Third Warlocks Trial Underway

April 21, 2014

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The trial of Robert “Willy” Eckert, a patch holder in the Warlocks Motorcycle Club whose members wear a stylized harpy on their backs, began today in Courtroom 5D of the Seminole County Courthouse Sanford, Florida.

Eckert was charged with three counts of second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder after a minutes long shootout in the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida in September 2012. The five victims were all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that wears a stylized phoenix patch. The dead men were Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. Two other men, Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell, were wounded. Schlette didn’t have time to get off his motorcycle before he was shot in the arm and the face, allegedly by Harpy Warlock Paul Wayne Smith.


Two other Harpy Warlocks, David “Tin Man” Maloney and Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro have already endured trials.

Maloney was acquitted of the three murder charges and one of the attempted murder counts. A jury could not decide whether Maloney tried to murder Mitchell and Judge Marlene Alva declared a mistrial on that count. Prosecutors have been obtuse about whether they intend to retry Maloney for trying to kill Mitchell but Maloney will probably be back in court May 14. He is now free on a $50,000 bond.

Prosecutors have claimed that forensic evidence indicates Amaro fired the shots that killed Jakiela and Liddle. Nevertheless, Judge Jessica Recksiedler declared a mistrial after four days of arguments and testimony in Amaro’s case last week after a prosecutor made a procedural error that jeopardized Amaro’s presumption of innocence. Amaro will probably be retried but he doesn’t yet have a trial date. He remains in custody.


Both Maloney and Amaro argued that they acted in self-defense. So is Eckert. Prosecutors have alleged that Eckert fired a pistol during the gun battle but there is no evidence that he shot anybody. Given the ineptness of the prosecutors and the cogency of the defenders so far, it seems unlikely that Eckert will be convicted of anything. He is represented by a lawyer named Adam Pollack.

A month ago the remaining defendant, Smith, was scheduled for trial before Judge Recksiedler beginning May 5. Today Rene Stutzman, who is covering the case for the Orlando Sentinel, reported “It’s not clear when the fourth co-defendant, Paul Wayne Smith, 49, of Effingham, S.C., will come to trial.” It is not clear to the Aging Rebel whether she has learned that Smith is negotiating a plea deal or if she simply couldn’t be bothered to look up the fourth defendant’s trial date.

The shooters were all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that has traditionally ridden, brawled and socialized within a 50-mile radius of Philadelphia. The victims were all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that has deep roots in north-central Florida. The Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the Philadelphia based Warlocks club seceded from the rest of their club in the new Millennium and it was men associated with the Chester chapter who decided to expand their club into Florida.


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  1. Dell Says:

    Unfortunately the old saying live by the sword die by the sword rings true here. Seems everyone here is pro warbirds.

    I too find it highly questionable why the warbirds where there and why they took the stand for prosecution. caretaker or whatever his name is the Orlando prez was in the filmed documentary and took the witness stand, and hes still a PH. ??? His ol lady was in the vfw reporting back to the warbirds. And the 800 donation is just a fall back in case things went wrong to show we are the good guys here and not looking for trouble. I dont buy any of it.

    Warring clubs get into it all the time, and this isnt the first time someones died or a shootout took place in a public place or venue.

  2. Rahlow Says:

    If you look at the picture of the murder scene, it’s hard to believe anything short of an ambush happened.

  3. Lazerus Says:

    Anyone ever stop and think that the Harpies have been telling the truth the whole time and the Warbirds have been lying about what really went down that day? Jury sure seemed to think so… And that the Warbirds took the stand FOR THE PROSECUTION. Maybe the Warbirds should patch over to the Iron Order now.

  4. Jim666 Says:

    @ Former Regular

    Yea sure looks like florida, Thanks

  5. BMW Says:


    I don’t think there is much chance of a conviction, and I believe that is because the prosecutors are deliberately sabotaging their own case in order to allow the Harpies to go free. There is a legal strategy of creating a bogus, carefully scripted and fatally flawed prosecution so that the defendants can avoid prison or liability, but LEO can claim “we did our job, but the jury let them go”. We have seen this in almost all police shootings and in many cases where very powerful people are charged with crimes.


    The LEO carefully set this up these murders. This has worked for LEO before, with other clubs. It also worked when Maloney shot a “Warbird” a year previously. The police created the paranoia about “the Warbirds are out to get you” by telling Maloney and his cohorts that “the Warbirds had a contract on him”. A policeman testified in the Maloney trial that he had even told Maloney AND Maloney’s mother about this false claim.

    I call this a false claim because there was no evidence introduced that any “contract” existed. Had this claim of “a contract” been true, the defense attorneys would have been careful to introduce the evidence supporting this claim during the Maloney trial. It would have convincingly proven their claim of self-defense. The defense attorneys did not do so.

    The uniformed LEO were very careful to withdraw from the scene as the Warbirds pulled in to the parking lot. Where did the plainclothes police and the confidential informants who were present go? Although the witnesses claimed that the gathering was also being filmed by LEO, no such evidence has been yet disclosed by LEO.

    The uniformed police had to publicly leave the scene in order to allow the shoot-out to proceed. Even paranoid people wearing bulletproof vests are not likely to pull out guns and shoot when uniformed police are present. The presence of police would have prevented the ambush. Instead of the headlines about multiple murders and a shoot-out, we MIGHT have heard of a successful biker fund-raiser to benefit veterans…but the police and sheriff (two DIFFERENT law enforcement agencies) claim that they both simultaneously “made a mistake” and both simultaneously left the scene as the Warbirds arrived.

    I believe that LEO now want the entire incident buried, so that the public does not perceive the deliberate LEO preparations that carefully set-up these assassinations. (As well as the previous shooting by Maloney!) A fatally flawed prosecution allows the prosecutors to claim that they performed their duties while allowing the murderers to go free. In a few months, except for the victims’ families, everyone will be focused on the other dirty laundry. The only thing the public will remember is that “crazy motorcycle ‘gangs’ shoot each other in public places.”

    Only in the biker community, and on this site specifically, will there be people that recognize another case of deliberate police entrapment and a clearly fabricated crime. After all, the public seems to accept that the (unarmed) potential witness to the Boston Marathon Massacre was shot in the back by a room-full of FBI agents “in self-defense”….

  6. Former Regular Says:


    Warlocks(in Red Letters on white)- top rocker
    Green Harpy Center Patch with MC Cube
    Florida (in red letters on white)- bottom rocker

    Have seen it FLA- may have been an Ebay cut or a fed wearing that though.

    See here:

  7. Glider Says:

    @Phonebooth Bob
    I agree with you. When things happen in public for all the public to see that’s the opinion that will be generated. If things need to be handled, there’s a time and a place. This was neither the right time or place. Just my opinion though

  8. Jim666 Says:

    Rebel. due to the above comment made by Phonebooth Bob Says:
    April 22nd, 2014 at 4:18 am

    but people who have shootouts in public places for the only apparent reason of territory are.

    Can you enlighten me on whether or not the Philly/chester based Warlocks had as a bottom rocker ? was it Fla.? or Philly Or Chester ?
    I know the “real warlocks” Phoenix Warlocks wear county of Fla. or Fla. state rockers . I cant remember what this other group were wearing as a
    bottom rocker, depending on what it is /was could discredit Phonebooth bob`s comment Im not trying to imply anything Im just curious


  9. Phonebooth Bob Says:

    “Unfortunately, in the mind set of the general public, Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs are savages and are a dangerous criminal threat to the public safety.”

    All due respect, but as a member of the general public, I disagree. Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs are NOT dangerous criminal threats, but people who have shootouts in public places for the only apparent reason of territory are.

  10. Road Whore Says:

    In order to Save The Patch, this shit has to totally stop, regardless of its origin/incitement.

    Ride Free

  11. Done Says:

    Unfortunately, in the mind set of the general public, Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs are savages and are a dangerous criminal threat to the public safety. This mind set/ myth has been carefully crafted by law enforcement via an all too willing media who thrive on sensationalism. A common news room saying is,”If it bleeds, it leads”. The media also fears that if they don’t play ball with law enforement they will be shut out of inside information and tips on raids and details they ordinarily wouldn’t be privy to. Rightfully so, the Clubs have had an adversarial relationship with the media who in turn give them less than objective coverage. The Eagles had it right “They need dirty laundry”. The spin on this particular bit of drama is, if the Judge & Jury fail to convict then they had their day in court and must have been acting in self defense. The reality is that the general public would just as soon see all the Clubs shoot each other to death and the less left when the dust clears the better. The general public are not in the least bit interested in who was right and who was wrong and consider it a waste of tax dollars to even have these trials much less retrials. An allagator in the swimming pool is seen as a better option than a Biker working a roofing job asking to use the bathroom. And, had a stray round hit a kid playing in that neighborhood at the time, both Clubs would likely be on trial. Stray rounds are likely one reason why the Police who were there just prior to the gun play were suddenly busy elsewhere. A few Squad Cars parked on the road across the street from the event (given that the defense claims that it was common knowledge that a known MC with an on going adversarial relationship with a long standing local MC in close proximity was hosting the event), could very likely have prevented what occured when those who the defense claims were on the attack and had been threatening prior arrived. There has been no video, however there have been eye witnesses who have testified that the MC who arrived did not arrive while shooting at the host MC and only two members of that MC came armed and returned fire once fired upon. One of the more curious aspects of this trial (and there are many) has been whether or not if a person shoots a gun at another person, it matters whether of not they hit anybody. That tidbit of information seems to be getting more than it’s fair share of repitition in the press. The self defense aspect which seemed so doomed at the beginning of this trial seems to have taken on a life of it’s own and given the Jury decisions thus far has been rightly or wrongly accepted as plausable if not factual. One has to conclude given the results of the two cases brought before the bench thus far, how it would be possible for a guilty verdict to be rendered for the remaining cases. One could also be at least justified if they also concluded that this incident and the Jury’s verdicts were being used as a building block for the formulation of a much grander case to be executed at some future date against the local (& International) established MC whose recent Canadian take down and a former member’s under age sexual case are awaiting final judgement.

    Not that it seems to take very much to convince a Judge or Grand Jury to authorize sweeps of entire MC’s in multi-State raids to see which fish are worth keeping after the net gets hauled in, but if a portrait of an MC can be painted with a broad enough brush the oportunity for this sort of massive action is only enhanced by keeping the spot light on the target. Once this sort of critical mass is reached the quality of the legal team’s ability to convict won’t be as botched as it has been in this perhaps prelude to the real objective. The Host MC fares no better. They are now tarnished and should they not disband or move elsewhere will garner scrutiny rendering them unable to avoid a smaller yet no less inclusive net once the big fish is landed. If, as some have suggested, they are in league with the Devil they can expect no mercy from their master who sees them only as a means to an end. Once their usefullness has run it’s course they too will find a more professional legal team who’s aim will not miss. The only winners here will be the beast who consumes all and their all too willing minions who bring us “details at eleven”.

  12. jj solari Says:

    3rd trial for the same incident? not one person paying the taxes to finance the salaries and pensions of the assholes arranging, making possible, conducting and prosecuting these trials knows or has ever had anything to do with the people on trial or anyone affected by the people on trial. why then is this deranged procedure so revered and praised by the american citizen? it’s about as dumbass uselessly fucked up and meaningless as a clusterfuck of clowns in a blender.

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