keepin’ my scooter up
    I did ’bout what I wanted to.

    Never went to no Club meetin’,
    where we conspired a criminal plot.
    Cuz Outlaws we are,
    RICO we’re not.

    We all pay Club dues,
    just like the Eagles & Jaycees.
    But if I robbed a bank,
    all the money belongs to me.

    Rather my ole lady was a dancer,
    a school teacher, or lady of the night.
    She took it upon herself,
    to keep my pocket right.

    I don’t eat no garlic or smoke Di Noble cigars,
    ain’t skimmin’ off no Vegas slot,
    An Outlaw I am,
    But RICO we’re not.

    Another book of the same sort is now in pre-order for a reissue in hard cover, The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon. Some of you may have an origional either in hard cover or papreback. If you do, it’s selling used on Amazon for well over $100.00. The reissue pre-order is about $25.00. Again, if you have an interest in the early years of the A.O.A you’ll want to pre-order this if you’ve got the coin.

    Last but not least by any measure is: HELL ON WHEELS (An Illustrated History of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs) by Bill Hayes (2014 Motorbooks). While this one does have a section devoted to the A.O.A it also covers many more 1%’er MC’s. The inside flap says the following:

    The outlaw biker stands apart from the crowd, a beacon of freedom, laughing in the face of authority. While many do everything possible to avoid being marginalized by society, the one-percenter stomps through those margins without fear. Too often he ends up in prison or dead, but the ethos he lives by values freedom over life itself.

    The Outlaws & Black Pistons as well as those who are honored to call them friends and associates deserve better than the sort of selective attention they always have gotten from the State of Georgia as well as the Feds. The 1%’er culture here in the South differs from that of their Northern and Western Cousins slightly and is most noticable in their more layed back attitude. They are no less serious nor should anyone confuse kindness for weakness. I’ve lived in all three parts of America and now in the South submit that the level of harassment of the Clubs here in Dixie has become incredible. I extend my sincerest hope that the Outlaws in Georgia & Florida caught up in this web of deception are soon set free to carry on as they always have with honor and class.

  6. Road Whore Says:

    @ Bill…LOL :)

    What do I think of this one? I prefer a woman who is turned on by her pearl thong, rather than finding it a nuisance.

    Ride Free

  7. FF Says:

    I’m sure there is plenty of room left in that cave Ray Gricar is “hiding” in.

  8. Bill Says:

    Road Whore: You pervert, reading Cosmo. Btw, what do you think of this one?


  9. Sieg Says:

    “Everything we admire on this earth today-science and art, technology and inventions-is only the creative product of a few peoples and originally perhaps of one race. On them depends the existence of this whole culture. If they perish, the beauty of this earth will sink into the grave with them.
    All great cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning.
    The ultimate cause of such a decline was their forgetting that all culture depends on men and not conversely; hence that to preserve a certain culture the man who creates it must be preserved. This preservation is bound up with the rigid law of necessity and the right to victory of the best and stronger in this world.

    *Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.*”


  10. jj solari Says:

    this is basically a war against white americans because blacks and “hispanics” rally to defend their races. and “the authorities” fear that sort of thing. white people dont defend their race and culture. cause they’re convinced that their cultural superiority is something to be ashamed of. i call that stupidity but the more sensitive call it “guilt.” but its really just stupidity. with a goodly dose of cowardice tossed in.

  11. RVN69 Says:

    The Feds are like a traveling circus, dancing around the country throwing away millions of our tax dollars to entrap members of clubs in Federally Fabricated crimes. They certainly don’t show the same enthusiasm for taking on street gangs, 44 shot in Chicago over the Easter weekend. Where is the ATF, DEA, FBI??? Maybe they are afraid to fuck with the gangbangers when it is easier to entrap us.

    Respect to the AOA, good luck fighting this continuing persecution.


    “I am my brothers keeper”

  12. BMW Says:

    Another series of cases of deliberately fabricated federal crimes. Almost every club in the United States has been victimized by deliberately fabricated federal crimes. It works for the federal agencies. Deliberately fabricated federal crimes bring good headlines, easy prosecutions and increased funding levels to those agencies, while avoiding actual investigation or actual work performed by federal employees.

    Many club member still languish behind bars as a result of deliberately fabricated federal crimes. The purpose of a deliberately fabricated federal crime is to place defendants in a position where they can be victimized by the federal bill of attainder law called “RICO”. As defendants under the “RICO” bill of attainder, those persons can be induced to plead guilty in order to preserve their rights to freedom and any and all property or money they possess.

    Deprived of access to their assets, defendants are forced to rely on a group of federal employees who will enter a guilty plea on the defendants’ behalf. These federal employees are currently known either as federal prosecutors, federal defenders, or federal judges, depending on the exact pay grade.

    This is also an attempt to drag a club through the mud. Dragging the club’s name through the mud is a carefully chosen LEO technique. That’s the first step in the process of creating a new federal crime of “felony motorcycle club membership”. More on this later.

    L,H&R, BMW, feeling cynical…

  13. The Great One Says:

    It is truly a travesty.. what has become of our once proud USA?
    Incarceration Nation. Wholesale corruption from the neighborhood cop all the way to the Attorney General.. and then some.

  14. slycechyx Says:

    Her gash is so big, I wonder if the donkey fell in?

    Charged with “impeding a federal proceeding” because McDaniel recommended that a chapter of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club that had been infiltrated by federal agents and snitches be shut down.

    So much total bullshit. Sounds like they were fishing for something, anything to charge him with.

  15. Sieg Says:

    OC V, I don’t believe any self-respecting donkey would fuck that thing even with Michelle’s dick.


  16. Oldskewl Says:

    The Feds are continually hammering AOA, I guess the they figure once they take them out of the picture they can run the gambit on clubs.

    It’s a fucking shame.

  17. Glenn S. Says:

    Road Whore said: “Is it just me, or does anyone else also believe that good old Sally would look a lot better wearing a pearl necklace??”

    I think she’d look better duct taped to a pine tree, but that might cause a donkey stampede in the other direction.

  18. Road Whore Says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else also believe that good old Sally would look a lot better wearing a pearl necklace??

    Oh…and to all fed beast types, religious fanatics, and other lurkers who have taken my comment as something lurid and depraved and as further proof that all we bikers are wild-eyed, vicious, nasty and perverted thugs…I’ll have you know that I got my info from…Cosmo. Yep, Cosmopolitan Magazine…check it out for yourself, and then go enjoy your circle jerk:

    And I am a wild-eyed, vicious, nasty and perverted thug…and Cosmo made me that way!

    Ride Free

  19. Road Whore Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er said: “I think I saw Sally in a bestiality porn getting fucked in the ass by a donkey.”

    I hope that they were able to cure the poor donkey of whatever god-awful disease that she gave to it!

    I fly colors too…and on my vest I have this patch:


    (Someone Tell Me What In The Fuck Is Going On I Just Want To Know What In The Fuck Is Going On)

    Excuse me now…I have to go 8-ball my 69 and 13 my scooter.

    Ride Free

  20. Steve Says:

    Dear John,

    Aren’t there enough real criminals out there? I know you are reading this you chickenshit Down’s Syndrome dwarf, so man up and answer. Are you too afraid or too stupid to catch them? Is that why you and your federal cash wagon riding bum chums constantly frame people? You, sir, are a coward and a parasite.



  21. BigV Says:

    Poor, poor donkey.

  22. Glenn S. Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er said: “I think I saw Sally in a bestiality porn getting fucked in the ass by a donkey.”

    Let’s hope she wasn’t undercover when she was fucking that donkey. Outing the bitch might be attempted conspiracy to impede official donkey fucking, and the public demands that the feds DO something about donkeys that fuck bitches.

  23. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I think I saw Sally in a bestiality porn getting fucked in the ass by a donkey.

  24. anon Says:

    Nevermind, I looked it up. I was thinking of the right case.

    Here’s the link to Rebel’s previous story on the case: The relevant text is pasted below.


    McDaniel and two other men, Sean King, an Outlaw from Gordon, Georgia and Howard Brown who is the Georgia President of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club, were charged with obstructing a criminal investigation.

    What had happened, according the government, was that McDaniel had found out that the FBI was conducting an undercover investigation and “had placed either an Undercover Employee or a Confidential Informant inside the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club’s Cleveland, Georgia chapter.” So McDaniel apparently suggested that that chapter be shut down – which it was. It is unclear what else McDaniel should have done.

    There was then an investigation to determine how McDaniel knew what he knew and a second indictment of McDaniel, King and Brown for impeding “the due and proper administration of the law under which a proceeding was pending before the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an agency of the United States.” That charge actually turned out not to be a crime because, to slightly over simplify, FBI investigations are not “proceedings.”

  25. anon Says:


    Is this the same case in which one person was charged for – and I’m paraphrasing – interfering with a law enforcement operation because he outed a PH/Prospect/Hangaround as an undercover agent or CI and insisted that said person not be allowed around the club anymore?

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