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April 7, 2014

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These words are written in Los Angeles, well within the Thirty Mile Zone, or the TMZ, which is an area that roughly encircles the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard just outside the Beverly Hills city line. So of course, from time to time, The Aging Rebel goes Hollywood. That usually happens when somebody in Hollywood gets a hankering to make something up or even try to tell the truth about motorcycle outlaws.

“Going Hollywood” doesn’t mean that Rebel gets paid. It means that sometimes a beautiful woman buys me a beer and says “Gee thanks, for helping.” Sometimes it means an old, thick, balding guy buys me a glass of wine and cheerfully asks “Want another, then? Let’s talk some more.”

“Keep ‘em coming, Pal. I get thirsty when I talk.”

The Film

One Percenters, which the film maker spells in the biker manner, as 1%ERS, is one of those projects where a beautiful woman named Francesca de Sola talked to me after she got a hankering to make a very short – 17 minute – movie about motorcycle outlaws. The film stars another couple of beautiful women named Rie Rasmussen and Michelle Rodriguez and some guys who are less conventionally beautiful who ride with the Mongols Motorcycle Club. It was shot in Palm Springs and at a now defunct bar in Monrovia, California called the Brass Elephant about 15 or 16 months ago and it is now finally being shown at film festivals in the United States and Europe.

It is not a realistic portrayal of the biker lifestyle and it doesn’t try to be. A famous actress named Olivia, played by Rodriguez, and her co-star Tatiana, played by Rasmussen, get bored at the Palm Springs Film Festival and “break away from their Hollywood bubble and head to a locals’ dive bar in pursuit of something ‘real.’ Things take a dark and violent turn when they clash with a group of outlaw bikers over a poker game.”

Not to ruin the suspense, but the women kick the Mongols’ asses. And, the film is still about a dozen times more insightful about bikers than the last three seasons The Devils Ride. In fact, if you get the chance you should try to see 1%ERS if for no other reason than that this take on motorcycle outlaws punctuates how completely ghastly and amateurish The Devils Ride is on almost every level.


The film will debut at the Nashville Film Festival on April 19th and it will screen again in Nashville on April 22nd. You can get times for the screenings here.  The film be shown at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and will screen at the old Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard the week of April 22nd. You can get more details on that screening here.  And, if you are one of the Hollywood types who lurks here you might be interested to know that 1%ERS will also be screening at the St. Tropez Film Festival in May.

If you want to know more about the movie or you want to see a few dozen production stills you can surf over to the film’s Facebook page by clicking here.



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  1. Anton Robley Says:

    Preparation: 300 Minutes Yield

  2. tatsrme Says:

    I just sat here reading these posts, everyone seems to be bitchin about something…Easyriders was a pretty good mag back in the day but,lets b e honest its all about the almighty buck nowadays. As for puttin , too much snow on the ground here in NH. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I did my dues( riding in the rain, snow, etc.) and I am done with all that B.S. I wish you all the best.

  3. bcnasty Says:

    No disrepect to any post here but on the cold ass three inches of ice on every road day I enjoyed the shit out of some of these post. Kept me laughing half the morning. Never was one to drop a dime for magazines other than Hustler. Loved the Miraculous Mother Cartoons was the shit. Did buy the In The Wind photo mag Easy Rider put out Loved looking at the rides and titties. When as was said, back to fighting amongst yourselfs. It is entertaining to an old fart like me that can not ride today.

  4. Who Cares Says:

    What a bunch of lame comments about a lame article. I think I’ll get stoned and run some errands.

  5. panamaa Says:

    Tooj Says:
    “Deep cred for not going Pablo Picasso on us, K?”

    Ain’t that the fucking truth….. Or John Cage’ing our asses… He does have that Aleatoric thing going on though…

  6. Austin Says:


    Now as before.
    I still like your style.
    Real as it gets.

  7. ElleElle Says:

    I sort of see it all like the old Tibetan proverb from a movie I saw not too long ago-
    “Don’t start none, wont be none”.

    You don’t seem to come in here and try to start any crap with anyone and I think just about everyone can appreciate that.

  8. Rusty Says:

    fayettenamehoe,no disrespect intended by what I say here…but man yer deep. What you write here is way deep man. Personally I have to be in a certain mood and mind set to read your words in entirety.
    I bet you got some seriously bad ass stories to tell.
    Respect to the deserving

  9. Tooj Says:

    Not so much…cryptic…but not so much. Hell, I never knew why I was here either, but you gotta deal. It’s all good to be called a fool by an apologetic one; not the first time.

    You happen to be the first one on here I’ve read going all Van Gogh on motorcycles, eatin’ pussy and fuckin’ on a repeating basis, so I guess mixed reactions would be expected? No?

    Deep cred for not going Pablo Picasso on us, K?

  10. fayettenamehoe Says:

    — i must apologies to you and all the other fools, i don’t know why i am here, i suck,

  11. fayettenamehoe Says:

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  12. Freeman Says:

    Shit, the whole thing reads like a bad acid trip, someone fucked up the micro purple recipe.

  13. fayettenamhoe Says:

    howdy, RtC, i still love you, more than an actual human, please feel free to criticise
    mee, i am allways open for another put down, me must apologize, again, i remember, us fools did not care about the color of a persons skin, it was what was inside of their brains that ment somthing, even the homos and lesbians were invited to the party, no spelling test involved, so fuck you’ i been around the block, if you want to hate somebody for the shade of their skin, become a cop or run for office, and remember, we are rite around the corner and you may be the next target we eat for dinner

  14. fayettenamhoe Says:

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  15. fayettenamhoe Says:

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