The Patch Pulling

April 4, 2014

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There are two kinds of news stories – dog bites man and man bites dog. Modern journalism is partial to man bites dog but every once in a while it is worth paying attention to an ordinary story, a story that happens over and over because the ordinary stories tend to become invisible.

There was an ordinary, little patch pulling at the corner of Twelfth and Hampshire Streets in Quincy, Illinois on May 20, 2012. It is a dismal street corner bounded by parking lots in a Mississippi River town of 40,000 north of Hannibal and about equidistant from the places you have heard of like Des Moines, Davenport, St. Louis and Kansas City. The big club in little Quincy is the Midwest Percenters Motorcycle Club.


And when a couple of bikers flying Tunnel Rats MC patches (the name is an homage to some guys in a long ago war in a far away place – non gratum anus rodentum) rode into Quincy they were greeted by four Midwest Percenters who chased the oputsiders down and finally caught them at the corner bounded by asphalt. The Percenters names were Zane E. Liggett, Timothy Jackson, Gerald Utterback and Joseph Teel Jr. They were all grown men. Teel was the young one of the four. He was 38. Utterback was 43 and Jackson and Liggett were both 54.

The four demanded that the Tunnel Rats give up their cuts. “This isn’t a fucking game,” Jackson allegedly told the two strangers. “We’ll fucking kill you. Give us your fucking cuts.”

Allegedly Teel, the chapter president, pulled a handgun and told the Tunnel Rats, “Take them off or I’ll blow your fucking heads off.”

The local prosecutor, Adams County State’s Attorney Jon Barnard, would later say “This crime was all about intimidation…(the) Percenters wanted to intimidate the victims. They wanted to instill fear into them. They wanted them to fear for their lives. That was their goal and they did that by pursuit…. This was an ugly armed robbery in the middle of an intersection. All for what? To establish, I suppose, their dominance, their control. They showed contempt for all of us. They might have well have brought a sign with them that read, ‘We rule the streets.’ I would say to the…Percenters, wrong. The law rules the streets.”

Write It Yourself

This is an ordinary story, a banal story, so you can probably write the rest of it yourself.

The two Tunnel Rats let the police handle their business for them. The four desperados were quickly located and put in chains. Everybody seems to have stood tall for awhile.

Teel went to trial first. The two Tunnel Rats testified against him. He lost his case and was sentenced to serve 25 years in the state penitentiary in May 2013. That jolt sent a message. That was when Liggett (photo above) flipped. In return his charge was reduced to an Illinois crime called “Mob Action.” Included in the plea agreement was Liggett’s promise to testify against his former club brothers Utterback and Jackson. He kept his word about that.

Utterback was sentenced to five years in prison on March 25 and Jackson was given six years two days later. Liggett learned his fate two days ago. He was sentenced to 120 days in county jail, 24 months probation and he was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

Be careful out there. Watch your six.



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89 Responses to “The Patch Pulling”

  1. Hellboy Says:

    Just ride your motorcycle. If you need a patch
    or buddies to be bad you ain’t shit. Don’t get me wrong if you’re shown disrespect you need to deal with it. On the other side if you
    show disrespect be prepared to back it up. Don’t be a pussy and have someone else handle your affairs.
    Son verily

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bob de,

    I’m not going to look to see when I wrote this story. I may very well have gotten it wrong. Everybody has 20-20 hindsight. I’ll try to do better the next time.


  3. bob de Says:


    Apparently you don’t know what your talking about. The tunnel rats in quincy Illinois are pieces of shit. The percenters never ran to the cops that’s why why the quincy Illinois tunnel rats president got the crap beat out of him by Utterback over in Pittsfield Illinois right? And let me tell you what Utterback messed his face up.

  4. bob de Says:

    The shame is that this is all false. I’m the son of one of the 4. They didn’t take there cuts. The ” tunnel rats ” came riding by and fliped them the finger. And the Percenter’s got sick and tired of the bull crap and ran them down and warned them to stop. The funny thing is most the tunnel rats are from the Percenter’s and were kick out and they said they would regret it one day. If anybody is from quincy you know that’s a buissy road but there were no witnesses. And the final thing its the Percenters Midwest Mc get it right or don’t say it at all. And the tunnel rats is actually what they are.

  5. rollinnorth Says:

    Those were the days.


  6. Base Says:

    If no one talked. No one would be in lock down.


  7. Jim666 Says:


    Thank you sincerely for your service and sacrifice.

  8. Grumbler Says:

    Scroll down to the right column on Page 7 of this PDF file to read Jury finds former motorcycle club leader guilty of armed robbery in dispute with rival club for more details about the patch pulling. It continues onto left column of page 8:

  9. 10Guage Says:


    YOU have a way with words!

    And you ABSOLUTELY have my respect….


  10. DocB Says:

    trmc\usmc says:
    “To everyone that posted their personal stories about Vietnam Vets they kind of knew or were supposedly related to, such as Big v, jim666, buffalo and docb”
    While I appreciate being included in any rant with the above company of regular posters, I can’t find any reference to Viet Nam in any of my posts on this thread. For the record I was actually there. For the record I was exposed to agent orange and survived cancer. For the record, I’m not some fat old fucker in a wheel chair with an oxegen bottle. Pick the sand out of your mangina and have a nice day

  11. Sieg Says:

    Hogman, the TR testified in open court, is that proof enough for ya? And no one is talking about what the Herald-Picayune said, the reporting mentioned is by Rebel. Think we can safely say that’s a fact, but if not, I did cross-reference to the local papers which ALL stated the same thing.

    Not my place to “judge” anything, but everyone here has a right to hold an opinion. Mine is that the name is disrespectful, and if they are keeping these rats in their club, that speaks for itself.


  12. hogman Says:

    This whole thread reeks of disrespect on the part of everyone with an uneducated opinion. Basing you opinion of a man or MC on the merits of a media article is poor form. The media is one the biggest enemies of our lifestyle. My old man beat a few lessons in me growing up. Show every man respect until he proves himself not worthy. Never speak on a subject unless your 100% sure of the facts. And always address a man face to face. The web has destroyed the last of those values in our society. Judging a MC over the actions of a few would condemn damn near every club on the planet.

  13. RtC Says:

    @ bigdave, Think IT might be a “copy-cat”. Not enough capitalization for
    vinnie 1″er. OR he/it has changed tactics. I used to know a bunch of
    TunnelRats that were VNVMC, and as has been stated, You ain’t gonna pull
    a gun on them & live to tell about it. This trmc/usmc fuck is tryin’ to
    blow smoke up somebodies ass, but it isn’t mine.I think it’s time to
    re-connect with VNVMC & ask them about this. I’ve been out of the loop for
    at least 10 years, BUT…… I still have contacts.
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  14. BMW Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Ms. T Ratz. I’ve probably been riding longer than you have been breathing, and I hate to be left out of any good party.

    Like all the other posters, I never heard of either club until I read about the patch-pulling, but I know RAT behaviour. Testifying against the MP over a patch-pulling, and sending a biker to jail for 25 years is rat/punk behaviour. You can claim any excuse you want, you are a disgrace to the biker community. I don’t see any way you or your club can redeem yourselves. Looking forward to running into the Ratz someday.


  15. Sieg Says:

    TRMC, damn, you just about outdid yourself, boy.

    Let’s get a little perspective, shall we?

    To start with, I asked you to come on this site and explain what’s up with your members who cooperated with the police and testified in open court against other PH. That’s kinda a no-no in the city. I think even in the Heights and Blue Island.

    Then there’s the fact that reading this article was the first time I ever even HEARD of the MP, so I don’t think I’ll be prospecting anytime soon. I tend to stay out of lil jerkwater burgs like Quincy.

    Gangsta? You sure you talking about me??? Let me refresh your memory. Here is the full extent of what I’ve posted on this subject. I’m sure not seeing any “gangsta” in it, but maybe you fellas down there got a different spin.

    (original e-mail)
    Quincy Rat?
    Sieg Fried <[email protected]
    Apr 7 (5 days ago)
    to tunnelratsmc
    Wondered if you guys would like to get a word in on this subject?

    (my postings)
    April 4th, 2014 at 5:54 pm
    The real shame in all this isn’t the PH who flipped on his club-Brothers, the real shame is that some piece of shit would wear a cut with the words “Tunnel Rat” on it and then lay down and ask the pigs to play his hand for him. Truly a disgrace to all those who earned that name the hard way.
    frater es opprobrium

    Armed Robbery with a firearm used to threaten the victim is a Class X Felony in Illinois. They can toss an additional 15 years on top of any normal sentence if they convict you. And they do, regularly. I have a few partners still doing bits in Illinois that were locked-up in the eighties.

    And as for the rest, there has been a few difficulties down there twixt the so-called “Tunnel Rats” and other clubs. Far as I’m concerned, if they’re under 60, they should ALL have those cut-offs offed.

    April 5th, 2014 at 2:32 pm
    And if you really want to dig some stone irony, check this FB page the TR have up.

    But now I see that this is set so that you can’t get there directly. No matter. Head to their page and scroll down a bit.

    “Never rat on your brothers”


    April 5th, 2014 at 8:19 pm
    Paladin, don’t forget, “we support the vets”. That seems to be their Raison d’être, to read their site. It just kinda blows my mind that they got the stones to claim that particular appellation.

    Fuck ‘em.

    April 6th, 2014 at 8:06 am
    Jim, anyone claiming to have been in the field in-country that is younger than 60 is full of shit. I’ve actually met a few guys who claim to have been in the weeds in 74 or 75, but except for some support and spook types, it just wasn’t happening.

    Tunnel Rats. Mostly every outfit in the field had their own. Guys that were crazy enough to go down into a blind tunnel and make like a snake. When you run into one of them, you don’t so much hafta worry about the “bad”, it’s the “crazy” that’ll get ya every time.

    April 6th, 2014 at 8:32 am
    And furthermore…

    Teel had a sheet when he was popped. Been down twice, both 3-year bits, both in the same county, so I imagine they made sure he got set-down for a minit this time.

    The big mistake?

    The whole firearm thing. Illinois has a major hard-on for so-called “gun crime”, and they just love to roofus you up if you get popped carrying one. Use one in the commission, and they will have sex with you. They would have been much better off stomping this mf and walking it off.

    Jackson and Utterback are both in mediums, both cherries.

    Liggett got disappeared. He’s not listed (under his real name) in any of the jails around Adams County. Will keep looking, and have sent his name n pic in to some friends in case he shows up in a State joint. Figure that’s probably where he is, rats have bad luck in County jails.

    (From the article above)
    “The two Tunnel Rats let the police handle their business for them”

    “Teel went to trial first. The two Tunnel Rats testified against him. He lost his case and was sentenced to serve 25 years in the state penitentiary in May 2013”

    So, let's see…Tunnel Rats. In my first post, I said that the real shame is that someone wearing a patch with that on it turned rat, which they did when they testified in court.

    My personal opinion of the name doesn't mean shit except to me and mine. I told an old friend who did some tunnel-crawling in the Ia Drang about it, and he just laughed. Said maybe we should jump-up a patch called the Horse-Blanket, see if anyone cared.

    Now, the next meeting at the Moose is what, the 13th? Here's a thought, why don't you tell Pete this little quote of yours, get his reaction?

    "As far as originality is concerned, the only man in existence that had a truly original idea about motorcycle clubs period goes by the name of Ralph “Sonny” Barger. Any club that claims they were not influenced by him and his endeavors on some level is completely delusional or full of shit."

    Course, since Mr. Barger started his club, what, 20, 25 years after the Boys were already partying up and down 47th Street, I'd hafta guess he took some pointers from them.

    Gotta say, I haven't seen so much netbanging in a thread here since the Iron Panty column. As for me "trying to hard", cuz, I don't have to try. I've proven everything I ever had to prove and then some.


  16. Rahlow Says:

    Well, one thing I hope they say about me when I’m gone is, Rahlow preached to all “never disrespect a Patch Holder no matter what Patch he wears”.
    Alot if that shit around lately.

    Of course I preach about recognized clubs……..

    Respect to all deserving.

  17. bigdave Says:

    Seems like Vince the POS %er is back people.

  18. Panhead Says:

    Good book on Tunnel Rat’s. Written a long time ago. “The Tunnels of Cu-Chi.” If I recall it was written by a Brit or Aussie reporter working that area. Had some B&W pic’s in it showing some tunnel op’s. The 25th Inf. had TNT’s. Tunnel neutralization teams. They would saddle up when tunnels were discovered and go do their thing.
    It was a good read if you like that kinda stuff. I do.
    This other stuff is other club business. Not mine. I do have an opinion but it’s not based on fact, so I’m gonna pass.



  19. RVN69 Says:

    Wow, I’m your favorite, well shit howdy ol boy, come on down to North Georgia for a visit.

  20. Paladin Says:

    old_boy said: “I do get a charge scaring hell out of the local squares…

    Scaring the squares (citizens) not only reaffirms their belief that bikers, MCs and their members are a menace and should be done away with, it also bolsters the propaganda the Feds. continually feed the public, which is directly related to why the Feds. are over reaching and locked in a legal battle with the Mongols, over who gets to own their name and patch.

    I realize that if you’re on the East Coast, you’re geographically far removed from this upcoming fight, but from a legal standpoint, you’re right next door.

    So, in regard to the squares; a live and let live approach might be the way to go? If I’ve misread the meaning of your post, I apologize in advance.

    Long may You Ride,


  21. Phuquehed Says:

    Notice that trmc/usmc (not capitalized on purpose because s/he doesn’t deserve the respect of it) is the only one in this whole thread who actually called out kicking anyone’s ass(es) while saying everyone else is the ones that actually did so?

    Who’s the keyboard tough guy trmc?

  22. Paladin Says:


    Based on the number of times I’m mentioned and disparaged in your rant, it’s obvious that I hurt you feelings in one, if not all of my prior posts. It too is obvious that you know nothing about me.

    You and I both know that the probability of us ever meeting are pretty much non-existent, due to the fact the you’re in IL and I’m in CA and based on the way you’ve represented yourself and your group/club on this forum leads me to conclude that you and your group/club would in short order become non-existent, if ever attempting to set up shop in CA.

    I would bet good cash money that you would never speak to an MC in your AO or any of its members, the way you’ve spoken to the regulars that post on this forum.

    Your rant is really nothing more than silly name calling and boasting, about what one would expect from someone trying to empress. Your post lacks class, clarity and speaks to your shallowness as well as to your insecurity. The foregoing are not traits found in the Marines or other military professionals I associate with, which makes me question the claim in your post to being, or having been a Marine. Based on your post/rant, I feel embarrassed for the honorable warriors you claim a legacy to.


  23. TRMC/USMC Says:

    I must say this whole thread is comical and entertaining. I felt compelled to put the truth out there in some capacity for whatever that may be worth. Judging by the education level, MC or otherwise, I’ll just give you the nickel tour. For starters the Tunnel Rats Motorcycle Club has been in the Chicagoland area for ten years and in Quincy IL for the last four. The only thing the MPMC was running in Quincy IL was out the back door of the Hampshire bar when the TRMC walked in.
    Sorry Sieg, Midwest Percenter hopeful. It’s blatantly obvious you’re trying to put your spin on things to take attention away from what is absolutely beyond the shadow of a doubt the real shame here, the fact that Mr. Ligget flipped on the rest of his brothers. Thanks for noticing Old Goat. The only club talking to the cops is the Midwest Percenters and that conversation is called “let’s make a deal.” In the MPMC’s defense, don’t feel bad, anyone that’s ever done any time will tell you everyone is a stand-up guy for a five year sentence; after that, most will rat.
    The TRMC has never called the cops nor would they. Their business is and will always be handled in a traditional manner. The TRMC has no control over the stupidity of other clubs. The MP couldn’t resist the opportunity of finally catching up with two Tunnel Rats when they had them out numbered with one of them packing his ol lady. We used to say in the Marine Corps, Good initiative, bad judgment. If you pull out your piece in broad daylight and point it at someone at a busy intersection there’s a strong possibility a civilian or two in the area may call the cops. The Tunnel Rats have no problem throwing fists. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time or the last. If the Midwest Percenters have to resort to fire arms because they lack the ability to fight their way out of a wet paper bag, that’s their problem.
    There has never been a member of the TRMC who would dishonor their self by trying to play themselves off as a Vietnam Vet. Besides, we don’t have any sixty plus year old men as members. There has been quite a few “real tunnel rats” we have encountered in the last decade. As a matter of fact, three of them are members’ fathers. They are the “real” tunnel rats that sanctioned the club’s name. There have been another dozen or so we have met in our travels that were appreciative at the notion. I have yet to meet one who wasn’t grateful to be honored and remembered for their service in a thankless war. We proudly wear the name across our back as a thank you to them. To all the mud slingers that suggest our name isn’t original enough for them, find one that is, idiots. As far as originality is concerned, the only man in existence that had a truly original idea about motorcycle clubs period goes by the name of Ralph “Sonny” Barger. Any club that claims they were not influenced by him and his endeavors on some level is completely delusional or full of shit.
    To everyone that posted their personal stories about Vietnam Vets they kind of knew or were supposedly related to, such as Big v, jim666, buffalo and docb. On behalf of the TRMC, I would like to thank them for their service. I personally have served, as well as most every man in my family for as far back as the trenches of world war one, Along with other members of the TRMC and their families. Hell, my father died of his exposure to Agent Orange at age 49 due to his tour in 1965. No one is trying to boast or steal anything from these men, it’s about the recognition and respect. I will be the first to admit, nothing I personally ever did in the military would make a pimple on any of these men’s asses. So thank you again, they were all nice stories. However, I’m just missing the part were any of you ever did anything worth talking about. I guess that’s what you mean about riding others coat tails.
    Paladin, I’m very impressed by your ability to look up California’s penal codes to dazzle the masses of asses. I also have to agree with you about perception is reality. I’m curious though, how many ordinary patch pulling’s have you been a part of? Your perception of yourself is that you’re a badass. However, the reality is your some old, fat, bald guy that has never been in a real MC and you sit behind the safety of your computer monitor being a key board tough guy.
    T shirt seller, you should stick to what you know, Selling t shirts.
    Bruka, when you make the statement, “I don’t know the ins and outs.” That’s your clue. You don’t know your ass from your elbow. If you want some advice, never miss out on a good opportunity to shut up.
    Rvn69, you’re my favorite. We’ve been in the kitchen for ten years dumb ass and are very much aware of the rules. I did enjoy your quote though. Judging by how quick you are to make bold statements that I highly doubt you can back up, be careful what you wish for. When you go out, there could be less kicking and screaming more begging and the blood you’re covered in would be that of your own.
    Bmw, bits and pieces of your posts have had minimal merit. However, #1 we never claimed to be 65 year old tunnel rats #2 it’s actually a 4 piece patch and #3 the world is full of posers and assholes. You see one in the mirror every day. Good luck with reprobating from whatever fucktard club you claim to have been a part of. From my experience if you didn’t have what it takes the first go around you shouldn’t waste your time. Stick with the internet it’s much safer for guys like you.
    Sieg you’re really trying way too hard. By the way, I loved when you “got all gangsta.” The Percenters always need new rubber heads to prospect for them and I hear they have some new vacancies to fill. I know it’s not easy to find any of them but if you do just ask, they would love to have a man of your caliber.
    Sorry Paladin but your just too easy. You make the statement “trust me I’m old enough to know” The one thing you’re apparently not old enough to know is when to stop talking. Don’t take it out on the IOMC because they wouldn’t let you join their club. The only thing that unraveled in your rant is your stupidity and the stupidity of the MP, which is what got them jammed up in the first place. The only thing that sounds familiar to me about your post is another dip shit talking out of his paper asshole.
    Sieg, bmw, paladin and the rest of you internet tough guys don’t have the sand to be in any MC or mom and pop riding club. HOG doesn’t even have the ability to revoke your membership because the only thing you turds ride is a computer chair. Fellas, stick to what you know on line, porn and masturbation. You guys can start your own circle jerk gang and when paladin cums dust; the rest of you can fight over who’s going to eat it. To those that support us, thank you. To those who don’t, I hate to disappoint you, but we don’t care. There will be a reckoning. If you want to test your nerve, introduce yourself to a Tunnel Rat MC member and insult them. Let me know how that works out for you. To anyone I missed; we’ll see you out on the road. Oh wait… probably not.

  24. old_boy Says:

    Paladin, your observation on actions being based on our self perceptions and not on how others see us… men do that. Would you agree? I have given up on making the distinction with women. But we all get that here, right? And they think we are all about how others see us.

    Early on my wife said something like, “of course it’s a gang!” “dressing up like tough guys looking to for trouble, intimidating other gangs.” A few funerals later she gets it. I was really taken back by that. Who would we intimidate? A traditional military club with 1% ers on all sides. The Rotary Club?

    We are no Tunnel Rats, old-school hard core guys living the dream. I do get a charge scaring hell out of the local squares but I think the idea is not to be intimidating the righteous or the lame start-up. Approach and advise the posers, they had best BE intimidated – but not overtly. It is much more unnerving done in an avunclar manner: all business and matter of fact.

  25. old_boy Says:

    I’ve been lurking here for a couple of years now and this is one of the most personally engaging strings I’ve read. I read too much. It’s probably clinical.

    CN’s first response reeled me in and the comparison-in-justice one regarding bank robbery got me reading the rest.

    Maybe the term tunnel rat has some popular meaning? Maybe I’m 60 and I’m oblivious to this new fangled meaning, but that shot of Ann Margret made this connection for me. I’ll never see her the same way again.

    I agree gunplay was uncalled for. In my day we carried a stilleto but it was part of the dress code for greasers in a street set. Show and tell, costume, accessorizing, mainly we threw punches and it was unmanly to kick a guy, you waited, or gave him a hand up and squared up again.

    Trust me, that sorted things out. It was a recruiting tool, a bonding and respect building exercise. Where is all that in a gunfight? Yes, I will pull a gun and get shot as dead as Kelsey’s nuts. Makes me deliberate – not brave.

  26. Grumbler Says:

    An US Air Force surveilance technician snapped the Ann Margret photos with an infra-red filter while she was wearing red nickers. That’s how her camel toe was exposed. She was a real patriot during the Vietnam War.

    While not a tunnel rat, I’d like to mention that Chris Bunch (1943-2005) was a patrol commander for the early Green Berets in Vietnam and was a terrific editor for Choppers and Big Bike during the ’70s. A friend of his believes that his death from a lung ailment could be attributed to Agent Orange.

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear Buffalo,

    To the best of my knowledge, tunnel rats were mostly skinny, little guys who stripped to the waist and went down into those fucking underground mazes carrying a Kabar knife and .38 Combat Special. They all had giant balls

  28. FF Says:


    Class story. thanks for sharing.

    Frequent Flyer

  29. JMacK Says:


    Great story. Thanks for sharing. That is very appropriate. Sounds like a good role model.

    RIP Sturgis


  30. Buffalo Says:

    Good morning to all and thanks rebel for a great place to get news info and insight that’s relivant to who I am . It’s one thing to be posers with no honor like the io cunts but these tunnel mice get the Award for being dirty cocksuckers of the lowest order . My uncle enlisted when he was 17 w parents consent in 66 served 2 tours was a 1/9 walking dead and because he was around 5 foot tall and about 100# with black hair and dark skin was his platoons tunnel rat . He was a vnvmc fairbanks chapter . He would be 65 but was murderd in fox Alaska on March 9 1998 along with his girlfriend who was collateral damage in whatever he did to bring 2 shots each to the chest.there are no suspects and no known motive. There is a lesson in his story I think that is communication and mutual respect will take you farther than stepping on toes. If this was in appropriate for this forum I apologize I like to let the world know he was here

  31. BigV Says:

    I was a kid in the 80’s, and the first biker I ever knew was a dude named “Sturgis” out of VA- he rode with the only 1%ers in VA. He was machinist, pipefitter, boilermaker, and all around badass. He was good enough at his trade that he required cash, paid weekly, and he didn’t give names or SS cards. Probably the last decade that ever happened for a corporation.

    A company that made boat motors had moved South in the 80’s and their plant startups were several months behind and the built up stock of motors was running out and the season to sell the damn things were coming up.

    There weren’t many “plant machinists” or “plant engineers” in the South, and less in the Virginia-Carolinas region, unless they had setup textiles, and looms don’t make aluminum castings.

    Sturgis came in and he got the plant startup on track in 2 weeks, and he caught up 3 months in 2 more weeks.

    Outside one day during a lunch hour, someone asked Sturgis what college he attended and he told him he graduated from Vinh Huy Class of 1967. When one of the younger guys asked what that meant, a manager from out of Indiana started talking about how he was in Vietnam, he was a master rifleman, he was this, that, the other, and how he was a sniper but also carried an M60- but he was 5’7″ and 135lbs soaking wet.

    So Sturgis asked him a question about when he served as a “machine gunner sniper”. “1974-1977 in Vietnam”

    Sturgis laid his ass out.

    At that time, my old man was the only southern guy who had been hired who had any juice, in fact he was the only one called in to work yet. Dad saw it and asked Sturgis what Indiana did to get laid out. Sturgis told him.

    Indiana was one of the 5 main managers reporting to the Plant Manager. He went and demanded Sturgis be fired. Dad went in, saw the Scottish PM and explained what Indiana had done. Scottish PM had a who brother lived in Canberra Australia who served in Vietnam, and killed himself when he came back. Scottish PM was still going to fire Sturgis, but my old man convinced him that Indiana was one of the ones that had slowed shit down to 6 months late, and a liar.

    The PM thought about it, said “I loved my brother.”

    He went and fired Indiana and told Sturgis, “Don’t hit anyone during working hours or on company property, please. And don’t kill any military frauds where anyone can see you.”

    After that, Sturgis really liked my dad, and when they needed someone to stay on to show farmers show how to cast aluminum, dad convinced Sturgis to stay on, even though it was cutting into his riding and he was having to go back and forth to VA regularly.

    Sturgis also permanently warped my mind. Up until the plant was running motors, it was a 7 day a week operation, so I went with my dad on weekends with the proviso I could go anywhere I wanted, so long as it was not out on the production floor, and not anyone else’s office or cubicle, and I was not to get on or touch the blue motorcycle. So a kid gets bored, and this blue motorcycle, this blue HD Sturgis model was the most interesting thing to me.

    Finally, after many long hours spent memorizing every detail of that bike from as close as possible without ever getting on it or actually touching it(I wouldn’t have either, I was scared of Sturgis- he was all business).

    Sturgis finally came out and I was about to hit a run for it- cause like I said- he was a scary looking dude to a kid- he wanted to know if I wanted to ride it. Oh yes.

    I got to ride bitch first one time and when he decided I could be trusted not to wig out and kill us both, he let me sit up front with him and hold onto the bars with him going down the road.

    I looked for him for years. I never knew his real name and I had no concept of club names as a kid, and I finally found out this year he probably died of leukemia or lymphoma sometime in the late 90’s.

    I think about him and another Vietnam vet I know who is also dying from shit he was exposed to during Vietnam, and I’d honestly like have a serious conversation involving myself, some military fakes and a pickaxe.

  32. Ol'Goat Says:

    All commenters missed the real story here. It’s liggett, he was the Midwest percenter turned on all of his club brothers. WTF!?

  33. Metal Dave Says:

    Their Facebook page is funny (and not in the good way)…..”Can we get a little support on here or what??” (paraphrased) Not from me. Pick a more appropriate name maybe

  34. DocB Says:

    @Jim666 says “I have to wonder if any real Tunnel Rats know about these guys ?”

    I wonder too man! The name of the club all by itself is disrespectfull with no further comment!


  35. WARTHOG Says:


    Check your messages on fb.




  36. Jim666 Says:

    Wonder if somebody here sent a link to this post if one or maybe more of them would comment and possibly enlighten us on the incident and who exactly they are supposed to be ?

  37. Mike 184 Says:

    Damn CN, that was a prety good post…

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