Maloney Begins Murder Defense

April 7, 2014

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The prosecution rested today in the murder trial of David “Tin Man” Maloney in Sanford, Florida and the defense began with a victory.

Maloney had been charged with three counts of second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. The three murdered men were Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. The two men Maloney is accused of trying to murder are Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell. The dead men were killed on September 30, 2012 and on that date all five of the victims were members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club.

Today Judge Marlene Alva acquitted Maloney of second degree murder in Schlette’s death because she believed the evidence proved that Maloney was inside a nearby building when Schlette was shot in the arm and the face.

The five Warlocks were attacked as they rode into the parking lot of a Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Hall in Winter Springs, Florida carrying an $800 donation for a charity poker run. Aerial photographs taken immediately after the shooting show that none of the Warlocks made it more than 50 feet into the parking lot. The shooting continued for at least three minutes.

Warlocks Versus Warlocks

The shootout, in which the two surviving Warlocks returned fire, culminated a dispute between unrelated clubs called the Warlocks. The victims were all members of a Warlocks Motorcycle Club founded during the Vietnam War that has its mother chapter in Orlando, Florida. Those Warlocks wear a patch that represents a phoenix or “Warbird.” The assailants were all members of a Warlocks Motorcycle Club founded in Southwest Philadelphia in either 1965 or 1967. Members of that club wear a patch that represents a stylized harpy.

The Philadelphia based Warlocks club split into two factions with the Chester, Pennsylvania chapter registering the club’s collective membership marks as it became estranged from other chapters. The Chester chapter, which describes itself as the “Chester based and trademark registered original Warlocks,” the “True and Original Warlocks” and the “Red and White Warlocks,” began founding new chapters within the last three years. Maloney and the other Harpy Warlocks charged in the September 2012 shootings were members of one of those chapters.

To further complicate understanding of the tragedy, Maloney and other members of his Harpy Warlocks chapter were former members of the Warbird Warlocks. Edward “Nightmare” Glowitz (photo above), who has repeatedly described himself as the “Boss of the Southeastern Region” for the Harpy Warlocks at the time of the shooting, is also a former Warbird Warlock. According to Glowitz, the Harpy Warlock’s Southeastern Region encompasses the Eastern Seaboard from the South Carolina-North Carolina state line to Key West.

Nightmare Testifies

Maloney is claiming a curious flavor of self defense. Although there was no immediate threat to Maloney or any of the other Harpy Warlocks, Maloney has and will claim that he knew the Warbird Warlocks were out to get him.

Maloney was voted out of the Warbird Warlocks in bad standing and prosecutors ruled that he acted in self defense in a previous incident when he shot a Warbird Warlock. Maloney certainly was prepared as if had something to fear. According to police, he was carrying three pistols and wearing a bullet proof vest that day and he had “two Mossberg 12-gauge shotguns, a .38-caliber revolver and a.357-magnum revolver along with a bullet-proof vest and an undisclosed amount of ammunition” a few yards away. Maloney, will argue in his defense that he feared as many as 40 Warbird Warlocks would attack him and his club brothers after most other riders had left that parking lot.

Glowitz is also particularly bitter about his former club. He does not to believe the Warbird Warlocks are tough enough to represent themselves as a one percenter club – which may be at odds with Maloney’s claims about the dangerousness of his former club. After the shooting, Glowitz commented on this page that one of the dead men, Peter Schlette, “was a Poser now he’s worm dirt.”

Glowitz was the first defense witness called today. He testified that he warned Maloney that the Warbird Warlocks intended to harm him.

Glowitz’ testimony contradicted that of one of the final prosecution witnesses, Dan Thomas, who told jurors he had heard Maloney say about the Warbird Warlocks, “I’m taking over. I’ll kill every one of them.”



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9 Responses to “Maloney Begins Murder Defense”

  1. SM Says:

    Please don’t print my identifying information. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble and I definitely don’t want to stir the pot. Just observing and trying to warn.

  2. SM Says:

    Rebel, I have an important question for you. On April 7th 2014 you posted a picture of Edward Glowitz who we know as ‘Nightmare’. There is a man using the name of Jesus Delgato on Facebook. I’m trying to attach a picture but this won’t let me paste here. My concern is if this is the same man as I believe he is, he’s fooled the Warlocks into believing he is a friend. I’ve put the two pictures together and the only difference I see is his goatee. I’ve tried to warn someone, but I’ve been told it’s not the same guy. Have I gone crazy? We both know the type of games Nightmare plays.
    This is all in reference to the Warlock murders in 2012 at the Winter Spriings Florida VFW. I would really appreciate any input you have.Thank you for your time.

  3. BeyondPissed Says:

    Just an FYI.. Glowitz is not and never was the boss of anything. The guy is nothing but a big mouth two bit douschebag who insists on running around telling everyone how he is a warlock. Convincing himself or others?? His own guys thought he was an asshole. Just because he’s on here telling everyone that he something he’s not should not reflect on the entire club. He’s one foot out the door and a boot kick away.
    Oh and as far as the PA WMC.. The club split.. Blue jackets and black jackets. Blue jackets sued black jackets over the club house. Blue Jackets lost. Black jackets won and are the standing club and big mouth glowitz ain’t a member of any of them.

  4. FF Says:


    Thank you! That is awesome and inspiring!


    (very)Frequent Flyer

  5. BMW Says:

    Pardon me for changing the subject from the trial, but to answer FF

    I’ve been reading your posts, and I think you are well on your way to achieving your dream. There is an outfit that publishes a yearly review of publications looking for articles — at least it once did — called Writers Digest, IIRC.

    Sell some short articles, write some longer pieces, put a collection on Amazon as an E-Book, and next thing we know, you will have published a book or two. I had a friend who made a good living writing romance novels under an assumed name, and science-fiction novels under his own. He was one of perhaps three hundred American book writers who actually made a good living from writing books. He would never admit his assumed name, so I can’t be sure, but I don’t believe he ever made the NYTimes list.

    Some have found factual books easier to write than novels, and publications are always looking for good technical articles. Good luck to you!


  6. 10Guage Says:

    Man I MUST BE getting old…because the times have DEFINATELY CHANGED….

  7. FF Says:

    “””Glowitz was the first defense witness called today. He testified that he warned Maloney that the Warbird Warlocks intended to harm him.”””

    The follow up question on cross examination should have been “And how did you come to that conclusion?”

    BMW said

    “Who was it, whose careful whispers stoked the growing and irrational paranoia that exploded into preparations for war, ambush, murder and mayhem?”

    These are textbook police academy tactics being employed.
    This is Agent Provocateur 101 curriculum being used.

    I’m curious to find out how was Maloney funding his operation. Is he independently wealthy?

    “”To further complicate understanding of the tragedy, Maloney and other members of his Harpy Warlocks chapter were former members of the Warbird Warlocks. Edward “Nightmare” Glowitz””

    What about Amaro, Eckert and Smith?

    I’m intrigued to find out the background on these fellas and how they came to want to join a club that any rational person wouldn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

  8. BMW Says:

    Now we can see that there were bad feelings BEFORE the Faux Warlocks chapter was set up. Several people were “out bad” from the Warbirds, and they couldn’t leave it alone. That’s where the tragedy began. Now I have no idea why this group was expelled by the Warbirds, and they have been strangely quiet about the actual reasons, which is unexpected behaviour, because they are SO angry…like high-school sorority girls gone crazy after being expelled from the sisterhood…

    In my experience, when a person is kicked out of a club, there are many bad feelings. This situation is far beyond the usual level of rancor. Imagine a person kicked out of any other national club having the spite to start another organization with the same name. Not to name any other club, but such an situation would be ludicrous!

    There is no doubt that Maloney and his little group really worked at trying to to keep fanning the flames and continue irritating the Warbirds. Their continued use of the Warlock name, their attempt to imitate the Warbird Warlock tradition of supporting veterans and hosting charity runs, shooting a DIFFERENT biker, the list goes on and on.Maloney and the Faux Warlocks really worked hard to keep pissing off their former friends. They actually expended an impressive amount of energy into keeping the sorority spite-fight going.

    I’ve been trying to tease out just who set this tragedy in motion. There have been brief allusions, and we can see some of the fingerprints, but who REALLY set this ambush into action? Who was it, whose careful whispers stoked the growing and irrational paranoia that exploded into preparations for war, ambush, murder and mayhem?

    I’m not talking about the actual shootout; we have a pretty good picture of that. Who were the sources who suggested to Maloney and his band of bogus bushwhackers that their lives were being threatened by the Warbirds? According to Maloney, he was warned by several sources, including law enforcement sources, that he was to be attacked by the Warbirds. Now we know that another faux Warlock, Eddy Glowitz was one of those sources whose murmurs set up this tragic confrontation. Hopefully we will also find the names of the law enforcement personnel who provided such helpful hints to Maloney.

    This was not the first time Maloney suddenly erupted into a shooting rage. Almost exactly a year BEFORE the assassinations, Maloney successfully used a self defense claim to evade responsibility for shooting another biker. Even then there were vague and unsubstantiated claims that someone was “out to get” Maloney. The sneaks, secret whisperers, sly plotters and hint-droppers knew very well that they were creating a deadly confrontation. Five real bikers were shot, and three died.

    The jury probably will never hear about Maloney’s year-earlier shooting. The prosecutor won’t allude to these prior bad actions because he does not want to create a mistrial. However prior bad acts may sometimes be introduced to demonstrate a history or pattern of criminal behaviour. But I doubt the prosecutor will risk it.


  9. FF Says:

    Rebel, since I’ve been reading your blog, this is by far the most compelling, intriguing, and bizarre storyline that you cover (and no one else does).

    I just want to commend you on that.

    My “dream deferred” has always been that ever since I hit puberty (maybe even before that) I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be my generation’s Thomas Wolfe or Herman Melville. Technology caught me up in an undertow. I didn’t drown, but….

    My only problem with this story is there is no Antigone, no tragic hero. Like Serpico.

    Like you, taking the unpopular stance but sticking to your convictions and giving a narrative on Zimmerman/Trayvon™ that isn’t popular with your target audience (including myself), I’ll put myself out their and use a NYC cop as an example of my “tragic hero”.

    If something fits, it just does.

    Frequent Flyer

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