Maloney Acquitted Doesn’t Walk

April 10, 2014

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A Jury in Sanford, Florida found David “Tin Man’ Maloney not guilty of the murders of Warlock Motorcycle Club patch holders Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela last night.

He was also acquitted of the attempted murder of Warlock Brad Dyess. The jury deadlocked on the charge that Maloney attempted to murder Warlock Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell. Maloney will be retried on that charge beginning on May 14. Because of the remaining charge, Maloney was still in jail today. His lawyer, Michael LaFay, is seeking Maloney’s release on bail.

Four men were charged with second degree murder and attempted murder after three Warlocks were shot to death and two more were wounded as they rode into the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida on September 30, 2012 to attend a charity poker run. The men who died were Liddle, Jakiela and Peter “Hormone” Schlette. The wounded men were Mitchell and Dyess.

Other Defendants

The four accused men are Maloney, Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro, Robert William “Willy” Eckert and Paul Wayne Smith.

Amaro will stand trial before Judge Jessica Recksiedler beginning next Monday. Forensic evidence indicates he fired the bullets that killed Liddle and Jakiela.

Eckert will be tried by Recksiedler a week after Amaro.

Reckseidler will try Smith beginning May 5. Forensic evidence indicates that Smith fired the shots that killed Schlette.

The Back Story

The poker run during which the shootings occurred was sponsored by a Warlocks Motorcycle Club that has traditionally asserted its presence within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia. Members of that club wear a stylized harpy back patch and members of that club are frequently described as “the Philly Warlocks.” The accused men all wear a Harpy patch on their backs.

The victims were all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that has traditionally asserted its presence in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Members of that club wear a stylized phoenix back patch and are commonly described as “the Florida Warlocks.”

In this millennium, the Philly Warlocks fractured into two parallel clubs claiming the right to wear the same insignia.

For a period of about 20 years, beginning during the Vietnam War, the Harpy Warlocks were widely and respectfully regarded as one of the least compromising and most assertive of all the motorcycle clubs in the United States. The Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of that club was among the most aggressive and several of its most respectfully regarded members ended up in prison. After those men paid their debts to society and returned home they found that the world had changed and that the Philly Warlocks had become a significantly less assertive club than it once was.

Briefly stated. those old timers had incorporated the Warlocks, were shareholders in that corporation, were the registered owners of the Harpy Warlocks insignia and they decided to ignore the changes the years had brought and recreate their old club. They largely ignored the contemporary hierarchy of the Warlocks MC and began sanctioning new charters and issuing patches to new members.

When some of those Warlocks moved to Florida they started a new chapter there and their ranks were bolstered by former members of other Florida clubs including members of the Florida Warlocks. Many of those former Florida Warlocks were bitter about their old club.

Maloney was one of those former Florida Warlocks.



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41 Responses to “Maloney Acquitted Doesn’t Walk”

  1. panamaa Says:

    @Snugglebiker ,

    Sorry for your loss…


    I think you may be correct…


  2. dingo Says:

    Way late to the discussion, but in reading this article again & re-reading the comments….I have to say “Ol’Goat” you come off sounding like an over opinionated, ill informed, ignorant asshole. Have a bit of respect for the grieving, & shut the fuck up. I’m sure we’ve all come across the “self righteous, seen it all, fake ass tough guy 20yrs past his prime” type just like you, but in reading your posts, I think the lamb needs to be taken to slaughter… er…I guess goat. Ive felt the burn of lead tearing through my body, & tossed em right back, so yeah I have been in armed confrontation & battle, but you just sound like an asshole who watches too many John Wayne movies & has a moral compass WAY off north! You don’t have the sack to even stand next to a marine, let alone slander. Keep your fucked up opinions to yourself & go watch a western & try to remember what its like to be a man…You’re dismissed

  3. SomeGuy Says:

    Not a fan of Maloney, don’t care much for a guy that would hit a girl as quick as he’d hit a guy in a confrontation, but seems like some people are looking at just a snapshot in time and judging the self defense clam on that snapshot. It’s not a one-time incident.

    More like an abused wife that decides it’s time to remove the threat. If you don’t know the background the actions get interpreted differently. I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t an attempt to kill him while he’s out. They already tried to take out a defense witness. Nothing but lies and shady characters on both sides.

    The thing I don’t know is what happened for him to go from President to kicked out completely with death threats and bad blood etc. He must have done something pretty bad to put him in this position.

  4. FF Says:


    I think 3 men are dead because both clubs made egregiously poor decisions.


    My condolences.

  5. dell Says:

    I too have some empathy for maloney. I have a hard time digesting the florida warbirds showing up to make a donation to a cause the harpy warlocks are sponsoring. Your going to try and tell me that an international 1% club just rolled up and didnt know harpy warlocks where there and didnt think anything bad would go down? Especially after maloney shot a warbird the year before!?!
    My condolences to the deceased but alls fair in love and war. warbirds got caught with their pants down.

  6. dizzydesi Says:

    Actually a total lunar eclipse happening right now at 9:06 pm Hawaii time..

  7. Stevo Says:

    Maybe Maloney wanted to defend his brothers, maybe he didn’t want to get caught like a rat in a trap in the building. Who knows…one things for sure, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. I feel some empathy for him, if I was in his shoes I would have done exactly the same thing.

  8. rollinnorth Says:

    A-yup! Ol’ full moon, alright.

  9. Ol'Goat Says:

    …and if you were truly 11c why would you put it in your name? WTF

  10. Ol'Goat Says:

    11c: I re-read your posts. When someone shots my direction It puts me in fear of my life. At that point my training takes over and I run toward the shots and eliminate the threat. If you were truly 11c then you should understand this. Again, whats the disconnect?

  11. Ol'Goat Says:

    Snugglebiker said: “If in fear of my life and I hear gun shots I would seek the safety of cover”

    Agreed: I would also. Simply hearing gunshots wouldn’t put me in fear of life or limb though.
    However, gunshots coming from a gun pointed my direction puts me in fear of my life and puts me into the zone and I return fire. When I asked you what you would do if in fear of life or limb that is all I was referring to. I was not referring to “hearing” distant gunshots and seeking out the source of the shots and attacking. Only Marines and morons do that ;)

  12. Ol'Goat Says:

    have any of you that said you would run away from the gunshots ever been in armed confrontation or in battle?

    11c_infantry: staying hidden and “safe” inside a building while your “brothers”/friends or whatever get shot at is cowardly.

    Whats the disconnect here?

  13. 11c_infantry Says:

    Snugglebiker has it right. How can someone claim self-defense if they leave the relative safety of a building to seek out a gun fight in progress? I’d have far more respect for Maloney if he’d just said something like “I heard gun shots, and fearing that my brothers might not be safe, I went to investigate.” It might’ve hurt his case, but at least it’d be honest. It defies logic to say “I feared for my life so I ran toward the gunfire.” Basically I’ve heard the same story from several reliable sources – that Maloney left the building when the gunfire started – and that isn’t the actions of someone in fear for his life. I hope justice will be done in this case, but I don’t have much faith in the legal system’s ability to dispense it.
    L&R to those who earned it,

  14. CN Says:

    The more I read and hear about this ambush the more I am convinced that there is an unseen hand in it all. The real actors have as of yet to be exposed for what they are, the authors of death. I keep coming back to, who most benefits from this senseless slaughter, surely neither of the Clubs which leaves only an author of confusion, deception and whose coffers over flow with taxes to pay for protection from phantoms. The story as it stands is to simple and idiotic to to be the complete explanation.

    I watched the closing arguments and felt sympathy for the jury if this was what they endured through out the entire trial. Two elderly men whose best days were clearly behind them stumbled over their words in disjointed thoughts as if they too were at odds with what they tried to explain of a story which mostly confused them.

    The final verdict wasn’t so much about guilt or lack there of as it was a merciful way to put down a dying animal, leaving a hollow feeling to a pointless crisis without rhyme or reason. A better end seems to have eluded all involved unless all involved were left unspoken.

  15. Drifter Says:

    @Snuggle; My sympathies and condolences for your loss…

    Godspeed David ‘Dresser’ Jakiela…

  16. BMW Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, Snugglebiker. I also apologize for the person who posted the derogatory comments. No one who has experienced the type of loss that you continue to experience should have to put up with that sort of crap.

    On this site, we sometimes get crude and we are often rude, but that does not excuse the disparagement to a victim of a horrible crime.


  17. Snugglebiker Says:

    Ol’ Goat I failed to answer your question. If in fear of my life and I hear gun shots I would seek the safety of cover. I would not take my gun out, leave the safety of a building and run in the direction of a fire fight to join in. Good enough for you?

  18. Snugglebiker Says:

    People ignorant of the FACTS of the trial have opinions that are unimportant to me. Ol’Goat sound like he has the mentality of Tinman.

  19. skinny denny Says:

    @ Ol’Goat
    I find your comment to Snugglebiker to be very disrespectful. An apology would be appropriate. It sounds like you’re a Tin Man fan. Personally, I think Tin Man has the I.Q. of a tin can.

  20. Ol'Goat Says:

    apologies for serial posting.

    The statement in quotes above is correct, and is gubmint wordsmithing at its finest.

    All need to learn how to spot gubmint wordsmithing when it happens and know how to counter it. In this case the counter is “the right to graze LAWFULLY on PUBLIC lands”

  21. Ol'Goat Says:

    OC VAGO: The article you posted says:
    “Cliven Bundy has no legal authority to graze cattle on federal lands…”

    That statement is correct. But, I know that he does have lawful authority to graze his cattle on public lands.

    For those that don’t see the difference, urge you to learn the difference

  22. Ol'Goat Says:

    Whats that supposed to mean?

    You implying that I’m trying to stir up trouble?

  23. Ol'Goat Says:

    Most will shoot if in fear of life or limb. What do you do if in fear of life or limb?

  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    More about the BLM land grab in Nevada. Guess who has the big stake in this? Sen. Harry Reid! This ain’t about taxes or desert turtles. These corrupt motherfuckers just keep getting worse and worse.

  25. BMW Says:

    My condolences to the families of the murdered men, who held out for justice in the courts. They did not get justice. Now, I hear that Maloney has been released on bail.

    This incident shows why most 1% clubs have a policy of refusing to accept former 1%ers who are out bad. Why allow this sort of human garbage into another 1% club where they can mess up again, and take other people down with them? They screwed up once, got put out, and now they have screwed up again. The bad public relations from this incident will hurt ALL southern bikers for years to come.

    From what I have read, both the “Fast Eddie” guy and the “Tinman” guy were out bad from the Warbirds. They both harbored bad feelings for the Warbirds and refused to let it go. Why would the Chester Harpies give colors to these two, much less issue them a charter?

    There are many people hurt by this incident: first, the five Warbirds shot, and the three Warbirds murdered, and their families; second the four Chester Harpies who are charged with multiple murders; third BOTH clubs, who have had their names dragged through the mud; fourth, every other club in the south; fifth, every biker in the south.

    This ambush was meth-fueled paranoia, and blank-eyed cult members following a false leader over the edge of the cliff. It has hurt us all, even those who live far away and belong to neither club.


  26. rollinnorth Says:

    I see Ol’Goat is at it again.

  27. dizzydesi Says:

    @Bill Thanx for the link to the online petition…


  28. dizzydesi Says:

    @Snugglebiker I am so sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family…


  29. Bill Says:

    Apologies to all for continuing this off topic story, but it’s already here, and it’s obviously quite important.

    Every possible angle on the Bundy Ranch thing, from (mostly)locals:

    How Harry Reid is involved:

    The truth in videos:

    Myself, I’m all for the tortoises, and I don’t eat beef, so I have no interest Bundy’s cattle at the tortoises’ expense. BUT, as Mr. Bundy so eloquently observes, his cattle are probably beneficial to the reptiles’ habitat. And as some on LVCLRNR point out, desert development, and especially BLM’s own deliberate slaughter of the animals, is far more a threat to the desert tortoise than the cattle. So pretty clearly here, this IS NOT about the BLM protecting the desert tortoise. This is about an arrogant, overreaching police state doing the bidding of their government/corporate (isn’t that FASCISM?) masters. It’s incredible this isn’t (yet) widely known. But then again (click above) what really matters is not what “news” is about.

    Thanks, Ol’Goat for bringing this up.

  30. Snugglebiker Says:

    Tinman walked on bond today. What a shock. Be advised this man will shoot if in fear of his life. He has both shot and shot at (missed) people in the past. Anyone he deems a threat is in danger. He has been fearful since at least 2011. As my beloved David ‘Dresser’ Jakiela, partner of twelve beautiful years, walked tall and proud as a man may he rest in peace. As for Tinman may he know fear the rest of his life.
    Rebel, thank you for such accurate reporting in a time when mainstream media just can’t get it straight.

  31. ashleyistwisted Says:

    Wish i wasn’t so far away or we here will be there. We will sign an online petition if there is one. I don’t know what will happen if bikers show up just as I don’t know if the hacker group Anonymous showing up will help or hurt their cause but they are going…

    Good luck for those that make it there.. Youtube it!!! :-)


  32. Ol'Goat Says:


    I disagree. 1000 PH’s passing by on their way to “Vegas” or on their way to cool off in the nearby river would bring attention to a federal overreach and could possibly derail another Ruby Ridge/Waco.

    Ride by, stop to cool off, carry on… Just my humble opinion.

  33. Freeman Says:

    @ Ol’goat

    Sadly in this day and age of biker specialist like dobyns and cook writing bullshit books and atf spreading lies to justify their existence, Australia trying to lock up bikers in their homes, a 1000 PH showing up would scare the living shit out of the feds in place and give their higher ups an excuse to do what they do best: deceive, lie, brutalize, abuse their lil badges, and fuck people over, if it wasn’t so far from me (talking miles, here not ideals) id show up without a cut, a cowboy hat and just add numbers and attitude to what’s already there, that’s just my humble opinion.

  34. Ol'Goat Says:

    …several more militia groups are on the way. Give it a week and it’ll be 5,000-6,000. 1000 PH’s riding by on the way to their “run” would get this into major media (maybe).

  35. Ol'Goat Says:


    This is OFF topic but, Google “standoff nevada”

    about 1000 militia have taken up arms against Govt. Media is Blacking it out.

    Bigger than Ruby Ridge, Bigger than Waco…..History.

    Run to Nevada?

  36. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    This shits just fucking great to help promote SAVE THE PATCH.

  37. skinny denny Says:

    Maloney’s acquittal reminds me of a case in Colorado springs in 1993. Eugene Baylis, a farmer from Peyton, Co. had a run in with a member of S.O.S. That evening Baylis walks into Jim and I’s Star Bar with a fully auto AK-47 and murders two men, one of which was Paul(P.K.)Klein, S.O.S. member and manager of the bar. Five other people were wounded. P.K. tried to get the AK away from Baylis and died while trying to protect his
    customers. At the trial Baylis claimed self defense and was acquitted of murder and attempted murder. He was convicted of possessing the fully-auto AK and did less than a year on that charge. Unbelievable! I don’t know if Baylis is still alive or not.

  38. Va.Bob Says:

    My condolences to the survivors of the decedents.That said,very Darwinian.Who goes to a rival’s function to donate?Why not play a raffle while you’re at it?Can’t see West Coast rivals doing something like this.

  39. FF Says:

    If I ever walk into a bar, and I see PH’s from either one of these clubs, I’m getting the fuck out of there.


  40. Diocletian Says:

    Self defense against people that had done nothing at all, interesting…

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