Maloney Out Amaro On Trial

April 14, 2014

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The Warlocks shooting case continued this morning with the trial of Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro (shown above). Forensic evidence indicates that Amaro, a member of one of two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs, fired the shots that killed two members of a separate and distinct Warlocks Motorcycle Club. The dead men were Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela.

Amaro is a member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that wears a stylized harpy back patch. That club is commonly referred to as the “Philly Warlocks.” That club has split into two factions. Amaro is a member of the faction led by the Chester Pennsylvania chapter of the Philly Warlocks.

The dead men were members of a larger and better known Warlocks Motorcycle Club. The mother chapter for that club is in Orlando, Florida. It’s members wear a phoenix back patch and it is commonly referred to as the “Florida Warlocks.


Amaro is one of four defendants accused of second degree murder in the shooting deaths of Liddle, Jakiela and Peter “Hormone” Schlette as they rode their motorcycles into the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida on September 30, 2012. Two other Florida Warlocks, Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell, were wounded when members of a Philly Warlocks chapter began shooting at them. Amaro is accused of the attempted murders of Dyess and Mitchell.

Florida Warlocks have testified in the case that the five victims were simply bringing an $800 donation to a charity poker run that began at the VFW post. Florida Warlocks have also testified that they did not know the event was sponsored by a Philly Warlocks chapter.

Philly Warlocks, on the other hand, have testified that defendants in the case believed that the five victims had come to the poker run to murder them. Jurors believed that defense in the trial of David “Tin Man” Maloney which ended last week.


Maloney, the President of the local Philly Warlocks chapter, was acquitted of two counts of murder and one count of second degree murder last Friday by a six person jury. The jury could not agree about whether he tried to murder Mitchell. Maloney was released from jail last Friday after posting a $50,000 bond.

Prosecutors have been cute about whether they intend to retry Maloney on the remaining attempted murder charge. For example, this morning prosecutors asked Judge Marlene Alva to place Maloney under house arrest and order the confiscation of his firearms. At virtually the same time the same prosecutors said they hadn’t yet decided whether to retry Maloney for the attempted murder of Mitchell or not.

This morning Maloney’s lawyer, said his client has received death threats since his acquittal and that his client “needs to be very cautious and needs to keep one eye over his shoulder.” Lafay also argued that Maloney “has the same rights as anyone else as regards to weapons.”

The judge refused to restrict Maloney’s freedom or order the confiscation of his guns.

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32 Responses to “Maloney Out Amaro On Trial”

  1. Nick Maloney Says:

    All of you haters who were not there, fuck ya! TinMan is the nicest man in the world, but will defend himself. I am sorry the shitbird locks are shit, and didn’t bring enough to do what they went to do, hurt him.. Sorry you’re family or whoever died trying to ambush someone were shit.

  2. Austin Says:

    This is not my topic- but I know enough to call BS if someone has to say “This is not stirring up shit just making observations”

  3. skinny denny Says:

    @BMW and CN
    Your takes on this situation are articulate and right on the money. Definitely two of the most intelligent posters on this site. Enjoy the weekend and avoid Florida if you can.

  4. CN Says:

    I agree with Sieg in that the expectation of justice in a Court of Law these days is wishful thinking at best. Meanwhile in North Korea an election was just held and the report from the official governmental agency TV was that 100% of the adult population voted and they all voted for their Dear Leader. Judging by their actions and calm demeanor in Court this second fellow sure appeared extremelyy confident for a man who shot and killed two unarmed men before they got off their motorcycles but because of threats he felt justified and probably encouraged by the verdict of the prior Jury. From watching the coverage of the trial on TV, the news media on TV as well, reading the Orlando Sentinel and this blog I am of the opinion that these men have been assured that they will be found not guilty throgh such things as hung Juries and mistrials. My conclusion is that this circus has been staged to goad the Florida Warlocks into some sort of retaliation such that the government can arrest as many Florida Warlocks as possible but that this time there will be swarms of cops on hand to head off any possible harm done. The Harpy Warlocks having served their purpose will fold up camp and be reassigned elsewhere to cause further problems for the next MC on the government’s hit list. Those who have been adversarial in this thread also read like willing participants in this governmental slight of hand. And, I still maintain “dell” is none other than Steve Cook. The Florida Warlocks would do well to watch their words and deeds as it seems entirely possible that they have eyes and ears within their ranks or at the very least wire taps. Anger clouds the mind and makes any plan less likely to achieve the desired ressult. Time is on their side. Beware of hot heads.

  5. Grumpy Says:

    MISTRIAL-the jury found out he is a convicted felon an weren’t suppose to know that.

  6. IJ Says:

    WTF – wall to wall cops or people who have no idea how their remarks would be perceived by a member of a 3 piece patch MC and/or 1%er.

  7. Chode Says:

    I love it when posters call other posters cops. “Dell” is right. Maloney beat the case twice now and the Warbirds really. I’m sure he is a marked man. Wouldn’t surprise me when this all blows over if he does end up on Philly/Chester. Pagans presence isn’t near what it was. Outlaws have a few chapters now. He would fit right in if he wants to give it a go.

  8. rollinnorth Says:

    Well said, Sieg, well said.


  9. One Eye Says:

    @Dell:”The story might be different had the harpies waited for the warbirds to get off their bikes and open fire. How would that have fit for ya? Would you be any happier?”

    That is the stupidest question anyone has ever asked me on this forum. Why would anyone’s death, in either club, make me happy? I’m not a supporter of either club and I’m not a fan of gratuitous violence, so my personal opinion is that this is a tragedy from beginning to end.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe only 2 of the 5 men who rode in were armed. Now, unless they had perfected some circus act whereby they threw guns back and forth it doesn’t sound like a war plan.

  10. Sieg Says:

    Speculation and guesswork is all well and good until some poor moke gets lit-up behind someone’s pet theory of why the Black Rebels were fighting Beetles.

    The courts are bogus, anyone that’s really a part of motorsicklian culture should know that, and actual justice will be done on the street, if at all.

    Best bet is to STFU, kick back, and see where it all ends-up.


  11. dell Says:

    @BMW I am not a cop and only stating my take on this matter, like everyone else has and is. Did the harpy warlocks disrespect the florida warlocks by flying their name and colors in florida? Yeah. and really so what. Clubs are expanding and opening chapters in other club areas every day now.

    Again, I have a hard time believing the florida warlocks did NOT know the harpy warlocks where hosting that event. I think they went there to start trouble with an ex member who started a chapter with their name in their backyard.

    @one eye As it turned out the harpy warlocks were better organized and ready for battle than the other guys. As senseless as it seems the harpy warlocks tcb. Unfortunately men died. The story might be different had the harpies waited for the warbirds to get off their bikes and open fire. How would that have fit for ya? Would you be any happier?

    This is not stirring up shit just making observations to a very convoluted story.

  12. CN Says:

    Too many things just don’t add up in this situation. It appears as if a trap has now been set and the question is whether the prey will go after the bait. I suspect not only entrapment but infiltration as well. There are no good outcomes to be had through immmeadiate further engagement. There is a saying in the military taught to combat personnel, “Is this the hill you are willing to die for”? More often than not strategic thought trumps immeadiate reprisal. This may be a good time to close ranks and fly below the radar until such time as any possible internal issues are addressed. There is no shame in taking a step back to weigh all options. Be very leary of anyone who demands otherwise.

    Citizens are warned to “never take the law into their own hands”. We’ve all heard this since childhood. However, when an obvious transgression is allowed to go unpunished, when any sort of justice is not forthcoming, people are drawn toward the temptation of retribution. And, retribution can take many forms only one of which is the biblical “eye for an eye” type.

    A further escallation of violence only plays into the hands of those who would seek to deminish and destroy the righteous and is wasteful given that time is on their side.

  13. Bob Says:

    I agree with the theory of LEO involvement. I also think LEO’s have been watching too much TV. They think if shit such as Laffing Devils and Sin Mob can make an audience believe such bull shit, then two MC’s with the same name can too with their help.

  14. Rahlow Says:

    Stevo, no disrespect intended but if its as you believe concerning Maloney being Philly/Florida/Philly….do you also believe he went that route knowing it was gonna cause trouble?
    Its apparent he’s been around club life a long enough to know whats what.

    Respect to the deserving.

  15. Stevo Says:


    I believe Maloney was a Philly Warlock FIRST, then joined the Florida Warlocks when he moved to Florida, then went back to his old patch after falling out with the Florida Club. Correct me if I am wrong.


  16. Done Says:

    There’s some pretty obvious stuff here. Disgruntled out bad members of an MC form a Chapter of another MC and they call themselves the exact same name as their former MC with different insignia. In most if not all cases this would be seen as a slap in the face to their former MC. Of all the names they could have used they chose the most disrespectful one they could and I doubt anyone truly beleives this was done without regard to how this would appear to their former Brothers. Obviously this was done on purpose and with a purpose, to antagionize their former MC. This then is without a doubt a set up. The question is how they thought that this would somehow fly and could be a nonconfrontational situation if they indeed were about the business of forming a traditional 1%’er MC the only purpose of which was to foster a Brotherhood mutually beneficial to all concerned without malace towards any of the existing MC’s in that particular area. So called Biker Wars have been allegedly fought over a common bottom rocker / State name or perhaps a 1%’er Diamond but to the best of my deminishing memory I can’t recall one occuring over a common MC name. The idea is so ludicrus as to command the conclusion that this was only done to generate an offending responce. Imagine any of the MC’s that were founded in the 60’s or older not responding negatively were this to happen to them which boggles the mind of anyone who knows even basic 1%’er MC protocol. No, this was a set up and as some of the others who have commented here have suggested, it’s got LEO written all over it. These former disgruntled/ out bad members felt strong enough with vastly smaller numbers (tens/hundreds) by comparison to the other MC of the same name that they honestly believed they would be able to flourish and grow coexisting peacefully side by side in a climate of mutual hospitality and acceptance? Anyone who didn’t see this one coming over the horizon truly has no reasonable idea of what they are talking about. The antagionists had to have a reasonable expectation that they would have the support of some other organization which obviously would not have been a traditional MC 1%’er or not. I submit that these men had to believe in advance that the adversary of all non-LEO MC’s, the government, would bail them out after they had begun this all too obvious stick in the eye. Was this “MC” affiliated with the local COC or were they regular attendees at the events of other MC’s? If so, there has been no mention of it. The fact seems to be that this new MC felt perfectly safe guarded and numbers do not lie and there is safety in numbers. Without the support of any other MC’s who else would they have been dependent on for their mutual benefit except the government? Common sense demands an honest appraisal of the obvious historical eventuality of such an enterprise.

    I realize my spelling and sentence structure are very poor but I’d like somebody to prove me wrong about my conclusion. I’m more than willing to stand corrected. I anticipate the other trials will end as this one did because I beleive the fix is in.

  17. One Eye Says:

    @Dell: They’re up 2 because they (Harpy) started blasting before the guys (Warbird) could stop their bikes. It’s not too difficult to have any advantage when the others don’t know it’s coming. Very odd statement.

  18. steve Says:

    Tin man will fly the harpy and will continue to start a charter here.

  19. slycechyx Says:

    Dear Rebel, when I first read the headline, I thought Maloney ratted out Amaro during the trial. But reading the article, I guess there was a comma left out? Maloney out, Amaro on trial?

  20. BMW Says:

    We all know cops read this site. We all know they post and try to stir shit up. You sure sound like a cop, trying to stir shit up. A reasonable person does not need to believe either the Warbirds or the Chester Harpies to know what a cop sounds like! Cops like to set things up and sit back and watch the developments. Cops like to agitate for more trouble between different groups that they oppose. It is easier for cops to create artificial conflict than actually working and solving real crimes, and it brings the LEO neat headlines, larger budgets and fancy new hardware.

    After all, it was the cops who originally orchestrated this whole conflict by telling Maloney and his mother that “the Warlocks have a contract on him”. The cops then expected violence. The cops knew what was going down, that’s why they pulled out of the parking lot, so they would not get shot by accident during the murders. — Many more people get shot by accident than by intention! They had no intention of either stopping any violence OR becoming victims.

    I don’t think serious people publicize the idea that they have a contract on somebody because it just makes the target hide. It then takes more time to find the target, and there is a real danger that the target will trade information for a secure new identity in the Witness Protection Program. Real hitmen and the people who hire them like to work from the shadows and NEVER advertise their intentions. LEO are aware of this, of course.

    That’s why I see LEO fingerprints all over these murders, and I believe that is why police testified for the Maloney defense — so the sordid details of the police set-up never get out in an appeal of a criminal conviction.

    The whole story of “a contract” was obviously made up by someone who hoped for violence…but it was a lie. How do we know this? We know this because the EASIEST place to kill somebody is in jail, and none of the Chester Harpies were killed in jail. Maloney would surely have been a target if there really was “a contract” out on him. He’s walking the street after more than a year in jail, where he was isolated and his whereabouts were known to all.

    Maloney has gotten away with shooting at people before, claiming that “they” were out to get him, so it was “self-defense”. A few bullet holes, some threatening messages on an answering machine, (Now what sort of idiot knowingly makes REAL threats on a KNOWN recording device?) and PRESTO!!! we have a self-defense argument that works in Florida. Pretty easy to set that up, isn’t it?

    Now, I don’t know if Maloney was being set up as well as the Warbirds, or if the LEO helped him set up his self-defense claim. He DID have a very close relationship to some LEO…I’m sure it will all come out in the wash. There are sure to be wrongful death lawsuits for years to come.

    What do 1% clubs need to do to avoid this terrible situation? We need to overcome the instinctive urge to hit back and hit hard immediately when our pride is hurt. We also need to overcome the maniac paranoia and meth-fueled fantasies that created this particular mess. Had the meth-heads waited a few minutes, they would have been counting up the donations from the Warbirds instead of shooting it out. They would have been celebrating the success of the fundraiser instead of spending the next year in jail!


  21. Dell Says:

    No IJ I am not a cop. Im just stating the obvious that you would like to know but where too afraid to ask. There will always be violence between certain clubs, and as long as those differences are settled in public instead of privately there will always be speculation, finger pointing and a bad rap for one or the other team or all in general.
    My comments are incendiary because I dont believe the BS of the more popular warlock club?

  22. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er:

    I second that!

    Ride Free

  23. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    What a fucking mess!

  24. IJ Says:

    Dell, I have to wonder if you’re a cop. It sure sounds like you are trying to stir shit up. Is that because you need to justify a bloated tax payer funded budget? Do you “need” there to be continued violence between these two MCs? If you’re not a cop, then you need to stick to the facts and leave the incendiary commits out of it. If you are a cop, then go fuck yourself.

  25. dell Says:

    After having killed two men and being shot at I think one might have a rather confused WTF look on his face. Some heavy shit went down that day, and i suppose that pic was taken after all the shooting.

    I dont think maloney needs eyes in the back of his head as much as the florida warbirds do. He seems to be two up on them thus far.

    Going to be interesting to see if he still flys the harpy warlocks patch and keeps on building the chapter up in florida.

  26. steve Says:

    Wasn’t amaro a member of the wolfpack mc.

  27. FF Says:

    Words of wisdom the neighborhood tough guy told me a long, long time ago: If you are afraid to fight somebody because you know you are going to get your ass kicked, don’t pull a gun. Just take your beatdown and be done with it. Because if you shoot that motherfucker and you kill him, you are going to go to prison. Where 24/7 you will be surrounded by people who will make your victim look like a saint. And all they want to do is fight, and you no longer have that gun.

  28. Vikingtrotter Says:

    He doesn’t look like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  29. Grumpy Says:

    This guy looks like he has a bad case of “Duhhh’ism”.According to local news,hes gonna get a good fuckin’,LOL.

  30. rollinnorth Says:

    That would be:

    Don’t need any more a-holes back here. Better such folks hop on a boat and head for some third-world hole to hide away for life.


  31. Gar Says:

    Amaro is one attractive fella!

  32. skinny denny Says:

    Tin Man is going to need eyes in the back of his head for the rest of his miserable existence. Needs to get on I-95 and head north. Anyone remember the I-95 Asshole song?

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